Emma Hug Weighted Blanket Rated 5/5 based on 2 customer reviews
Emma Hug Weighted Blanket

Emma Hug Weighted Blanket

5.0/5 - Read 2 Reviews
Of The Emma Hug Weighted Blanket
Brand: Emma
Retailer: Emma Sleep
Delivery Time: Good
Customer Sentiment: Excellent

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What Makes The Emma Hug Weighted Blanket Great?

100% Breathable cotton

Cotton is not only soft and feels gentle on the skin, but is also heavier and more durable than many 50/50 cotton blends. Cotton makes for an ideal choice in bedding as it is more breathable than polyester alternatives and helps with temperature regulation and hygiene.

Extra fine glass beads

The fine glass bead layer might raise eyebrows initially but it serves a very important purpose. See, the beads serve as the weighted layer part of the weighted blanket and without them it would just be a normal blanket. All the hugging comfort and security that you feel with this product is thanks to those fine glass beads. 

Nicely quilted

The quilted design aids in completing the look for this lineup while offering luxurious warmth and supreme softness to help make your nights sleep better.

Luxurious bamboo cover

Bamboo covers are great as they are particularly breathable and hygienic. The cover will keep you cool while also remaining extremely soft. You can't go much wrong as its eco-friendly + sustainable too!

Promotes relaxation and relieves stress

Weighted blankets are recommended by therapists as they help to create a deep pressure stimulation to help your nervous system. The result? A calmer feeling of security and warmth that helps you fall asleep.

Helps you fall asleep easier

A sleep study was released in 2019 that found 72% of participants utilising a gravity blanket reported a better sleep experience with a more restful and calming sleep. 76% reported they were able to fall asleep faster as a result.

7 layers for optimal comfort

Encapsulated in a bamboo cover, there are a multitude of layers within the duvet which encloses a quilted layer on both sides followed by fine glass beads which help spread the weight. finally you have a 100% breathable cotton layer that is both soft and comfortable while also being suitable for all UK seasons ranging from summer right through to winter. Stay soft, cozy, warm but not too warm.

Stylish design, fit for universal use

The design of the Emma Hug is fairly timeless, stitched into little squares of padding and support while having all the benefits and support that a weighted blanket provides.

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Customer Reviews For The Emma Hug Weighted Blanket

Based on 2 reviews

You cannot wrap your arms around it, but its the next best thing. The Emma Hug Weighted Blanket is a new type of weighted blanket fresh on the market. Unlike traditional weighted blankets, these are lighter and cooler to wear, so you can enjoy all of their benefits without overheating.


You know whats sucky? Being a person with insomnia. Whats fun? Using the Emma Hug Weighted Blanket to soothe and comfort yourself to sleep. The combination of weight and pressure provides a sense of security, safety, and wellbeing that we all need in order to get a good nights sleep.

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