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Winstone White 2+3 Chest Rated 4/5 based on 4 customer reviews

Winstone White 2+3 Chest

Brand: Cotswold Co

What Makes The Winstone White 2+3 Chest Great?

Material: Painted

This product has a wooden base with a painted outer shell. Any marks that do occur should be easily wiped clean with a damp cloth.

Collection: Winstone White

Customer Reviews For The Winstone White 2+3 Chest

Based on 4 review

Whilst this isn't a cheap product, it does appear to be well made and robust. However, the painted surface worries me a little as to how it will stand up to the inevitable placements of ornaments, cups etc. I'd suggest the option of a glass top would be very useful. (I have purchased one from another supplier)


Very elegant looking tall boy a very nice addition to my spare room. Beautifully made, solid and practical. Really please with you and your company. I have already ordered something else! Delighted and thank you.


Arrived on schedule in perfection condition. As per my review on the bedside table.....solid build... drawers very stiff to pull in and out. Candle wax applied and they now glide much better. (4/5)


Well built and good quality great value for money

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