Silentnight Ferndale Mirapocket Mattress
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Silentnight Ferndale Mirapocket Mattress

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Brand: Silentnight
Code: 113-00487
Retailer: Dreams
Height/Depth: 25cm
Updated: 10/20/2019 3:17:14 AM
4/5 - 147 reviews


What Makes It Great

My old mattress was 10 years old so I’d got used to being uncomfortable. I decided to treat myself and I’m so glad I did, this mattress feels like a luxury hotel bed! It’s a medium firmness but really supportive. I’d often woken up with aches and pains but two weeks having owned this i wish I’d changed sooner. I fall asleep so much easier and wake feeling fully rested. I tend to move about in the night but whether I’m sleeping on my front, back or side this mattress is so comfortable. The mattress is really deep and adds to the luxury of it, the material is soft and cosy and you can feel this even with the sheets on. This mattress wasn’t the cheapest nor was it the most expensive but I’m very, very happy with the price given the quality of the mattress. I’m so happy with this product and will definitely repurchase when the time comes.

This product is unlikely to cause any sort of allergic reaction. Ideal if you suffer from any sort of allergy problems

These are made and manufactured in the UK, meaning that they all meet the same exceptional quality and durability that we expect from genuine UK manufacturing.

New from Silentnight is a range of exciting technologies that make this mattress durable, long lasting and sure to please for many years to come

A Medium firmness mattress is the most common build offered due to the range of suitability offered in such a mattress. This type of mattress will be better suited toward averagely weighted people, while lighter people should opt for a medium-light, and heavier people considering a medium-firm.

800 Pocket springs is a compromise. It is a far better choice than an equivilent open coil product but is a little on the low end in terms of the volume of springs. Support should be acceptable, but if there is an option for 1000+ at a similar price, it is worthy of paying a little bit extra

Easy to clean and maintain, this sort of fabric and finish is fairly common on mattresses and won't cause any issues down the line

Questions and Answers

How many pocket springs does this have? I'm looking for one with a minimum of 1000.

Answer: Hi , The amount of pocket springs are dependent on the size. Please see below: Single - 465 springs Small double - 589 springs Double - 682 springs King - 816 springs Super king - 960 springs Kind regards Dreams

does this mattress contain any memory foam?

Answer: Hi , No, this is a pocket sprung mattress. Please refer to the below link to view all of our memory foam mattresses: Thank you for your question.

Can you turn this mattress over?

Answer: Hi Josie33, No, but we do recommend to rotate this mattress regularly. Kind Regards, Giedre

Does this mattress have handles to help with rotation? 

Answer: Unfortunately this mattress does not have handles. Kind Regards, Dreams

What manufactureres guaratee does this mattress come with?

Answer: This mattress comes with a 1 year guarantee. Kind Regards, Dreams

Customer Reviews

Based on 147 review

So comfortable...

I got this as a replacement for my twenty year old mattress that I had kept going with a feather topper and a silent night topper (a bit princess and the pea!). This is a really good priced, supportive, comfortable mattress and I’ve had some great nights’ sleep with this and my new Sherwood oak sprung slat bed frame. It would have got five stars if it had handles on its sides to make rotating it less of a struggle, which has to be done weekly for the first three months. It had quite a chemical smell to start, but that’s barely noticeable after three weeks’ use. I’m really happy with my purchase and the service and communication from Dreams was excellent. I paid extra for them to take my old mattress and bed frame away and assemble the new one - money very well spent!

Surprisingly good for a budget mattress

We badly needed a new mattress, our old Silent night had lasted 14 yrs but was causing back issues. We actually got this as a tide me over until we had the funds for something more expensive. However... We've had it for around a month now and both I & my wife are sleeping like logs, no more back pain, well we don't even want to get up now! I think we'll just keep this one! It's firm but not excessively so, very comfortable. If I were really picky, the only thing I can really find to fault is the lack of holding handles on the sides. Highly recommended, the nice men even put it on the bed and took away the packaging.

The safe choice in a sea of options

I didn't know there were so many different types of mattresses. On reading many reviews for all types of mattresses, I noticed that the "new fangled" ones come with issues that people aren't happy with, from smell to just being uncomfortable. I I didn't choose the most basic mattress available, but went for an uncomplicated one with pocket springs. And I am very happy with my purchase. Try not to get too complicated a mattress, just because it has swanky-sounding features. You may find that it is those features that spoil an otherwise excellent mattress.

