Dreams Quilted Waterproof Anti-Allergy Mattress Protector Rated 4.68/5 based on 2843 customer reviews
Dreams Quilted Waterproof Anti-Allergy Mattress Protector

Dreams Quilted Waterproof Anti-Allergy Mattress Protector

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Prevent mattress stains with the doze anti-allergy protector.

Protect your new, expensive mattress with this waterproof protector. It’s easy to fit and remove, so you can put it on for when you have visitors or remove it when you don’t need it. The doze mattress protector prevents stains due to spills, pets, or other allergens.

Protect your mattress from stains

The soft pure cotton cover is water-resistant to protect your mattress from spills. The protector is made with high quality materials, designed to last. It's easy to fit and remove at any time, so there's no need to worry about changing it.

Keep your mattress clean with this waterproof protector.

A new mattress is an investment you want to protect. This waterproof protector is machine washable, so you can keep it fresh and ready for use.

Reviews for this protector are strong, being upsold against most purchases through the in store experience and online and it's easy to see why. This protector will help ensure any mattress warranty or guarantee is covered in the event of defects while also ensuring you and your new mattress are kept comfortable and hygienic while you sleep. Customers particularly enjoy the softness offered from the protector while others commented on it's resilience when combatting bed-time accidents.

Reasons to Buy

Cheap for the quality on offer, no brainer to protect the warranty and guarantee of the mattress.

Reasons to Avoid

Waterproof and breathable do not go hand in hand, this protector does run the risk of increasing your body temperature at night while you sleep.

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Of The Dreams Quilted Waterproof Anti-Allergy Mattress Protector
Brand: Doze
Retailer: Dreams
Delivery Time: Average
Delivery Charge: Average
Customer Sentiment: Good
Guarantee: Average

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What Makes The Dreams Quilted Waterproof Anti-Allergy Mattress Protector Great?

Waterproof backed soft pure cotton cover to prolong the life of your mattress

Waterproof backed has both pros and cons. The pro is that you won't find yourself with a soiled or sodden mattress. The con though is that a mattress is meant to breath, it's part of the comfort of the product that you might find gets lost

Anti-allergy filling to relieve potential irritations during sleep

Ideal for anyone suffering from allergies. These products are made from materials that do their best to protect you

Machine washable at 40°C

Washable covers are a great way of ensuring the product stays fresh for longer.

*FREE when you purchase the Bedcover extended guarantee with your mattress

1-year guarantee

A 1 year guarantee is expected and standard for the industry. If anything goes wrong with your product within that period you are able to get help and support and ensure that you are not left out of pocket on any repair of replacement.

Fits mattress up to 38cm

38cm is a fairly substantial depth for a mattress. While a thick mattress is not indicative of greater quality, it's easy to see that a bigger depth gives more room for fillings and good quality spring systems. 

Anti-allergy bonded hollowfibre filling

Ideal for anyone suffering from allergies. These products are made from materials that do their best to protect you

Cotton flannel and microfibre face

The Doze Quilted Waterproof Mattress Protector is an upgrade of our previous best selling waterproof mattress protector. We have enhanced the specification to provide an even better quality product

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Customer Reviews For The Dreams Quilted Waterproof Anti-Allergy Mattress Protector

Based on 2843 reviews

Let me begin by saying I had an amazing mattress purchased from dreams back in 2005. However that was some serious good quality as it lasted 14 years!! I only found out in 2018 that one had to replace their mattress every 8 years, so I really passed that time limit. I put all my faith in dreams after having failed from another website online where I just had to send it back and opt for this dreams one having tested it out at the shop with their new innovated technology system. But I now had no mattress It was a long wait of 5 weeks (seemed long when you don't have a matrress, but is standard delivery times), and I had to remind myself this was my situaton when I first bought my mattress. I took it back to basics, deciding not to have the hump, as so many don't even have a roof over their heads so lets be humble now..My previous mattress was all fine, until recently for 5 months straight, I had a sore waist, physio referral but nothing was working, and I never have pain for that long. My lower waist pains usually last a couple of weeks if that. I started to get scared and all I wanted to do was help to relieve the problem. I have been a full time carer to my son for many years which has clearly taken a strain on my body as he needs 24/7 care where a lot of manual handling is involved, which was now taking its toll on me. I begun to wake up really stiff, and so sore, that chucking out my old mattress before this one from dreams arrived, was the correct thing to do. I slept on my leather sofa(where the home rule is "do not!" But i broke the rule lol) . It was comfy! But still didn't feel quite right, so I tried the floor, and lo and behold, after sleeping on the floor for a couple of weeks, waist pain gone! One of my son's nurses many years ago did suggest, but I never took her on. Funny what desperate measures can do to you, lol. Then arrived the bed January 2020. It didn't feel as lush as in the shop initially, so I started googling like mad, and soon enough learnt that was normal and to give it time for your body to adjust, especially if you were sleeping on the wrong mattress for a number of years anyways! Day 1 pins and needles. But day 2 and three, now on week 2 and a bit, PERFECTION! I'm now screw face when it's time to get up in the morning because i donlt wanna get out! It's that cosy omggg!! It's like an outer body experience lol. Worth every penny. I did a lot of research when looking for a mattress. I wanted pocket sprung, but learnt that wasn't for me anymore. The one I had which lasted 15 years was pocket sprung but my body had obviously changed within the 14 years of having my old mattress, as up until that point I would still rate it and still hold onto it f i could as condition was still perfect. I was sad to see it go. Then I got an orphopeadic medium firm one online and worst decision, YUK! sent back! But by then I got rid of mines, hence being mattressless LOL! It was worth the wait. I was estatic when learnt I could get pocket sprung, which I longed for, but with memory foam as well, best of both worlds, 2 in 1! The memory foam would help my waist. I can confidently say that my physio, ridding the old mattress, and getting one to accommodate my needs has rid my back pain immediately. No more waking up stiff! No more sore waist. Just a heavenly nights sleep! I wouldn't expect anything less from dreams, and i will go to them again and again. They will see me again in the next 10 years! HA! Thank you dreams!

