TheraPur Cool 10.5 Tog Duvet Rated 4/5 based on 36 customer reviews

TheraPur Cool 10.5 Tog Duvet

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Brand: TheraPur
4/5 - 36 reviews


What Makes It Great

I bought this product based on the description and I have to say it has lived up to what it said it would do. I'm at the age now where night sweats are a bit of a problem. My previous duvet would have my pyjamas soaked right through. However with the ThermaPur Cool Duvet I find that my temperature is somewhat regulated so I don't sweat as much. I no longer have to sleep in a bed drenched in sweat.

Made in the UK

These are made and manufactured in the UK, meaning that they all meet the same exceptional quality and durability that we expect from genuine UK manufacturing.

Luxury 180 thread count 100% cotton cover for natural breathability

Specialised 'Quadfill' fibre filling to combine air circulation and softness

10.5 tog rating making your duvet suitable for every season

Machine washable at 40°

100% cotton cover, 180 thread count

100% polyester microfibre filling

Questions and Answers

We have just bought the Therapur 10.5 tog Cool Duvet and it is thinner than we expected. Will it fluff up in time ??

Answer: , The TheraPur 10.5 tog duvet will fluff up for up to 48 hours after taking it out of the packaging. Kind Regards, Dreams

Hi, this duvet is advertised as having 100% polyester microfibre filling. When viewed in store the label stated 100% polyester hollowfibre? Please confirm which is correct? Needless to say I held off the purchase. 

Answer: Hi , This is hollowfibre. Thank you.

Customer Reviews

Based on 36 review

Really comfortable!

This arrived much quicker than expected, and it's incredibly comfortable. It's warm enough to be cosy whilst also feeling light enough that I'm not smothered by it. It seems to do a really good job regulating the temperature too. It feels like it will be perfect in the spring, summer and into the autumn, but may need an additional blanket for those really chilly winter nights!


Soft and comfortable but so warm

It sounds bizarre but this bedding is the warmest bedding I’ve ever had. Along with a cool sheet pillow and pillow cases I couldn’t believe how uncomfortably warm we were on a night. Windows had to be opened and it still wasn’t nice. A normal duvet is cooler. It is very soft and nice to snuggle into but after a few minutes it’s too hot. Maybe a lower tog one would be better.



I’ve had my Hyde & Sleep kindsize mattress, mattress cover and quite for 1 month now. I can solely say that I have slept much better with less back ache, and woke up feeling like I’ve actually had some sleep (which was rare before hand) Thank you to the two kind staff members that help me decide on this mattress at the Trowbridge branch.!


Greatest bed purchase ever!

I bought this around a month ago and I haven’t regretted it since and I won’t! Such a great bed and the comfort is amazing. Me and my girlfriend now love this bed more than we love eachother!


I bought this duvet a month ago and I love it

I bought this duvet a month ago and I love it. My partner always gets too hot at night where as I love to be very cosy going to bed and this duvet is perfect for both of us. Would recommend!!


Keeps you cool and comfortable

This duvet is perfect for keeping you cool and comfortable whilst you sleep - it has a 100% cotton cover and is filled with specially designed fibres that aid natural breathability.



I bought this product 2 months ago. It has proved to be an awesome purchase, both cool in the warmer nights and warm in the cooler nights. Highly recommend this product.


Perfect Duvet

Have found this much better in every way compared to my old feather duvet. Perfect size and not too warm. Very comfortable, soft and cosy. Great quality.


Good duvet

This duvet is great for the winter however I'm keen to see how I will feel about it in the summer months as it does get warm very quick


Comfortable, luxurious duvet

Bought a super king sized duvet and the feel and warmth for its thickness is very good. Warm enough without feeling too bulky.


TheraPur Cool 10.5 Tog Duvet

Bought this around a month ago if anything this is too warm and well insulated and we should have got a thinner tog duvet.


So cool

Didn't think it's be cool once the duvet cover was on but it is and it's perfect for this hot weather we've been having!!!


Too hot!

It's Summer and we find this duvet too hot! I've changed back to my 4.5tog one. Perhaps it'll be OK in the Winter!


Excellent duvet!

Excellent duvet very comfortable and light so it doesn’t feel to heavy but it still keeps you warm when required



Love the Therapur duvet and pillows of the same name both keep me cool on summer and warm in winter. Excellent.


Lovely Duvet

Bought this along with pillows and mattress. Super lightweight yet warm, cozy and snuggly. Great purchase


Cool duvet

Brought recently very good quality light and cool and kids love it saying very comfortable and snug


Cool light and it aint heavy

It is cool and light compared to my present duvet It would be nice if they did a 13.5 tog version


Great technology - warm but cool!

So warm and cosy but keeps you cool at the same time. Can't explain it better, you must try it!


Lovely Duvet

We got this duvet in December with our new bed. Keeps us lovely and warm but not to hot!!


Does what it says

bit pricey but good quality, even though only a 10.5 keeps us nice and snug,big pete


Perfect tog

This keeps you warm when it needs to and cools when it's too hot. Ingenious idea


Really comfy

So happy with this purchase feels good whatever the room temp, would recommend!


Top product

Thinner than a normal 10.5 tog duvet, but just as warm. Really good quality


Tempur matteress

I bought this a month ago ove have never slept better absolute perfection



Bought this item a month ago and happy with it, it’s comfortable and warm


Very warm and light!

Very comfortable, warm and light, excellent quality, good for cold days!


Cool Duvet

Delighted with this duvet really lightweight but very cozy and warm


Great features

I bought it over two weeks ago I couldn’t make any better choice.


Great winter duvet

Very comfortable. Looking forward to using in the winter time.



So cosy. Not too heavy. Keeps you at the right temperature.


Lovely and warm

Really happy with the product. Lovely and light and warm



I don’t have pic. Yet but I m happy with this product


Great feeling

I bought this about 2 weeks ago it really is the best


TheraPur Duvet

New duvet for new bed - no complaints from my son!!