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TEMPUR Comfort Pillow

TEMPUR Comfort Pillow

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becky says

For years, millions of people have relied on TEMPUR to give them a better night’s sleep. That’s because TEMPUR is one of the most comfortable materials ever created. But TEMPUR isn’t just comfortable – it’s also versatile. It provides pressure relief no matter what sleeping position you prefer, and its micro-cushions conform to your head and neck to give you a feeling of weightlessness.

The TEMPUR® Comfort Pillow is the epitome of luxury and comfort. With thousands of TEMPUR® micro-cushions in just the right places, it cradles your head and neck to help achieve the perfect sleeping position. The pillow is crafted for all sleeping positions, so it’s fine to use whether you sleep on your back or side. 

Featuring an impressive 3 year guarantee, this is a pillow that has enough positive feedback and impressive features that we can't not recommend it. 

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Retailer: Dreams
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Customer Sentiment: Good

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What Makes The TEMPUR Comfort Pillow Great?

Specially developed TEMPUR® 'Extra Soft' material

TEMPUR® 'Extra Soft' material is designed to help you sleep better. It's specially developed by a team of top-notch designers to help you get the best night's sleep possible.

Patented TEMPUR® envelope containing thousands of TEMPUR® micro cushions

There's no better feeling than coming home to a bed that's so comfortable you never want to leave! The patented TEMPUR® envelope contains thousands of TEMPUR® micro cushions that provide great support and comfort.

Support with a firm feel

Ideal for side sleepers

Removable and washable cover at 40°C

Removable covers help keep things fresh. The average person keeps their mattress for around 7 to 8 years and over time that can make your mattress a fairly unhygienic place to be. Thanks to the removable cover, you can sleep easy knowing that your mattress and your health, are protected.

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Customer Reviews For The TEMPUR Comfort Pillow

Based on 1362 reviews
A better nights sleep

We went through many nights of tossing and turning on our old mattress. It had collapsed on the sides and it felt like we were falling out of it all the time. It was decided that we needed a new one, but we didn't want to be in the same situation in a years time. So we went to dreams bedding centre in Worthing where we tried lots of different mattresses and after lots lying down we decided on a tempur original delux 22k mattress. I must say the difference is amazing. The comfort is brilliant. It supports your body and yet is soft enough to be comfortable. It's well worth spending that bit more on a mattress as we have, or as I say 12 months down the line you will be buying another mattress. The mattress comes with a 15 year guarantee which is handy as long as you buy and use the recommended mattress protector. This also stops the mattress getting those horrible yellow Stains that appear. Overall we are very happy with our new mattress and are sleeping very well at night.

A triumphant win in comparison

My girlfriend has been using these pillows for years and it has helped her with her back issues due to positioning at night. She was very uncomfortable when staying at my house due to not having her pillow and one day we went into a store and came across the bedding department. She found a pillow of very similar type and decided to buy it (it was half the price of her "proper one") to give it a try. At first she was pleased and felt slightly better, however after 6 or 7 days she was back to being in pain and not happy. We got her a proper pillow for my house and I must say that now all is well. There may be other pillows that claim to do the same thing but dont risk it, get a good one. That being said, we all have different needs when we sleep, I personally cant use it as it it doesnt suit me (this type of pillow in general) Not sure if this review will be of use to you unless you were considering buying a different "cheaper" version of this item.

A Dream Come True!!!

My wife went into dreams and looked at all the new Tempur beds because I have been sufuring with a bad back. As we went around testing the beds one of the kind staff offered me and my wife a coffee or tea and let us know that we can buy a Tempur bed and trial it for 40days and if we weren't happy we could swap it for another. That was awesome I thought. We bought a Tempur bed and they were so helpful at Dreams with the whole process and the delivery team messaged us twice to give us dates, and called up on the day with the hours they would come at. The delivery people were lovely, took the bed straight up and set it up for us. A few hours after me and the wife tried the bed and we found it impossible to leave it. It's so comfortable and we haven't had a bad night sleep ever since. We are both over the moon. Dreams went above and beyond our expectations!!! They are the place to go to make sleeping a dream come true.