Grove D Ottoman Blue Therapur Acti Resp Mattress

Grove D Ottoman Blue Therapur Acti Resp Mattress Me and my partner are obsessed with our new bed and mattress. After years of waking up every morning with back pain, we reached out to Dreams to advise us on which mattress would suit us best. I love that we had an opportunity at the store to use and experience some new tech sleep matching and use it never expected such life changing results too. The mattress is deliciously comfortable and yet reassuringly supportive. With my previous mattress I always felt I was lying in the wrong position, but now I get a great night sleep whether Im lying on my side or back, and I no longer need a stack of pillows to support my spine. My partner find it too exactly to what he needed for his upper part of his back. I cant put a price on that. Highly recommend! Yeah it might be more expensive but definitely worth it to have a great sleep !

Best of the best

Having had the same mattress for the past seven years , which was already at least fourteen years old when I received it . It looked and felt like it needed replacing. Dreams is a company that I had heard of and I thought give them a try, why not. I am so glad I did, not only was the sales experience excellent beyond my expectations, the delivery when it came was spot on time. If I was to have any complaints (which I do not),it would be the time it took to arrive, but that was my fault, for picking a very busy time of year. As for the product,words can not describe how good it is. Since delivery I have had collectively the best nights sleep I have had in years. I would most definitely recommend Dreams to any of my friends should they ask for quality of both service and product not to mention the after sales service, which I think is excellent.

A Dream of a purchase from Dreams.

Dear Dreams, we bought the bed for my sister in law who has recently been diagnosed with cancer. She loves the bed, the mattress and the fact that she can adjust it to get maximum comfort is just perfect. The service from Tracy in your Inverness store was brilliant from start to finish. Myself and my husband are in Spain and desperate to ensure we got the right bed for Christine. Tracy guided us through the process and we are delighted with the service from start to finish. The bed was delivered as promised and our hope and dream is that Christine will recover soon and the bed has given her such a boost it will definitely help her so much during this difficult time. We hope you will consider us for the TV and if we are lucky enough to win, we would give the TV to Christine. Thanks again best wishes Sheila and Steve.

Seems a little small!

The quality of the mattress protector is absolutely brilliant especially being waterproof with not rustling or crunching of maybe a cheaper or inferior product. The kicker to this product is, it doesnt seem to cover the entire top side of the mattress, there is around 50-100 mm of what Id call unprotected mattress, although the cover skirt envelopes the entire mattress, the waterproof section does not. To mention the skirt, the coverage of it and how it completely wraps around the mattress is Grade A for sure, the material does feel as if I am going to poke my fingers through every time I pull the corners over the mattress corners. The quality of the waterproof section is great along with the fit being brilliantly large, but edging elastic feeling very sort and like I will pop through any minute.

Protected our new mattress during childbirth

Wed bought a brand new dreams bed and mattress. This protector we got as a last minute accessory, which we thought was a good idea in case our 3 years ever gets into bed with us and has an accident. We were pregnant with our second at the time and, much to our disappointment, were forced into a last minute home birth. The birth was a success but the paramedics whod brilliantly arrived onsite at the last minute were sure that the bed mattress would be ruined (Ill spare the details). They lifted up the bed sheet, which was fitted with this mattress protector, and much to their amazement it was bone dry and as clean when wed bought it. We were so happy our u planned home birth hadnt ruined our new mattress. all thanks to this mattress protector! Thanks for recommending this Dreams.

Best mattress ever!

Had a mattress that was maybe only 3 years old and was of very poor quality so was in need of a new one.After looking online at a few possibilities we called into store where there was a sale at the time.we had a warm welcome and explained what type of mattress we were looking for.I suffer with fibromyalgia so it was suggested I try the sleep machine to find the best match for me.After trying 3 options we went with this one.it is firm but not too firm,no dipping whether you lay in the middle or on the end like I do,fantastic for side or tummy sleepers.Since having this mattress I've had the best sleep I've had in years whereby I'm not waking up in as much pain either.Even the kids love it which is a nightmare for me as now they want to sleep in mummy's bed every night!

Great more staff like Emma

Made a phone call and spoke to Emma at Hereford to make appointment where she took my details and what l was looking for. When l arrived Emma was great no faults at all she explained what kind of things you do and before l sat on the bed which shows and tells you what you need she explained how it works and a big plus for me was she explained heath and safety and asked if l was OK with it for me that was good due to my eplispy. Choosing my bed she made it so easy and relaxed different types different price's she didn't push me in to anything. The paper work was good easy to understand explained everything in all a 110% worker l think she should get staff member of the month pass the message on to the boss and manger of Hereford

Barton Pocket Sprung Mattress (King)

Such an ideal mattress. My wife and I have struggled with our sleeping patterns for the last two years using Internet famous mattresses that just arent viable options. We visited two Dreams stores nearby us and the customer service was impeccable both times. Super helpful staff, extremely understanding and listened to every question we had. We were recommended a few mattresses and were told to try them out to see which one(s) we preferred. After settling on the Barton Pocket Sprung, delivery was extremely quick and organised, and the delivery men were so helpful and friendly. All in all, an absolutely fantastic experience. Would recommend to anyone and everyone that will listen!

Amazing sleep

I bought a bed frame with storage and a mattress from Dreams. The lady in the store was fantastic, very helpful and patient as I didn't know what I wanted. Delivery was on time, they put it together quickly. The frame is light grey velvet and had few marks of dirt but wasn't on the headboard, so just left it. Mattress is amazing, sleep has never been better, and I'm a person who always struggled to rest well. The only negative of this bed frame is that the storage inside is held by velcro and if I put something closer to the margin, it easily comes off and my cat then tries to get inside it from the outside. So basically, only space in the middle of it can be used. Thank you Dreams, xx

Anti Allergen Bed Protector

I have not used this particular mattress protector personally, as it is for a guest bed. However, I have purchased a similar anti allergen mattress protector for my own bed and it does not take away from the feel and comfort of my own Tempur mattress. I have had the mattress protector for 3 years and have washed it about 3 times in that period and it still keeps my mattress 100% protected from those bedtime leaks and spills, but most importantly it keeps my mattress looking like new. I would personally recommend it because it DOES NOT feel like youre sleeping on top of a tough crinkly plastic sheet like some others mattress protectors do. So hope this review has helped you!

