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Panda Bamboo Eye Mask Rated 4/5 based on 20 customer reviews

Panda Bamboo Eye Mask

Brand: Panda

4/5 - 20 Read Reviews


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What Makes The Panda Bamboo Eye Mask Great

I bought the white eye mask from Bamboo after having used a fairly cheap non brand eye mask for a few months and deciding I wanted to get something that didn't tangle with my hair. Having read the reviews, I decided upon Bamboo and I don't regret it! The mask fits very well - closes over the space around the nose and sits comfortably on my face. Able to adjust the size easily so it's the right pressure for you. And I've been wearing it in the recent hot weather and still sleeping very comfortably in it! No complaints. It doesn't block out all of the light but I wasn't necessarily looking for that. Would recommend.

Suitable for Vegans

Due to it's environmentally conscious sourcing paired with it' being a 100% bamboo product, this product it ideal for vegans looking to make a conscious decision against their sleep choices 

Climate Control

The product features climate control technology due to it's bamboo fillings that directly help ensure that the product is cool in the summer and warm in the winter. 

Environmentally Friendly

This product is environmentally friendly meaning that everything from the production through to the packaging is considered to be safe for the environment. We really like this and support environmentally friendly products.


This product is made of anti-allergy materials and fabrics which helps to ensure that you will not suffer from allergies while using this product. While no guarantee can be given as to you not receiving any allergic reaction while using the product, the materials used help to alleviate the risk as much as possible.

100% Bamboo Filling

Bamboo is used throughout these products giving them a unique selling point that is both environmentally conscious and suitable for vegans. We find this to be one of our most economically friendly products.

Customer Reviews For The Panda Bamboo Eye Mask

Based on 20 review

I bought the mask for my wife. There is no doubt that is of good quality, well made and comfortable to wear. However, it come in a sturdy cardboard box with absolutely nothing else within. Hence no 'care instructions or advice'. It doesn't have care symbols on an attached label. This is because it is relatively delicate and if you want it to last any length of time you will need to take much care with its use. This is important as, as far as I can see, it has no guarantee/warranty period. It is therefore expensive for an eye mask with a short user lifetime.


I was soo very excited for thos. But I was sadly disappointed. The make is very soft and it's delicate but I think too delicate. It came with lots of loose thread that needed trimming and when you looking closely at the main section of the mask the black thread inside was all loose too. The strap at the back is thin and very difficult to adjust and the clasp it come with is bulk and is uncomfortable. I wish it was design for that the adjustment was to the side not at the back on the strap where I would lay me head. Just can't believe this was £17.99.


I got this eye mask as a present when I found it difficult to sleep when my husband read his iPad in bed. The light prevented me from getting into a decent sleep. I had tried other eye masks but they seemed to drain the moisture from my eye area and were a bit uncomfortable to wear for any length of time. Now I can slip on the mask and you could be shining a touch at my face and I wouldn’t see it. No matter what the surrounding are like, i’m blissfully unaware


The eye mask I bought is made of a lovely, smooth and very comfortable material. It works to about 85% in terms of light blocking. However, I feel it isn't particularly well made. Perhaps I was unlucky in that I have been sent a slightly misshapen one with puckering around the binding. Not the most important thing but at £18 I would have liked better. I kept it as I needed it and am not disappointed with how it works.


To be honest ive been a little disappointed with the Panda Bamboo eye mask, after id eventually got it comfortable around my head i found no matter what i did the Mask still let a small ammount of light in at the bottom so kinda defeated the object as i need absolute darkness to sleep, i was surprised as its quite an expensive item, all nicely packaged etc but unfortunately not really for me


L.o.v.e it. Soft and comfortable on the face and back of the head, adjustable strap and good at keeping you in the dark.I got it for my sister and my partner and they both love it as well. One suggestion for Panda - would be nice if you made a "make your own bundle" and have discount based on how many items you are getting and what items. Thanks . x


This is a nice eye mask and feels good. However it wasn’t as good quality as I was expecting, the material wrinkles immediately. I wouldn’t pay £18 again for this but It does the job


I've been using this the last few nights going to bed and it's just brilliant. It's so soft and comfortable and easy to wear, it keeps out all light too. Great product thank you x


For years I've always used Silk eye masks but when it's very hot they end up quite sweaty So I was looking for a cooler alternative and now I have found it.


Maybe a wider head strap would make this an even better product. Presses on eyes if a bit tight but slips off if slackened.


Excellent quality, soft & comfortable mask with an adjustable strap to fit. Quick delivery in sustainable packaging.


Highly recommend this mask. I cannot sleep after 4 am because of the light. Now I can sleep through the night


Really lovely eye mask- super soft and great for staying dark


Light & soft on skin. Good black out


Author didn't leave any comments.


Best eye mask, which I ever used


Worth the price, good quality.

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