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Tempur Queen Original Neck Pillow Rated 4/5 based on 82 customer reviews

Tempur Queen Original Neck Pillow


4/5 - 82 Read Reviews


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What Makes The Tempur Queen Original Neck Pillow Great

This pillow is an expensive slab of foam shaped to contours that support your neck. It does work in that I don't wake up with neck ache but I don't find it completely comfortable. The foam is pretty firm and the pillow itself is relatively thin so you don't get the laying on a pillow feeling. I'm currently using it upside down as the neck support bulge seems too big when used the right way up. The pressure on my neck seems greater than the support for my head and I hear my pulse when trying to sleep with the pillow used as intended. Inverted it still does the same thing but the head support matches the neck support. My previous pillow was a standard Tempur one. That was good except that the filling is not solid foam and foam beads inside the memory foam pocket migrated away from my neck during the night leaving me to wake on a wedge shape pillow. This neck support model does not do that as it is solid foam. So neck ache cure yes, comfort not really. guess I'm still looking for the perfect pillow.

Contoured to support the natural curvature created by your head, neck and shoulders

Helps align your spine when sleeping on your back or side

May offer some relief for breathing problems and snoring

Moulded from TEMPUR® material for superb pressure relieving comfort

The soft fabric cover is removable for washing at 60°C and is quick drying

Filled with 100% visco elastic cover

Customer Reviews For The Tempur Queen Original Neck Pillow

Based on 82 review

Try before you buy

Could be good for sleeping on your side, depends on your mattress also! So try before you buy. I am 6 ft tall, have moderately broad shoulders, and it just happens that both sides don't support my neck properly. One side too low for side sleeping, the other side is actually too high, even for me. Sleeping on my back actually hurts my neck cause it's too high in the middle part of either side. And I like to sleep on both side and back. So a versatile pillow with the right shape to accommodate both sleeping positions is important for me. With my current mattress, this pillow hasn't been good. With another mattress, side sleeping was my only sleeping position using the low side of the pillow. I thought I was only a side sleeper till I moved out and changed mattress. And normal pillow cases crease and swivel a lot as its not designed for this kind of pillow. I have just discovered Tempur do their own pillowcases.


It's ok

I'm not wildly mad about this product but I'm not totally disappointed either. I'm tall and have wider shoulders for a woman despite having an average frame for my height. I need to put this pillow onto something, I use a folded up bath towel, for it to reach my neck. If I don't I wake up finding that I've added another pillow to the top of it in my sleep. This is if I've slept on my side. However, I currently have a trapped nerve and slipped disk in my neck, when I'm having a lie down on my back to relieve the pain of this, the thin side does support my neck a little. I think it is extremely over priced. If you can afford it, anything is worth a try if you are in pain and want to relieve it through desperation. If you are not in pain, there may be better memory foam pillows out there for you and it might be worth doing a little research and trying them out in store.


Within days my neck/upper back pain improved

I can't recommend this pillow enough, it supports your head and neck perfectly to aid the correct sleeping position for a restful nights sleep. I was skeptical before I purchased whether or not this would actually improve the quality of my sleep but I have definitely noticed a significant improvement. Not only this but after continued use, after about 1 week my neck and upperback pain disappeared all together as a result of using this product as it forced me (not uncomfortably) to position my head in a particular (correct) manner. This is one of the best purchases I have made.


It works for me!

I bought this pillow about two years ago. It's still going strong and has kept it's shape / firmness. I would recommend it to anyone who suffers with neck and/or shoulder issues as I did. You do need to persevere with it! For example, for the first week my neck actually felt worse as I was adjusting to a new (corrected) position. I began by using the low side and when I'd adjusted to that I then moved to the high side (again needing to adjust). Now, two years on, I can't be without it! Yes it's expensive but well worth it to me.


Heavy pillow - but excellent support to the neck

This pillow took a little getting used to. It is much firmer and heavier than my feather pillow. I was a bit sceptical as to how a change of pillow might help my aches and pains - but within a week my neck and shoulders were considerably less sore. I was even able to sleep right through the night for the first time in over a year. It must be worth a try if you're struggling with aches in the upper back - to be free from pain is priceless!


