TheraPur® Cool Pillow Rated 4.48/5 based on 494 customer reviews
TheraPur® Cool Pillow

TheraPur® Cool Pillow

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Why Our Sleep Experts Loved It

becky says

I was able to pick up this pillow in Dreams most recent Black Friday sale and genuinely use it in my day-to-day, or rather, night-to-night sleep. This pillow has truly exceeded my expectations as not only does it provide the perfect level of comfort, but it also keeps me cool throughout the night. I have struggled in the past with waking up in the middle of the night feeling overheated and uncomfortable, but since using this pillow, I have not had that issue at all. The cool feature is a real lifesaver and I would highly recommend it to anyone who struggles with temperature regulation while sleeping.

The support this pillow provides for my neck and back is also outstanding as I have suffered from neck pain for years and have tried various pillows, but none have worked as well as this one. It is the perfect combination of firmness and softness and I've noticed a significant improvement in my neck pain since using it.

I also love how durable and long-lasting this pillow is. I've had it for nearly two months now and it has maintained its shape and comfort level throughout. The price is also great for such a high-quality pillow and I would definitely recommend this pillow to anyone looking for a comfortable and supportive option that also regulates body temperature.

Reasons to Buy

Really good quality pillow at a superbly cheap price.

Great for side sleeping as well as back sleeping. I'm a combination sleeper personally so experience both.

Seems durable so far with no problems to report.

Reasons to Avoid

Still quite expensive for some people, although I really do appreciate the micro-fibre inner, feeling less firm than latex equivalents I have tried previously.

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Brand: TheraPur
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Customer Sentiment: Good
Guarantee: Average

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What Makes The TheraPur® Cool Pillow Great?

ActiCool cover absorbs heat, keeping you cool all night long

Dual sided pillow - choose from supportive memory foam or soft micro-fibre

Luxuriously comfortable low denier micro-fibre

Medium comfort grade for a cosy night's rest

Hypo-allergenic alternative to down, without compromising comfort

A hypoallergenic alternative to down refers to a material that mimics the softness and insulation of down without causing allergic reactions. Such materials can include microfiber or polyester fillings. Using these materials can provide the same level of comfort as down, while avoiding potential allergens.

An ideal match if you sleep on your front or side

Made in the UK

These are made and manufactured in the UK, meaning that they all meet the same exceptional quality and durability that we expect from genuine UK manufacturing.

Rest easy with a 1-year guarantee

A one year guarantee is suitable for many as the vast majority of problems that may occur often do so within that first year. At the same time, more and more retailers are beginning to offer multi-year warranty and guarantees although these often come at a slightly higher price point on average.

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Customer Reviews For The TheraPur® Cool Pillow

Based on 494 reviews
Its nothing special...... just a pillow.

I bought this to replace my last therapur pillow which I absolutely loved. I opted to go for the cool pillow just for the added benefits this offered. Unfortunately, this pillow is not a touch on my previous one. I am not sure there is any benefits from the cool pillow. It appears to be two sided (one side has a different texture than the other) and once its in the pillow slip I cant tell which side is which. Maybe I am being a bit silly. Either way, I dont notice a difference between the sides. For a basic pillow its ok, better than a run of the mill pillow.... but not a lot. I am a little disappointed in this pillow.

Stays Cool

There are so many different pillow types on the market, so finding the right one can be trial and error. However, with help in store, Sheryl listened to what we wanted from pillows and suggested this one. Having now used this for a month, I have found it is very comfortable, causes no neck pain - which i do get with some pillows, and is actually cool. Even in the warmer weather we had in June I never work up feeling the need to flip the pillow over. Great product - highly recommend for those who want a cooler pillow with some support.

