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Dreams Just Like Down Pillow

Dreams Just Like Down Pillow

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Why Our Sleep Experts Loved It

becky says

The Dreams Just Like Down Pillow is a new product from the retailer Dreams that is designed to provide the comfort and luxury of a feather pillow without the risk of allergens. The pillow features a softer polyester filling that feels just like down, and a 100% pure cotton cover that promotes natural breathability for a more cooling experience. The pillow is also hypoallergenic thanks to the materials utilised which, when combined with a slightly thinner profile, makes for an ideal side sleeping experience that will prove suitable for every season while still being easily machine washable at 40°C. 

Customers who have purchased and used the Dreams Just Like Down Pillow have generally had positive experiences with the product. Many customers have reported that the pillow is very comfortable and supportive, with some describing it as "ideal for neck pain" and that they "haven't had a bad night's sleep since." Additionally, the pillow's 100% pure cotton cover has been praised for its breathability and luxury 230 thread count.

Customers have also appreciated the pillow's hypoallergenic properties, which allows them to enjoy the feeling of down without the risk of allergens. In terms of value, many customers have noted that the pillow is a great value for the price and that they were able to get a great night's sleep as a result of this pillow from Dreams.

However, some customers have mentioned that the pillow could have a bit more filling, and one customer said that it's too soft for a night's sleep. This is by design as the product is more tailored toward side sleeping rather than back sleeping. Side sleepers generally prefer a softer pillow with less fillings which is why this pillow is better tailored toward them.

Reasons to Buy

Customers tend to love it, with strong hypoallergenic properties thanks to the materials used.

Strong price point and ideal for side sleepers.

Reasons to Avoid

Less neck support than some were expecting.

Thinner than others thought it would be, again in keeping with side sleeping.

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Of The Dreams Just Like Down Pillow
Brand: The Dreams Workshop
Retailer: Dreams
Delivery Time: Average
Delivery Charge: Average
Customer Sentiment: Good
Guarantee: Average

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What Makes The Dreams Just Like Down Pillow Great?

For its luxury 230 thread count

The thread count is a measure of the quality and durability of the fabric used in the outer fabric. In general, the higher the thread count, the better the quality of the fabric and the softer and more durable the product will be.

Its 100% pure cotton cover offers natural breathability

Its soft and bouncy fibre filling feels just like down

Hypoallergenic: you’ll sleep easy enjoying the feeling of down without the allergens

A hypoallergenic alternative to down refers to a material that mimics the softness and insulation of down without causing allergic reactions. Such materials can include microfiber or polyester fillings. Using these materials can provide the same level of comfort as down, while avoiding potential allergens.

It’s the ideal option if you’re a side sleeper

Machine washable at 40°C

Washable covers are a great way of ensuring the product stays fresh for longer.

Made in the UK: support British manufacturing and design

Medium comfort grade

Medium tension mattresses are suitable for the vast majority of people as they are not too soft, nor too firm. This firmness can offer a good amount of back and neck support while still being soft enough to prove suitable for side sleepers. The key benefit for this type of layer is that it's sort of a "one size fits all" approach that gives your body the contouring and support necessary while remaining soft and squishy.

Rest easy with our 1-year guarantee

A one year guarantee is suitable for many as the vast majority of problems that may occur often do so within that first year. At the same time, more and more retailers are beginning to offer multi-year warranty and guarantees although these often come at a slightly higher price point on average.

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Customer Reviews For The Dreams Just Like Down Pillow

Based on 142 reviews
Dream come True

Good and comfortable pillows are the most essential part of your sound sleep. If you sleep well you get up next day fresh and rearing to go. Secondly, good pillows rest your mind as well because you slept well. These pillows line up your shoulders with neck because they have just the right fillings that supports your head at the right way to give you extra comfort. I would highly recommend if you are looking for a comfortable and sound sleep.

Excellent Customer Service

I bought a bed, matress, pillows, a duvet and a duvet cover from Dreams. The salesman gave me a lot of valuable help with my purchase. In fact he couldn't have beeen more helpful. If I neede another bed or matress I am very happy with my purchase and will return to Dreams for my next purchase of a bed or matress.

Doze Just Like Down Pillows.

