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Panda Memory Foam Bamboo Pillow Rated 4/5 based on 21 customer reviews

Panda Memory Foam Bamboo Pillow

Brand: Panda

4/5 - 21 Read Reviews


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What Makes The Panda Memory Foam Bamboo Pillow Great

I wish I had known about this product sooner. I had the archaic bricks that was a memory foam but it just moulded into one position and I started to get neck ache. Did some research and ordered from Panda which was the best thing I have ever done! The pillow is amazing and gently cushions your head whatever position you’re in and it goes back to the original shape when you lift your head. Bonus is that my husband no longer snores!! Highly recommend from the ordering to delivery to the product. First class service!


Bamboo is a natural antibacterial resource that helps protect the user from irritation and allergies that can affect a range of sleepers helping those that suffer from eczema, sensitive skin, and even hay fever.

Temperature Control

Products from Panda all feature temperature control. This is due to the materials used as they are cool in the summer while providing warmth in the winter. This is in part due to the bamboo cover which is highly breathable and helps with air flow.

Sustainable Resource

These products all come with bamboo as a base layer which is a sustainable resource that is environmentally friendly. Bamboo uses 1/3 the water of other plant based materials!

Free UK Delivery & Returns

This product comes with free delivery meaning that you don't pay directly for the postage and packaging. The service level offered varies as does the carrier however, it's free! Returns are also free and included in your purchase will be a return label to ensure that you have a truly hassle free experience.


Customer Reviews For The Panda Memory Foam Bamboo Pillow

Based on 21 review

I have been using a therapeutic pillow for many years and didn't think it could be improved upon. Based on a friend's experience with a mattress topper, I decided to buy a pillow. I wish I had done so years ago. I am now sleeping much better and aches and pains that I thought I'd be stuck with for the rest of my life are fading rapidly


I have neck and shoulder pains which I need to manage with massage and exercise. I was looking for a new pillow and found great reviews for Panda. I must say I was sceptical when it first arrived, but after two nights I love it. My neck and head have full support when I am laying on my side and my neck feels so much better.


This pillow contours your neck and keeps your spine aligned. It is very supportive and smooth, also so comfy to sleep on all night. I never wake up with neck pains anymore. I had to buy the mattress topper also to promote extra comfort towards my body and back so my whole body is comfy all night.


Recently bought a pillow from these guys and was very impressed with everything about the pillow and the company so I bought another one, same service as before~ an obviously pillow very much the same- my mrs is thrilled. Thanks panda wouldn’t hesitate to buy again if needed


These pillows are great for helping me support myself in bed. They feel very firm to the touch but once you sit back Against them, great. I don’t find them comfortable for sleeping on. I suffer with fibromyalgia so At times they feel way too hard for me to relax.


I suffer from night sweats and hot flashes (that time of my life)! I also have a number of injuries and regularly woke up with a stiff neck, shoulder pain or head ache. Since using this pillow I've had none of these things (been using it for 5 night so far).


I have had shoulder and neck pain for years. This pillow has limited it to the point I am now able to sleep on my back! The pillow is soft enough so it's not uncomfortable yet supportive enough that your head doesn't disappear into it! Highly recommended!


Quick delivery and item was packed well. As expected the pillow does smell pretty bad, it is gradually going but not gone yet (5 days on). Not as comfortable as I would have hoped, but acceptable. They do not keep you cool as it states.


Purchased with the aim of helping persistent neck pain. Within a week pillow has greatly eased this pain . Quality of sleep has improved. Worth considering if neck pain and the need for support is an issue for you. Thanks Panda.


Most comfortable pillow I’ve found having tried many and ones which are much more expensive, I found it so comfortable I bought my husband one and he is of the same opinion, it’s brilliant! Love it!


Whilst buying a Panda Topper, I decided to also try a Panda pillow. I haven't found previous memory foam pillows to be very comfortable, but this one is fantastic and worth with the money. Highly recommend.


I havea lot of trouble sleeping and with pain in my neck and back. This pillow has made a huge difference. I've started to sleep the whole night through with it! I'm absolutely delighted with it


Bought a week ago replaced two pillows I was using, so far so good sleeping ok on a single pillow. Bought one for my wife hers is ok too Would recommend


Absolutely love them! So comfortable. Have bought so many pillows over the years and have now found the right ones


Been buying the Pandlife bamboo pillows for several years and they are comfortable and also good for allergy.


I love my new pillow, so much so that I have ordered another one for my boyfriend who now loves it too :)


Had a great first night’s sleep with my new pillow. Extremely comfortable and supportive.


Just incredibly comfortable pillows.


Author didn't leave any comments.


Fantastic support, feels great

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