Comfortable and warm

I've had the mattress for a month and it is very comfortable. It does need to be turned often in my opinion to avoid uneven wear. Some people are stating its too hard for a medium but mine was perfect for me. I co sleep with my baby and she falls straight asleep whereas before with the old mattress she'd be restless and wake several times to find a comfier spot. The price is great for what it is and if you do fancy a softer bed, try a mattress topper. Only thing I can fault is that it does get quite warm, so best use mattress protector to create a barrier.

So comfy!

I went into the store and the shop assistant was incredibly helpful! As this was the first time I had bought a new mattress, he let me lay on this bit of kit that measured how I slept and gave me an idea of what mattress would be best for me. I can’t remmeber the name of the gent but he was in the Birstall store! I ended up buying this one online as it was on offer but it was in the style that the computer and he had suggested. It is SO comfy! Just the right amount of soft yet firm! Best nights sleep I’ve had in years!

Fantastic mattress at a decent price!

Bought this a month(ish) ago after not replacing my last mattress for 10 years Being quite different to my old one I was unsure how comfortable I'd find it, however I was immediately impressed once I tried it out and fell asleep in no time! I sleep on my side, and found the firmness just right for this, will be sticking to this style of mattress when the time comes to replace this one. Delivery was spot on, team were helpful and organised. I'd reccommend this service to anyone looking for a new bed!

Super firm

When in first got the mattress i thought it wasn't very firm to the touch but as soon as only on it wow it is super firm yet also comfortable . The mattress takes your body weight without you sinking into it . I had a memory foam mattress for a while and havnt had a brilliant nights sleep for a good while i kept waking up aching being from a sports background I always blamed this on that until now . Cannot fault only question mark will be durability however being from a decent brand it should be okay

Firm but with a softer edge...

have had this item about a month now and I have been very impressed with it. from the delivery to the usage, it has been easy. I like a firm-ish mattress but I don't like the stiff as boards mattresses you get when you ask for a firm bed, so this has been perfect. It is light, easily manoeuvrable and not too warm (I cannot abide memory foam heat so this has been perfect). No downfalls really accept for the turning of the mattress needed every so often.

So comfy

Bought this double mattress online based on the description on the website and some reviews and we are delighted with it! It was bought for our spare room and now each member of the family wants to sleep in there!! The topper on the mattress is so soft it feels lovely and our first guests said the same and had a great nights sleep. Would highly recommend for a softer mattress.

Great nights sleep

I bought this mattress a month ago for my daughter who has issues with her back, this is her 3rd mattress this year but I am delighted to say she is now sleeping soundly and has not woken up with aches and pains. It offers great support while still being really comfortable and has not been too hot even over the recent spell of hot weather. I'm extremely happy with this purchase


I bought this a few weeks ago delivery was excellent and rang on the morning of delivery. Mattress is firm and much better than the mattress we had previously but wish I paid the extra to have a better quality mattress to suit me. I should have called to store prior to purchasing . This would be a great option for a spare or kids room but not for the master room.

Very comfortable!

I bought this mattress last month and found it comfortable to sleep on from the first night. My daughter, who has just moved to bigger house, was so impressed with my experience of delivery, Dreams staff assembling it etc and comfort that she is ordering 2 of them! Another good point is that the mattress is deeper than expected. I am a very satisfied customer!

Great night's sleep

Bought this bed having done lots of research with various companies. Decided to go with Dreams having bought a very comfortable mattress from them before. I spoke to a very helpful advisor who calmly went through my options and what I wanted and needed and then helped me decide what to buy for the price and the type of mattress. All in all a great experience.

Super Comfy, Great Price

At first I was worried I would be able to feel the springs as I moved around but the amount of 'eco-comfort fiber' between the springs and the soft sleep surface is very generous. I've had this matress for a month now and I can honestly say i've never slept better. On top of that it's hypoallergenic, so no more morning sneezes. I only wish I'd bought it sooner.

Great price for a comfortable sleep

We went into a Dreams store and were very close to buying a mattress 4 times the price of this one but couldn't bring ourselves to spend that much right now. We were expecting it to be a bit of a disappointment compared to our favourite BUT it's incredibly comfortable, I feel so supported and have honestly had the best night's sleep in years.

A great night's sleep guaranteed!

I am very pleased to have bought this Silentnight Ferndale Mirapocket Mattress. I was looking for a supportive and comfortable mattress for my bed and this one has worked out perfectly for me. I can honestly say that I have slept really well since I got the mattress and wake up feeling fresh and relaxed without any stiffness at all.