I had deliberated over a tempur pillow for years, caught off guard in the middle of a very long night shift I thought what the heck and ordered one... I LOVE IT... my husbands whom I hadnt told about the pillow questioned me after another night shift... new pillow my love... ummm. Long story short, he steels it every time I am on night shifts, and eventually asks for one too, he is the tightest person known to man and hates spending money, yet he asked for one for Fathers Day. So I bought another. Next, child 2 who has sleep issues due to medication they have to take, falls in love with my pillow and now he starts steeling it when Im not there... so, Ive ended up buying three very expensive pillows but I dont resent it one bit. They are lovely. And Dreams were the perfect company to deal with, polite, expedient and extremely helpful.

It's actually consistently comfortable

I've slept in hundreds of hotels and experienced woefully bad pillows. I've struggled to find decent ones for home use too. They work for a while and then something feels wrong and the whole cycle or rearranging them starts again. Then we bought these, or more accurately, we bought a decent memory foam bed and these as well. We took these out of the shop and started using them before the arrival of the bed. It wasn't a instant hit as it took a few tweaks along the way but now me and my pillow are a cohesive unit. I sink into it (its a hard one) and in a minute or two it just feels right. It shapes to my head. A few weeks in and the memory foam mattress shapes to my body as well. They are expensive. A little more than I think they should be. However, what price do you put on a decent night of sleep?

brilliant pillow - essential to mattress

Having previously purchased a memory foam pillow with which I was very pleased, I went to find another, but coincidentally tried and instantly bought this one from Tempur: and what a difference! I couldn't be happier that I was swayed away from my original idea! This pillow, like the Tempur mattress, seems to have the perfect properties, both cushioning and supporting the head in exactly the right position, and, unlike the memory foam, recovering its shape almost instantly when you move. It has no lumps or bumps and does not make you sweat. An amazing product which has afforded me a better sleep with no more fear of aches or pains. If you have a Tempur mattress I would say this pillow is essential, as the mattress and pillow together form a complete system. A real pleasure to sleep on!

Fantastic. Greatly improved my sleep.

It seems odd to write a glowing review of a pillow, and I have to confess that I got this free with a Tempur mattress rather than paying for it but I really would recommend this product. I always used to be one of those people who scrunched up pillows, turned them over constantly, rearranged them during the night etc. It didn't matter if they were firm or soft, down or synthetic, they just never seemed quite right. But these are fantastic. They work the same way as the Tempur mattresses, molding to your head, and offering extra support. Like the mattresses, they are not cheap, but I think you get what you pay for. I can honestly say that the combination of this pillow, and my Tempur mattress, has markedly improved my sleep by a great degree. Highly recommended.

A firm favourite

As a Physiotherapist I really should know better; but after months of waking with a sore neck I decided to look at my pillows. Im a predominantly side sleeper, and the old, shapeless pillows meant that I wasnt getting any support; let alone where I needed it the most. I dragged my husband along with me adamant that he should also change his pillows. This product seems costly, but I really cant fault it, and would buy it again. I now have one, very supportive (i went for the firmer option) and comfortable pillow. My morning neck pain has completely gone and Im not ashamed to say that I look forward to sleeping on it every night. In this instance quality rather than quantity is whats important.

Best Pillow You Will Ever Have

We bought the Tempur Comfort Pillows to go with our new Tempur bed. The reason we bought them is we tried them in the Dreams shop on all the different types of beds and we have never used a more comfortable pillow our entire lives. The minute you lie down on them they hug and mould to the shape of your head, neck and shoulders (ingenious invention). My wife suffers with neck and shoulder aches and these really do work. They are that comfortable that now we take them everywhere we stay as anything else provided does not even come close. You will not be disappointed in these. Yes they are pricey compared to normal pillows but given how fab they are they really are worth the price tag.

Finally - the perfect pillow!

I used the Tempur Comfort Pillow while trying out mattresses recently and ended up buying the pillow too! Ive struggled to find the right pillow for me in recent years and have wasted so much money on cheaper pillows that were too soft or too hard. Ive had a stiff neck for months and havent been able to get any relief. After a week sleeping on the Tempur Comfort Pillow its already feeling better. This pillow is just so comfortable and really supports my head and my neck, adjusting as I move around in the night. Im so pleased I tried this and know Ive made a great investment. No more hunting for the elusive perfect pillow - Ive found it!

Excellent quality, highly recommended

Brilliant weighty Tempur pillow, same quality as the mattress. I stupidly picked the firmer option of pillow thinking I would need extra support for my neck and head. This was an error and should have stuck to the same softness as my mattress to match the support. Although I need to adjust the firmness I can still tell the quality is fabulous, worth every penny, and I believe it will last for years. If u get a Tempur mattress I would not be without the pillows to match. If only trying the pillow, I think it would definitely be worth it for that bit of extra comfort and support

Very supportive pillow.