Excellent mattress but less supportive edges

This is the second mattress of this type we have purchased from dreams in the past 6 months. The single is brilliant and well suited to a child. We are currently in the 30 day trial period for the king size mattress and the only reason I havent given 5 stars is the support on the edges of the mattress is lacking and while it is very good for back pain it is not so good for sitting on the side of the mattress. We are still considering whether to change the mattress to a more edge supportive mattress which is hand sown but given the excellent customer services we received from Dreams with the purchase of the single Mattress I dont think this will be a problem.

Good quality

Had this in addition to the new mattress and feel that the quality is really good. The protector is nice and thick and fits the mattress corners extremely well. The protector doesn't move under the fitted sheet at all which I am very pleased with has had this issue with previous protectors. As with other waterproof protectors there is an element of plastic which has caused some very hot nights which is why I have rate it 4 stars. This may be a blessing come winter though when the nights get colder. A pleasant surprise was the top side of the protector as it had a very soft feel though and I would recommend if someone was looking for a waterproof protector.

Our new mattress

If you want an amazing new mattress, look no further than your local Dreams store. We really hadnt a clue as to what kind of mattress we wanted but the staff were very knowledgeable and professional. We asked lots of questions about various mattresses and were treated with respect during our tour around the Store. It was an enjoyable experience and at no time were we made to feel under pressure. We finally chose a firm mattress, were given a free mattress protector and we are absolutely thrilled to bits with it. You are given a cooling off period in case you find that the mattress is not suitable. We didnt need that because our purchase is a DREAM

Fabulous Service

Dreams customer service was fantastic. The mattress is exactly what we were looking for, firm but very comfortable. We were advised that there was a possibility of us waiting up to 12 weeks for a delivery. The customer service team kept us up to date throughout the process and contacted us as soon as a delivery date became available. We actually only waited 3 weeks which was a bonus. The delivery guys were great, they called to say they were on there way and they were both lovely and carried the mattress upstairs for me. Very happy with the overall service from start to finish. I would highly recommend using Dreams.

Mattress purchase

Very polite staff and not a forceful approach help looking around the store less stressful and only once ready do the staff step in for guidance. The computer bed is a great feature to help decide on a mattress a point that can take a long time without the knowledge of the staff and readiness to offer tests on mattress on show and as recommended by the 'test' bed. Payment and delivery details are carried out swift and without issues, the delivery times and dates are logged and any updates are messaged as requested. Delivery personnel were totally polite and very well presented, cheerful and respectful.

I am happy with my waterproof mattress protector.

I recently purchased a mattress and was looking fora mattress protector to ensure that the mattress was kept in good condition. I decided on this mattress protector as it was suggest by the staff member in the store and I also recieved a discount because I took out insurance on the mattress. It is an average mattress protector, thinner than what I was expecting but will do the job for now. I would recomment this product if you're looking for an afforable mattress protector but would probably advice you to spend just that little more in order to purchase one of better quality.

Excellent protection for your brand new mattress

When it comes to buy a new mattres you want to take all the possible extra care that are made available. So we decided to opt for this mattress protector and although no spillage to date, I am more than confident that it will do the job, we used to have an old one on our previous mattress and it did not seem as brilliant and resistant as this new one form Dreams. I would strongly advise any new mattress purchased to be covered with this protector as it will help keeping your precious mattress safe from stains. Easy to fit an remove and straight forward to wash. Most recommended.

Waterproof mattress protector

Now when I think waterproof, I automatically think a mattress protector that makes a rustling sound under you when you sleep. As per previously bought protectors, this one from dreams doesn't. It has a thin layer of the the waterproof material on the inside of the protector whilst the outside has the feel of Terry cotton. It's so soft and fits perfectly around the mattress. There is definitely no rustling sound and we sleep with the comfort that our new mattress is protected from sweat, accidental spills etc during the night. Would highly recommend the protectors from Dreams.


What can I say about this mattress? Is it comfy? Durable? Strong? Yes to all of those but its main appeal is that it's been able to do the impossible for me and give me a genuinely great nights sleep. I suffer from insomnia and multiple joint aches and pains and this mattress has dramatically improved my sleeplessness I now rarely if ever get up in the night. It's slightly too effective in the work mornings though I'm not complaining. If your like me and require a slightly harder mattress and are looking for one that won't break the bank then go for this one.

Wherever I lay my head

After deciding we needed to purchase a new bed that would offer us comfort, satisfaction and a good long usage, we went to Dreams to see what was on offer and we were not disappointed in any way , in fact the selection of quality beds were overwhelming. The same old proverb that you get what you pay for if we had wanted cheaper poorer quality then we could have gone elsewhere, but very pleased we didnt. Fully recommend for quality and service from the sales team through to the delivery team. Thank you we will definitely return Regards Michael Smith

Mattress pillows and protector

Went into a store before dreams, bensons. No one offered help or advice. Tried to work out what mattress i would need. Got annoyed and left. Went into dream. Lady got me on the machine to work out my ideal mattress firmness etc along with options in my price range / situation. Thought it was going to be a pushy sales person but once she gave me my options she left me to it, allowing me to ask questions when i wanted. I would say spend as much time going and trying the mattress options as once you buy and want to return/ exchange theres a pick up charge.

Superb Customer Service

This is the third frame and mattress we have bought from Dreams, as our family has grown. The customer service has always been amazing! In the shop they noticed my you son has having to wait so brought him a book to read (gave us another when they discovered he had a big sister at hone). Unfortunately when the base was delivered it has a number of marks on it, both the shop & customer care line were excellent and the base was quickly replaced. In my opinion you only know how good a customer service is when things go wrong and I cant fault Dreams

Does what it says on the tin

Had this product 2 weeks and delighted with it. I have very sensitive skin, with allergy rashes flaring up on a regular basis, not always with an obvious cause. We purchased this cover when we invested in a new Grayson Bed from Dreams. I have to say, my skin condition (irritated face, arms and neck) has improved noticeably in the last two weeks, since we received the new bed and mattress over. Not sure which has had the greatest effect, but certainly both together has worked wonders and we're pleased that we made the investment.