Comfortable and Excellent Value for Money

I've been sleeping on the mattress for two weeks now and have found it comfortable, with just the right amount of support. This has been my first experience of a pocket-sprung mattress, which feels evenly sprung, with a medium-firm core and a softish 'eco fibre' covering that suits me well. A good value, all-round mattress.

Perfect mattress

We bought this mattress to replace a very old one about 3 weeks ago and I wasn't sure I had ordered the correct firmness - I didn't want a soft mattress as I have joint issues, but I didn't want one that was too firm. This product is sumptuous and deep and gives the perfect level of support and comfort. Really impressed

So comfortable !

I chose this mattress based on reviews I had read. I have arthritis in my spine and I wondered if the medium firmness would be ok. It's perfect ! Not too hard, not too soft. I would say it was on the firm side of medium. I have slept so much better since. Best sleep I have had in months. wish I had bought it sooner

Very Comfortable

Been sleeping on this for over a month now. Very comfortable in various sleeping positions. I like to sleep on my front or side and find this mattress supports me well in either position. I also don’t suffer from dead arms, as I used to from my old, harder mattress. I would recommend this mattress, for sure!

Deep and supportive

I've had my mattress for almost a month now and I've not had a bad sleep since, mattress is so supportive yet soft to the touch, it's a dream to sit on and I wake up in the morning without the previous aches and pains I got with my old mattress. Would definitely recommend for a quality mattress on a budget.

Soooooo comfy

We brought this mattress as it had excellent reviews. And they weren't wrong, beautifully comfortable the best nights sleep we have had in years. Totally in love with this. We are due to move later this year and plan on getting a bigger bed, we will definitely be buying another one of these mattresses

What quality all round

The mattress is better than I was expecting for the price. Quality fabrics used & is exactly as I expected for firmness. The delivery was alerted to me before it was delivered & the delivery men took their shoes off & didn’t damage any daffodils along my path, they really cared. Thank you dreams,

So comfy

This mattress is absolutely brilliant. Great value for money, super comfortable. Highly highly recommend. We paid extra for the delivery and recycling as well. The gentlemen that delivered were ever so lovely and had it in place and the old mattress removed very swiftly, worth the money I'd say.


So happy i bought this 4 my Son who was experiencing alot of back ache, he hasn't complained of any since, he loves his new bed, can't fault it in anyway! When he was away 4 the w/end i slept in it, 4 1 night, was so comfy, highly recommend, i'm going purchase another 4 my other Son 2!

Great value

Wasn’t sure about the idea of purchasing a mattress online without knowing what it would be like at all but this mattress is brilliant! Not too soft but not too firm it was just what I was looking for for an amazing price and delivered right to my door. Would highly recommend.

Best nights sleep ever!

After a long search for a comfortable but affordable mattress from a well known brand we decided to go for this one and it was the perfect choice! Far better than our old memory foam mattress andjust soo comfortable!! Excellent customer service and delivery! Worth every penny!


Been upgrading the bedrooms with new furniture and beds; already had a Silentnigtt mattress and really wanted another one to replace the king size. Order a double and it’s still meeting our expectations of the quality and durability we’ve come to expect from this company.

comfy, great night sleep

I bought this mattress for my mother, who had been sleeping on a foam piece of Ikea rubbish. This really has changed the way she wakes up in the mornings, she feels rested and great when she gets up. No more back ache or tiredness. Great mattress, I would recommend

Comfy first bed for toddler

We bought this mattress a month ago for our son's new bed and so far so good. Delivery was straight forward and on a day I chose, delivery team we efficient and friendly. Mattress is very comfy and ideal for our 2 year old but would also be great for a guest bed.


I ordered this a couple of months ago to be delivered on my arrival at my new house during April. Delivery went smoothly, the two delivery men could not have been more helpful, and that first night I climbed in to bed and had a perfect night's sleep

Best sleep I have had in years

I received my new mattress about 3 weeks ago. When it first arrived I thought it was going to be way too hard, however front he frost night I have slept all the way through the night and no back pain in the morning. I am very happy with my purchase

Comfy mattress

We’ve had this mattress for 2 weeks now & both myself & my husband are finding it very comfortable. It seemed a little firm for the first few nights but I must have got used to it because I’m sleeping like a baby now! Great mattress & great price!

Great mattress

Into 2nd week and love it. Good balance of comfort and support, with restful sleeps every night. Early days but expect a decent longevity given initial look,, feel and performance. Bare in mind this is at the lower end of pricing for the spec.

