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Emma Original Pillow

Emma Original Pillow

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Of The Emma Original Pillow
Brand: Emma
Retailer: Emma Sleep
Delivery Time: Good
Customer Sentiment: Excellent

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What Makes The Emma Original Pillow Great?

Pressure-relieving viscoelastic memory foam

Visco-elastic memory foam is a synthetic substance developed by NASA originally with an aim to counteract the extreme forces that astronauts would face. A delightful benefit of memory foam is that is reacts warmly to body temperature and weight resulting in a body conforming foam that has proven over the last few decades to be an amazing comfort layer that produces an incredible nights sleep in a cocoon of comfort.

Supportive HRX hyper-soft cold foam

HRX, or High Resiliency Extra is a cold foam product not to be confused with memory foam. This layer is traditionally used as a base layer in mattresses but also frequently appears in pillows. The result is the same regardless, you get a degree of tension that is supportive yet soft providing you and your spine with even and aligned support for maximum pressure relief regardless of your sleeping position.

Ultra-breathable Airgocell® memory foam

Airgocell® memory foam is a unique adaption on traditional memory foam and is exclusive to Emma Sleep. The properties of this material perform closer to that of gel rather than that of traditional memory foam. The net benefit of this is that the Airgocell is that is has an air percentage of around 50% making it more breathable and creating less heat than its counterpart thanks to the open-pored nature of it. This in turn helps you sleep better and avoids you getting too warm. Gel has been successfully utilised in other areas of the mattress industry with huge success.

Ultradry moisture-resistant top cover

With a minimal design, this breathable cover has fantastic air flow to maximise suitability for any climate or season. The optimised airflow results in a dry, save and moisture resistant cover that is machine washable for additional hygiene.

Superior support in any sleeping position

Pressure-relieving viscoelastic memory foam combined with a HRX hyper-soft cold foam layer gives you the best of both worlds. Just like good quality mattresses, you get a comfort layer and support layer with this pillow, giving it a unique sinking feeling that still contours to your neck and head while you sleep. The result? A supportive nights sleep for your neck to leave you sleeping better.

Adjustable height and firmness

Thanks to the multiple layers provided in the pillow, you are able to adjust the height and comfort to suit you. Need a plump and deep pillow to sink into? Utilise more layers. Like it thinner and firm, remove some layers and keep the firm support layer inside. One of the first truly customisable pillows designed to give everyone a great nights sleep regardless of preference.

Ultra-durable three-layer construction

With three included but independent layers you are able to have it your way, remove or add layers as you see fit to develop the right support and comfort for you. With a supportive layer, a comfort layer and an adaptive layer, you'll be hard pressed to find such a dynamic pillow elsewhere.

Exceptional comfort and breathability

Breathability is important because otherwise there is too much heat buildup that would otherwise occur. The materials used will help create an all-season mattress that is not too hot in summer nor too cold in winter. The result is exceptional comfort that has you sleeping for longer and deeper allowing you to wake up refreshed ever day.

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Customer Reviews For The Emma Original Pillow

Based on 2 reviews
Perfect pillow

Emma is the perfect pillow for all your bedtime needs from reading to cuddling to sleeping. It is a comfortable, plush surface that will cradle you and your partner in a way unlike any other. If you are looking for something to calm your mind before bed, this is it.


The Emma Original Pillow is the most comfortable pillow you will ever lay your head on. Made with ultra-breathable AirGocell Memory Foam, it contours to your face and neck for a perfect nights sleep.

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About Emma
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