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TEMPUR Cloud Air SmartCool™ Medium Pillow

TEMPUR Cloud Air SmartCool™ Medium Pillow

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Pros & Cons

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  • Delivers universal support regardless of sleeping position.
  • Boasts a medium comfort grade, meeting a wide range of comfort needs.
  • Provides a perfect blend of softness and firmness for optimal sleep.
  • Responsive and adaptive to individual's comfort preferences.
  • Notable for its smart cooling properties that maintain a pleasant sleep temperature.
  • Evidenced to significantly enhance sleep quality according to customer reviews.
  • Some customers may find the medium comfort grade not ideal for those who prefer a very soft or very firm pillow.
  • Customers who primarily sleep on their stomachs might find this pillow overly firm.
  • The Pro Air SmartCool cover, while effective at dissipating heat, may not be suitable for those who prefer a traditional, non-technical fabric cover.
  • Despite being machine washable, some may find the cover not as easy to clean as a simple toss in the wash due to specific washing requirements.
  • The use of unique TEMPUR Adapt® Material may not be to everyone's liking, particularly if they prefer standard memory foam or down fillings.

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Why our sleep experts loved it

In a market saturated with several brands and types of pillows, the search for the one pillow that enhances our sleep can be daunting. That's where we come in, providing thorough reviews to aid in your decision process. This review focuses on the TEMPUR Cloud Air SmartCool™ Medium Pillow, which boasts of being part of TEMPUR®'s coolest ever bedding range. Let's uncover what sets this pillow apart from the horde of options and whether it's worth the investment.

How we tested

Our testing process for the TEMPUR Cloud Air SmartCool™ Medium Pillow was carried out in store. This involved physically investigating the pillow's features and comfort level, as well as considering the manufacturer's statements and customer feedback. However, note that this did not involve a home trial, so our assessments are based on immediate impressions combined with customer reviews and manufacturer specifications.

Design and features

The TEMPUR Cloud Air SmartCool™ Medium Pillow is a premium TEMPUR® memory foam pillow. Acclaimed for its innovative design, this pillow employs NASA technology to foster a perfect sleep experience. It boasts of a Pro Air SmartCool™ cover that is intuitively refreshing to offer a considerably cool sleep surface. Remarkably, this pillow is designed to cater to all sleeping positions, making it a universal choice. Additionally, the cover is machine washable at 40 degrees, adding a layer of convenience for users.


With the TEMPUR Cloud Air SmartCool™ Medium Pillow, you're in for an advanced construction design that's rooted in groundbreaking TEMPUR Adapt® Material. This genius material innovation results in a pillow that effectively relieves pressure around your head, neck, and shoulders - providing the utmost comfort for your night's sleep. This choice of construction shows great promise for a plush experience and pressure relief.


The Medium comfort grade assigned to the pillow speaks volumes about its versatility and potential appeal to a majority of sleepers. Regardless of whether you sleep on your back, stomach or side, this pillow aims to provide adequate support; however, its price tag combined with its three-year guarantee might deter potential buyers, as it might not represent value for many.

What customers thought

A major highlight from customer reviews is the pillow's universal support due to its medium comfort grade, proving its effective performance across all sleeping positions. This feature validated the manufacturer's claim, offering more assurance for potential buyers.

The verdict

When weighed on the balance of features, the TEMPUR Cloud Air SmartCool™ Medium Pillow packs a punch with innovative construction, versatility in respect of sleeping positions, and a cool sleep surface. However, considering the price and warranty, it might fall short of offering value. From a personal standpoint, I'm in the camp of those who feel there's little distinction between this medium variant and the soft one, making it an option best avoided. In the end, while the pillow has its shining attributes, it is vital to ensure that it aligns with your personal comfort preferences and budget. After all, when it comes to securing a good night's sleep, individual needs prevail.

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Comfortable , nice and deep to sleep
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Questions and Answers About The TEMPUR Cloud Air SmartCool™ Medium Pillow

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Hi, if you put a pillowcase over this pillow, will the cooling be less effective?

Answer: Any additional layers between the finished surface and the user will lower the level of effectivity, but the overall benefits should still be felt.Thanks
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Do I need to use a pillow protector or pillow case on top?

Answer: We would advise to use a pillow case on this pillow.Thanks
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TEMPUR® Sleep Technology
TEMPUR® Sleep Technology
By Tempur UK

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