We were introduced to the tempur pillows when we were looking for a new mattress in store. Our assistant asked us how we normally slept (side or back etc) and furnished us with the correct tempur pillow. Although we hadn't intended to buy tempur, we left the store with a new tempur mattress and a pair of these pillows. I'm glad we did. I was used to using 2 pillows but since using this I now have no need for a second pillow. Molds perfectly to your sleeping position and I haven't had a strained neck since we got them. Much better than previous 'memory foam' pillows we have had.

brilliant sleep

I bought this mattress because I have a back problems and haven't slept well for years even buying other mattresses that were recommended by other companies but Dreams have a pod that let's you try and I think it is a great idear and the 40 sleeps testing is fab too I am sleeping like a log now with NO complaints with the mattress regarding the sleep the only thing I have to coment about is the weight I have a Tempa Otterman Base and it's still very heavy to push up with this mattress and I was told any Tempa mattress is ok for the Base well I'm ?

So comfortable!

We have had these pillows for 3 weeks and I can honestly say they are the most comfortable pillows we have had. Having had memory foam pillows in the past, we were slightly reticent about trying them again but whilst we in Dreams choosing a new bed, we were given these pillows to lay on and that was it ,we were convinced ! They support your head and neck without any discomfort and you wake up with no aches and pains! Another excellent feature is that they have a removable cover which can be washed separately. Highly recommend these pillows!

"WOW".............What a pillow!!!

We purchased two TEMPUR pillows when we bought our new TEMPUR mattress recently and although at first I was a little put off by the cost........Now I've had a few weeks sleeping on them........Oh my god what a difference, as you can't put a price on a good night's sleep!! I've always been the first one up in our house, as soon as I see daylight I'm up..........But now I'm struggling to leave my bed ha!!! An absolute must have, along with the mattress! And there's definitely been some dreaming, I can't wait to go bed tonight.....So comfy!!

Everyone should get one!

Throughout the years I have wasted so much money trying to find my perfect pillow. Although this pillow seems expensive believe me it's well worth it. I don't wake up now moving it to try and get comfy. I put my head down, sink in and that it comfortable for the night. I used to have 3 pillows and keep re arranging them, now it's just this one. Since having this and our new mattress from dreams I rest much better and don't wake up stiff or achey. My pillow goes with me on holiday now as no other will do! We are currently in Dorset!

New bed, mattress and Tempur comfort pillows

Our old bed, and accessories were very old (the mattress had lost a few springs along the way) and it needed replacing. We had the opportunity (i.e. money) so went to Dreams to seek the replacement. I, and my wife, do have back and hip problems, mine from a serious motor accident over 46 years ago - so orthopaedic sleep was very important. We have found that the kind of beds available in the Premiere Inn establishments seem to give us the best sleep and 'getting up' experience. So we asked for something along these lines.

Wow! Best ever pillow

I bought this pillow around a month ago after regularly purchasing other pillows every few months for the last couple of years. Mainly as I refused to pay for a more expensive pillow. I usually suffer from severe pain in my neck and shoulders after a nights sleep that lasts most of the day. Well, that has now stopped after purchasing this pillow I have never slept better and I no longer struggle with neck and shoulder pain. I would highly recommend this product if you require a firm but very comfortable pillow.

Tempur... 2nd to none

We bought a Tempur mattress and pillows last year, best mattress and pillows weve used, we had a house fire in December and lost everything, now we are back home after a complete rebuild, the first things we ordered were a super king Tempur mattress and the firm Tempur pillows, dont forget your Tempur duvet for the ultimate nights sleep. WE WONT SETTLE FOR ANY OTHER BRAND, expensive yes worth the price totally yes. we even bought a Tempur single mattress and pillows for the spare room, DO NOT COMPROMISE ON SLEEP.

Sensational sleep at last

I have had my pillow for a while now and can say its one of the best investments I have ever made. I say investment because it is quite expensive being 85. However, the pillow is guaranteed for 5 years and lasts unlike cheaper makes. Helps with getting to sleep and not waking up and is the comfiest pillow I have ever had. Would I buy it again? Of course I would, and also encourage others to pay a premium price for quality that lasts. You cant put a price on a good nights sleep, if your unsure, go for it.