Great style , and finish

Just what I wanted , deep , rich finish. Just the right support . Delivery , and collection of my old mattress , went to plan . Delivery man , removed the plastic cover , and took it away . Putting the mattress in place , on my bed frame.

Very comfortable

Got this mattress with a new bed frame for one of my spare bedrooms. Mattress is very comfy, good support not too firm and allows easy movement when changing position. Very happy with this mattress considering its relatively low price.

Excellent all Round

The mattress has lived up to all I was expecting ,comfort and support all in one . The delivery went smoothly and was delivered into the attic where it was to be used with speed and efficiency. The communications were excellent .


Bought this mattress to go in new side-lift ottoman bed frame in spare room. Very happy with the mattress. It gives a good night's sleep and guests have said it's very comfortable, not too hard and not to soft so I am very happy.

Great mattress!

I've only had this for a couple of weeks but I can already feel the difference with my back. I used to get achy down both sides on my previous mattress, which was too firm. This one is really comfortable and I'm very pleased.

Amazing things about the mattress

I bought this product last month and I have not regretted it .This is the best mattress I have bought and every night I have a good nights sleep .I would recommend this product to everyone because it is worth its price

Very comfortable!

I have always preferred a firm mattress but noticed that side sleepers were avised to use a medium one so I bought this mattress. From night one, such comfort, still firm enough but a softer feel. Highly recommend!

A good night's sleep

The mattress is extremely comfortable and supportive. It is the perfect balance of softness and resilience. The ONLY problem now is getting up in the bed is that comfortable, I just want to stay put!!!!

Very comfortable!

Bought for my daughter and she loves it. Quite soft as it is a medium and really comfortable with the built in topper. very pleased with it. Fairly quick delivery and good communication with the delivery team.

Absolutely perfect

Received this mattress a few weeks ago and it's absolutely perfect. It's slightly firmer then I was expecting but that being said I don't mind it at all as I'm a back sleeper and never had a bad sleep since.

Happy customer

I bought this mattress a month ago and have never looked back. I literally do have a silent night. It’s comfy which in turn makes me feel relaxed and have a peaceful nights sleep. Would definitely recommend!

Super soft & so comfy

I bought this a month ago & I wish I purchased this ages ago! It's so comfy, I sleep peacefully & comfortably. My back doesnt ache in the mornings no more so that's fixed my pain with this lovely mattress.


Bought for my daughter returning from uni, after sleeping on student accommodation mattres' for 3 years she is super happy with it . Delivery was excellent with constant updates do no waiting in all day .


We had been looking online for a highly rated mattress. Without testing it we were a bit unsure but l... this one had top reviews so we went for it and I'm glad we did! I've been sleeping so much better!!

comfortable mattress

This mattress is very comfortable. The main drawback is that it has no handles at the sides to turn it over like all my previous mattresses so turning and rotating it singlehandedly is very difficult.

A bit hard

I bought this near end June for a mattress in our guest room. My guest slept ok in it but found it a bit hard due to back problems but figures it would be great for someone without back problems.

Super comfy.

I bought this mattress as my (grown up) son requested a new mattress as a Christmas present! With there being so much choice I decided to use the online chat facility which worked out perfectly.

Very comfortable

I purchased this mattress as I felt it was good value for money it certainly is good value, the delivery guys were so helpful, and it’s so comfortable I am going to buy again For another bedroom

comfortable and good medium firmness

Bought for guest room, so not going to be used daily, but guests so far hve said they find it very comfortable. It is not as heavy as a previous mattress I have bought so easier to turn over

Way better then our last memory foam mattress!

There’s 2 reasons why people bother with writing reviews, either they are very please or very disappointed. I can say I’m very please and would recommend if you prefer a nice firm mattress.

Comfort Review

After trying this bed for a week the mattress is very comfortable. It’s a medium firmness and supports the back well. Good support and well made. Excellent quality and value for the price.

Surprisingly light

I bought this with a 4ft ottoman bed for my son. He's found it really comfortable and sleeps really well on it. It's quite lightweight for a mattress but so far seems to be great quality.