Brilliant..I bought three!!

Well what else do you do when theres a three month lockdown. Great sleep at nights, great lie ins all morning and beautiful afternoon naps. I bought one from Dreams Enfield/Chingford and was assisted by Debra. She was fantastic and gave me honest advice. My wife and I purchased a headboard, Bed with storage lift and mattress. 10 out of 10 so much that my wife returned to Debra and purchased another two sets. Quality in product and you certainly get value for money. I shall definitely buy another shortly and recommend Dreams highly.

Good protection against accidents 10 Stars

I am very pleased with this protector, I recieved complimentary as part of my purchase It has already saved my mattress from liquid spills! Kept my new mattress fresh and clean . It doesnt overheat you and it is not very noisy like other protectors, you barely know its there It also gives good coverage of the whole mattress. I highly recommend it and I will be purchasing another one. A small downside is that it does take ages to air dry, which is not surprising for a waterproof protector but it can be tumble dried on a low heat.

Flaxby 8150 mattress purchase

The service we received was excellent! Your reps know exactly what to recommend and were very friendly and helpful. We purchased the Flaxby 8150 King Mattress and have never had a better nights sleep. As someone with chronic back injuries, it has been a joy to wake up without pain! It almost feels like floating on water - my spine alignment has improved and Ive had a deepest sleep for over 20 years! Even slept through a few alarms as we were so comfortable! The delivery was professional and speedy. Overall a brilliant experience!

Good mattress protection

I received this mattress protector free with new mattress in case we require to return the mattress. As we didn't require the waterproof protection feature, I cant comment of that but the cover itself has been quite comfortable and certainly will keep the mattress clean and fresh. Some reviews have stated it is crackly and causes perspiration but after two weeks we have not noticed this problem and it has been quite comfortable to sleep on and is easily laundered. I have only had two weeks use of the product but so far so good.

Fantastic mattress protector

I have purchased many waterproof mattress protectors in the past to protect the beds at home when my children were young. But then realised that even sweat marks can stain mattress with horrible yellow stains that are very difficult to clean. Therefore I decided to get this protecter for my new bed (also from Dreams) to prolong the life of the mattress and keep it fresh and clean. This protecter is fantastic better than any that I have bought in the past, it fits perfectly, soft and makes no noise. Highly recommended!

Great Protector so far

As someone who gets quite warm while sleeping, I wanted a mattress protector that was waterproof to avoid any sweat being absorbed by the mattress and staining it over time. The quality of the material felt very good when I removed it from the packaging and I can definitely notice the difference now when I'm lying in bed. You can feel the extra layer under the mattress cover; it feels a little stiff initially - I'm hoping this will fade over time. Overall it seems for now like a decent, high-quality product.

Faultless sleep with our mew hybrid mattress!

We visited the Dreams Cardiff store on Penarth road last month to try out mattresses prior to purchase. We knew we were after a hybrid memory/sprung but it was o ky through testing them out that we found the right composition/thickness etc. In store service was top. Our matress was delivered on time within a week and weve honestly not had a poor nights sleep since! Also impressed my the thermal/ heat insulating properties of the matress - added bonus. We should have replaces our old matress years back!

Good mattress protector

Not much to say - we got this mattress protector with our extra warranty we purchased. It does its job and fits our mattress well, however we haven't spilt anything on it so cannot comment on how waterproof it is. Before trying it, we were a little unsure whether it would rustle or make a sound when we moved due to it being waterproof but it makes no noise when we use it beneath our bed sheet. Neither myself or my husband are allergic to anything so we cannot comment on the anti-allergy property.


We bought this with our new mattress and thought it would be similar to recent ones we had purchased elsewhere in which it was mainly for increased comfort and a little protection from sweat, drool etc. Turns out it is an amazing piece of kit, literally the day after we bought it my other half spilt a glass of squash everywhere, I mean everywhere, I thought the mattress would have been soaked.....it was bone dry!!!!!! I would definitely recommend this to everyone

Buy from the experts

We really hadnt appreciate how worn our 5 year old mattrss had become. We had come home from holiday and after 2 nights knew we had to do something. Never mind furniture shops lets go to bed experts. There they asked the questions about our sleeping habits and then took us to the beds best suited. Well they definitely got it right for us its so comfortable we are reluctant to get out. Never again expending all that money in the wrong shops ... go to the experts

Sleep better with on Barton Pocket Sprung - 5 star

I was warmly and professionally met when entering the store (Hillington) by Kim. Having tried out the firmness tracker to detemine the type of mattress I required i finally chose the Barton Pocket Sprung mattress. From the very first night on this excellent mattress (with built-in topper) I can say with certainty that I am now sleeping much better than I have ever done. I cannot recommend Dreams and in particular my sales professional (Kim) highly enough

Not bad mattress, but not as good as expected.

Good mattress with pocket spring and memory foam mix. We've got a very firm version. The micro pocket springs supposed to reduce the feel of a movement on the mattress, but that's not as perfect as I would expect. Though memory foam provides pressure relief and is good on my lower back pain. The breathable cover is not as breathable as advertised as sometime I wake up feeling a little bit sweaty. Overall not bad mattress, but not as good I as expected.

Unlike any other we have used

We got this mattress protector free when we purchased our new mattress about a month ago. It is u like any other we have previously used, and actually we stopped using them as they had that carrier bag feel and sound. This is almost like a super thick well fitted sheet that is water proof too, bonus! Highly recommend anyone to get one, we just felt like we should have that added protection for our new mattress and it definitely ticks all of the boxes.

Firmness is just right.

I am now 18 nights into bonding with my Jacob mattress. The first night was uncomfortable as could be with any new. With the second and subsequent nights I now know that I have found the right one for me. I still need to get used to the fact that the mattress surface is not totally flat but it really doesnt affect my ability to sleep in great comfort. The firmness is not too soft and not to hard. The firmness is just right. So far best buy yet.

