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The Nectar Memory Foam Mattress Review 2020

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Overview of The Nectar Mattress

This is a very impressive mattress from Nectar, and their first foray into the mattress segment, arriving later than many of the other big bed-in-a-box retailers. However, last in has given them some time to take stock of the market and build something quite special. The Nectar Mattress provides good-all round support that, so far at least, looks like it will stand the test of time. We’ve had less time than others to trial this mattress long term however, general long term reviews accumulated elsewhere suggest it will perform well for the 7 year average that people will typically hold onto this product. Some of the impressive qualities for this mattress lie in it being so breathable, something that is often rare for a full foam product and not something we typically see in this segment of the market. The Nectar Mattress is also very good at preventing movement from transference and movement from one side of the bed to the other.

What is inside the Nectar Mattress?

The Nectar Mattress itself is made entirely of foam with memory foam being it’s primary layer for comfort. It has a 16cm foam core, on top of which we have two layers of memory foam. This means the mattress is not turnable and you do have a top and a bottom so when unrolling it, make sure the squishy side faces up. Another consideration, but one not known outside of the industry is that the mattress is suitable for use with a multitude of different foundations, slatted or divan bed bases, along with adjustable bed frames. Using a scale of one to ten where one is the firmest and ten the softest, this mattress ranks as a six and would fall into the medium-firm category of mattresses.

Where can I get the Nectar Mattress?

The Nectar Mattress is only available online at present, and is delivered in a relatively small box relative to the size of a mattress, all vacuum-packed and compressed. The Mattress should be opened and left for around an hour to fully inflate to it’s correct size. You then have a year to try the mattress to decide whether you like it, commonplace for a shifting industry focusing more toward all-in-one box based mattresses. Should you decide the mattress is not for you in that period of time, Nectar will organise a collection and refund at no cost to yourself.

What’s the mattress like?

Due to the firmness of this mattress being on the slightly firmer side, support from this mattress is very good. However, due to the large amount of memory foam provided in the product, it isn’t just suitable for larger people and managed to be equally impressive at supporting smaller and lighter people, as well as larger people who sleep on their back. While we have only just got our hands on this product, reviews accumulated from across the web after years of use all suggest favourably that this Mattress will stand the test of time. One thing worth noting, this is a memory foam mattress with a very generous thickness associated to it, as such, it is very easy to sink into this mattress when you lie on it. Not a bad thing at all, infact many embrace the memory foam element of this product, one point of contention however, is that turning over and switching sleeping positions does tend to require a little more effort than it would on some other mattresses. What is great though, is that the lack of springs and firmer product means that anything that you do, like the movement above shouldn't disturb your partner, because this is a very stable mattress with exceptional absorption.

How do I care for this mattress?

This is a one-sided mattress, that means it does not require flipping but you still need to rotate it from head to toe every few months. Flipping can be a pain but rotating isn’t as bad, made slightly more difficult on the Nectar Mattress due to its lack of handles, but by no means something that should be considered a deal-breaker. The mattress only weighs 29kg and when you consider you only really need to drag it to the other corner, you’ll manage.

Should I buy it?

This mattress does feel warm in winter due to it’s memory foam properties, but it is also extremely breathable so you won’t find yourself getting too sweaty during the night, regardless of temperature. With that in mind and everything else we have seen from this product, we feel that it is a great all-rounder at a reasonable price given the longevity offered from this type of product and is well worth considering.

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Published: 2020-04-22T00:00+01:00

Author: Amelie Celeste