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TheraPur Divan Base

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Brand: TheraPur
Code: 365-01867
Retailer: Dreams
Height/Depth: 41cm
Updated: 12/4/2019 10:58:51 PM
4/5 - 304 reviews


What Makes It Great

Let me start by saying that since my first night of sleep on Sat 8 October 2016 with my new bed from Dreams I have slept well and woken fresh ready for the day ahead. However the whole experience started the week before when I stepped into the Dreams store at Colne Valley Retail Park in Watford. I had just moved into the area and was saying with my son's familiy until I moved into my own flat on 8 Oct. I was out shopping for a new bed and was accompanied by my grandson and daughter in law. We were made welcome as soon as we approached the store. A local radio station together with an England international rugby player was at the store. My grandson won a Dreams bear and played some computer games before meeting the international and having a picture taken with him; a great keepsake. This allowed me plenty of time to choose the right bed. I was impressed by the knowledge of the assistant and at no time was there even a hint of pushiness or oversell. My final selection was to plum for the Rapport Acti D Matress with a two draw base. This mattress and base was in stock, this was a stipulation because I needed it delivering to my new flat on 8 Oct. I was told there would be a delivery charge which included assembling the bed and removing any waste (great, saves me the job). I gave my address and then I received the first negative of the day. "Sorry the delivery van is full we cannot deliver to you next Saturday". What! it's midday the week before and you cannot deliver. I felt like walking straight out. People work and Saturday is the most convenient time for most people to take a delivery of such a large item. How many other customers would be told the same thing and how many sales would they loose. With a full week to go surely they could hire another van in. At £45 per delivery, would it cost that much? It was at that point that I had an idea. I could pop over to High Wycombe to pick up the bed from the Dreams warehouse with my hire van before I started moving to my flat. It would set me back an hour or so but at least I would have my bed on the first night and I saved the £45. On the 8 Oct my son and I set off for for the warehouse in good time to arrive as it opened, which would give us good start for the moving day. We were met by a nice chap who took my invoice and asked us to back the van up to the doors. A short time later he returned and asked if we were only there for the mattress as they did not have the two draw base. What! no I said we are here for both and they should both in in stock. With all that had to be done that day, this was not what I wanted to hear. He was away for about 30 minutes before returning with a smile ... he had found it. Ummm strange I though to myself. The move went well and towards the end of the day it was time to assemble my bed. Everything was straight forward until I tried to open one of the base draws. I eventually managed to open it only to find that the right hand side runners were damaged. I left the draw out of the base and would ring up about it on the Monday. It may be me being a little cynical but did the warehouse know it was faulty. I made up the bed and despite all the hassle of the day, I had a great nights sleep. I slept like a log, the bed felt fantastic. I informed Dreams about the defective draw runners and whilst I could of insisted on a new base unit, I just asked them to send out a new set of runners. They were sent out quite quickly and it only took me 10 minutes to change the runners over. Everything is now spot on. So that's my experience from start to finish. I need another bed for the second bedroom, would I go back to Dreams? well yes I would. The mattress is great and providing they can do me a good deal, deliver on time and rectify any faults within a reasonable time, why not. The positive to come out of this is that I do have a good product and I was left to decide without any added pressure. I just hate being jumped on when purchasing goods and in this respect Dreams were 100% good.

These are made and manufactured in the UK, meaning that they all meet the same exceptional quality and durability that we expect from genuine UK manufacturing.

Questions and Answers

What exactly needs doing to this bed when it arrives? As in the fixings etc? Is it easy to install?

Answer: Good morning, This divan base comes in two halves, they will need to be linked together to secure. This is done with a linking bar provided. The gas pistons are already installed. If you need any help with assembly, we do offer this service at the check out. Alternatively you can call our Customer Service team and they will try help over the phone. Kind Regards. Dreams

Is this divan base already built or do I have to build It like my pervious base  Thanks 

Answer: Hi , This will be dependent on the size and drawer options you require. If you are purchasing a double divan base or larger, the divan will come in two parts which will slot together. If you also choose to have drawers, you will have to screw in the runners. The legs also just pop on. Thank you for your question.

Does delivery come with the legs on or without? i.e. do the legs need to be fitted after delivery? Also, for the 5'0 King I see the total height is 38cm. What is the height of just the legs and just the base?

Answer: Hello , The divan base will be brought without the legs on, they will be needed to be applied after the delivery has taken place. This will be the total depth including the legs for the base dimensions. For more specific details please visit your local store to view the product. Many thanks for your question.

Please does the Rapur 3ft single divan base split in two, or is it one piece? If one piece, do you have any other single divan bases that split in two?

Answer: Good afternoon, The 3ft Single comes as one whole piece. None of our Single divans come split. You can however order a Made to Measure option and the base can be made especially. Alternately we do a great range of Bedframes in a Single that might be more suitable. Kind Regards Charlee

Does this ottoman have a mattress included?

Answer: This ottoman does not have a mattress included, therefore the price displayed on the website is for the ottoman base only. We have a range of different mattresses available to purchase online and in store which would be suitable for this base. Kind Regards, Dreams

Sorry this might seem like a silly question but does this come with a headboard?

Answer: Good morning, This base does not come with a headboard. We do supply a range of headboards that come in a matching colour, which you can find in the below link. Kind regards Dreams

Can you tell me the dimensions of the 2+2 draw option. I am after the measurement of the smaller drawer from end of the bed. So I can ensure it will open and not hit my bedside cabinet. Thank you

Answer: Hello The draw is 38cm in width and 50cm from the back of the bed to where the draw starts. The 2+2 draw option is designed for people with bedside cabinets, so hopefully these dimensions will work for you. Many thanks for your question and I hope this helps.

Is it possible to further raise the divan base off the floor by adding or changing the feet?   

Answer: Good Evening, With the TheraPur divan base you have the option to select the required type of feet. We would recommend you select to have the base on 'legs' - this will raise the base further off the floor. Kind Regards, Dreams

Which headboard fits this bed best, full height or struts?

Answer: Good morning, This divan bed is compatible with both full length and strutted headboards. Please visit a local showroom to view both options and you can decide which look is best for you, Kind Regards, Dreams

The photos of this divan suggest the draw set up can either be both in the top or both in the bottom for the 2 drawer option(I.e it's a east/wet divide with a drawer either side) whereas the diagram suggests they have to be both on the same side (n/s div)

Answer: Hi, The only time the split on these bases change is when you move up to a superking or single base. You are correct with 2 drawers on either double or king. they will be either side. Thank you for your question.

What colour is Ash please? Are we talking light grey. Thanks, anne

Answer: Hello , It is more of a brown/ beige. If you are after a grey colour, please take a look at the mink base: I hope this helps and thank you for your question.

What does the mattress sit on. Is it slats or solid base?

Answer: Hello, The mattress would sit directly on this ottoman solid base. Slats are predominantly used for bed frames as they are not needed on divan or ottoman bases. I hope this helps and thank you for your question.

Does the base of bed needs to be assembled 

Answer: Good Evening, This base will be delivered as two halves which will need to be fixed together - there will be no need to assemble the base of the units, this will be ready-assembled. Kind Regards, Dreams

Hi, is this bed, in king size, compatible with a headboard not from Dreams?

Answer: Good morning, Our divan bases are designed to be compatible with all UK standard headboards. Please check with the supplier of your headboard to ensure it meets UK measurements. Regards, Dreams

If I purchase the superking size, can I separate the two halves and use as two singles when required? Also, can I fix two separate 3' headboards?

Answer: Good Evening, We would not recommend using this item as two singles, in addition you would not be able to attached two separate headboards if you were to split the base units. Kind Regards, Dreams

What is the total weight this bed will take

Answer: Good morning, This Ottoman divan has not weight restrictions. If you are concerned about the weight limit then I would advise looking into purchasing a reinforced base. Kind Regards, Dreams

Can this ottoman bed be placed straight onto carpet WITHOUT glides or legs so it sits flush to the floor? Many thanks.

Answer: Good afternoon, You can chose to not put the glides on the base however this will reduce the height. It may also damage the floor over time. Please keep this in mind. Kind Regards. Dreams

Are there any headboards that you could recommend that would match in terms of colour?  

Answer: Hello , A great option with this divan base would be the therapur headboard range. Please have a look at the radient, embrace and the escape headboard's. Many thanks for your question.

I recently bought a double ottomon base. Upon opening, the inner upper surface of both the sides is uneven. The right inner surface is woven around two screws holding the two sides. Is that a defect or typical?

Answer: Good afternoon, If you could please contact our customer service team and provide us with more information we will be able to take a look into this for you. Kind Regards, Dreams

What is the max mattress weight for this base please? What is the height of usable storage? Does the base use gas lifts?