Everything was great.

The mattress is very comfortable and the bed frame is of fantastic quality. Every night I have had in it has been superb. The delivery was well organised as they arrived promptly and immediately got to work with the assembly. The deliverymen themselves were very personable and professional and were very careful to avoid creating any mess in my new home. I was very happy with both the products I ordered and the delivery/assembly process.

Great but not waterproof around the sides.

I bought this a couple weeks ago and immediately spilt a pint of water in the bed. The waterproof top did keep the top of the mattress dry which was great, bit as the water made its way to the edge and then down the sides of the bed , the cover wasn't able to keep the water off the mattress. Other than that, it's great. Goes on the mattress really easily , the soft cover means that it doesn't feel plasticy under the sheets. Glad I bought it

Doze quilted waterproof mattress protector

Very pleased with purchase. Our son is 4 years old and we brought this to protect his mattress just in case he ever has an accident. So glad we brought it as the old one was typical of a lot of waterproof mattress protectors ie made a lot of crunching sound when you slept on it, whereas the new Doze one is as others have said, virtually undetectable which is exactly what we wanted. Excellent product and wouldnt hesitate to recommend.

New Bed and efficient staff

Ordered a beautiful bedstead which was in the sale and a Jacob pocket sprung mattress, sales person was so helpful but the delivery men were amazing. We had paid for the bed to be put together but unfortunately this info was not put on the delivery note, these amazing delivery men got this sorted for us, bed was put together and positioned in the room, this is the 2nd bed brought in a year from Dreams, wont go anywhere else from now on

Very protective!

I had bought this protective cover wirh my partner a couple weeks ago alongside with the mattress. This has really helped ans covered the mattress to any damage and spilling. I would recommend to others when purhasing a mattress to get this protective cover too. It will help the mattress last longer. Also this was a bonus for us as we got this for free from the lovely staff member who had helped us throughout our shopping at Dreams Ltd

Sensible option

We agreed to take a mattress protector as we had taken out the 40 night comfort guarantee and could therefore return the mattress if we weren't happy with our choice (Hypnosis Milford D Mattress which we found to be very comfortable). After 50 years of marriage we have never needed a mattress protector and viewed sleeping on it with a certain amount of apprehension. However unlike some reviewers we are unaware that the mp is in place.

Well worth it...

I bought this bed for my son as he was getting a bit old for his old cabin bed. He absolutely loves this bed and the comfort of the mattresses. I myself have spent an afternoon sleeping on the pull out section and found it to be very comfortable. Wouldnt swap it for my Sealy kingsized, also bought from dreams, but nice to know I have a comfortable bed somewhere if I ever annoy the misses. Would highly recommend this bed to anyone.

Great service and a lovely mattress.

I ordered this mattress online after speaking to one of the dreams advisors on the phone with regards to asking about some advice. Once I had ordered the mattress I was given a date and time of delivery. Great delivery at the expected time. The mattress itself is a lot lighter than the previous mattress in weight but in comfort it is just as good and my wife and I find it lovely to sleep on with on interrupted rest.

Does it's job but is a bit fragile

This thing has stopped the pee of my cats tainting my mattress twice already. Not a drop got through, but this thing itself is a pain to clean. After mixing 1 parts detergent with something like 3 parts of water, I sprayed it all over the dried pee stains. It seeped into the absorbent layer and got stopped by the hydrophobic layer, which is great, but the detergent mix did some (probably just cosmetic) damage to the fabric.

Excellent product

I bought this at the same time I purchased a new mattress. I was pleasantly surprised to discover how soft it was to those purchased in the past. My son sweats a lot due to illness but the cover seems to be keeping the mattress clean and dry. He hasnt complained of crackling when he turns over either so his sleep is not disturbed. There is a good depth which enables a better fit to the mattress. Excellent quality item.

Mattress only

Nothing but good service from start to finish. The bed I ordered wouldn't go up the stairs so they took it away and gave me a full refund for the base. They delivered the mattress when I had sorted out a base that would go up the stairs. Unfortunately not one from dreams as I needed one in quarters. They were so helpful and understanding. The mattress is amazing though and I look forward every night to sleeping on it.

Does the job but could be better

Bought this with part of the mattress cover protection, needs to be made more specific for each mattress not just "we'll make sure it fits extra deep mattresses" there can sometimes to a fair amount of creases under the undersheet due to it not fitting 100% on our mattress so needs smoothing out not a big deal but our king size mattress is heavy plus bedside cabinets in the way at the corners becomes a bit of a gaff.

Comfortable, exactly as described.

I bought this 3 weeks ago, once unpackaged and it had expanded, I left it for a couple of hours. Im not sure if it needed to be left as it popped into shape straight away. It is so comfortable and a good mixture of firmness and memory foam. I have turned it once a week, again Im not sure if it needs to be but just to be safe. I would definitely buy again and recommend to anyone looking for a comfortable mattress.

Truly waterproof!

Bought with the new mattress as we are going through the night toilet training phase. I was sceptical thinking it wont be waterproof as its a very thin layered cover. But wow was I surprised. It really is waterproof!! After an accident when I usually have to put a towel on the mattress not this time! It was absolutely dry underneath. So pleased I got this and now getting another one for the other bed as well.

Waterproof Mattress Protector

Fantastic Soft, Fantastic Value for money and it Works not just for Children But also for people with Incontinence and Urological problems like me no more accidents in bed anymore This Mattress Protector is piece of mind when you go to. sleep and wake up your Mattress Protector Will ALWAYS Keep your Mattress Clean and dry . Also Very easy to wash in wahing machine comes out like new all the time. TRY IT !!

Great all round

The item is perfect! Had wonderful online chat support when buying that turned into a phone call. The advisor was very helpful and gave great advice on the product and information. The choice of delivery days were great and I could make it work for me. The delivery team was extremely lovely, friendly and helpful. Followed all Covid precautions and took respect with my property when carrying the sofa through.