These lovely pillows were gifted to me and my sleep has never been the same. Dream-like is an understatement. These are genuinely the most comfortable, sturdier pillows Ive ever lay my head on. The cherry on the cake to complete my overall purchase. 10/10 would recommend, and can guarantee you wont look back !

Favourite pillows

These just like down pillows are my favourite pillows that I have bought from dreams. They are so luxurious and feel almost the same as real feather down! They provide me with the right amount of support that I need and I have had a significantly better nights sleep since I have bought them, very happy!

A beautifully luxurious pillow

This pillow is filled with soft and bouncy fibres that feel just like real down meaning this pillow is perfect for people who want the luxury of a feather pillow without the risk of allergens. It also has 100% cotton cover which is beautifully luxurious and provides the most comfortable night's sleep.

Wonderful pillows

I bought several pillows in the summer and i absolutely love them. I have back and neck problems and struggle to sleep. The pillows are wonderful. I like them so much that i bought more and also bought pillows for my sister. Great buy. I would thoroughly recommend them.

Great Pillow

It goes without saying that you dont know how bad your old pillow is til you get a new one. That was certainly the case with this pillow. Lovely sleep now every night. No clumping and easy to get comfortable on.

So comfy!

I brought these a few weeks ago and I absolutely love them! Best pillows I have ever had! They are so comfortable to sleep on, I Would definitely recommend buying these! Great price too! Pillows that will last!

Does what it says on the tin

Very comfortable pillow which keeps its shape. Reasonably priced and good quality. Definitely would recommend if youre looking for a brilliant pillow that isnt too expensive. Not too soft and not too firm.

Dose pilliows

The best bed Ive ever purchased the in store mattress diagnostics machine got it spot on never been so comfortable and cozy in bed and can doze of straight away with no tossing or Turing like previous beds

Doze Just Like Down Pillow

Very comfortable pillow and holds its form after being used for a while. It also doesnt make a lot of noise when moving on the pillow like real goose down. And to add to it there a great price.

Soft just like downs!

I purchased this pillow before and found it very comfortable to use right away. The only problem is that after a year it kinda goes flat and I had to re purchased and for 20 its not the cheapest.

A wonderful night's sleep

I bought this pillow a month ago as I wasn't sleeping well. From the very first night of use I have had a fantastic night's sleep. Highly recommended. I will be buying more for all the bedrooms.

Easily puffed up again

Not sure how these pillows are good for side sleepers. But I do like how I can puff them up again when they get a little flat. As my parrner is allergic to feathers, this is the next best thing.

Top Quality product

I purchased my Chelmsford mattress dreaming of having a anymore restless nights due to having an uncomfortable mattress. Im so pleased I did as now I have the most comfortable nights sleep.

Night changing

Noticed a huge difference from my old pillows, better sleep, less neck pain. Definitely would recommend for any side sleepers, it's helped my shoulder out by keeping my head more supported.

Excellent quality comfortable pillow

This is an amazingly soft yet firm pillow. I couldn't believe how big and fluffy it went when I unpacked it. Genuinely can't tell it's not down. Excellent quality and so comfortable.

Comfortable and supportive

I bought this pillow as my I TV her pillows were too flat - but didnt want a hard pillow. This pillow is just right whether Im lying down or wish to semi sit up. Very comfortable.

Improved sleep

Perfect! Good support, doesn't clump or collapse! I have been using it for about a month now and I feel my sleep quality has improved, whilst niggling neck pain has reduced.


Comfy and enjoying it, staff added It on with the new mattress I purchased free, the staff was brilliant couldnt fault them in any way, made time and relaxed so no rush,

Outstanding Quality

This pillow is hypoallergenic so is the ideal pillow for those suffering with allergies or asthma. With a soft, 100% pure cotton cover this pillow is fantastic quality

Comfy, not to firm and pliable

Got this thrown in as a freebee when I purchased Matress and very nice pillows. would recommend for conform not necessarily to buy as replacement for existing pillows.

Soft buoyancy

Love this addition to my comfy bed set up! Not too firm that it causes neck ache really cushions around your head Love it! Going to buy some for my guest rooms

Best pillows I've had yet!

Brought these pillows about a month ago and they are fantastic I sleep on my side and front and it's the first time in years I haven't woke with a stiff neck.