The healing pillow

Having suffered from neck pain for some months, I was recommended to this pillow by a friend but the price was an issue. Having done a great deal of research I decided to go for the Tempur pillow as from experience, a cheaper version is simply a waste of money. Well I'm glad I did as after only 2 weeks I have increased movement in my neck and a considerable reduction in pain. I only wish I had found it years ago! Highly recommended


So comfortable

This pillow is so comfortable, before I brought the pillow I was a bit worried that it would hurt my neck, but it doesn't as my head just melts into it, and moulds to a very comfortable shape for me. At first I thought the pillow would be too heavy for me, but it isnt. I would recommend also getting the official Tempur neck pillowcase as it keeps the pillow nice and cool. This Tempur pillow was definitely worth the money.


excellent customer service

I bought a few beds. Staff was excellent. I received my first delivery but the bed I ordered was king and wasn't fitting in. I called them and asked for guidance. They called me back and told whenever I placed order for the double bed then at the time of delivery they will pick up the king bed. That was a big relief and really thankful for their concern.


Great invention.

I have suffered from neck pain for years and this pillow was recommended to me by an osteopath. I bought this pillow two weeks ago and after using it for only two nights I now wake up pain free. I use the thinner side for back sleeping and the bigger side for side sleeping and it really does work. I couldn't be without it now.


Fantastic pillow

My girlfriend suffers from fibromyalga and so we decided to buy a tempur mattress on recommendation!! We had the standard tempur pillows, however they didnt suit her condition, so decided to try out the neck pillow. Since then she has been able to sleep deeper which people with this condition struggle to do, a great purchase.


Sooo comfortable!!

I bought this item approximately a month ago. I have never been happier with a pillow! Really supportive and comfortable. I suffer from a bad neck and this product gives me a beautiful nights sleep! I will never buy another type of pillow again! Would definitely recommend if you want a peaceful nights sleep!


Magic pillow

This unique pillow does exactly what it is meant to do. I have bulging disk in my neck and have experienced pain every morning I got up. Since I started using this magic pillow the degree of pain has surprisingly diminished. I do recommend Tempur pillows to everyone to experience the best quality sleep.


Perfect Pillow

I bought this to replace my previous Tempur neck pillow. Although it is slightly smaller, it is excellent and provides great support. I would recommend this pillow for anyone especially if you suffer from neck problems. The higher price reflects a good quality item and is well worth the investment.


Comfortable Bed

We purchased a new bed and only now do we realise how uncomfortable our old one was. It is very comfortable and means that we now have a better nights' sleep. The delivery drivers (Marcus and Connor) were great and assembled the bed for us. They were helpful and professional. Hight recommended.


Expensive but worth it

Had tempur pillow for 3 weeks or so, regular painful neck is so much better as time going on, still getting some pain odd morning but not every morning like before, and of course I'm sleeping so much better, it is expensive but with it for me, I don't regret my purchase, money well spent


Excellent pillow

I would definitely recommend this pillow to anyone. I had problems with sleeping on my back and my shoulders were hurting too. I've decided to upgrade my old pillow to this one. What a difference it has made! I sleep so much better. It's so comfortable. It's great, love it!!!


Fabulous pillow

This is a great pillow well worth the money if you are a side sleeper. No more squashed shoulders I wake up feeling I have had a good nights sleep. No more aches and pains. I had a cheaper brand before and this one is far superior it really is worth getting the real McCoy.


Love it

Brought this 6 weeks ago and it is great. No more back pain, so I can't recommend it highly enough. It keeps the spine in line, taking the pressure off my neck and back. This is by far the best pillow I have ever owned, and a lot better than the comfort pillow by tempur.


Versatile comfy support

This pillow is firm and is very versatile. It can be used to support both back and neck depending on your location. Dream delivered on price and quality with this product. One recommendation be sure you prefer firm because it does deliver what it states on the packaging.



This very good, but could do with it being a bit bigger as it seems to move a lot in the pillowcase even with a protector on. This is also a bit pricey compaired to other pillows. but it is extremely comfortable to use and seems to stop a lot of the tossing and turning!


Great features

I bought this pillow on New Years Eve to replace one that was half its size, with many miles of sleep to its name, to help my neck and shoulders, also to aid restful sleep and it has not let me down in these respects. Brilliant pillow would recommend it to anyone.


Still getting used to it

Have used this pillow for a few weeks now and still getting used to it. Purchased the pillow to help ease my neck and shoulder pain after sleeping . Still have some aching, but will see how it goes as tempur do say to use it for a few weeks before achieving results


Amazing neck support.

I brought the TEMPUR QUEEN ORIGINAL NECK PILLOW, about 6 weeks ago. It has amazing neck support for the best night,s sleep. if you have neck, shoulder or back problem,s, i would definitely recommend this product. Admittedly it is expensive but worth every penny.