Whilst the delivery of was delayed by 3 weeks, it has been great since, the instialtion was simple, easy and quick with no mess left behind. The bed has been great to sleep on with a notable difference in aches and pains reducing from the old mattress, the pillow keeps lovely and cold making it easier to sleep, and the best seems to retain heat meaning it's not cold to get into Overall I would recommend.

No worries anymore

I am so glad I purchased the waterproof mattress protector as there is no fear of any hot drink spillages spoiling my new mattress; the protector doesn't allow the liquid to go through and traps it within the material of the protector saving my mattress from nasty stains. I would also recommend this protector for parents who are potty training their children to prevent accidents spoling their mattresses.

Naturally Perfect!

I'd like to say owning this Flaxby matress is an eye-opener, but the opposite is also true! Drifting off to sleep is so easy now. We are enjoying the best ZZZZZZ s in years and the natural fibres used in the mattress really do keep your body at a comfortable temperature. Super-plentiful springs give you so much gentle support, bedtime is now my best friend. My only regret? We didn't buy this sooner!

King size ottoman bed

Bed is insane. Looks unreal and when built feels solid. Storage is ample underneath. My only issue was one of the bolts was missing which was a vital piece, then I noticed something metal jingling within the actual steel frame.... upon inspection I found no entry points so got no clue how it got in there and I couldnt get it out either. Have to settle for the jingle whenever the bed is listed up

First class products and service from Dreams

Everyone is worried about buying a new be, will it fit in the room, is it going to be comfortable, how will it look, but Gregory the salesman put our minds at rest we now have a gorgeous double bed really comfortable with vast amount of storage underneath, the delivery guys took it to the bedroom and I assembled it in under ten minutes so thank you dreams first class service first class products

Easy to fit

Fits easily onto double bed without a fight and it pinging off at the corners - my experience of many mattress protectors. Thick good quality feel to it. No intrusive 'rubber' or plastic feel that some waterproof protectors have. Also anti-allergy properties. Would have liked some instructions on whether it can be washed though and I'm also in two minds as to whether it has a slight odour to it.

Easy to clean and Suitably protective

I bundled the mattress protector with a mattress purchase. The mattress was clean and in good condition despite being ex-display and adding the mattress protector has given me the piece of mind that it will remain that way for many years to come. The mattress protector also easily cleans in a wash and can be reused many times without damage. Good item to bundle into your next mattress purchase.

Luxury on a budget

Lucky to have got this in weekend sale so only paid 250 for the double when normal price was well over double that. We bought it for our caravan and now we sleep just as comfortably there as we do at home. It is quite a firm mattress which suits both of us and we wake up feeling refreshed with no back pain at all. Only downside is you don't want to get out of bed. It looks beautiful too.

Best purchase I ever made

I bought this mattress a month ago and so happy that I did. After seeing an osteopath for months with back issues, I decided it was time for a new mattress and it has to be said, this is the best investment I ever made. Will people think its expensive? Probably yes, but I can 100% tell you that this is worth every penny spent. Ive now longer got any back issues and have a great sleep.

Ok for a freebie

This came free with my purchase of mattress protection for 5 years. It's OK.... It's soft etc, but it seems a bit big for the size / depth of the mattress so it doesn't fit snug and moves about as you turn over in your sleep and pulls at the fitted sheet, so you have to straighten quite a bit every morning. It does the job but I would have been more disappointed if I had paid for it.

luxurious mattress (memory foam)

It's absolutely comfortable mattress. We'd never had an experience such an amazing product using before. We're planning to buy another one for our daughter too. Additionally, staff was so amicable, cooperative and helpful who assisted us to find the right thing to pick. Therefore, Guys, if you are thinking to buy mattress, don't delay; just go for it! I highly recommend for it.

Sturdy, easy assembly and beautiful in situe

Sturdy and easy to put together. Im a weighty woman and it holds me, husband and two kids jumping on it. Pleased with my purchase as i was unsure but went for something different this time. I usually buy divans because i know they take my weight but it was a good buy. Plenty of underbed storage too, which is an absokute godsend with everything we hoard for winter and then viceversa!

Worth it!

Not what I was expecting at all! Most mattress protectors feel like heavy plastic and make a horrible noise but this is so thin and light. Dont even notice that its on the mattress under my sheet, very easy to put on as it has a stretchy material for the corners and the top feels like a lovely velvet type fabric. I havent spilt anything yet on it but trust it will do the job!

Not too warm

I find this a little tight on a single mattress so I'm going to start using elastic straps to hold it on as it does move about a bit. I would recommend it though, it's good quality otherwise. A few reviews say that it's very hot but I don't have that issue. I roast at night so bought a cotton filled mattress, have a latex pillow and silk pillowcase so all this probably helps.

Bit small

Using this on a zip & link super-king mattress. Although no problems fitting down the sides and underneath, the actual top waterproof area doesnt very reliably stay covering the entire surface of the mattress, and tends to ride towards the centre by several inches, meaning that the outside edges of the mattress are covered only by the side material which is just netting.

Sleeping like a log now!

Dreams offered a fantastic service from the time we entered the shop. We were immediately asked if we required assistance and then had a very attentive sales assistant help us through our purchase. We were kept informed at all times of delivery dates and were also given the option of taking our old mattress away to be recycled. Fantastic. Stress and hassle free purchase.

Good quality mattress protector

I bought this as an extra item but it was cheaper to get it with the insurance cover for the mattress. Because you technically got the mattress protector for free. Put in on my bed over a week ago and I can't even tell its on the bed. Doesn't make any scrunching noises like some do. Feels good quality too. Let's see if it stands the test of time. But overall a good purchase.

Hyde & Sleep - Blueberry Medium

I have to say, I have submitted this as 4* as it is still not quite what it should be just yet. I know they take time to 'bed' in so to speak, so I can't give it anything else until it's been a few months. It is well made though and I like the fact that the different types of mattress all have different colours. Makes you remember which one you like (well it did for me).