Great pillow

I was a bit unsure about buying these due to mixed reviews. I suffer from migraines and was finding I was having to replace other pillows every couple of months! Bit the bullet and got two- one for myself and one for my husband. Wow! What a game changer. Have had them for nearly a year and have definitely got our moneys worth. I would have spent way more on replacing other pillows so these are definitely the way forward! Don't find that I'm waking up with a boiling hot head anymore too. Love the cooling layer it has. :-)

Firm Supportive Pillow

I am not sure what I was expecting from this Pillow. When it is described as a cool pillow I was expecting there to be something additional that makes the pillow extra cool. By comparison to a cheaper hollow fibre pillow, this is definitely cooler. It's got a fantastic supportiveness to it. It is definitely cooler than your average pillow, but I can't say I have found too much difficulties with my memory foam pillow to complain about. I would recommend this however, as an upgrade from hollow fibre

Great pillow

My partner and I both got one of these pillow when we purchased our mattress. We both find it the right level of soft and squidgy whilst also providing some level of neck support. We've both suffered with neck pain and headaches in the past but have been using these for two weeks no issues. The cool effect is fairly redundant and not affective at all when you have a pillow protector and pillow case on top, so unless you're buying it for that feature, I would recommend.

Very disappointing

Tried this out in store for about an hour (!) and loved it, so didn't hesitate to spend 50. Got it home and, as other reviewers have said, found it very hard and uncomfortable, nothing at all like the ones in store. I actually used two in store comfortably, but last night had just one under my head and still felt it was too high and hard. Gutted!!! Has even made me nervous that the mattress I've just spent 400 is also going to be a let-down when it arrives ...

Dubious at first but well worth it

A bit of a difficult one to get used to; we bought these in advance of the new bed and mattress arriving and they werent to our liking. Went back and spoke to the staff who advised waiting til the new bed arrived and trying them and if I wasnt happy theyd happily sort something out. I took that with a pinch of salt feeling I was fobbed off and how wrong I was Now they mate perfectly to the new mattress and provide the comfort and support as described

Cool lastet so far for 3 years!

I bought 2 of these cool pillows in June 2015 and they are still cool on the side that is cool, also as any pillow it needs to be plumped each morning and will keep the shape with no problem. I was advised not to put a pillow protector and a pillow case as well on the pillow so as to ensure that the coolness is able to have the proper effect. It works well with just a pillow slip and as I looked after the pillows, they are still wonderful!

Soft and dreamy

I have been using my new pillow for a few weeks now and so far, so good! I bought it since I have a Therapur mattress which is awesome, so figured it was worth a go. It is really soft and a satisfying texture and my head sinks into it nicely (but not too much, like memory foam) & it bounces back well. Can't really comment on the cooling ability given that it is freezing at the moment. 4/5 stars as I think it is a bit overpriced.

A success

I am the princess with the pea problem. Im a side sleeper but even though this is a back and front sleeper pillow its exactly what I needed. My neck was so bad it was caused with trapped nerve pain! I was in agony. Shoulders seized too. One week on this and Im feeling so much better. Just the right amount of support and give. Also has a cool and warm side. Worth a try if youre looking for something special.

Cool and comfortable

I bought this pillow last month and what a difference it has made to my sleep. Before I would always wake up with neck pain regardless of what pillows i tried, soft, firm, memory foam, synthetic, feathers all the same. This pillow how ever has been a game changer, its the most comfortable i have felt in ages, no neck pain and the cool layer keeps me comfortable all night! I now do not want to get out of bet.

Very comfortable and supportive

Bought the pillow whilst looking for a new mattress. very comfortable moulds to your head and supports your neck. I often wake with neck pain but this has gone since using my new pillow. I got our pillow for half price with the purchase of our new mattress the full cost is average for this kind of pillow. After sleeping with this pillow I would like another but full price its a tad expensive.

So good I've bought it twice

I bought this pillow a few years ago and loved how easy it was to fall asleep once I had had it. I then needed to upgrade my pillow again recently and wanted to buy the exact same pillow to ensure I slept well. It was out of stock so needed to wait a while and every other pillow I tried just wasn't good enough. I'm so glad it came back into stock and I can sleep well again!!

Great pillow

We bought a pair of these pillows a couple of months back and they have kept their shape brilliantly, no need to plump constantly. The cooling side of the pillow is great, and has really helped in the recent warm weather, although does not stay completely cool. I would personally prefer the cooling to be on both sides so I still had the option to flipping to the cool side!!

Love this pillow

Just the right balance of firm and soft - supportive but not rigid, squashes into just the right shape and stays there! It's winter still so I can't comment on the cool aspect yet. I have a huge collection of pillows, it's a running joke in my house that I am always on the hunt for the perfect one and will try anything. I have finally found my perfect match!