Brilliant pillow but better on some mattresses

Both my partner and I got ourselves same type of pillow but different stiffness. We both were totally in love with the pillow on our old spring mattress, it gave fantastic support especially since we are both broad shouldered side sleepers. Only reason its not a 5* is that when we got our tempur mattress we sink a little too much and our bodys lie a little too low for our respective pillows. Would recommend getting a level softer that what you would normally want if you are getting a tempur mattress too.

Stoke dreams staff were great

I purchased a tempur mattress pillow and mattress cover - not cheap but amazing mattress - the pillow ordered I just did not like at all just did not suit me as it was too flat - I called the store today and they were great they replaced the pillow with a new one a gel one which is bulkier so hopefully the new one will be better. The service at Dreams was fantastic when I purchased and today we had a good laugh trying out all the mattresses - we even got a coffee!! well. done to Dreams [email protected] Stoke on Trent

My Pillow

Although I really like this pillow it's taken a while to get used to it. It's very heavy in comparison to other pullows and a "normal" pillowcase is too small. To be honest I just have a pillowcase spread over the top of the pillow..like a tablecloth..as I've not found a large pillowcase yet. The pillow itself is firm but soft, it can't "bunch" up, doesn't go flat and is very supportive of my head and neck. It's very "pricey" for a pillow but worth it, I don't think I'd ever go back to my other pillow.

Tempur - great pillow

Undecided whether to by the Tempur pillow, 1. because of the price and 2. I was already using a memory foam pillow. How wrong I was - the quality of this pillow is fantastic there is no comparison to other foam pillows. I always used two pillows one feather the other memory foam but now I only use the Tempur pillow, it gives me the right support throughout the night infact I have to say I have not slept so well for decades. My one regret - not having bought this pillow years ago! Well worth the money.

Very comfortable and supporting

Was unsure about the claimed advantages, considering the relatively high cost, of these pillows but the helpful and knowledgeable salesman together with the discount on offer that day persuaded me to try them and I am very glad I did. I have always preferred a firm pillow, but the cheap ones I had were becoming ever flatter after a couple of years use. I have found these Tempur pillows are not just firm and supportive, but mould effectively to the head giving all round comfort and support.

Like sinking into a bed of soft warm clay

From the very first night we were extremely impressed with our new Tempur mattress & pillows purchases. I can best describe the feeling of lying on them for the first time as like sinking into a bed of soft warm clay at a fancy health spa! We've extolled their virtues so much to family & friends that one of them has already gone out and bought a Tempur mattress and pillows for.himself. He hasn't been able to thank us enough since he received his and started sleeping well again either!!

Mediocre Sleep is a thing of the past

Dont let the price put you off..... yeah you can get 5 pillows for the same price combined, but dont hesitate and procrastinate like I did..... these pillows are worth the money- I dont like parting with money in general and then to spend it on a pillow, however, my quality of sleep has improved after night 1!and the aches and pains of poor head position from previous pillows are a thing of the past. 3 yr warranty too. If youre considering it - trust me you wont regret it.

Comfy Pillows

I bought two of these pillows two weeks ago. I must say that although very expensive, they are worth every penny. They are very comfy and aid a good nights sleep,so far. I originally was going to purchase the tempur cloud pillow but after trying these pillows these were much firmer and suited my needs better. I would suggest that anyone wanting to purchase the comfort pillows to try them out in store first and compare them to the cloud pillow, as one is much firmer than the other.

No longer like stays at friends and family...

I was a little bit nervous about buying a pillow that some thought was too firm, but I did think I liked a firmer pillow and I'm so glad I went through with it. I am so comfortable now sleeping in my bed on this pillow and I do think it makes a difference; my sleep is longer and fuller (as in, not waking up as much) that when I go round to friends and family to stay I really do notice I don't have my pillow with me...I might have to start taking it! Thank you Tempur and Dreams.

Mixed feelings

My husband and I bought 2 of these pillows a month ago. My husband loved his from day one and finds it very comfortable and supportive. I on the other hand, find it less comfortable. It's heavy and bulky and too firm for my liking. If you like to snuggle into your pillow and sometimes sleep on your front, this pillow is not for you! I do believe TEMPUR sell a softer version and I would recommend you try both in a shop in your preferred sleeping position before purchasing one!

Superb comfort!

My partner and I went to Dreams to try different mattresses to help us both sleep better. While we were trying the tempur one we were given Tempur pillows too. They felt good, but I have been sleeping with 4 pillows for a long time now so it felt strange. Since getting the Tempur mattress and pillows my partner's back pain on waking has gone, I have slept much better, and only need my one Tempur pillow. I wish we'd bought them a long time ago! Everyone should invest in them!