Answer: Hello , Yes, the base has gas lifts and there is no weight limit set for these bases. Storage is roughly 30cm of depth across the entire base. Many thanks for the question.

Will this base work well with a Sealy Teramo 1400 Mattress or should we get a sprung base? Also are these mushroom looking legs good on wooden floors?

Answer: Hello , The mattress will be suitable for this base. The legs itself that come as standard will be better suited as they do not dig into the floor. Many thanks for your question.

what is the overall height of divan and matress?

Answer: The overall height will depend on the thickness of the mattress that you have chosen. Without a mattress the height of this base is 41cm. Kind Regards, Dreams

Does the solid divan base top have any ventilation? Can a solid base cause any problem with moisture build-up under the mattress?

Answer: Hello initree, The divan bases will not have any ventilation issues as the mattresses will have air vents along the sides to help prevent this. Many thanks for the question.

Hi, what is this made of? Im needing a very solid bed due to back problems . thanks

Answer: Good afternoon, This divan is a platform top and built with premium materials. I would advise you visit a showroom so you can view the product. Kind Regards Dreams.

Hi are the pistons etc built in or is there any assembly required? thanks

Answer: Good morning, Yes, the pistons are built in. The only assembly required will be tightening of the pistons and linking the divan bases together. Kind regards Dreams

does it comes as it is in the picture or with the headboard?

Answer: Good Morning Ships, Thank you for submitting your question. This base comes on its own, so headboard would have to be purchased separately. Kind Regards, Giedre

Hi I wanted to ask does this single base come as box base or in a box. Because I have a very tight stair case thanks.

Answer: The single base comes as one unit which does not require assembly. The dimensions of this are 36cm (H) x 190cm (L) x 90cm (W). Kind Regards, Dreams

As you stand at the base of the 4ft bed, which side lifts up or can you decide when putting together which side you want the bed to lift from??

Answer: The ottoman element of this base can be fixed to lift from either the right or left side, whichever is your preference. Kind Regards, Dreams

I’ve seen this in store as an ottoman frame- why isn’t it an option online? 

Answer: Good morning, Our TheraPur ottoman base is available to view here: Kind regards Dreams

Is it possible to connect a double divan base to an additional single one? Looking to make a giant bed to accommodate toddler and us.

Answer: Hi , Yes, but unfortunately you will need to do this yourself as we are unable to supply the fixings. I hope that helps. Many thanks for the question.

Does the ottoman base come in other colours ie expresso.

Answer: Hello , This comes in 6 colourways: Oatmeal. Mink, Ash, Carbon, Blue and Espresso. Many thanks for your question and I hope this helps.

What is the height of the legs 

Answer: Hi , The base with legs is 2cm higher than the base with glides. The base with glides is 36cm and with legs is 38cm. Many thanks for you question.

Can you please tell me the length of the warranty on this bed? Thank you

Answer: Good morning, This divan base comes with a 1 year guarantee as standard. You can purchase an extended guarantee at the checkout. Kind regards Dreams

Is this bed sturdy on a wooden floor?

Answer: Hello , Yes, the base has gliders instead of castors which makes it sturdy on wooden flooring. Thank you for your question and I hope this helps.

What is the weight of the individual divan bases, super king? it looks as if the "base with legs" would be lighter than the regular deeper base with glides. I need the lightest option possible. 

Answer: Hello , The weight of each TheraPur Divan Base with Legs in the super king size is 35kg. Thank you for your question and I hope this helps.

Do you remove the old bed on delivery of the new bed

Answer: Good Evening, Yes our delivery team will be able to take away your old standard bed frame or divan base for £25. Kind Regards, Dreams

I have ordered TheraPur Ottoman Base  will i be able to add a headboard with struts to this ? 

Answer: Hello , Yes you will. All of our bases can be fitted with strutted headboards. I hope this helps and thank you for your question.

I wish to collect today, can I  ?

Answer: Hello , Unfortunately stores do not hold stock, everything is to order. Sorry about that and thank you for your question.

Therapur ottoman base- as this is east-west opening what stops the mattress from falling off when the base is opened? does it need to be positioned with the hinge side next to a wall?

Answer: Hello, The bed will come with retaining bars on the side so the mattress will not fall off. Many thanks for the question.

What is the height of the base without the legs, can different legs or casters be fitted to lower the height.

Answer: Hello , These are the legs that can be used with this set. The legs alone are 6/7cm. Many thanks for the question.

I have a Tempa mattress nearly new what bed base would you recommend 

Answer: Hello , A divan or a slatted bed frame will be best suited for this type of mattress. Many thanks for your question.

Is Therapur a sprung divan base or not? Is FLaxby the only sprung base you do?

Answer: Hello , That is correct, the flaxby range are the products that contain a sprung base. Many thanks for your question.

Can you put a headboard on this

Answer: Hi , Of course, any UK standard size headboard can be attached to this product. Thank you for your question.

Hi, could you tell me whether a headboard can be attached to this divan base? As I understand it, the fixtures for a headboard usually come with the divan base rather than with the headboard, but as this one has legs I wanted to double-check! Thanks.

Answer: Hi , Yes you can attach a headboard to this divan base. We hope this helps you. Thank you for your question.

Therapur Ottoman (3ft wide) Single Base: Is the base side-on opening? Does it come in two sections? Do these simply bolt together?

Answer: Good afternoon, The single base is a bottom opening ottoman and comes as one whole unit. Kind Regards, Dreams

What is Therapur

Answer: Hello, TheraPur is the name of a range of beds and mattresses. Many thanks for your question and I hope this helps.

I want a grey divan base - which Therapur colour/s are grey? Both mink and carbon look grey, but could be brown and black...?

Answer: Hello , Mink is a grey/brown the carbon is the grey base. Thank you for your question and I hope this helps.

Regarding your TheraPur Ottoman Glide Base, can you confirm if the base is design to lift from the end of the bed (i.e. opposite end to the headboard) as I am a bit confused between the description and the photos. Thanks.

Answer: Good morning, The TheraPur ottoman base opens from the side rather than the foot-end. Kind regards Dreams

What is the closest colour of Therapur base to Mocha - I have this colour headboard

Answer: Hello , Espresso would be the closest colour to Mocha. Thank you for your question and I hope this helps.

Hello is the Therapur Ottoman Base a Manual lift or electric? 

Answer: The TheraPur Ottoman Base is a manual lift ottoman, not electric. Kind Regards, Dreams

I will need my old bed base taking away, how much does this cost please?

Answer: Hello , £39 is the charge for bed disposal. Thank you for your question and I hope this helps.

is the single ottoman therapur base side opening or end opening.thankyou

Answer: Hello , The single will open at the side. Many thanks for your question and I hope this helps.

Can you confirm that this is a platform top bed? 

Answer: Hello , I can confirm that this is a platform top divan bed. Many thanks for your question.

Does the 3' single come in one piece or two that can be fixed together?

Answer: Hello , The single will come as one piece. Thank you for your question and I hope this helps.

How to clean the bed fabric material?

Answer: We recommend using a warm soapy water to clean this fabric. Kind Regards, Dreams

Hello, Is the height of 36cm including the caster feet? Thanks

Answer: Hello , Yes, this includes the castor's in the measurement. Many thanks for the question.

The website says that the king size comes as a single package but in FAQ's you say it comes in two halves? Please can you advise if the platform top comes in two pieces (one with each half) or as one piece 150 x 200? How many packages in total. Thanks

Answer: Good afternoon, This divan comes in two halves. Hope this helps. Kind regards, Dreams.

Hi what material is the outside of the bed. The carbon colour ? E.g chenille, suede etc

Answer: Hello , This is a linen-like fabric. I hope this helps, and thank you for your question.

We have just purchased one of these bases but find it Very difficult to move the base around on the "slider feet" Is it possible to get rolling type casters fitted instead? Very happy with the bed apart from this though.

Answer: Hi , Please call customer services on the number at the top of our site. Thank you.

Hello, wanting to take this bed abroad with me. I need to know how much it weighs please: king-size with 2 drawers. Thank you very much.

Answer: This base in a king with two drawers will weigh 48kg. Kind Regards, Dreams

What is the internal ottoman storage depth?

Answer: Good morning, The ottoman storage depth is approximately 25cm. Kind Regards, Dreams

Does this bed have a solid or sprung base?

Answer: Hello , This will have a solid platform topped base. Many thanks for the question.

Can I attach a head board to this divan?

Answer: Hi , Yes, a headboard can be attached to this divan. Thank you for your question.

Will this bed support my natural (cotton and wool ) mattress, I don't have memory foam mattress 

Answer: Hello , Yes, this will support any type of mattress. Many thanks for the question.