Fantastic mattress

I decided to invest in a better mattress than our usual budget ones and decided on this as it didn’t break the bank. The quality of sleep is much better. I should have bought this sooner

Good job!

i bought a single mattress for my youngest son and the service was great. Great comms to me about the delivery and when i had to change at the last minute they were very accommodating,


I got a super king base and mattress although the mattress is completely Comfortable it does not fit the base even though both are super king mattress was too small by about 2 inches

Lovely comfortable nights sleep

I was a bit nervous of having a new mattress as I have arthritis and back problems but this mattress is first class. I wake up in the morning fully rested after a comfy nights sleep

So comfortable

I bought this a month ago and I cannot fault the mattress. Its is so comfortable and my back pain has gone. The delivery service was amazing and the delivery people were so polite.


I bought this mattress a couple of months ago and to be honest only just started sleeping on it and it's lovely and comfortable and I so don't want to get out of bed of a morning

Good value

Took use of Easter discount, Comfortable super king mattress for under £400 delivered. What more can you want? Delivery took 6 weeks but was done properly when it did arrive

So comfy

Bought this a month ago , really comfy, good nights sleep. Excellent service kept me up to date throughout delivery and delivery men were very helpful, friendly and polite.

This mattress is more than satisfactory.

I spent £250 for this mattress. Which wasn't a bad price; as you can spend hundreds on one. It is the right firmness for me. And is much better than my old one.

What a dream

I brought this mattress based on reviews and price and brand and couldn't ask for more every night enjoyed a good night sleep and value for the money recommend

Overall very satisfied

Good product for the price I paid. I ordered the medium and it was slightly softer than expected (my personal opinion) but it's comfortable all the same.

Great mattress

Purchased last month. I would say it runs closer to a firm / medium rather than a medium. Excellent support and delivery was on time and as expected.


I biught this mattress just over a month ago and I could stay in bed all day I would. It is very comfortable, quality is very good and price is good too

Excellent mattress

I bought this mattress two weeks ago and I am so happy that I did. Very comfortable and the medium firmness is perfect for myself (front/side sleeper).

So comfortable

We've had this 2 weeks and have been having the best nights sleep since. I can't feel my husband moving throughout the night so we both sleep better.

Very comfortable

I've had this a week now and I'm so glad I bought it, very comfortable and a nice medium amount of firmness. The delivery guys were lovely too.

Super Comfy!

Bought this to replace my sons ageing mattress and so glad I picked this one. He is overjoyed with the comfort and seeps so well as a result!

Super comfortable

I brought this mattress 3 weeks ago and it’s so comfortable, great for side sleepers like myself, very happy with it. Highly recommend

Very comfortable

Bought this 2 months ago & so happy with product , very comfortable fir my 15 year old son !!. Now no moaning & sleeping very well .

Very good for the price

Very comfortable, supports me nicely regardless of what position I'm led in. A big step up from my old mattress in terms of quality.


Never one for a memory foam mattress I settled on this to stop over heating and it is the right balance between comfortable and firm

Lovely but firm.

I have had this mattress around 3 weeks. It’s firm, but also comfortable too. Lovely delivery guys. Can’t fault you guys at all.

Good mattress for a good price

Comfortable, not too firm, and I don't want and my wife up when I move. We hat more do you need? It was also a pretty good price.

sleep well

bought this mattress about 5-6 weeks ago sleeping through the night don't wake up . comfortable good height, glad I bought it

Amazing sleep since getting my new mattress!

I bought this a few weeks ago and ever since I have slept so soundly. Delivery service was extremely prompt. Excellent all round


I bought the bed and it came on the 1st of this month I'm glad I got it because Its so comfy and I would recommend it to anyone

Great Mattress

This mattress is great quality and is super affordable. Paired it with a new bed frame and is the best purchase I’ve ever made

Never slept better!

We purchased this a few weeks ago and can safely say we’ve never slept better. Would highly recommend this mattress.

So comfortable!

I bought this about a month ago,since we have had it we never want to get up in the mornings it's just so comfortable!


Had this mattress for a couple of weeks & it's very comfortable although a little firmer than I thought it would be

Super Comfort

I've had this mattress for a few weeks now and feels a lot better and comfortable than my old memory foam mattress.

Looks good and is very comfortable

Bought this for our guest room and so far the guest has slept well and praised the comfort levels of this mattress.

Good mattress

Bought 2 weeks ago- long delivery but good mattress little bit firmer than medium I would say but good all in all!

Gread Features!

I bought this a month ago and it lives up to expectations. Quite firm but not solid, which is just what I wanted.

Comfortable nights sleep

The bed and mattress was cheap and with my budget. The mattress is so comyou feel like your sleeping on feathers

very comfortable

excellent delivery service and a great product very reasonably priced give Sean a day off he did a great service

Good mattress

Bought this to replace a very old mattress. Excellant quality and so comfy, I hate to get up in the morning.