TheraPur Cool Pillow

This pillow was purchased for the advertised cooling properties. I was hopeful for the technology of the Outlast material. The pillow is well constructed, comfortable and does cool a little. Compared to the Therapedic -5C pillow I previously had, it cooling properties are minimal. I would try a different pillow next time.

Not worth the money

Not quite what I thought it would be. It is cool when you first put your head on it, but after a couple of minute it holds the heat like everything else with foam or gel in. Also after 4weeks of use I find I am waking in the night to plump the pillow up as the filling moves around. Not worth the money in my opinion

Hooray keeps cool

I purchased this pillow, having tried a few others with no success. It does exactly what it says.... keeps you cool all night. Worth spending extra to get a product that's not only comfortable but helps this lady, get through the hot flushes. It has stopped the interrupted sleep from continuously turning a pillow

Comfy soft but supportive pillow

These are the most comfortable pillows we have ever used, superior to cheapo over plump ones. The fabric does feel cooler though not that noticeable when pillow protector is used in my opinion, but other half thinks they do the job! Will have to wait until Summer to really know how effective the cooling fabric is.

Great Features

I bought this a month ago after struggling to find a comfy pillow. I get hot in the night and have recently been struggling with a lot of back and joint pain. This pillow is really comfy if I lay on my back or side and I am so impressed with how it actually keeps me cooler. I would highly recommend this pillow.

Works well, comfy pillow !

This pillow obviously wont be able to do magic and be cold, but it definitely does not get as hot as my other pillows. I dont find myself needing to turn the pillow over with this one at least. The actual pillow is soft-medium hardness and is very comfortable. Can be used with a pillow cover/sheet also.

Nice and cool

Not for anyone who doesn't like a slightly hard pillow but I love it. It keeps you nice and cool and you can flip it over if it starts to warm up slightly. Takes a little while to get used to the hardness of the pillow if you are used to a soft one but it soon moulds to fit. I would recommend for a hot sleeper!

No more pillows in the fridge!!!

I purchased two of these pillows a week ago and couldnt be happier. As a lover of the cold side of the pillow I am so impressed with how cool the pillow stays. I never thought a pillow could make such a difference to a good nights sleep but as a result I have almost overslept several times! Best purchase ever.

The theraPur cool pillow

It is of a very high quality. I am a very restless sleeper and have tried many pillows waking constantly ,plumping or turning them over to get a cool side.This pillow ticks all the boxes and for the first time in years I get a good nights sleep. It is worth every penny and I would highly recommend it to anyon


Bought these with my new mattress that I love from Dreams. The combination of the two have helped me turn around from not sleeping, ever, to having a great nights sleep every night!! I have tried so many pillows and I have been dissapointed. Had them for about 2 weeks now and so very happy!! Thank you Dreams!

My girlfriend and her cool head

I always thought my girlfriend was a hot head, but now she has her TheraPur she is as cool as a cucumber. I envy the fact that she doesnt have to turn her pillow over to find the cold side, during the night. Brilliant purchase and two happy customers. Now do you have pillows that cancel out nagging?

Exceptionally Comfortable Pillows

I was introduced to these pillows when buying a new mattress and tempted into buying them with 50% off when buying with a replacement mattress for our static caravan. So glad we accepted the offer. We we're so impressed with the pillows that we have just bought two more for home. Highly recommended.

Truly Amazing

We tested these when picking a mattress and had to have them. The pillow itself is so comfortable that the cooling aspect is an extra added bonus. I suffer from being to hot in bed and this makes a big difference to me. I also find I am not tossing and turning and swapping pillows in the night.

Life changing!

Well, maybe not quite but I bought it when ordering a new mattress and used it that night. Had the best nights sleep for years. I tend to be a back sleeper and normally wake up with my head on one side. This pillow pretty much holds your head where you put it. Should have bought one years ago.

Excellent cool pillow Therarpur pillow

This pillow was bought for my husband,who is very pleased with the product,he sleeps very well with the new pillow &very comfortably.He even takes his pillow away with him when we go away for a holiday,we want to buy more for the family now.We always buy our pillows from DREAMS,they last well.

Great way to stay cool

I bought this 3 months ago as I struggle to stay cool at night due to the menopause. This has massively helped my sleeping pattern, although I still can warm the pillow up I am able to turn the pillow round and the other edge is still cool. Just wish the opposite had the cooling effect too.