I have a kingsize Kensington health mattress which is very heavy. Is the therapur divan base with drawers sturdy enough

Answer: Hi , Yes it is very sturdy to support the mattress. Many thanks for the question,

is there a guarantee or warranty on this product please

Answer: Hello, This will be a 1 year's manufacturing warranty. Many thanks for the question.

Can I pay interest free online?

Answer: Yes we are able to offer finance options online. Kind Regards, Dreams

I am looking to buy the single ottoman. Do you know how heavy it is?  I worry that I won’t get it up my staircase and it will need to go through a window. 

Answer: The TheraPur Single Ottoman Base weighs 32kg. Kind Regards, Dreams

Can I attach this to the Harrogate headboard

Answer: Yes, this headboard and base are compatible. Kind Regards, Dreams

Hello, can I attach this ottoman to a strudded TheraPur Lulworth Headboard? Many thanks!

Answer: Hi , Yes, the Lulworth is compatible with this base. Kind regards Dreams

What is the clear height from the floor to the base of the bed? thanks

Answer: Hello , The height is 38cm. Thank you for your question and I he this helps.

Does the 4'6" bed come in 2 sections or one section? I have a staircase that has a 180 turn on it and wondering if I can get it up the stair?

Answer: Good afternoon, Yes, the 4'6 divan comes in two sections. Kind regards Dreams

What heught is this divan

Answer: The height of this TheraPur Divan is 36cm. Kind Regards, Dreams

How much free space do I need by the bed when the top is open?

Answer: Hello, Just enough to standby the bed itself. Many thanks for the question.

In the single bed option are the 2 drawers both on the same side.. one of the 3ft sides?

Answer: Both drawers will be on the same side. Kind Regards, Dreams

Is there a maximum weight limit for this bed please? Our tempur mattress weighs 35kg alone plus x2 adults

Answer: Hi, We do not have weight limits on our beds. Thank you for your question.

Do you offer a recycling or take away facility

Answer: Hello, This is available through checkout. Many thanks for the question.

Is this a platform top or sprung edge?

Answer: Hello , This will a platform base. Many thanks for your question.

Good Afternoon, is the double 4-drawer divan base a platform top or (hard edge) sprung divan base?

Answer: Good morning, This divan base is a platform top. Kind regards Dreams

Hi, I'd like to know if the frame on this bed is solid wood or MDF/anything else. Thanks

Answer: This base is made from soft wood. Kind Regards, Dreams

Taking into consideration that this is the 4ft small double 2 + 2 drawer, what is the length from the back of the headboard I have also brought which is 6cm on top of the length of the bed to the beginning of the first drawer? My bedside is 56cm deep.

Answer: Hi Rubes, The total length would be 196cm. Kind Regards, Giedre

Hi, I was wondering if this base is sprung edge or a platform top divan 

Answer: Hello, This divan base is Platform Top. Thank you for your question.

Hi, Does this come in two pieces in the single size? I need to know if it will fit up our stairs. Thank you!

Answer: Hello , Yes the bases are split. Thank you for your question.

What is the storage weight limit for double & King size ? 

Answer: Hi , We do not have set weight limits. Thank you.

Customer Reviews

Based on 304 review


I received this mattress about 5 weeks ago and can now give my short personal review on this product. The mattress started out very firm despite being having a medium comfort level but has since only very slightly softened up and would still rate it under my previous spring mattress in terms of comfort. 5 weeks after receiving it still smells of what I am guessing is the fire retardant chemical used on the foam inside the mattress which has altered the overall smell of the room. The main issue with this mattress is the heat. Despite Therapur's actigel layers boasting thermal regulation and air flow this mattress is extremely hot to sleep on. After just 30 seconds of lying down, parts of your body in contact with the mattress begin to heat up to uncomfortable levels. Since purchasing I have struggled to get a good nights sleep, causing me to wake up prematurely due to discomfort and overheating.

A Very Comfortable Bed Base.

My wife and I had a king size mattress but only a regular bed base so visited Dreams just after Christmas to get a king size base as we kept falling out of bed in the night. This new base supports the whole of our mattress so we are now having much better nights sleep. We have built in bedroom furniture including bedside tables so needed a base with full size storage draw in the bottom half of the bed and a half size in the top half which this base provides and so we have more storage. Our only mistake was to assume that as our king size mattress fitted between the bedside tables a king size bed base would do too but this was not the case. Luckily we know a really good joiner who dealt with this but it highlights the need to measure up carefully before ordering!

Good bed and handy storage

The bed in itself is great and brilliant for storage. It is steady and comfortable (though of course that is mainly down to the quality of the mattress). My only niggles with the bed were the price and quality of the headboard and the construction of the bed... as the headboard can be placed either end of the bed the holes are not pre cut (in the fabric) nor were they marked (as stated in the manual!), the holes for joining the 2 halves were also not pre cut (in the fabric) or marked (as stated in the manual). The instructions state not to remove the delivery straps until x, y and z has been attached to the bed yet x, y and z is inside the bed therefore the straps have to be removed to obtain them.

total comfort

We only went to explore the possibility of looking for a new bed and our first place to visit was Dreams. We were welcomed as soon as we went into the store and we asked advice on the different ranges available. The service was excellent, delivery on time and all packaging taken away, and details of what should be done explained. The divan base has easy access drawers with good gliders, the colour was well chosen and is a good match for most other colours, and the mattress is excellent giving support and comfort, and the head board chosen is excellent. So far the whole purchase has fulfilled our wishes and we hope will continue to do so.

Excellent service from start to finish

I wanted a bed for my son who has special needs. Initially I was going to order the cheaper version but decided to go home and bring him back with me. He tried more or less every bed in the shop, eventually settling on this one. Great service from store, good contact through e-mail and a courtesy call the morning of delivery with a delivery time. Arrived when they said they would and carried it up into his room. A bit of moving about until we were happy with where it was - only willing to oblige then they put it together and even took away their rubbish. Cannot thank everyone enough for such an easy transaction and even better delivery.

Good quality and sturdy

Ordered a mattress and then realised that I needed a divan base .. long story. Rang Dreams and they were the answer to my prayers. They took my order over the phone and 10 days later my divans (double & single were delivered). I ordered the carbon, which is almost black with the silver castor feet. It is very modern looking and so plain, yet understated, there is no necessity for an old fashioned valance. I would rate Dreams, their staff and product very highly indeed. I am a delighted customer. So much so, I have already purchased a couple of mattress protectors, the best around in my opinion, and they are phenomenal in quality!

Fantastic bed

Thoroughly happy with our ottoman bed which has given us much more storage space than our previous bed with drawers. The bed was delivered to the correct room by some lovely delivery guys and it was much easier than I expected to put together. The base is sturdy and seems well made. The instructions could be a little clearer with step by step photos maybe? Took me a bit of research online to work out how the lid bolted together as it was a bit confusing where the stickers were. Apart from that one bit it was simple to put together and were very happy with the end result.

Good quality

We bought this base to go with an existing mattress. Delivery team were really helpful and the product is decent quality. There are cheaper alternatives out there, but this one ticked the box for us. We opted for the continental drawers, which are great. Build quality of the drawers is fine, but probably better for occasional rather than continuous use. Our only small quibble would be (inevitably when buying on line) that the 'ash' colour is really a light grey (as I guess the same suggests!), whereas the on-line photos suggest a warmer tone.

Very Good Service

I visited my local store, in Shrewsbury, twice before ordering and the staff were very helpful. Even so I did not make the best choice for my circumstances and after a week decided to ask for an exchange. The staff in Shrewsbury were again very helpful and then I contacted Dreams by 'phone to arrange the exchange. There were no problems and after two more weeks my exchange choice arrived, on time as promised, and the two delivery men were very friendly, efficient, hard working and careful. A pleasure to have such good service,

Great Base

As always, Dreams has great service and friendly efficient delivery. We needed a firm base for our memory foam mattress also bought from Dreams. We also opted for four drawers for storage, easy sliders. The blue blends in with our décor and the feet are better than coasters, I no longer stump my toes. Looks smart, plenty storage, feet are easy to slide on the carpet. All in all this was a good buy. Oh, and the best thing is my hubby and I do not snore so much cos of the firm base and med memory foam mattress!

Delighted customer

We chose our bed after gaining amazing guidance from the team in the Dreams store, Kingsway, Dundee. We had no idea that there was so much to choosing a bed however they listened well to our wish list and soon knew exactly what we needed to meet each one of our requirements. The team that delivered our new bed couldn't gave been any better because they kept in touch with us about the delivery date and time and came when they said they would. Perfect service all round from the store to the delivery company.

Great bed!