Settle down on your side? Here's your new pillow

Not too deep, not too flat. Not too firm, not too squishy. Took me two day to get used to having a new pillow, but now I'm sure that this one is just right

Doze down pillow like a cloud

The pillow is very soft to touch and feels like you are laying on a cloud. Would highly recommend for anyone who is struggling to find the perfect pillow.

Super soft

I bought the pillow last month with a new mattress and I love it. Ita super soft and helps support my neck as I sleep on my side. Definitely recommend

Just like down pillow

The cover is cotton and very strong. The filling feel luxurious and is perfectly ideal for my young daughter to use in the summer at a good price


The best night sleep with this pillow I have had for a longtime .And its great that you can have what type of sleeper you are ,eg side or back

Lovely and soft

I bought this for my husband and seems to sleep really soundly and has commented on how comfortable it is like feathers but it never goes lumpy

Doze just likeDown Pillow

I purchased 2 of these pillows and they are the best quality and comfort giving me a good night sleep I am definitely going to purchase 2 more


This pillow is so soft and comfortable- purchased for my daughter who likes a slim pillow. Very light and has maintained its shape really well

Great pillows

Great value for money, so comfy and gives perfect support for someone who is sooooooo fussy with her pillows! Got them on offer so very happy!

Very comfortable

Never put much thought into a pillow until I was asked how I slept (didn't even know this was a factor). Tried it and was instantly surprised

The doze just like down pillow

I have tried various pillows to try and get a better nights sleep over the years and none of them have worked until now this pillow is great

Comfortable pillow

Bought in sale, a bargain as a gift, the person i bought it for finds it comfortable. Good price a bargain Would i buy it again yes i woyld


its surprisingly very comfy when i saw it i felt i should have bought a thicker one but its so comfy and has helped with my neck pain

Comfy thick pillow

Super comfy pillow. I usually sleep with 2 pillows, but this is thick enough so only need 1. My head keeps cool throughout the night.

Best pillow I have ever used

Lovely and comfortable. I don't need to use two pillows any more with this new one. I wish I had purchased a new pillow, months ago

Comfy at first

Whilst it's initially very comfortable, over time it compresses down and becomes firmer. This has made it harder to sleep through.

Greener alternative to down pillows

This is great alternative to a down pillow. I was looking for a more environmentally friendly alternative and it is just as good!

Just Like Down Pillow

Excellent pillow. Really supportive and comfortable. No more disturbed nights due to neck pain. Literally 'sleeping like Log'!


Fabulous! Love this pillow, its so soft, returns to its shape well and hasnt flattened. So so pleased and an amazing cost.

Not as expected

My partner loves this pillow However as a side sleeper I found this too padded and put my neck at an uncomfortable angle

Nice texture and feel

I bought this 3 weeks and it was the best pillow I had ever bought before! It was very comfortable and worth every penny!

Doze like down pillow

Soft but firm pillow gives me a very comfortable and restful sleep with none of the allergies caused by a feather pillow.

Squishy with a bounce

Squishy whilst still managing to bounce back. I usually slept with 2 pillows but since buying these, I only need one.

Doze Just Like Down

Couldn't ask for more, supportive and comfortable at the same time. Sleeping so much better than with the old one

Very comfortable

Very comfortable especially for sleeping on front or side. Paired with a new mattress, i am sleeping much better.

Perfect pillow

If you're after a good pillow without wanting to spend the earth, go for this one! Good comfy pillow, good price.

So comfortable!

Great pillows that mould to your head, had been looking for pillows for a while and very happy with this purchase

Soft Like Down Pillow

This pillow is really comfortable, soft and still very supportive. I have a great nights sleep with this pillow.

Great comfort for the price!

Very good quality pillow for the price. Super comfortable. Our guests have been very pleased with it so far.

Doze pillows

Lovely pillows brilliant to sleep on and they always bounce back into shape best pillows l have had

Really helps me sleep

Bought the lye flat pillow about a month ago and it's a big improvement from my last pillow. Good stuff.

At last

I've tried quite a few pillows to help my sore neck. This one is good, just the right kind of support.

Good pillow

Very comfortable pillow, just be careful because it can make a rustling noise when you place your head

New mattress

Its good still early days but Im getting less back problems and looking forward to bed more & more:

It is just like a down pillow!

Bought these for my spare room, however, I ended up keeping them for myself. Very, very comfortable!