Very comfortable

I bought this about a month ago. After trying quite a few pillows previous to buying this one which were either too hard , too soft or too high I decided to buy this one. It is perfect for what I need. If you dont want a pillow that is too high because of back or neck problems this is ideal

The perfect pillow

Easily one of the most comfortable pillows I've slept on, its just firm and soft enough to work well with an extra underlying pillow, and its temperature stays perfect nomatter what. I can actually lie down on this in this hot weather and feel my head cool down. Sublime product in every way

No longer a hothead. Now I'm a cool dude!

I was waking frequently in the night my head resting on what felt like the side of a volcano. I had to flip my pillow over to find the side of an icy mountain. This happened several times every night. Since I got a Therpure cool pillow I sleep through the night and wake cool as a cucumber.

The best nights sleep

Ive been searching for a pillow for a while and kept purchasing ones that were not quite right for me. I was helped in store by a member of staff who spent a while helping me choose this pillow. It had a cooling mechanism which didnt disappoint and keeps it shape. Well done dreams

Seriously impressed

I only tried out this pillow in store while I was shopping for a mattress and ended up buying two it really is so comfortable, especially in summer, as it's perfect for staying cool on warm nights. In terms of texture it's great to sink into but firm enough to provide some support.

Great Pillow

I bought 2 pillows 3 months ago and it feels so comfortable. It helps my back which I normally suffers stiff neck and since I have used this pillow it actually do the Job. Great product. The memory foam is so comfee and all also cooler compare to the previous pillows that I had.


I love these pillows. They are firm but not uncomfortable, always spring back. More importantly they are cool. They are cool to the touch and I dont get too hot and stifled when the heating clicks on. Brilliant nights sleep woke up feeling refreshed. Well worth the money paid.

Great investment for a comfortable nights sleep

Taken a long time to find pillows both my partner and myself agree on. Purchased the Therapur cool pillow alongside a mattress that compliment each other perfectly. Would highly recommend this product, high quality and have had nothing but comfortable sleep since this purchase

You need these pillows in your life!

If you want a comfortable sleep, you needs these pillows in your life!!! Yes, they may be on the pricey side but for a good night sleep I would without a doubt highly recommend. Your head just sinks in and your drift off to sleep so effortlessly, a must buy trust me on this!!!

Therapur cool pillow

The pillow is very comfortable for a side sleeper. Only one side has the cooling element to it and it does help but it would be nice to still be able to flip the pillow over and have the cooling case on the other side. Im not sure it cools that much more than a normal pillow.



Best pillow ever

I am so happy I bought this pillow I get hot in bed following HRT and this cooling pillow is so relaxing and the medium form feel has suited both myself and my partner. We both only now sleep with one pillow instead of 2 and my partner no longer has neck or shoulder pain

Beautiful sleep

This is the best pillow I have had. I have suffered from neck pain all my life so finding the right pillow was difficult until I came across to this lovely and comfortable pillow. Its soft and has a memory foam. its not heavy and dont losses its shape. 5 star for me.

Very cool

Purchased this product recently and am do impressed with how my sleep has improved. Whilst the pillow is very comfortable it is also so cool this keeping your temperature a lot lower than with a conventional pillow.... so impressed I will definitely be purchasing more

10 out of 10, best pillow ever

Fantastic pillow, 10 out of 10, keeps me nice and cool at night, used to wake up sweating in the night but since I bought this pillow I have not had that issue, keeps me nice and cool and I have had slept soooooo much better since I bought it. Absolutely brilliant

Great product, super comfy!

Bought approx 1 month ago and have been sleeping like a baby ever since. Super comfy. I have slept through my alarm a few times due to being in such a deep sleep. Not sure how great the "cooling technology" works, but then again, it has been very hot recently!

Great pillow, definitely worth the money

Really great quality, a little apprehensive as i have a herniated disk in my neck and have struggled to find a pillow that doesn't leave me in pain. But these are so worth the cost. Bought with therapur mattress its thebest sleep me and my partner had in years

Comfortable but could be better

Was marketed as a memory foam pillow so was expecting it to feel spongey like my old Silentnight pillow but it is extremely soft and my head falls straight through it as if I wasn't sleeping on a pillow at all. Still useable but not really what was expected.