I bought this bed about two months ago. Prompt delivery, the bed was built and put together very quickly and efficiently and all the packaging was taken away too! The new mattress was very different to my old one and took about a month to get used to, which gave me a few sleepless nights. However, my husband found it great right from the start and it is very comfortable now, also I never wake with any aches or pains no matter how long I'm in bed for. Worth the upgrade and very happy with our purchase.

Fantastic Ottoman Bed

My bed was delivered exactly when I was led to expect and the guys who delivered it put it together expertly and efficiently. I've been using it for several weeks and it's perfect for the mattress I bought elsewhere (I had to cancel the bed with a different company because it was damaged on arrival and another company failed to deliver a bed base - after several months of a mattress with no bed base Dreams did the trick). Not only is it well made and strong, but the storage space is amazing.

Great bed

I bought this product several weeks ago and it's been so comphy. We were struggling to find a bed which fit up our staircase, and so needed a mattress which could easily bend. We were worried that because of this we wouldn't get a comfy bed but that has not been the case. The divan is sturdy, and easily fit together. The mattress itself sinks a little when you lie on it (as we wanted) but also feels firm on the back. My partner can sometimes get a sore back but so far has had no problems.

Comfortable night's sleep

The bed was delivered and put together efficiently, it seemed higher in the bedroom than in the shop, I can't actually reach the floor sat on the edge! The mattress is very comfortable and the ottoman base is roomy. I do find the flat feet make it impossible to move the bed so vacuuming could be a bit of an issue. I left the bed to settle for a week before making it up. As other reviews have commented the chemical smell is really overpowering to begin with but worth the wait!

Great nights sleep

Good advice in store, good contact ref delivery following order. Delivered right on time and even assembled for us. The bed itself is so good I don't want to get out of it. Very comfortable and all my aches and pains in the morning are greatly reduced. Our old bed was to firm and quite worn out leaving both my wife and I aching in the morning after a wrestles sleep. This new bed and mattress is spot on. I did cringe originally at the price but it is very much worth it.

Poor quality

I thought I'd pay a little more for what I thought would be better quality from a reputable company. One of the screw on legs came bent and they are of poor quality. I had to wait a week to receive a new set. The thread built within the bed base also came undone as I screwed in the legs! Luckily for me it worked out well that I didn't need the legs in the end as the bed height without was just under the window sill. I wouldn't recommend otherwise!

Great storage space.

I bought this bed a month ago and love the look of the bed and how sturdy it feels. The amount of storage and ease of accessing the space is great. However I would only rate this bed 3stars as I am disappointed with the headboard. Unfortunately it interferes with the opening of the ottoman in that tge bes slares up it on opening. I'm worried that in time this might cause wear and tear to the headboard and it effects the smoothness of opening.

Dream Bed

My new Therapur bed was delivered 3 weeks ago and I haven't looked back. I feel well balanced when lying on the bed, and cool. Although the bed is firm it is very comfortable it's like lying on air. I don't suffer the lower back pain my old bed was causing me. The price I paid for the Therapur bed was more than I wanted to spend, but so far I don't have any regrets because I love my bed it is worth every penny. I would definitely recommend.

a ggod bed...

The base is a good quality but while assembling the bases units I inadvertently put my knee on the top to reach something , my knee cracked the board what ever it is made of, (yes it warns you not to stand on the base) but I think a sheet of three ply would be a more suitable , I am assuming that the board used is some sort of plastic corrugated cardboard however it did not split the material and the mattress was soon put in place.

Amazing bed and with great space for storage

I have been searching for a bed for some time now, my previous bed is low and no space for storage boxes underneath. After a lot of search I came across this bed in Dreams. I bought this bed a month ago and it is so lovely. Got great space for storage in the ottoman. The lift is light and easy (I have a damaged shoulder) this does not strain your body when opening the ottoman. The sales and delivery team were fantastic

Simply the most comfortable bed I've ever slept on

I bought this bed a month ago, and chose to wait for delivery to coincide with carpets being laid, so have had it now for 2 weeks. I could not be happier with it, it is so comfortable and supportive for my back and the storage underneath is amazing. Delivery was quick and efficient with the delivery guys assembling the new bed and taking the old mattress away. I absolutely love my new bed, wish I'd baught it sooner.

love this bed

the quality of the base isn't the best in the finishing touches. Some of the material is fraying where it is glued to the inside of the drawer. I found a sharp lump of glue in the corner of one of the drawers. however saying that i have given this a 4Star as the base itself is solid and looks good all round it was just the finishing touches i found that lost it it's last star. still happy though.

Dodgy manufacture

I ordered this in July alongside the Therapure 800 mattress. We bought in store with the headboard, all looked great on display. When it arrived, the mattress overhung by 5cm, it was then that I realised that the base is already 2cm less thatn the matterss even without the allowed deviances. The colour was also not the same as in store and the drawers were uneven and the metal details bent

Sleeping Beauty

We bought the bed as our old one squeaked just by looking at it. The mattress was as flat as a fried egg. The new bed arriced in three pieces, two bed sections and the mattress. The base sections were easy to fix together and the bed was set up in no time at all. It's taken a little while to used to the new mattress but we're there now. This is one is the best purchases we've made.

Very comfortable and nice features.

We bought this after our old bed finally gave up. It was a shock how much more comfortable this one is and we sleep better now than we have for a few years. The drawers are fairly solid, strong enough for bedding etc. Love the feet, much better than the old casters we had before. All in all it was a great buy and we should have done it years ago. Cheaper than we expected too.


Bought a double ottoman base for my son's room for extra storage. The guys cane and assembled the bed and were polite and friendly and also wore shoe protectors without me asking. Assembled it and showed me how to open correctly and really pleasant experience. Will recommend Dreams to everyone as professional company from ordering at store to delivery and assembly.


Excellent service from the Manager Kevin in Ashford, fantastic therapur divan base with four drawers and silver legs, very stylish :) Very comfortable mattress therapur serenity. Extremely pleased with purchase. Thanks again to Kevin in Ashford and also to the Manager in Tunbridge Wells. Excellent customer service to the Dreams Team, would not shop anywhere else.

Good firm mattress

I bought this 3 weeks ago...initially the first couple of nights I couldn't get used to it as it has a gel layer and seemed more solid than previous mattress. However after a few days I am now sleeping well....only notable downside is I seem to get too hot at night sleeping on this despite all reassurances that this has a design to facilitate air flow etc.

Best bed & mattress ever

We bought the Therapur ottoman bed & mattress and its has been the very best bed we have ever bought. When I read reviews about the mattress some people said that there was a bad smell from the mattress but we have not had any smell at all and every night we have a brill nights sleep. So it's a big thank you to Dreams and your delivery was spot on too .

Good quality base

Very happy with the quality of this base, the drawers run smoothly and feel robust. The guys who put it together did a good, quick and clean job. Only comment would be to sort out the colours on the website as the images are incorrect for this model. Customer services provided me with an image of the correct colour but it was a very good job I checked!

Love it! So much storage

We were looking for a divan bed with drawers as my husband did not like the idea of an ottoman bed (didn't think they would be supportive enough). After spending time with the sales man who explained all options my husband was won round to the idea. Best purchase in a while, loads of storage space, firm, well made and built. No regrets whatsoever.

I love it!

I've had my bed for about three weeks now and I just like to so much. When I first got in it felt very different from my old mattress, which was only 15 years old. After about a week, I realised that I was getting to sleep far more quickly, and sleeping longer. I have had a lower back problem for several months and it feels a lot better already.

Good for my back

I find the bed very comfortable and my joint pains have been better since I bought the bed. The only minor problem is that it is a little higher than perfect for me especially as at the moment I am in a plaster cast. The storage under the bed is wonderful. I also bought a tempur pillow from you and that has helped my painful neck a great deal.

Great Sleep

Have had this divan and mattress for 3 weeks now, what a great buy! Very, very comfortable, sleep like a baby. No more aches and pains on waking up and that's just the mattress. The divan is very well made, strong drawers on good runners, excellent value. Would recommend this product to anyone, it's not cheap but well worth the money.


This bed is without doubt the best bed I have ever slept in. The ACTIGEL PLUS ensures that you don't get to hot or to cold. It is the most comfortable and luxurious bed,mortally helps me because I get too hot in bed, but not any more. it's like sleeping in a cloud. The ottoman gives you great storage as well. best purchase ever.

At last a great nights sleep!

We needed a new bed as the one we had was causing us back ache. We were really unsure which mattress to go for & didn't want to spend a fortune. We settled on the therapur & after a couple of nights our backaches were gone & we were getting used to a descent nights sleeping again. Best desicion we made & would highly recommend.

Sweet Dreams at last

Bought this Divan base from Dreams as our old one creaked every time we moved. This is silent, looks very good, and the extra storage from the 2+2 drawers is wonderful. The two small drawers at the top of the bed are a great idea as they open without hitting the bedside cabinets. Excellent quality at a very reasonable price.

