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Brand: Nectar
Retailer: Nectar
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What Makes The THE NECTAR DUVET Great?

Advanced Smartfil™ fibres blended with 20% modal for climate control

Smartfil® is an advanced fibre technology that is frequently seen in premium duvets and pillows thanks to its thermal efficiency and ability to stay fluffy and plump over time.

Soft-touch microfibre cover with textured design

Soft touch microfibre is a great material for use in bedding as it is hygienic and durable while still being soft to the touch. What's more, it is non-abrasive and has great temperature regulation properties for that all-season comfort.

Non allergenic

Non allergenic bedding is specially designed to reduce the likelihood of allergic reactions while you sleep. This is achieved by creating an environment in which allergens would otherwise not be able to survive.

Washable at 60C

Many materials shrink when washed at 60C which can result in unpleasant tightness and difficulty to get the bedding back onto duvets and sheets onto mattresses. Fortunately this bedding can be washed on full 60 without issue, allowing for a hygienic and comfortable sleep.

10.5 Tog

10.5 tog is an ideal rating for all-season usage. Keeping you cool enough in the summer and warm enough in the winter, this duvet is a great catch-all that will last for years to come.

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