A great night sleep

having injured my neck in a fairground ride about 3 years ago I have struggled to find a pillow that will support my neck and head at night while I sleep, since I have been using this pillow I wake every morning without ache or pain . . . thank you Tempur :-)


Best nights sleep in a long time!

I bought this pillow about a month ago it was recommended by my parents. It is extremely supportive for my neck. I take it when I stay in hotels. I'm even considering taking it abroad its that good and giving up precious clothes space In my suitcase!!!


a brilliant neck pillow

My wife and I bought these pillows as a replacement for our original Tempur pillows. We both use the computer a lot during the day and these pillows definitely help with neck pain at night ,giving us the support on our necks and a good night's sleep.


Excellent for neck pain

I bought the Queen Tempur pillow after reading reviews about the product. I've suffered with such bad neck and shoulder pain was willing to give it ago, although thought it was expensive. However money well spent. Significantly reduced my neck pain.


Best pillow ive had

Best pillow ever! I suffered with terrible neck ache and tried several different e pillows with no benefit. I've had the tempura for 3 weeks and all the neck pain has gone and practically from the 1st night I used it. Worth every penny.


Best nights sleep ever

I’d been having trouble sleeping for a while with neck and back on waking up. As soon as I tried the new pillow my sleep improved immediately. I now wake feeling rested and refreshed. Only wish I had invested in the pillows sooner.


Well worth buying

My wife bought this pillow after trying a similar but cheaper product. She finds that the Tempur product gives a better position for sleeping and has experenced greatly reduced levels of the neck pain she previously suffered.


Would be lost without this pillow

I have had a Tempur neck pillow before and it was ten years old and finally gave up! I am so pleased I bought another - it supports my head and relieves my back ache. Wonderful. I take it on holiday with me as well!


The second one

This was to replace my first Tempur pillow which I bought over ten years ago. Need I say more? I wouldn't have any other pillow on the market - for me this is just PERFECT. Thank you P.S. My husband has one too!


Best nights sleep EVER

I’ve been suffering with a lot of headaches and stiff necks when I wake up so thought I’d try a new pillow and all I can say is WOW! I haven’t had a headache or a stiff neck since my pillow was delivered!!!!


Great pillow from the Tempur rannge

I usually get a new pillow every year via the Tempur range and I’m never disappointed in their quality. Best thing to help me with my bad back as I have a Tempur mattress as well which helps me sleep great.


So Comfortable!

ive had neck pain for a while and when trying our new mattress, Julie suggested I try the Tempur pillow, what a revelation! So comfortable and not as hot as I feared, well worth the money!


Very confortable

Bought this pillow for my husband who has a bad neck and back. Along with the Tempur mattress he says that he is sleeping much better and his aches and pains are diminishing.


Fab sleep.

I have back and neck problems and have trouble sleeping but this pillow is excellent. Best thing though is that my snoring has massively reduced, husband is very happy too.


great help for neck pain

Brought this pillow as I was suffering from a really bad neck and it has helped no end in just over a week. Strange to sleep on at first but its amazing now very happy


Excellent pillow .....

I've had spinal surgery and suffer from stiff necks etc. So pleased with this pillow. Keeps my neck in the correct position giving me a comfortable, pain free sleep.


Tempur Queen Pillow Medium

Tempur pillow at great price, delivered promptly. Petfect. Medium suits my neck and i am 178cm tall male. Sleeping much better after shoulder problems


Great Pillow

having bought this item, it has made a great deal of improvement on my neck. it is very good that I have stopped using so many pillows when I sleep.


Best S shaped pillow I've slept with

Bought a Tempur 'S' shaped pillow and I've been so comfortable since , it may be expensive but worth every penny, I'd highly recommend you try one.


As expected for a Tempur product

Very Good but if the Millenium version was still being produced I would have opted for that version, however this one is a good second best.


lovely and comfy

this pillow is fantastic the only downside to it is it is too small for an English pillowcase. No more waking up with neck ache though


Fantastic for my neck and back, and a good price

This is a really good medical neck pillow, which is helping me with neck and back pain. A good price compared to other retailers.


Best pillows ever

Pillow was purchased as a Christmas present as a replacement for a previous purchase. Best pillow ever for a great nights sleep


Great comfort

I bought this pillow for my son two months ago. He was suffering from neck pain and this pillow helped him getting better.