Back ache and restless nights ...... thing of the

Bought a new gel mattress and ottoman from Dreams about a month ago, fantastic friendly non oppressive service from start to finish. The back ache and restless nights are most definately a thing of the past due to a poor quality product from what we thought was a top brand. Faultless! Buy Dreams 5 stars well deserved.

Great storage space

I,m pleased that the opening mechanism works so effortlessly,it’s easy to lift the top away to reveal really useful storage space. It was fairly easy to assemble although the instructions need updating,it references a mattress retaining bracket that wasn’t included which confused a little.All in all a good product

What a purchase!

We bought this bed for our daughter to replace an old metal framed her and not wasn't it worth it! Fantastic quality bed with the extra space built into it. The build quality is second to none and it looks even more impressive with the headboard attached! Would I recommend this bed, yes I would without hesitation!

A very useful storage option

Purchased last month. A really good storage option making great use of space. Sturdy construction and likely to last well. My only negative comment would be that when you raise the ottoman base it scrapes across the headboard. In time this will mark the headboard fabric. Otherwise I would have given five stars.

Does what it says on the Tin!

Double divan bed base, with drawers great! The drawers are not made overly well, however once you've checked that you know what to pack where! Ours arrived broken and the service at the Gloucester store was appalling, as was the time to receive a replacement drawer!! Not ideal but it is resolved now!

Not great!

Store staff u couldn't fault. Delivery quick end easy. I love the mattress it's amazing. Shame the base is basically rubbish! Draw broke within few weeks with barely anything in it! New one arriving this week! They are only stapled with ONE staple so don't hold out much hope of that lasting long. Shame



Great products & service

The staff were so helpful & they were no pushy like some places. They gave us different options then let us decide what we wanted. We chose the medium Vitality Acti SK Mattress which is so comfy & I would recommend & the Helsinki SK B/S Grey Fabric (Solid Slats) which is very quality & looks great

Customer service

The support and advice offered in store was excellent, not pushy but clear and confident, knowledgeable, and I did fling plenty of questions at the salesman. We ended up buying what we really wanted and matched headboard to suit our decor, etc. We bought for maximum comfort, style and storage!

Lunar eclipse

I received my new bed base and mattress from dreams this morning highly satisfied with both items delivery came on time stated excellect customer service all round from the assitant in the shop to lady who helped me at customer services and delivery guys well done dreams 100% for everything..

Graat quality products.

I have a back problem and a friend of mine informed me to buy Therapur mattress, I bought my Therapur mattress and bed a month ago and the quality of the product is great, but since I bought this product I haven't seen any change. Maybe either I need a firm mattress but not medium firm.

Easy to put together and fab colour

Really happy with the divan base, was worried initially how the colour would come out as the picture was slightly different to the stone icon however it turned out to be the exact colour we wanted. It was really easy to put together and we opted for two drawers which have plenty of space.

Good Value & Features

The base is a completely new design compared with what we have had in the past but we aare very pleased we went for this design. The storage capacity is very large and much more than the drawers we had previously and it is very sturdy too. I would thoroughly recommend this base to anyone.

Good experience from start to finish.

We have had our new bed for two weeks and are delighted with it. As impressive were the staff in the shop where we ordered the bed and the comptance and helpfulness of the delivery team who took really good care of us and the bed. Price was what we expected, all in all, a good experience.

Great Bed

I bought this bed 3 months ago, and it is the best purchase I've made in years. It's very easy to open and close, and I have arthritis so I was worried whether I would be able to manage. Even with a very deep mattress it is easy to operate. It is also very comfortable, I sleep very well.

Does the job brilliantly

Great purchase. Bought this for my son and he is so happy lt with it. Tried it out myself the other day and have to agree with him that it is a marked improvement on what we had previously. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this purification, Dreams and the eventful service we received.

Looks good and the drawers slide open very easily

Bought it 2 weeks ago and it looks very nice in the bedroom. The 2 & 2 drawer layout is great with bedside cabinets. Only downside was that there was not a great choice in colours. Apart from that product is great and the headboard is very solid and does not move when you are in bed

Just what we wanted! Huge amount of storage.

The storage underneath is massive, just what we need, and all seems very solid, once assembled - which was a heavy job, but quite straightforward. We chose the ash grey colour, looks nice. (Shame there was a dirty mark on one corner when we unpacked it though, under the plastic)

Great design at a good price.

We bought this bed as a replacement for one with slats that had a bit too much 'give' in it. This is much firmer, doesn't seem to slowly slide down the room over time, and the half-drawer design is great for fitting a bedside table in without restricting drawer opening ability.

Excellent Service

As far as comfort is concerned my husband would give the bed 5* for comfort, I would say 4* and still use a mattress topper. The Ottoman storage space is fantastic and well worth the extra cost. The service we received both prior to the purchase and delivery was excellent.

Best company.

Excellent quality product, staff extreamly helpfull, guided me through my choice. Extreamly happy. Purchased a few products from Dream. Products good and price good. Pay for quality and quality is what i get, all round. Very highly recommend Dreans. I'll be back, again.

Super comfy, finally a great nights sleep

Really happy with the TheraPur Divan and mattress. So comfortable and finally able to get a great nights sleep. The base draws are easily accessible making them useable. Can't fault the team at Dreams Chester, everything has been a breeze from start to finish. Thank you


Bought a new bed and mattress 2 weeks ago and could not be happier. Looks great in the bedroom and the ottoman bed is very useful for those odds and sods!!! Took a week for my body to get used to the bed and now it has I am sleep much better and it's very comfortable

great bed

love my new just like a posh hotel bed,dreams have the best delivery service,delivered our needs not delivery peoples,superking delivery men had no complaints about having to take bed up 2 flights of stairs.from shop to delivery service was exellent.HIGHLY RECCOMEND.

Great storage!

I bought this a month ago and and I'm very happy with my new bed. Only thing I would advice that you might have to go for a thinner mattress as bed is much higher than my old one, due to storage spacing which is fab by the way! You can store so much! Recommend it

Good service

I brought this 1 month ago, We experienced back ache for the for the first couple of weeks but that has eased as we have got used to it. My experience of shopping with dream in all stores visited was excellent service with friendly, knowledgable and helpful staff.

Great divan base

Just what I wanted. Well made divan base. Nice material covering - just the right colour. Various drawer options available. Bit higher than old bed. Reasonable price - not the cheapest but good value. Helpful staff. Available from stock for collection. Happy

Wonderful Service

Very satisfied with our bed. Excellent quality and value. The delivery men were absolutely wonderful and went way beyond the norm and gave really excellent service by being as helpful and considerate as possible. Congratulations on your wonderful staff.

Smelly bed

I am extremely pleased with the helpful staff and service I received from the Gravesend branch of Dreams. However, the bed I have seems to smell as if it is still in the warehouse! I can only hope the smell will disappear in the not too distance future.

Sturdy bed base

I received this base and I am very happy with it, it also comes with headboard slots at both ends. The drawers are also very sturdy. I got it because my parents have the same base and were very happy with it so I played it safe and couldn't be more happy!

Incredibly comfortable

Really pleased with this new bed. Excellent storage in the 4 drawers underneath. Delivery service was excellent and assembled the base quickly. Love the colour - was going to go for lighter colour but glad I didn't now as I think it would show marks more.

Sweet Dreams

I bought the bed a little over three weeks now and I can honestly say the first night I slept like a baby and in the morning my back said THANK YOU. So thank you to Dreams - now I don't want to get up in the mornings - I can happily stay in bed all day.

Really happy

We have been using our new divan base for a couple of month now and I'm really happy with it. I was also very happy with the service rom Dreams. I had to chance the delivery date which was really easy to do online and everything went ahead as planned.

Comfortable bedtimes!

Bought a new bed - king size divan with fancy mattress. Great customer service - helped us test all the mattresses to find the right one for us. Good price (the most I've spent on a bed ever) but worth it. Had the bed a month now and sleep very well.

Very comfortable bed

I bought this bed nearly 3 weeks ago to replace a bed that I had bought a year ago from another store and which i just couldnt get comfortable.This new bed is so comfortable and cosy and gives me the best comfort and good nights sleep in a long while

Expensive and basic

Very expensive for what it is. It's very basic, the base is made of wood covered in fabric, there is not cushioning. So the mattress is lying on a rock hard base. There are bits of fabric and cotton ends sticking out - like it was made in a hurry.

Lovely Comfortable Bed

We have had our bed for a month now and it is very comfortable. I used to wake frequently through the night but since having our new bed my sleep pattern has improved immensely. The service was 5 star, the delivery was quick, and the bed is great.