Quality Protector

I had purchased a new mattress & bed frame from "Dreams" so it seemed logical to try their Anti Allergy Mattress protector also, as I have house dust mite allergy, my old one was wearing a little thin, and wanted to save wear on my new mattress. Cover was easy to fit, with the elasticated underside, quality seems good, lovely texture, didn't want to put my sheet over it

Mattress protector and mattress

This nice double size protector came as an offer for buying a mattress. Both the mattress and protector are top quality. I recommend trying matresses in the shops to choose based on feel. The protector is waterproof and I thought was going to be too hot and humid but actually keeps a fresh temperature pretty well. Overall more than satisfied and would certainly recommend

TheraPur ActiGel Plus Response 4200 Mattress

I'm a fidgit and get hot at night so I was a little apprehensive about this mattress. It took me about a week to get used to it but I have to say it is very comfortable and has helped relive my back pain. The gel topper is slippy against our cotton sheets and because I move about so much we find the sheets slip off the mattress easily most nights, hence only 4 stars.

Come in handy with a newborn on our new mattress

we wouldn't of got one of these normally but there was a special offer on at dreams when purchasing a mattress a d taking out cover, so this was free. This does a great job though and just had a newborn so for those lazy changes in the night we do not have to worry about accidents on our new mattress. You can not feel the protector either, it if like it is not there.

Mattress protector

I received a double mattress protector when I have a small double bed and it gave me a lot of discomfort because it kept on creasing underneath me and was making the fitted sheet move alot also so for me its not as good as I expected it to be but it does keep the bed clean when it is on It would have been perfect for me if they had size small double in this product

Well worth the investment

This bed has transformed my quality and length of sleep and I no longer wake with aches and pains. Temperature control is brilliant and there is no rolling to the middle with the other half. It was highly recommended by a work colleague and although I was not convinced it would warrant the high price, I am now spoiled for all other beds! Life-changing, literally!

Tempur Cloud cooltouch pillow

Have tried about every pillow configuration out there. Was sceptical about this style and price tag ,but was so desperate to find one which works. Was not disappointed. In fact its the best money Ive spent in years. I cant recommend this product enough. Ive had the most comfortable and consistent nights sleep ever. Night after night. Honestly, buy one today.

Super soft protector

Got this free with our mattress purchase and we honestly didn't think we needed it as we already have protectors. But I'm super glad we got this one, the quality is far superior than any I've had before! Its soo soft, and such an easy fit without annoying straps- this fits over the entire mattress, including the sides! I'd definitely buy one again in the future.

Really comfortable and for the first time I am not

I had no idea, to be honest, what I was getting. I am so delighted that I did and am about to order a second one to use whilst the first in in the wash. It is very easy to put on the mattress, incredibly comfortable, but the most important feature for me is that I no longer sneeze all the when I go to bed!! I did not know until I had it that I had an allergy!!

Extra comfort and protection

This is the first time I've bought a mattress cover and I'm very pleased with this one. Easy to fit, providing an extra bit of padding and comfort to the mattress as well as keeping it in good condition. I tend to perspire a fair bit, so the waterproof quality will keep the bed fresh and stop staining. Washable as well, so pretty much covers all of the bases!

Great product

I was worried this product like other mattress protectors would feel like plastic and rustle. Im happy to report that neither are true and if anything it adds a crispness to the bed sheet. It does not make me feel hot like other protectors have and it is easily washable whilst keeping my mattress in top top condition. Great little purchase and would recommend.


When I recently purchased a new mattress from dreams I was offered the chance of taking out insurance on it, at first I was going to say no thanks but when they pointed out that the mattress protector was part of the deal I changed my mind pretty quickly, because for 45 you get 5years cover plus the mattress protector so 5 years cover for 15 what a deal.

Great experience using Dreams

Really easy to order online, delivery came within 7 days as promised and the delivery men were fantastic, especially in the hot weather. Had masks on and wore foot protection aswell whilst in the house. Mattress is so comfortable and delighted with the all round experience of using Dreams. Highly recommended and will definitely use again! Thank you Dreams

Holman Pocket Sprung Mattress.

Just brilliant service, I got a phone call from the store to remind me of the delivery date and if I needed to to put it back, as I was waiting for a refund from John Lewis on a faulty mattress we bought from them. The Mattress we have had for a month and are flipping it every week as advised for the 1st 3 months. So far its lovely, but time will tell!

Smooth, high-quality cover.

Material is smooth, soft and feels cool to the touch. Happy with the quality of this mattress protector. We bought this for the sofa bed and realised it will not work, as the 'fitted' sides cannot be covered properly over the sofa once converted to a bed. We decided to keep it anyway because of it fine quality and will just use it for another spare bed.

Never slept better!

This mattress was recommended to us as I suffer from bad hips and a bad back. I have never slept so well since purchasing this mattress. Very good quality, extremely comfortable and found Dreams very easy to deal with. I was used to sleeping on a memory foam, but this is so much better with a slight bounce and a seriously lovely top part of the mattress

Good quality

This is made from good material, I've had so many mattress protectors that have really cheap material on the sides that rip so easily but this feels like there is no danger of that. It is also deep enough to cope with a good size mattress. Haven't wet myself as yet so can't comment on the waterproofness though I have no doubts it would work just fine.

Does exactly what it says

You can get cheaper mattress protectors, but this one is worth the money and I recommend it. Not only does it feel comfortable on the skin, it is made with quality fabric that will help your mattress to last longer and it fits well. It was easy to apply and stays in position, and can be removed without any difficulty. Definitely worth considering.

Damaged on assembly and still not resolved.

Whilst the bed is gorgeous, part of the welded frame snapped during assembly. It has taken 3 attempts for dreams to resolve and we are still waiting. They have twice sent the incorrect boxes despite us being specific and taking photos of the broken part. Two weeks on and still not resolved which has meant we cant use the ottoman feature of the bed!

Try before you buy

King, Medium textured Mattress which suits better to my sleep pattern. Woke up during the night, l think l was worrying if l chose right, the second night slept like a baby, l think my body was used to the old mattress. So happy we are still abled to go out there and touch and try goods I choose to always be Cosy, be Comfortable with my Choices.