Neck and back pain a thing of the past!

What can I say about this pillow? I'ts the best one I've ever tried.Over the years I've tried loads of different pillows as I suffer with back problems and a stiff neck,not anymore! Yes this is rather on the expensive side but so worth it when you wake up each morning and feel refreshed with no stiff neck or dodgy back! You can see and feel the quality of this pillow,unlike so many others on the market.If like me you suffer back and neck pain then I thoroughly recommend.

Quality sleep

Im enjoying my Tempur Comfort pillow, Ive had it for a month now and it takes some using to it but once you do ,you start to appreciate quality sleep. Ours is medium and I would say its still a bit hard but I wouldnt like the soft one because I wouldnt have the support I think. It costs a bit but you get comfort, quality sleep, better posture, better mood ,overall I see it lasting more too. Hardly any disadvantages, only that it takes a while to get used to it.



Good support

I bought this a couple of weeks ago at the same time as a new mattress. I've had back problems for some time and had previously had a shaped, foam pillow. The Tempur pillow is so much more comfortable - especially because I'm having to sleep on my back at the moment. However, I would say that it is firmer than the one we tried in the shop (probably because hundreds of other people had tried it before) ... I'm hoping that it will "give" a little over time

Temper pillow

I bought this for my wife as she was having trouble sleeping and waking up with a sore neck. We have bought pillows in the past ranging from 15 up to 30 and have never done the job. So I bought this tempur one for her and the first night she slept like a log. And has done since no more sore neck. I have tried it aswell and I am going to order one for me aswell. Very good quality. Dont think I would of paid full price for it but now I definitely would.

A great night's sleep

This is the second time we bought the TEMPUR Comfort Pillow and this will definitely not be the last. I wasn't sleeping well in the past but since sleeping on the TEMPUR pillow my sleep has improved so much waking up refreshed. It is so very comfortable and takes the shape of your head once laying down. Never will you have a bump in your pillow or an awkward neck pain again. I highly recommend this product as this is one item I cannot live without.

Temper Pillow

I purchased this pillow in October so have had a few months to get used to it. After a few nights, I found the pillow quite hard but after about a week I got used to it and now I love it. Having used memory foam pillows for many years, my only complaint is the cost of this pillow which I think is way too high even considering the good quality and the fact that I need to turn it every couple of days as it goes a bit shallow where your head rests.

Tempur pillow magic!!

Best decision I ever made. Not slept properly for years bought lots of different pillows to see if they would help front sleepers, side sleepers you name it I bought it. I wasn't sleeping till about 2-3 am and waking numerous times in the night. I'm now sleeping at a reasonable time and hardly waking in the night sometimes not at all. I know it sounds silly but these pillows have changed my life!!! I know sleep a lot better and have more energy!!

Great depending on how you sleep

Both my girlfriend and I have this. Whilst it is most comfortable pillow I've ever experienced, it's quite heavy and so if you're someone like me who likes to sleep on their arm under the pillow, it will give you pins and needles. If however you are like my other half who sleeps like a normal person, it is the best comfort you can have. The pillow could be complimented by a thin pillow just to elevate it slightly if you sleep on your side.

Worth investing in

Purchased to go with the tempur matted that I have for a limb term hip condition. Recently my neck and back have started to compensate and have really been struggling, thought I would give the pillows a go too as the mattress really helped. The pillows are great. The firm one has really alleviated the pressure and strain on my neck and back- in combination with the mattress Overall I would highly recommend and well worth the investment

Very comfortable, yet firm

I used a normal Tempur pillow for years and found this comfortable but at times had some tension in my shoulders, so assumed the pillow had gone flat and I wanted to replace it for a new one of the same type. When trying the Tempur Comfort pillow in the shop it felt more comfortable right away for me as a side sleeper. Having had it for a few weeks now, it is excellent and a great improvement on the standard Tempur if you are a side sleeper.

No more neck ache

I was forever changing pillows even in the middle of the night. Too high, too low, too hot, sore ears. The first night with my Tempur pillow I thought this is too hard but having paid a not insignificant amount I stick with it. Next morning, no pain of any type. Each night felt the same but never any pain. Then I stayed away for a night with normal pillows again and swore I will always take my Tempur pillow with me where ever I go in future

Thumbs up for Tempur pillow.