Brought the mattress and so impressed we went back

We brought a new mattress and it was so comfortable we then decided wanted the base to match. Very good product and the best bed I have purchased as quality of sleep is at the max. Only problem is it is harder to get up for work as so comfortable.

Study product,great design

We bought this base last month and have been extremely pleased with it so far. The storage underneath is huge. Quite surprising how much fits there. The only down side to it is the actual bottom is thin hardboard. So don't put heavy stuff in it.

It does everything we wanted

The staff at Dreams sort of guided us to the right product by asking the right questions. In the shortest time. It did not seem to be hurried and no presure was added in the sale and now we have had the bed for some weeks we are well satified.

Good Night Sleep

When we bought this bed, I thought "have we done the right thing " but we had. It didn't take long for that good nights sleep. My aches & pains where much improved due to the comfort of the mattress. The base is definitely a fab space saver.

So comfortable

I am loving my new Dreams bed. It is really comfortable. I was concerned whether I would find the memory foam topper too warm but my fears were unfounded. The 2 small drawers at the head end are great for pillowcases and other smaller items.


Got this bed this month and my husbands back already feels way better ... and the storage is great xx and the staff at King's heath branch was the reason I brought the bed as they were so helpful and gave tuns of advise when choosing my bed

very sterdy

I purchased a single divan bed with draws and I have never had such a stery bed so comfortable very good quality for the price, I normally get a cheap bed but they only last about a year, I could tell straight away the quality of the bed

Amazing storage

Really pleased with my new bed, we are now getting the best nights sleep ever. We chose this bed because of the storage, we have had storage beds before but this is by far the best, the quality is fantastic. Very happy overall.

Solid base with plenty of room in the 4 draws

Bought the bed, because a new one was required after many years, and required a divan as we had before, but with an upgraded mattress. Very pleased with both base and mattress, especially the latter as it is more comfortable.

Very good service

We needed a new bed and mattress and dreams had the ideal solution to our storage problem. We are very happy with our new ottoman bed and my sleep problem is a lot better now so is the storage. The delivery was as requested.

Love my new ottoman bed!!

Delivery was slightly delayed. However we were advised that there was traffic!! Dreams put my bed together explained all features of the ottoman. They were extremely careful with the new paintwork in my house. Very happy!!!!

Solid divan

Very happy with the divan, smooth delivery process, easy to put together and fits the description well. Colour is slightly different to the pictures online but not unpleasant and the finish is of a good standard.

Does the job

We've had it a few weeks now an it's very sturdy the base is quite high so any matteress u chose will mean u end up with a high bed I'm not short but it's an effort to get in bed now an it's a little jump to get down

Fantastic purchase

This bed was purchased two weeks ago i suffered terribly with a bad back & could barely move in the mornings since purchasing this bed & i have had the best two weeks of sheer luxury & comfort would highly recommend.

Love my bed

I already had one at my house. No option when I needed to change the bed in my caravan. Bought the same one and now I sleep just as well at either location. Delivery was on time and the delivery men were brilliant

Amazing storage underneath!

I bought this bed within the last month and found it easy to put together and assemble. Instructions are easy to understand and I assembled the bed within 30 minutes! Overall I love the look and quality of the bed!


Superior to our previous Dreams memory foam mattress. Lovely and comfortable we don't overheat the same but the mattress still smells awful after over two weeks. I hope the odour disappears soon. Otherwise fab Zzz

It was like sleeping on a cloud

This bed is so comfy, for years we thought we needed a firm bed, but Dream recommended a medium to firm. We both suffer with our back and had always assumed that a firm mattress was the answer. Thank you Dreams.

Good Value

Good product. Decent quality material and seems like a sturdy base. Searched for ages trying to find a superking divan base that was decent quality but didn't cost the earth. Seems like this was a good choice.

Excellent looking bed with the large headboard

We have had this bed for 5 days and it is very comfortable. The service from Dreams is excellent. We didn't have castors on the bed which we needed to move it, and within a couple of days they were replaced.

Amazing experience

I bought a bed frame from the wembley store and what an incredible experience it was. The staff were friendly and helpful, showed me a variety and gave me a great deal. I would absolutely shop there again

A great nights sleep at last.

I needed a new bed and went to the local dreams shop, excellent service. I have now had my new bed for just over two weeks and it is the most comfortable bed I have ever owned. A really good nights sleep.

Good quality

I've purchased this before from Dreams and it's really good quality. Feels really soft whilst being strong and sturdy. You can buy cheaper ones but you'll always have to pay a little more for quality.

Improves a good mattress

We have this paired with the Netmums mattress, which we previously had on a metal/wood slated bed. The difference is very noticeable, improving comfort by providing a stable, strong, flat surface.

Famtastic bed

I bought this bed 3 weeks ago. It is incredibly comfortable and the storage space is fantastic, so much space. It is also easy to use and to access the storage. Bed looks great too, very stylish!

Sleeping like a baby!

Fabulous service and advice at the store, delivery communication was fab and the guys put the bed together in no time. The bed is so much more comfortable I wish we had changed it years ago!

Excellent choice of bed

Bought this bed 4 weeks ago looks fantastic with the head board the actively mattress is so comfortable also. We had 2 draws on the foot end which are excellent for putting spare bedding in


My husband & I absolutely love love love this bed. Great nights sleep each night, so very comfortable that we don't want to get out of it in the mornings & can't wait to get in it at night

Timeless look

We brought this a month ago and it looks great in our newly decorated bedroom. The draws are a perfect size and the smaller one can still be opened with a bed side table next to the bed.

Fantastic bed

I bought this for my daughter's birthday. Delivery was smooth and arrived on time. It was easy to put together and the delivery guys were very helpful explained Ning what I needed to do.

Fantastic bed

Received this bed a couple of weeks about and it’s the best thing I have done. I have a small room with my partner and this bed just gives us so much extra space. Absolutely love it.

Hydraulic pistons

I purchased this bed around about a month ago and I've enjoyed the the the bed hydraulic pistons make the Ottoman some of easier to gain access to the storage underneath the bed

Great purchase worth every penny

I bought our new bed last month it's been great and so comfortable the best sleep I've had in years. I would definitely recommend dreams for a decent bed it's worth every penny.

Gorgeous comfortable bed!

We bought the bed a month ago and absolutely love it. It's stylish, the ottoman provides great and discrete storage and the mattress has been so comfortable. We won't look back.

Maximum comfort

After sleeping in my old bed I used to wake with a backache but since purchasing my Dreams bed my backache is a thing of the past and I get a much more relaxed night's sleep.

Very comfortable mattress

We started using the bed two weeks ago and wish we had bought one ages ago. It is very comfortable and as we are elderly the height is perfect for getting in and out of bed.

Very good

Got the Super King size, It's really well built and I would easily recommend, my only gripe is that it isn't 2 squares like the picture shows, instead it's two rectangles.

Purchase of double bed

We were very please with the information received from the salesman. Also the men who delivered the bed were good and considerate by taking their shoes at the front door.


Supports the mattress ok & 2 + 2 drawer system good. Had cause to move the bed & found the glide system very difficult. Prefer castor's, but not available for this bed

I bougt this divan about 6 weeks ago.

It is very comfortable but I should have looked for one with memory foam topping. My bones need extra comfort .if you have arthritis it is not guite comfortable enough .

Great divan base with good storage

Bought the base to replace old steel frame. No squeaks and matress is much firmer great bed around with loads of storage in ottoman base great for duvets and pillows etc


Spent months suffering from a bad back until I received this amazing bed. Every night I climb into it and feel myself melt...absolutely love it, it's just like a dream!!

Lovely base

Brought this base about 2 months ago, love the space under the bed, easy to access along as you buy the correct headboard to go with the bed. Worth the extra dollar!

Extremely comfortable

Bought a few weeks ago but has only been used during past week. I'm told it's very comfortable and has a good look. Storage drawers really useful for extra bedding.

Great base

I bought this a month ago and I’m so happy I did. Our last base was slats - I’ll never go there again! This base a strong and solid. I’m getting sleep! Thank you!

haven't slept so well in ages !

haven't slept so well in ages ! My nightmares have vanished ! All I go through in my sleep are happy and sexy dreams . Sleep has become a joy to look forward to .

Great drawers

I bought this for a new mattress the base feels solid and is well made, the drawers I had on either side (2) are excellent and very sturdy , definitely recommend.

Under bed storage

I'm not much of a stay in bed person but since buying it my sleep is a lot better and I now kind of regret having a tv in the bedroom as I don't want to leave it

Great storage

I bought this base a month ago. I’m really pleased with the quality of it. It is sturdy and has lots of space for storing bedding. It is an attractive base too.