I have scoloisis and this pillow is so comfortable. Its so comfortable infact that my partner prefers my pillow to hers.


Christmas gift for my son-in-law

My son-in-law loved his pillow, he can't believe how comfortable his sleep is now he owns a tempur neck pillow.



I bought this like one month ago and seems perfect. I can see the difference, may neck doesn’t hurt anymore.


Neck pillow

Had my Tempur neck pillow for two weeks and very pleased with it.... excellent support for my neck xxx


Very comfortable

I bought this item to replace one that I had been using for a long time and was very pleased with it.


What price comfort

Having slept on this pillow for over a month and perfect night sleep wished I had bought years ago.


Great Night's Sleep

We purchased the mattress, frame and pillows from Dreams and have been delighted to say the least.


Very comfortable.

Have had some good night's sleep since bought, no pressure points, extremely comfortable.


Great Pillow

This is a great pillow if you have neck and shoulder problems recommended by my physio


very comfortable

I bought 2 Tempur pillows about 2 months ago and find that I have better nights sleep



I have never slept so well even with a trapped nerve in my back absolutely amazing


very satisfied

purchased second tempur neck support pillow to add to my comfort in both my homes.


Fantastic sleeping experience

I purchased 2 neck pillows nearly a month ago and I am extremely satisfied.


Brilliant Pillow

This pillow is the best pillow ever no more neck pain well worth the money


Good Pillow

This is a good pillow but not as good as the old Tempur pillow I had.


very comfortable--

may be responsible for the improvement of my long standing backache


very comfortable

have been using the pillow for a month now and do not regret it.


A Great Night's sleep

Fantastic a real 'Dream'. Cured my bad neck almost over night.


Memory pellow

Was hoping it would be as good and as hard as the original one


Wonderful pillow

This is without a doubt the best pillow I have ever brought.


Very supportive pillow

I have a damaged neck and I find this pillow very supportive


Good Neck support

Does what it advertises. A good firm neck supporting pillow.


Improved sleep and comfort

Already considering replacing the mattress with tempur....


Very good product

Very good product. Pillow is quite big but fits perfectly.


Immediate improvement

You soon notice the difference and well worth the cost.



Took a little getting used to but now very comfortable.



Very high quality and comfortable, great neck support

Questions and Answers About Tempur Queen Original Neck Pillow

What size is the queen Tempur you are offering? I note from the Tempur website they do come in 3 sizes 

Answer: Dreams also offer the 3 sizes. Medium, Large & Extra Large: · Medium 61cm x 31cm x 10/7cm · Large 61cm x 31cm x 11.5/8.5cm · X-Large 61cm x 31cm x 13/10cm It might be best to contact the store to check the stock availability of the size you are interested in.

Do you have dimensions 61 x 31 x 11.5 (L)? How much?

Answer: Hi, The pillow is 61cm wide and 31 cm deep. The 11.5 is the highest point. The price will depend on the offers available in store. You can take a look at the current price available at Dreams online here -

Which way round do you use this pillow? The highest point nearest you?

Answer: Hello , The TEMPUR Queen Original Neck Pillow is positioned so the highest point is closer to your neck. This gives you extra support and helps cushion your neck. I hope this helps and thank you for your question

Are the dimensions correct? The picture with the tempur packaging has dimensions 63 x 32 x ... but the dimensions on your page say L70cm x W45cm. I have a tempur pillow I bought from "Dreams" before which has a length of 70cm so looking for a match.

Answer: Hello , Sorry for any confusion caused. The dimensions of this pillow are; 10cm x 61cm x 31cm. Please note the website has now been amended. I hope this helps, and thank you for your question.

How much guarantee do you give on this product?

Answer: Hello , The product will come with a 3 year guarantee. This is will be covered straight from tempur as the manufacturer. I hope this helps and thank you for your question.

Hello. Is tempur queen large the usual size for women or is there a tempur queen medium?

Answer: Hello , The pillow only comes in one size. Many thanks for the question.

Hi, is this medium size? Which the heighest is 10cm, lowest is 7cm.

Answer: Hi , This is medium size, and the height is 10cm not 7cm. Thank you.

"TEMPUR-Neck Pillow" found in Tempur US. Is it same as "TEMPUR Queen Original Neck Pillow"? Thank you.

Answer: Hello , Yes, they will be exactly the same. Many thanks for your question.

Hi, is there only one firmness level for this pillow? Do you have a softer version? Thanks!

Answer: Hi , This is the only available pillow. Thank you.

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