Very comfortable

I have suffered with neck pain for years but since Ive bought this pillow it is much better. Very supportive and comfortable - its made a huge difference. Its great not to have to keep turning the pillow Over for the cold side due to the cooling layer.

Nice pillow not so sure about the 'Cool' technolo

Bought this pillow after trying it in the shop. It does indeed feel colder than the others and for a while keeps cool but it does warm up as the night goes on. The pillow itself is firm yet soft which is why I purchased it. Think it is too expensive though.

very comfortable

Both my partner and I decided to buy this particular pillow. We both feel we are sleeping much better and we both find we are not turning the pillow searching for the coolness as it seems to keep cool. i would recommend this pillow for a good nights sleep.

So Comfy!!!!

I bought this this product as I was moving in to a new flat, Ive always found that I struggle to sleep and often find a warm pillow is a cause of this. This product is amazing and I have slept so much better, it is so comfy and cool, making me sleep easy

Cool Pillow

I bought this two weeks ago, as I was getting too hot during sleep. The pillow has vastly increased my time asleep, by displacing the heat from my head. I couldn't be happier with my purchase and would highly recommend this product to anyone. Ash

Very soft and cool, could be a bit firmer though

Nice and cool, which is the main point! It's also soft and fluffy like a cloud which is nice but makes me worry about the longevity, I'm worried it'll flatten over time, but it's doing well so far after a few weeks. Too early to tell about its longevity.

Perfect comfort and support

This Pillow is great! I really struggle to find one that has both support and comfort but i have no regrets ordering this, it provides both and regulates body temperature as well which is perfect! I would 100% recommend purchasing this product.

Its like nothing I've had before

Its like nothing I've had before. My head is now only slightly raised so theres no more aching neck. I havent used the cooling side yet as its sill late Winter but I'm sure it will be very welcone should we get one of our mini heatwaves again

Amazing feeling

Newly married so i decided to buy new pillows so i went to my local branch and had a look and feel on various pillows but i had to choose therapur as it felt relaxing both sides cool and warm best purchase Also bought pillow protectors

The perfect night sleep

Have had this pillow for roughly 3 weeks and has made a significant difference, going from waking up most of the night due to overheating/discomfort but actually keeps you cool and the memory foam half at the top is very comfortable.

Nice pillow!

I bought this as a gift for my partner and he likes it a lot. It's very comfy (I might get one myself!) and does stay cool. It does have a slightly odd smell at first but I don't think this comes through when you put a pillowcase on.

Amazingly comfortable

Amazing pillows , best nights sleep ever , great support , and bounce back , cool no swearing , great quality pillow , Wish I had known about these before as I have bought many pillows and never slept as well as I have with these

Great support form the TheraPur Cool Pillow

My wife and I purchased the TheraPur Cool Pillow whilst seeking out a bed and have been very pleased with it. My wife finds it comfortable and more supportive than an ordinary pillow and so very helpful with arthritic shoulders.

Another great product

So I bought this pillow as the magic computer suggested it fot my missus. Just like the bed and mattress, these things combined keeps her happy and not complaing about rubbish sleep. I get peace so thank you. Great product 10/10

Comfortable pillow

A firm pillow suited to side sleepers. I no longer wake up with shoulder aches. Expensive for a pillow, it is good solid quality but I'm not sure that it was truly good value but get it in a sale and it'll make the hit better!

Comfortable, not sure about cool

I've been using the pillow for around 3 weeks. Comfortable and great for a stomach sleeper. Cool effect lasts maybe 10 mins before the pillow warms to your body temperature. I wouldn't recommend it for cooling qualities alone.

TheraPur Cool Pillow Recommended

Having bought this pillow about a month ago my husband has had many full nights sleep. It is very comfortable and was recommended using the new scientific service provided by DREAMS. I highly recommend using this service.

Great Comfy Pillows

I bought these pillows with my new bed a month ago. Really comfortable pillows, had the best sleep ever. They have a hot and cold side to suit the room temperature, I prefer sleeping on the cold side. Highly recommended.

Comfortable for sleeping on the back

It's really comfortable for sleeping on the back, but is too slim for the side. Of course it is made for "back sleepers", but people do change positions at night.. Thus, not excellent if you sleep on the back and sides.