Comfy mattress

"I have been sleeping so much better since having this lovely bed. I do not want to get up in the mornings! Back is not sore in the morning anymore. Thanks."

Looks good

I brought this bed about 3 months ago although I find it very heavy to move to be able to hoover under the drawers are very handy and the mattress very comfy

An excellent purchase in every way

This product fulfilled all our requirements. At reasonable cost, a very comfortable smart-looking divan base. Purchasing on line couldn't have been easier.

Excellent divan base

We bought this base to replace one which wouldn't go up our narrow staircase. This one did go up our narrow staircase, looks great and is very comfortable.

Very happy

Had the Therapur mattress and divan base for a month now. We're very happy. Extremely comfortable and a major improvement on our old mattress and pine bed.

Brilliant Divan Base

I bought this for storage as well as a bed base & im glad i did because there is huge amounts of space underneath the bed and also decent quality overall.

Restful sleep

The mattress is fantastic at keeping your body a constant temperature fantastic when suffering from hot flushes been a long time since I slept this good.

What a great nights sleep

We are so pleased with our mattress, bed & headboard, we sleep so well & we have had so many compliments on the bed & headboard, thank you so much Dreams

Looks good,

I bought this a few weeks ago, I find it abit noise while turning from one side to the other. I like the colour, but its not a robust as I expected.

great storage

Decided on going for the four drawer divan as this offers plenty of storage. Colour fits in really well with our room. Very pleased with our purchase.

divan double beds

Im so happy with my new product and im extremely happy with the customer service and delivery service from dreams saint helens branch merseyside

The bed is so comfortable

The girl in the shop was so helpful an knowledgable of the product. When it arrived one of the mattress had a fault the changed it straight away

great service

delivery drivers were great and fitted the bed together for us . 1 headboard bolt missing though bed is comfey enough i hope it stays that way

Very strong and generous storage.

I have been able to store big duvets and stuff so so easily that previously wouldn't fit in a divan drawer. Easy to manoeuvre and very sturdy.

Robust and stylish

I brought this 4 weeks ago .Excellent storage solution. Quality item. Staff from store to delivery men very informative and extremely helpful

Great product

Bought this bed a while ago, best nights sleep in a long time. There is a slight smell initially but it's a new bed, it doesn't last long.


We bought this base for a mattress we already had. It has ample storage and seems very sturdy.We are really satisfied with this purchase.

Comfort and practicality combined

My wife and myself both agree that this is the most comfortable bed we have ever bought. It also has plenty of easily accessible storage.

Good but can be tricky with headboard

Great for storage and very well made however make sure you ask for spacers between the headboard and base as otherwise it won’t open !!!

very smart appearance

After years of sleeping on a creaky divan, we are really pleased with our new ThereaPur Divan. Drawers good size and seem really solid

Works really well

Bought this as it looked good and great storage option. Works well and only downside would be needs more colour options for the fabric.

Brilliant storage space!

We downsized houses and so gave up our kingsize bed for a double ottoman. The bed is very comfortable ànd the storage space invaluable.

Very nice divan

This was the best divan base we saw in the shop, the colour (ours is carbon), style, drawers and feet all look very modern. Very happy.

It is a bed!

Not as good as we would have wished but good enough. The exchange offer doesn't really worl on super king as there are so few options!

Wonderful bed especially mattress

Superb bed, very big and wonderful to sleep on. Mattress was delivered cosmetically damaged however offered replacement straight away.

Comfortable bed. Great storage.

I bought this bed for the master bedroom in my refurbished bungalow. Great night's sleep. Storage space is at a premium in a bungalow.

Best sleeps ever!

I have slept so well since buying this bed, it is so comfy and well made. It is quite firm but not too much. Definately a good buy.

dreams bed

I purchased this bed just prior to Christmas. This bed is extremely comfortable and very good quality. Storage space is brilliant.

Lovely bed

Really happy with this bed. Lovely product. Well made. Easy to assemble. We used feet rather than castors and i'm happy with them.

great ideas

2 bits missing screws for head board head bolt nut fell out while trying to fit head board bolts bolts where sent on to me latter

Most comfortable bed ever

Very comfortable bed there is no squeaking or movement which makes for a really good night's sleep. This bed is an excellent buy.

Easy assembled

This base is fantastic and does exactly what I want it to do. so easy to assemble and very light weight also easy to move around.

ottoman bed with tempur mattress

third tempur mattress we have brought and pleased with all of them. The ottoman base is excellent for storage and so easy to lift

Most comfortable and supportive bed ever!

Excellent service throughout and a great product; only took a few nights to get used to the new mattress and absolutely love it.

Easy to install and great quality

Recently purchased and found it very simple to install and the build quality seems very good, I should get many years out of it!

Well built bed

It's such a comfortable bed I would highly recommend if you like a firm bed but not to hard also. The service was first class

Very happy with service and bed base

Bought this bed base from dreams the assistant was so helpful and friendly Would definitely buy another bed from there again


This bed offers me the support & comfort I require. Love to spend as much time in it as possible. Very happy with my purchase.

Just what we wanted

We are very pleased with our purchase. The bed is extremely comfortable, didn't take long to choose and we chose the right one

Nice design, well made.

Again all well made, and nice design, just unsure colour matches what's on website. We wanted oatmeal, but this is very grey.

So far so good

We have had this bed and also a new mattress for a few weeks. It is great!! It is our first new bed and we are over the moon.

Lovely bed

Had our bed for nearly a month now, good solid build, very easy to put together and very comfortable. Looks really smart too!

plenty of storage

Esay to use and large enough for spare linen and pillows. The handle are slightly annoying when sat on the side of the bed.

The draws

What more could you want from a bed frame, that is right one with four draws to hide all your stuff in couldn't be happier.

Great value.

This is a great value bed with amazing storage. It looks neat and attractive. The colour will blend in with todays trends.

A smart looking base

We saw this base in the showroom and it the quality we wanted with a good price tag, the only downside was 4-5 wk delivery

Does the job.

A solid bed base. Draws seem a little light weight but plenty of room. Choice of different colours should suit most decor


I bought this base because it is made with better materials than my old base that made my mattress sag.Very good so far.

Just the job.

Very handy drawer space .Gliders on base make it easier to move. Great colour with or without valance. Easy to assemble.

excellant service and value

the base arrived on time with good communications about delivery. Very good quality and service with value - well done.

Comfortable and nice looking

Got my divan bed a few weeks ago. It's beautiful, very comfortable and had plenty of storage space. Highly recommended.

Great bed

We bought this as we were in great need of extra storage. Delighted with how much space there is and how easy to use.

Sleeping in comfort

Thoroughly happy that we chose this bed and matress,it totally meets all of our requirements for comfort and storage.

Elegant, great design, reasonable price

Highly recommended, nice dark grey colour, not a wheel based which is better as they crack all the time. Looks solid.


Good quality, feels sturdy. Delivery drivers were brilliant. Feet are perfect for our floorboards, don’t dent them.

tempur beds

We bought two tempur sensation beds we are getting a better night sleep and hoping for more improvement very happy

Sturdy base

I have had this base for 3weeks now , and have found it to be of a a very high quality finish . Would recommend .

OK overall

Good bed but an issue as the bed has no lock function for the bed when it opens so very difficult to move around.

Comfort at last

Tried every bed in shop and the one we bought was by far the most comfortable, the gel topping is so comfortable

Great value for money

We've been using this for a month now and it's perfect. Looks smart and gives plenty of storage with 4 drawers.

Good looking and very practical

Recieved excellent service in ordering the bed from dartford branch and from the delivery men setting it up.

Fantastic service and advice

Had great advice in store (harlow) Guys the delivered were on time, efficient and polite Bed is wonderfull

Good quality

I love the idea of the 1 and half drawers. Brilliant, quality of the overall finish isn’t amazing for price

Divan bed base

So easy to put together and mattress is more than comfortable, easy and lightweight to turn from top to toe

Excellent quality

I purchased this bed from dreams although it's a little expensive it's great quality a definitely recommend

Does the job, nice colour

Perfectly nice bed base, drawers work well, feels well made and we like the colour. Not much more to say!

Therapur divan base

Really happy with bed and mattress, lovely and comfy. Only problem is I now don't want to get out of bed !

great comfy bed

I bought this bed a month ago and love it! So comfy its like sleeping on a luxury hotel bed. Huge, stylish


We bought a TheraPur bed over a month ago (medium) and couldn't be more happier with it. Very comfortable.

Great product great staff and delivery

I always use dreams if I need a box spring. Always delivers great product with very helpful delivery guys.

Nice bed

Bed looks stylish. Didn't buy the mattress with it but overall the bed (divan) is lovely and good quality

Great Nights Sleep

This Therapur Mattress is the most comfortable mattress we have slept on and the divan base holds plenty.