The Tempur pillow has proved to have been an excellent purchase. Ive had issues with my neck for quite a while but Im glad to say that after using this pillow for about three weeks now my neck has improved greatly. This is such a relief as it was affecting my driving in that it was painful when trying to turn my head to check for oncoming traffic - its so much better now. The pillow wasnt cheap but in my opinion it was money well spent!

Lovely Jubbly

Purchased alongside my Swinton matress and was a great choice. I prefer a slightly hard pillow and this i believe was the firmest one available. If im honest i dont fell like putting a pillow cover on it as the quality of the fabric is just unbelievable with a silky feel. Still needs long term testing but its been great so far and my head juts feels as though its in heaven (not tht iv ever been there) lol. Would recommend :) Pricey tho :(

5* plus

I cannot praise these pillows enough.Firstly l didn't know you have different pillows for different sleeper's. As l sleep on my side, and my husband sleeps on his back, so his pillow is a bit more firmer than mine. l have had memory foam pillows in the past but did not get on well with them, but these are just the best, l wish l knew about these years ago. They are a bit pricey but worth every penny.And they are worth more than 5 stars.

No more neck pain

Having struggled with neck pain for a number of years and tried different pillows including memory foam, I bought this pillow on recommendation from a colleague. It was a considered purchase but well worth the money. Within a few days I noticed the difference in my neck and now have no pain at all. I had the medium rather than the soft one but it does soften up. The most comfortable pillow I've ever used. Would definitely recommend.

Real bounce back

Purchased at the time of new bed and Tempur mattress. I always have problems with pillows in that the ones that are initially good go flat so have tried all different types, all fell short and at times I slept with none they were so uncomfortable. Not so with the Tempur, it moulds itself comfortably round your head and regains its shape perfectly. I found a bigger pillow slip gave the pillow more room to 'move' and shape itself.

Great Features

Bought this item about a month ago to match the mattress of same make. It was very strange getting used to it at first, due to the fact that we had always had extra firm pillows before. Sometimes though, the pillow seems to "ride up" towards the headboard, leaving a bit of a gap at base of neck level, but hopefully, this will resolve itself in due course. No neck problems to date! BUT - does not help to alleviate snoring!

Great bed

Got a super king bed to give us more space at night and picked a TV bed so we didn't have to squint at the TV at the end of the room. Great bed with the theatre of it going up and going down. Only issue is with the sound bar and there being no way to turn the volume up or down remotely from my sky q box. This could be easily solved with a longer optical cable that could reach the media tray. Apart from that its excellent

Brilliant pillow

We were a bit skeptical at first as we had never experienced tempur before but we were pleasantly surprised. For a pillow they are quite expensive but you only need one of them. They are very heavy and solid so no pillow fights but when you lie down on them, you get instant gratification as you don't need to pluff them up, whatever position you get into you are comfortable! It's weirdly satisfying. Highly recommend!

Pricey? Yes. Worth the money? Absolutely.

Being a pillow I was rather apprehensive about paying the price tag these pillows come with. But after a few years of replacing cheaper pillows every 6 months or so as they kept losing their shape. I decided to bite the bullet and try a tempur pillow. Why didnt I invest sooner?! Im no longer waking up multiple times in the night to readjust pillows and feel more refreshed in the morning because of this reason.

Fantastic for different people styles

My wife and I tested out various types of pillow before selecting the tempur style range of pillows - Due to our different sleeping styles she choose the cloud tempur pillow which was the slightly softer pillow and I chose the harder style tempur pillow - We have used these pillows with our new bed and both of us are completely satisfied with our purchases and we both can honestly say we have a good nights sleep


I've struggled with pillows or more precisely pain in my neck and shoulders for years. I can't claim that this pillow has solved it but it has made it better than any amount of physio. I couldn't bear to part with this much money for a pillow and bought various other cheap versions before caving in and buying this. I don't know how you can justify 85 for a pillow however for me it has been worth every penny.


We bought 2 pillows, 1 for myself and 1 for my husband, they are different from each other, mine being much softer and my husbands it firmer. we have only been using them for 2 weeks and so far they are pretty good, except I do find that a couple of times I have woken up and (obviously I may have been sleeping on the same side for a while) because my head has felt like I have been sleeping on a hard surface.

AMAZING pillow!