Doze Quilted waterproof mattress protector

Very good and comfortable, especially considering it is waterproof. We ordered it with our new mattress to add protection. Also we suffer from allergies, hay fever etc and perhaps it is just coincidental, but we have both seemed better with this cover on the bed. Not so much eye irritation in the morning. Would highly recommend this product.

I'm not coughing or sneezing...so I guess it works

Over one month sleeping with the bad boy on my mattress. Feels soft and has nice quilting to it. Covered with another bedsheet on top and I am set for a good sleep. I have no coughing or sneezing during the night or in the morning, so all seems to be well. Haven't tried spilling a glass of water to test the waterproofing and don't plan on doing so!

Soft outer and good protection

Purchased at 20% off with an excellent mattress and it's already been great to have. Thanks to lots of tossing and turning in the hot weather my toddler's nappy hasn't entirely done the job. This can be washed and dried within a day, which we've done three times now with no sign of pilling. It's lovely and soft and fits snugly under a fitted sheet.

Practical and efficient!

I bought this product a month ago and am extremely happy with the quality and the fit. It was offered to me as part of the bed/mattress guarantee. It fits well and gives an overall smooth finish. Cool and comfortable to sleep on... hardly aware that it is there which, to me is the sign of a good protector.So far no signs of any allergic reactions.

Essential to keep the mattress good.

Our mattress protector was added on when we ordered the mattress, and has proved itself to be extremely useful. It is a really good one that doesn't rustle or feel "plasticky", and you would never know it was there. When we're not on the bed, the cats are, and it protects the mattress from everything that might happen. We really appreciate it.

Mattress protection

Its a good quality product ,which give us a little peace of mind when you like having breakfast in your bed and not to worry about spiling a coffee or tea in your bed ..its waterproof so the mattress stays clean and dry after accidental spillage :-) Highly recommended for keeping your peace of mind and your mattress clean and dry... Thank you

Comfy mattress protector

This product came as a freebie when we purchased the 5 year Care Plan for the new Annison Mattress we bought from Dreams. I was worried that it might make the bed too hot but was really pleased that compared to my old quilted mattress protector it was a lot better and doesn't make you feel sweaty like a lot of waterproof mattress protectors do.

A Great Purchase

This is a really good mattress protector and with pets the waterproof facility is really useful! It's a generous size as well so fits over a mattress easily - even our super deep one of 31cm! The quilted layer also makes it super comfortable and you wouldn't even know it was there. Well worth purchasing to keep your mattress fresh and protected.

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Questions and Answers About The Dreams Quilted Waterproof Anti-Allergy Mattress Protector

Prospective customers had the following questions about the product

Bought dreams bed - mattress has a double top mattress deep sides sheets 35 depth what waterproof protector for mattress would you suggest and price please.

Answer: Unfortunately not all of the mattress protector range fits a deep mattress. However we do have some options for you. Why not take a look at the Doze Waterproof protector. It fits a mattress depth of up to 36cm. Alternatively we offer a Therapur cool mattress protects which is suitable for mattresses up to 38cm.Please shop the range on the website or in store so you can find the perfect fit for you.

Do you sell specialist duvets and mattress protectors for zip and link beds?

Answer: Good Evening,We do not currently sell any specific duvets or mattress protectors for zip and link beds, however as the range of zip and link beds are all standard UK bed sizes, any of the standard duvets or mattress protectors will be suitable to use.

I am buying a 2ft 6 bed and the smallest mattress protector is 3ft. Will that work or is it fitted? Has anyone else has this?

Answer: This will fit your mattress however this mattress protector has an elastic skirt, so there may some loose material as the dimensions of the protector are larger than your mattress.

Hi, is this mattress protector breathable? If so, are you able to provide the breathability rating (e.g. 5k, 10k etc)? Thanks.

Answer: Unfortunately the outer fabric of the mattress protector is back-coated to create the waterproof barrier therefore this mattress protector does not have a breathability rating.

Is the fitting tight to prevent it moving and creasing up in the bed?

Answer: This mattress protector has a skirt design which means it fits on your mattress like a tight fitted sheet would. This helps to minimise movement and creasing whilst you sleep.

What is the thickness of this? I assume that you can place this on top of your original mattress but the picture makes it look very thick

Answer: Yes, you place this on top of your mattress. The image provided is the mattress protector over the top of a mattress. The protector itself is less than 1cm in depth.

Hi is this protector ok to use with a heated electric blanket

Answer: Good Evening We would not recommend using this mattress protector with a heated blanket due to the waterproof nature of the product.

Hi is this doze mattress anti dust mite protected as well as waterproof and will it fit a 17cm depth mattress king size

Answer: Thank you for reaching out with your question. This mattress protector fits mattresses up to 38cm depth.

Hello, can you please tell me what material is the protector made of? Thank you!

Answer: The mattress protector is made from Anti-allergy treated 100% cotton flannel with PU coated reverse

We have a traditional 3ft x 6ft mattress on a divan base. The mattress itself is only 8cm deep. Will this mattress protector fit. I appreciate that it fits up to 38cm deep but will it be too big?

Answer: You may end up with excess material but this can just be tucked further underneath the mattress.

Where is the Doze Quilted Waterproof Anti-Allergy Mattress Protector made?

Answer: Thank you for reaching out with your question. This protector is made from polyester. Hope this helps, Dreams.

Can this product be tumble dried?

Answer: Yes, this mattress protector is suitable to be tumble dried but on a cool setting only.

We received this mattress protector as part of our new bed purchase. Do you still need to put a fitted sheet over the top as part of the normal bedding or is this in place of the fitted sheet?

Answer: We would still advise to use a sheet over the top of the mattress protector.

How often should you wash this matress cover from new?

Answer: This would be fine to wash as regularly as your other bedding, it's a durable product.Thank you.

Is the skirt of the mattress cover also waterproof so that the bed will have all-over protection? It is the King size version I need. Thank you.

Answer: Only the top section of the mattress has a waterproof layer. Many thanks, Dreams

Can I put this item in the tumble dryer

Answer: We would not recommend this is placed in the tumble dryer. .

Hi. Is there a guarantee or warranty with this item? Thanks.

Answer: Dreams offer a one year guarantee on this item.

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