Just a soft pillow

Yes comfy but I'm not sure this pillow merits the 49 price tag. I also thought the pillow was thrown in as an extra as I'd purchased an expensive mattress and an electric bed base. Realised afterwards I'd been charged.

Too firm for me

I needed to change my pillow, the guy insisted on this one after I told him what I was exactly looking for. In the store seemed ok, but now after a few months I still feel is too firm and low for me. A bit disappointed

A very nice pillow

Bought this pillow based off of using one in store, it was really comfy for the first couple of weeks but then softened and degraded fairly substantially, which was a little disappointing but still a very good pillow

Soft but not much memory foam

I didnt pick this pillow, but the one I ordered was sold out so I got a free upgrade to this. I was initially disappointed as there wasnt much memory foam but my sleep has significantly improved since having this!!

Cool and comfortable

I was unsure whether to buy this pillow,but I am so very glad that I did. I love the fact you can either have the cool side or just turn it over to have a normal pillow. It has certainly helped with my neck problem.

very comfortable!

I have been using this pillow for a few weeks. It's very comfortable due to the memory foam and I don't feel hot and sweaty when I sleep on it like I did with my previous pillow. Definitely a worthwhile investment!

Exactly as stated!

I bought 2 of these pillows with my new mattress, I am extremely impressed with the pillow, its super comfy and really does stay cool, which is great for me as I am always warm and normally need to flip my pillows.

In love with these pillows!

Best pillow I have ever slept on. Keeps cool all night, never have to flip there pillow over to the cold side again! My head just sinks into it and Im out like a light. Ive recommended it to so many people!

A cool night's sleep

This pillow is very comfy, my head sinks into it and yet still manages to cradle the weight of my head. I am highly sensitive to heat, i find the pillow refreshingly cool. I would highly recommend this pillow.


So soft, yet supportive. My search for a comfy pillow has finally been accomplished. I bought this pillow yesterday and had an amazing night's sleep. Quite pricy but so worth it. I hope it keeps its plumpness!

Great comfort

I bought the item a month ago and have some fantastic sleeps since. The only issue is that its not as cooling as I thought it would be. My partner thinks its excellent. Great product would definitely recommend

Super comfortable

Used this pillow for the last few months and it does what it says on the packet. No longer waking up in the night having to find a cool spot of turn the pillow over. A massive improvement on my sleep pattern.

Very comfy

I know comfort differs for everyone, but I like sleeping a little more upright, so this is just the ticket. It's quite firm, and so offers a lot of support, and doesn't dash as soon as you put your head on it

It is the best pillow Ive ever had.

I bought the pillow when I purchased a new mattress. The pillow stays in shape and is lovey and cool. I used wake with a sore neck but since using the pillow the soreness has gone. I thoroughly recommend it.

a dream of a pillow

This is the best pillow I have ever had. I have a cupboard full of pillows, i have neck problems and have not previously found a pillow with the correct support, this is brilliantno lumps just good support.

TheraPur Cool Pillow

The pillow actually does what it says, stays cool. This is the second one I have had because my head gets sweaty in the night and I find that it keeps me cool. I would highly recommend this superb pillow.

Best pillow yet

Most comfortable pillow yet. I have a fused C5 and C6 and have struggled getting a comfortable pillow which lasts. This is brilliant. Wake up with no neck pain. The cooling layer is also a great addition.

Fantastic pillows

Fantastic cooling pillows and cool you down all night long, and fluff right back up, was worried as thought these wont stay cool but had just under a month and still cool all night long , well impressed

Lovely pillow.

I gave 4 stars as it is too firm for me but it is very good if you are looking for something firm. I am happy that it has kept its shape for the 6 months i have had it. It is lovely and cool to sleep on.

It does feel cool

Pillows bought with new mattress with Therapure cooling foam - still not too sure about it to be honest although it does seem to be retaining some cooling properties. Overall the pillows are comfortable

Best pillow ever!

Recently bought a new mattress and also treated ourselves to new pillow. Absolutely love it, best pillow Ive ever had. Lovely squidgy memory foam, head just sinks in but is well supported. Love it.

Friendly helpful staff.