For as long as I can remember I I have used two pillows and have been quite particular about exactly which ones I use. I didnt think I would ever be able to replace the ones I was using, but they were getting old. From the first night, this pillow (I only need one now!) has been amazing. My head gently sinks into the pillow and I am asleep within moments. I cannot recommend these pillows highly enough!

Tempur pillows - comfort and support

We bought 2 tempur pillows recently. At first they feel a bit odd. They are very heavy, and the foam smells a bit for the first couple of days. They don't look like they should be comfortable - but they really are! They aren't "plumpable", so you think they aren't going to be soft and cuddly - but they seem to achieve this anyway. They have good support for your neck as well. Would thoroughly recommend.

Best night sleep in years

We bought our new pillows about a month ago and Im so glad we did! On the first night we already felt the difference. It is so much more comfortable that any other feather or foam pillows that we had over the years. It gives you the soft comfort of the feather but also the great support of the foam that guarantees your good night sleep. The only trouble is that we dont want to get out of bed since :)

Absolutely Fa6

You definitely get what you pay for with this pillow! I've ways heard about Tempur being good but I never quite believed it, but honestly, I've been sleeping with this pillow for about 2 weeks now and it's the best sleep I've had all my life. It's so supportive, so comfortable and it remoulds back into the original shape as soon as you sit up. I love it and will definitely be buying again when needed!

Improved comfort and sleep

I bought these 2 mattresses after discussing our medical problems with the store manager. He went through all the mattresses that were available and discussed the pros and cons of each. At no time did I feel pressured into making a certain decision. The mattresses have proved a godsend in terms of comfort and improved quality of sleep. The no interest easy terms only added to their attractiveness.

What a comfortable pillow

I have had this for two weeks. It seems very hard, almost like a brick, but put your head on it it is feels soft and very supportive at the same. It allows easy movement when you turn and because it moulds to your shape provides excellent support for your neck. It may seem expensive but what other pillows have a three year guarantee. Have had cheaper pillows but go out of shape very quickly.

Great feeling

I have been using this pillow for 10 days. It was bought at the same time as a new bed. It is very comfortable and provides good support for the head and neck. It is so comfortable that I am still not used to it yet. Rest assured once you lay your head on it you will soon be asleep and I am not finding my sleep to be disturbed or restless. Just a little shock when you find out the price!

No more pain in the neck!!

I used to wake in the morning with pains in my neck and back. I never felt like Id had a good nights sleep. But since combining this pillow with a Tempur mattress uncomfortable mornings are a thing of the past. So relaxing and you feeling like your head sinks into the pillow and is held in the correct place for a comfortable and relaxing sleep. I would definitely recommend this pillow.

Tempur Pillow

For several years I have suffered with neck problems after trying many different makes I splashed out and treated both of us to one of these pillows, within 2 weeks I have noticed a difference with my neck it has got a lot better and also noticed that my husband does not snore so much either. Yes we are both very happy with this product. I do think the price is rather high but worth it.

Best comfort yet

I had spinal surgery to remove and replace vertebrates c5 and c6 I have since struggled with finding a pillow that doesn't hurt my neck. This is the one, the pillow hugs the back of my head and neck providing continuous support through the night. Its the best pillow Ive bought and I have bought quite a lot of different ones but never been able to wake up without a sore neck...until now.

Sleep position-specific pillows?!?

Yes, I didn't know that this was even a thing! I already have Tempur pillows, but apparently they're for side sleepers (which I definitely am not), not back sleepers (which snorily I am) - who knew? So when I was questioned as to my sleeping position, I came away with the correct ones this time! Absolutely love the TEMPUR Pillow/Mattress combination - a very worthwhile investment!

tempur pillows

I bought this a few weeks ago it is great when I found out which side to sleep on. your instructions are not very clear do I put a pillow cases of mine on or not at first I put one on which cramps it up it did not feel very comfortable at all. I went back in to the store and looked at the big photo advertising it. now I am sleeping lovely after removing my outer pillow case.

High quality pillow

My husband is very happy with it and doesn't want to hear about a different pillow. I on the other side couldn't get on with it. Both of us are side sleepers but I found the pillow too high for my preferred way if sleeping. The pillow itself is made from a very soft memory foam case filled with small pieces of the same foam. It is apparent that the material is high quality.

Soooo comfortable!!!

I've only been using this pillow for a couple of weeks and it is lovely.... Although rather on the expensive side, but hopefully a well deserved buy.... I had a memory foam pillow before which was harder and more dense than the tempur one, so was worried it would be too soft, but it is like a dream, my head just melts into it and I have the perfect sleep..... Love it!!!