Brilliant helpful

I went into the valley park store and was very happy with overall service and the bed I've ordered thanks

Beautiful quality..

Soft enough for comfort but holds enough for good support. Couldn't have chosen a better bed. Very happy

Very comfortable.

Love my new bed, very comfortable, get a good nights sleep. Like the under bed storage. Easy to get to.


Was worried as I had never bought a new bed before but made a great choice! Comfiest bed I've ever had.


Really comfortable. This product was above our originally budget but glad we stretched as it's lovely.


Best sleep I've had since I was a child, gets better and better as the weeks go past, awesome mattress

5 foot TheraPur divan base and matress

I bought this bed 2 months ago, have found it most comfortable and have had much better nights' sleep

never slept so well

I used to wake every day to the sound of ouch my back hurts. Not since my new bed it's so comfortable

Good size drawers

Good quality & excellent drawer space. Just a bit higher than expected but good value for price paid.

product review

We have had this bed now for about 3 weeks. It is very comfortable and we get a good night's sleep.

Great look!

Quick to assemble. Lots of storage underneath. Easy to open & close. Fabric covering looks stylish.

Good night sleep

Purchased the bed about 3weeks ago finally getting a good night sleep. Pleased we choose this bed

Lovely bed. Great storage. Very comfortable

So comfortable. Although thought was getting medium firm mattress medium is still very comfotable

Best night sleep ever

Excellent quality as promised, our lovely new bed and mattress has improved our sleep and health

Fabulous bed

This is the most comfortable bed I've bought. Great night sleep with comfort what else can I say

Ottoman base for spare room

Love the design of the base and so easy to use ...... great storage space which was much needed!

Excellent storage and looks great

Have had this a couple of weeks now, the storage is great and so easy to open/close the ottoman!

Divan Base

I bought this and this is excellent but the real compliment is when you add the Mattress to it.

Sturdy and good size drawers for storage

Its a sturdy bed base with good size drawers which are excellent for storing spare bedding etc.

Very comfortable, molded to my body

I bought this a couple of months ago and it is the best bed I have ever had. Worth every penny

Looks great

Really glad that I have chosen this base as it does not require any frill - looks really good!

Fantastic evening bed

Bed is so comfort and I have a bad illness but the new bed as proved to be a great help to me

Good features

Bought this a month or so ago. Does tge job required. Good to have four drawers for storage.

Great quality!

I bought this bed for my daughter. Lots of storage and really well made. Highly recommended!

Comfy bed

Base & mattress bought together ~ great purchase very comfortable. Now sleeping like a baby

Tons of storage

Fantastic bed, bought for our new flat, has tons of storage and so easy to lift up and down.

Looks good and is good

I bought this mattress a week ago, it is a gel product. Supportive and cool all night long.


Nice well made bed. Mattress is really comfortable. Has helped massively with my back ache.

Great bed and easy to build up

Purchased the bed late September, arrived mud October. Really good bed with no re-bounce

Really comfortable

Really happy with purchase, so much room, very comfortable and gives a great nights sleep

Good storage

Bought this to replace an old divan (2 + 2 drawers). Well designed and suits my purpose.

Divan base review

Received the single bed divan base about a month ago and am completely satisfied with it.

love my new bed

After looking at lots of beds we chose this one. It's wonderful .so comfortable I love it

Great storage features

I brought this a few weeks ago the design is great and the storage on the bed is perfect

happy customer

Very pleased with new mattress headboard and divan ,grateful for all the help received.

New bed for old

Great so comfortable and great storage hadn't realised how bad the old bed had become


Bought my bed a few weeks ago so pleased it's the best nights sleep I've had in years.

Great bed

Have been sleeping on this bed for two weeks now and am finding it really comfortable.

Fit for purpose divan. Just perfect.

Had our new bed over a month now and have enjoyed comfort and great sleep since then.

good bed and customer Service

I brought this bed for my mum and she is very pleased with it superb customer Service

great features and colour

I bought this a couple of months ago and it is sturdy and we'll made. Love the colour

Divan Bed

I purchased this new bed in December 2016 i am very pleased so comfortable love it!!!

Loads of storage

Easy access side lifting, mechanism is strong and sturdy, provides tonnes of storage

Love the design

I bought this bed a month ago, the staff at dreams were great, both sales & delivery

nice night sleep

Waking up so much easier once you have had a good nights sleep on a comfortable bed

A bed

The bed is lovely and comfortable but one of the draws falls in abit so not inline

Great item

Bought this a month ago for spare bedroom and its perfect, lightweight and sturdy.

Very good bed

I bought my bed several weeks ago it is very comfortable would recommend to anyone

Great with the extra drawers

I'm loving how my new bed has the extra drawers in large and small so much space x

Very sturdy

I bought two of these divan bases to replace two very creaky ones. Very pleased .

Brilliant bed

This bed is very comfortable and has amazing storage which is so easy to access.

Looks good

Really pleased with purchase. Well made, looks good and love the colour I chose.

Looks good

Now the headboard has been fixed with spacers couldn't wish for anything better

More than enough space for my needs

I have had this now a month and would say it’s the best purchase I have done.

New bed

The bed seemed strange at first but now I am really pleased That I bought it.

Best bed I've had

Study, attractive, comfortable. If only the cats didn't like it so much also.


Much firmer than our old divan base but we are getting a good night's sleep.

Love it

I bought a matres and bed and it was just what i wanted fantastic thank you

Great bed

Very sturdy. Looks nice and put together for free what more could u want.

Simple but Sturdy

Bought this a month ago, decent build and quality - exactly what I needed

Therapur divan base

Delighted with the product, its practical, sturdy and drawers are roomy.

Very good

Very satisfied - seems very hard wearing even with the cat testing it!!


Bought this about 3 weeks ago love it so much. Makes the room luxurious

Exactly what I wanted

I bought this 3 weeks ago and its the best thing. Drawers so spacious.

good quality & sturdy divan bed.

I am very happy with our purchase. No squeaky noises really solid bed

My new beds

Very happy with beds very comfortable warm look good we are delighted

Extremely comfy

This bed is so comfy and I am ery happy to hae bought it from Dreams!

drawers where you want them

very happy with the style it looks good as well as being comfortable

Amazing bed!

Had the bed two weeks and had the best sleeps, well worth the money!

Excellent friendly staff, very knowledgeable.

Very friendly service by staff with a good knowledge of their wares.

best buy in ages

simply put it's a great bed with plenty of storage. easy to assemble


I bought this three weeks ago and we have never been so comfortable

Love the space, easy to use

I have had this a couple of weeks really happy with the ease of use

Smart looking Bed

Have had my bed for 3 weeks and it makes my bedroom look luxurious.

Love having drawers

We've now had our new bed for 2 weeks, it looks lovely in our room

Great features

I bought this base 1 month ago. I'm very pleased with my purchase.

Great nights sleep

Such a comfortable bed. IT'S like being in the air and weightless

wonderful bed good size and mattress

Overall good efficient delivery and bed is performing as expected

Got what I wanted

Bought 2 weeks ago, delivered on time and it’s good for the money

good product

The product is really good. But the bed came without head Base?.

Getting great sleeps

The bed is very comfortable and is very helpful to my bad back.

Otterman bed

Bed bases excellent .The storage space under the bed is great .


I bought this about a month ago and I love it! Value for money

Very sturdy

Brilliant bed base, easy to put together, looks very stylish

Great Ottoman feature - side opening ottoman

I am very happy with the bed, ottoman, mattress & headboard.

Comfy bed

It took us a while to decide on a new bed. So happy with it.

Great features and look

I bought this a month ago and really happy with the quality!

fantastic bed

The bed is superb definitely the best purchase I ever made

Solid bed frame base

I happy I bought this bed base. Because is really quality

very comftable

i brought this a couple of months ago very comftable bed

Bloody Marvellous!

I'm happy with the mattress and easy use of the Ottoman.

Great Bed, easy to assemble

Easy to put together, good sized drawers. Good quality.

Very comfortable

We have finally found a mattress that suits both of us.

Not that good

I bought this a month ago but it makes a noise already

double bed

bed is so!!! comfortable I look forward to going tobed

2 drawer divan very roomy drawers

Had this bed for 2 weeks very pleased nice sturdy base

Love the storage

Had bed just over thee weeks and we absolutely love it

Great bed!

Very good bed; not only comfortable but good looking!

Firm and stable

Looks decent and definately worth the pennies I spent

Sturdy good size draws

Very cheap very good construction and good size draws


Excellent service from delivery men Andrew and Paul.

Great bed and Base unit

Great choice we made with the help of you very staff

sturdy divan base

The dark base looks smart The drawers are not deep