It's a nice pillow, but it's a lot of money for what it is. Also you can't get the full benefit once you've put pillow protectors and cases on it. It's a nice pillow but price should be lower.

Recommended to a friend

Super soft and amazing with memory form have Recommended to a friend and also brought another friend one and we all seem to love them absolute amazing pillow considering buying more just my guest

Cool pillow

We purchased this along with a mattress for our teen, the pillow is great and keeps her cool, it is also a very full pillow so only required one rather than two they previously had. Very pleased.

Amazing pillow

This is so comfy and very cooling. I am very pleased with this pillow. I would recommend to anyone who wants a comfy cool pillow that wont leave you hot and bothered in the middle of the night.

Therapur Cool pillow.

It appears firm to touch but moulds beautifully to your head and neck. Very comfortable indeed. Value for money too. Ive had countless expensive down pillows but this one suits me much better.

Soft but doesnt cool the skin

Nice soft pillow, supportive. But I cant feel any cooling properties. I didnt buy this it was part of a discount deal on the bed I bought. I would have been annoyed if I had paid full price!

One of the nices pillows, I have ever tried

Although this pillow was firmer than I expected at the beginign, after a couple of uses it is one of my favourite pillows on bed. It gives me just the perfect suppor when sleeping on my side!

TheraPur Pillow - GREAT

Pillow is so comfy, feels like your head is floating. Can tell the difference of it feeling cooler, however dont put pillow protector and cover over, just pillow case needed for full effect.

Great quality

My wife loved the great quality of this pillow. It was a little to high for myself as I have a very low pillow but she liked the softness and the way it moulded her neck. A quality product.

Well worth the money!

I used to get hot and flip my pillow over constantly to try find a cool side, but even in the really hot weather, this pillow has not felt hot. Really comfortable and well worth the money.


I bought this along with another more expensive. I wanted it to try both to see which will suit me better. I prefer this one, it adapts better to my head but still give me perfect support.

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Questions and Answers About The TheraPur® Cool Pillow

Prospective customers had the following questions about the product

What is your return policy if we do not like the pillow?

Answer: Pillows, linen, mattress protectors and other soft items can be returned at any time within 14 days after delivery. For hygiene reasons, we cannot accept back any soft goods unless they are returned unused and unopened in their original packaging.

Are they soft? Medium?or firm?

Answer: The TheraPur Cool Pillow is Medium to Firm, as it has an inner memory foam layer for support under the Outlast Cooling technology cover.I hope that helps and thank you for your question.

Can the pillow be removed from the cover to wash the cover?

Answer: Unfortunately the cover of this pillow is unable to be removed and washed separately. We recommend spot cleaning this pillow if necessary.

Are these pillows any good for side sleepers? Thanks

Answer: These pillows would be suitable for a side sleeper, however due to the depth of the pillow they are more suited for front or back sleepers.

I asked about warranty you emailed me and said 3.4 in your terms and conditions then put my question with the 7 year old ones ... Hmmm

Answer: Unanswered questions automatically appear at the bottom of the list, it will now be showing at the top of the list with the answer. Thanks, Dreams .

Are they two sided pillows or must they used with the pattern side up for the cooling effect

Answer: I can confirm that you can use this pillow on both sides and still receive the same cooling effect.I hope this helps and many thanks for your question.

Can you put these pillows into a pillow slip and still feel the cooling effect? I note that you cannot wash the pillows so surely they would need a pillow slip?

Answer: tinaNYes these are able to go into a pillow slip/pillow case.Thank you for your question and I hope this helps.

Is this one pillow or for two pillows? So is one pillow 49 or for 2

Answer: The TheraPur Cool pillows are sold individually, costing 49 for each pillow.

Is the pillow meant to be used with a cover or just as it comes

Answer: You can use these pillows just as they are.Thank you for your question and I hope this helps.

Can a waterproof pillow protector be used with this pillow and will the cooling effect still work?

Answer: The effect of the cooling properties will be affected.Many thanks for your question.

Hi do these pillows have a warrenty? If so how long is it please.

Answer: This pillow does not come with any guarantee.

can you wash these pillows

Answer: HiThank you for your question. Due to the gel in these pillows they are not washable.

Do thay come in a size of 70 x 40 ?

Answer: The size for this is 70cm x 48cm. .

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