Excellent value for money

This is a very comfortable mattress. Excellent value for money as one of the cheaper mattresses available.

Great Service

I used to have a lot of back pain, but after I changed to this product I felt better after 2 weeks already

So comfortable!

I have had this bed for a month now and is so comfortable. Had some great sleeps since replacing old one.

Great Mattress

I bought this a few weeks ago to replace a similar mattress. Always very happy with Silentnight purchases

My silentnight farndale mirapocket mattress

I bought the mattress 3 weeks ago and wish I had bought one sooner. Had the best 3 weeks sleep in years.

Thick, comfy mattress

We did lots of research before choosing this mattress. It is great quality and good value for money.

Great value for money

I bought this mattress a few weeks ago and it is very comfortable. Definitely good value for money!

So comfy

Bought this about a month ago it’s a lovely comfortable mattress. I’m very pleased with my purchase

Comfy excellent durability.

Great purchase at a great price, delivered on time. Only had it a month but not any issues so far.

Comfy Great Value for Money

Had the mattress for 3 weeks now and can not fault it. Very comfortable and great value for money.

Well made mattress

I love this mattress, it is extremely comfortable and at last I’m getting a great nights sleep


Delivery was very slow but the product is very good, it's a deep mattress and it's comfortable

Value for money

Really please with this mattress. Good quality and perfect firmness. Great value for money.


I am really pleased with this mattress. It is very comfortable and Ive slept much better.

Nice and firm for my bad back

Have had this mattress a couple of weeks now and I love it. Best I've slept in months.

It’s a mattress!

Bought this at the same time as our new tv bed and they complement each other perfectly.

Very comfy

Bought this for my 5 year old and she loves it and Is sleeping alot better on this one.

Good product

Have now received this; good quality and comfortable sleep. Delivery all as requested.

Sweet dreams guaranteed

Relaxing and deep Luxurious comfort - I look forward to being tired and going to bed

God value

Got it when it’s on sales, arrived promptly. It’s comfy and give just right support.


so pleased i bought this mattress had my first good nights sleeps since my purchase

Comfortable mattress

Refurbished the bedroom fir son back from uni, must be good he's never out of it!

Good mattress

Bought a month ago and does what is needed from it! Good firmness and comfortable

Great mattress for the cost

Nice quality mattress for the money. Very pleased with the finish and the fabric.

Comfortable for a good price!

Really comfortable for a reasonable price, we bought this for our guest bedroom.

Silentnight mattress

I broughtthe mattress about 3 weeks ago and I'm happy with my purchase so far

Correct firmness as advertised and comfortable.

This mattress was more expensive than lesser known brands; but worth the money.

Very comfortable mattress

Have had this mattress for a month now and my daughter is very pleased with it


Bought this about 3 weeks ago & so far so good,comfortable & slightly firm


I' m happy i bought this mattress. My daughter is sleeping throughout now.


I bought this 3 weeks ago based on reviews and I’m glad I did. Comfy

Good product

It’s a bit firm for a medium but not to firm, good mattress overall

Perfect in every way!

As comfortable & well made as we remember when viewing in showroom!

Great mattress

I bought this mattress a month a go it's so comfortable, Great buy.


Great quality mattress and would definitely recommend this product.

Great comfort

Bought for my son, absolutely loves his new bed, very comfortable.

Great comgort

Bought this for my son’s room and lucky if he’s up before mid day,

Great mattress!

really comfortable mattress at a great price also. thanks dreams

Very comfortable

Bought this a few weeks ago and must say it is very comfortable


This mattress is so comfortable I now get a good night's sleep

Great comfort

Bought for kids bedroom, provides better support and comfort.

Very comfortable

Mattress is very comfortable, delivery service was great too.


Am so happy with this product....lovely restful nights sleep

Silent night matress

Bought it last month and I'm really happy with the mattress

Great mattress

Bought for my mum, she likes it and say it’s so comfortable

Very comfortable

Bought as had friends coming and mattress needed replacing

Good Value

Very pleased, good value and most importantly very comfy!

Great mattress at a great price

Bought this when it was on sale and it was well worth it!

Excellent buy

Bought both king size and double and cannot fault either.

Very comfortable

Bought this for my nephew, He gets a great nights sleep

Comfy & cool

We have enjoyed our new mattress for the last two weeks

Great and comfy

I love this bed the comfort is unreal for the price

Great comfort

So happy with my new mattress. Sleep very well now