Nice but not just like down

Perfectly nice pillow but it didn't feel anything like a down pillow which is what I was hoping for.

Super snuggles from me and Dexie doodle

Absolutely fantastic.!The finish is beautiful along with amazing comfort and temperature control.

Down pillows

This is a great mid- soft pillow, not too dense but gives good support. Im very happy with mine.

Very comfy

Made this purchase about a month ago, could have a bit more filling but find it very comfortable

Down like pillow

This pillow really feels like down and doesnt flatten down. Great purchase and would recommend.

Really comfy and holds shape well

Wanted a no feather billow and this was really comfy. Holds shape well and a really good price.

Doze Just Like Down Pillow

More comfortable than most other synthetic filled pillows. The cotton cover is also very good.

Down pillows

Really comfortable pillows to make for a peaceful uninterrupted sleep. Highly recommended.

Good pillows

Really comfy to sleep on and just the right amount of height, not too high and not too low.

Extremely comfortable and good neck support.

I got this at a reduced price for purchasing a bed and mattress from Dreams at High Wycombe

Soft Pillows

They are soft and comfortable. They return to shape very quickly and are great on the neck.

The best thing ever!!

Bought for my children month ago,amazing quality for such a good price. Can't wish more!!

Best Pillow I've Had

Really comfortable and amazing quality for the price. I'm definitely sleeping better now!

So comfortable

After buys these I dont know I slept on a different pillow . Sleeping more comfortably.

Love it

So comfortable and great value.m in terms of the price! We got a great deal from Dreams.

Great night sleep

Since buying this pillow I have had grear sleep, I work shifts so a good sleep is vital

Best sleep ever

Picked it out based on sleeping position, sleeping much better and less neck pain now

Worth the extra

Good pillows, in my view worth the extra money. Benefits from a good size pillow case


It's alright - soft and comfortable, but personally it's too soft for a nights sleep.

Dream of Dreams

Really pleased with our new bed mattress and pillows really comfortable nights sleep

Great pillow and value

I was given one of these when I purchased my mattress, so great we got another one

lovely pillows

Great soft yet good volume/firm enough pillows! got 4 for my new king size bed

Excellenet for side sleepers

The pillow is excellent for side sleepers. Perfect firmness and great comfort.

Comfy pillow.

Very nice and comfy pillow. Quite 'springy' and supportive. Would recommend.

Doze just like down pillow.

Great pillows ...I look forward to going to my bed to feel the softness.

Just like down pillows

Brilliant pillows so soft but yet keep there shape and are very comfortable


It definitely helped with healing my neck pain so I definitely recommend it

Very comfortable

The pillows are firm but soft giving good support for a good nights sleep.

Sleeping on a cloud

We absolutely love our new Doze pillows. I haven't slept so well in years!

Best pillows

Best pillows ever! Always excited to sleep with these after a 13 hr shift

Comfy comfy comfy

So soft and comfortable. Really supportive and such a good nights sleep

Great pillows!

Very comfortable pillows, also convenient as you can wash them at home!!

Really comfortable

This pillow is really comfy & a great price keeps it shape all the time

Choice for stomach sleepers

This has really improved my sleep quality. It is cool and comfortable.

Great comfort

We brought this on a recommendation and it gives a good night's sleep.

Comfy cushions

Lovely pillows, use for children and they fall asleep within minutes

Amazing pillows will definitely buy again!!

I brought this a month, Ive been having the best good night sleep

Very good

I bought this pillow a few weeks ago. Very comfy and not expensive

Great purchase

Soft and very comfortable to sleep on! No sore neck for me anymore,

Super comfy

Love this pillow. It is super comfy and has helped me sleep better


Bought this with our new bed , havent had a bad nights sleep since

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Questions and Answers About The Dreams Just Like Down Pillow

Prospective customers had the following questions about the product

Dose the pillow keep you cool during the night

Answer: Whilst this pillow is breathable, it is not necessarily a feature of the pillow. Thanks, Dreams.

What are the fillings inside?

Answer: It is 100% Polyester filling microfibre and has a 100% Cotton Cover. Thanks, Dreams

Whats the depth of the pillow in cm ?

Answer: The depth of the pillow is approximately 20cm.Many thanks,Dreams

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