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The Leesa Original Mattress Review 2020

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**Leesa has since pulled out of European Markets making much of this review null and void. For those still looking for a bed in a box mattress we would instead recommend you take a look at our reviews into the Casper mattress and also the Nectar**

Overview of The Leesa Mattress

We recently have had the opportunity to long-term-test the Leesa mattress using our own in-house tests for what goes into a good mattress. Initial indications showed that this mattress ticks the vast majority of boxes for consumers successfully flying through our tough body-support and durability tests. The mattress proved that it's stable and breathable while under pressure on, too. With that in mind, it is actually fairly easy to rank this mattress as a best buy.

What is inside the Leesa Mattress?

The Leesa Mattress is one of the newest inventions on the market and one of the fabled bed-in-a-box mattresses. What makes the Leesa a bit different to other reviews we often do, is that it is only available through the Leesa website. Delivery comes in the form of a vacuum-packed in a box, direct to your door on a day of your choosing. The Leesa mattress is made from three foam layers of varying different densities, one of which is the upper layer, a 5cm layer of memory foam. The most comforting part of the Leesa Mattress offering is the reassuring 100-night trial, during this time you can send the mattress back for a full refund if you don't like the feel of it. In terms of firmness, we've rated this mattress as a medium, with the rating scale ranging from very soft through to very firm, this means it is going to be best suited for people of an average build.

How supportive is it?

From a supportive perspective, this mattress offers a decent level of support being a medium firmness. This means that regardless of your sleeping position or body size you will generally be comfortable and supported. This main selling point of the 3-foam model system in place is that you will get an impressive level of all-round support which won't deteriorate at all, even after you have been sleeping on it for a number of years. Plus, unlike many other mattresses we've reviewed, this one will not sag or soften with time. This means that if you like the feel of this mattress when it's new, it's a safe bet that you'll feel the same way several years down the line. The average life expectancy in a mattress is 7 years, at which point this would be then worth replacing. Foam mattresses will tend to lose an amount of their supportive nature after this point.

Is it worth considering?

The Leesa Mattress is also well suited if you're a light sleeper, that is because it's exceptionally stable, two couples sleeping and moving about will not interfere with each other's sleep with this product. The mattress is great at absorbing bounces and successfully passed the fabled wine-test. While this mattress does absorb bounces, it doesn't actively restrict your movement at all so moving positions is not too much of a challenge despite the sinking feeling you get with the mattress. Our tests found that even on hot, humid nights, this mattress shouldn't get too damp with sweat due to It's breathable membrane allowing moisture to easily pass through the fabric. While this mattress is quite heavy and tough to move around, the good news is you don’t really need to, this mattress doesn’t need flipping and while common advice is to rotate mattresses with time, we’ve actually found zero ill effects from just leaving it exactly where it is for a prolonged period. In all, this mattress gets a lot of things right, provided you are happy with memory foam as a comfort layer, this is one of the best mattresses we have tested.

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Published: 2020-04-01T00:00+02:00

Author: Victoria Louisa