Most comfortable nights sleep in a long time!

I brought this pillow about 2 weeks ago, as my husband was getting one for himself to help his bad back. I was particularly fussed with getting one, but am so pleased I did! It has made such a difference to my sleep. With a 4 year old getting me up, it has made getting back to sleep a lot quicker as I am so much more comfortable. Would most certainly recommend.


Excellent quality, it's very supportive. though, it's much higher (so not a good choice for people who like a very low, flat pillow) and heavier than ordinary pillow. it also smells a bit for the first few days. my neck ache have eased considerably for the past weeks. It's expensive and I was relunctant to spend so much on a pillow, but overall it's worth it.

Shame about the smell

The mattress is extremely comfortable, and gives a great night's sleep. The only downside is that nobody told us about the smell. I understand that they use a gas to expand the foam in the mattress, and it takes a while to escape. It's just a shame they use such a smelly gas, and nobody warned us. We can smell it as soon as we walk in the front door.


Previously I was using two cheap thin pillows whilst sleeping and regularly woke up in the morning with neck pain. Now I just use this one pillow and its comfortable sleeping on my back or side, no more morning neck pains either. The pillow also appears to be very high quality. I considered this expensive for a pillow, but it was definitely worth it.

Taken me a long time to find this

Ive always known I needed a firm pillow but nothing Ive tried in my 40 years of adult life come close to my new Temur Comfort Pillow. Ive tried different shaped pillows, a whole range of firm options and a combination of several of these, but none retain the firmness and comfort of the TCP. This is definitely a case of you get what you pay for.

Undisturbed Sleep

I bought this pillow for my husband and the cloud pillow for myself. It's unbelievable the difference this has made in such a short period of time. Before these pillows we'd have disturbed nights sleep and wake up with aches in our shoulders and neck. All this has gone thanks to these pillows which may seem expensive at the time but worth every penny.

Takes time to get use to it

I have my tempur pillow a few weeks now, it does take some getting use to. One thing we all forget, the pillow in the store is well used, the new one is much firmer so makes me think perhaps I should have chosen the less firm option. It is expensive so unless someone specifically said they wanted a firm/hard pillow I could not recommend at this price.

Great for pillow fights!

Its absolutely lovely - with the Tempur mattress I bought, the pillows was chucked in as part of the deal. Your head just sinks in perfectly and helps align the neck to the body. So glad it was part of the deal and its quite heavy so if I ever have a pillow fight - I will win and then have a great night sleep as the champion of pillow fights! :-)

Seams to hold the heat really well

I bought a new bed and when I was I the showroom trying them out the salesman ask me to try this pillow it was on sale so I took a chance and I've never looked back. It looks a little different and feels like a brick but don't let that put you off stick with it and after a few days you will love it,I would never go back to a conventional pillow now

Treat yourself, you spend so much time on them!

These are expensive pillows. We tried them when buying a new mattress and decided to get them too. My justification is you spend a third of your life in bed so for the sake of your health you can always justify it considering how much you spend on other "luxuries". They are amazingly comfortable with a good guarantee and an extremely high quality

Getting a better nights sleep

I have now had this pillow for several weeks and got used to this different style of pillow to that I had been uswed to. My quality of sleep has improved greatly, the support I get from the pillow has greatly reduced the neck ache I used to suffer from. Having had a few days away recently I found I missed my pillow and won't be changing back.

First class comfort!

These are the best pillows ever! I bought four of them (for me, my husband and two children) and, although expensive, I can honestly say they have been worth every penny. We have all slept so much better since we've had them and I really would urge anyone to strongly consider investing in these fantastic pillows. They are truly life changing!

Not worth the money if you want to buy

Overal I have used this pillow for one night only and it's back in packing. We received them as we bought Tempur mattress so I'm glad that I didn't spend any money on it even my missus doesn't like sleeping on them, uncomfortable and keeping your head quite high which is not for us. Back to duck feather pillow much more comfortable then this.

Feel nice but too pricey

I am taking 1 star because they are so expensive. But other than that they feel really nice. Feels like they have different ones in the store but still decent enough. Another thing to consider is that if you put your head on the sides, it will not be a good experience, so you need to keep your head as much as you can in the center of it

Heavenly but Heavy!

We bought our Tempur pillows a month ago and haven't been disappointed. My husband's neck pain has dissipated and I am no longer fluffing up and rearranging my pillow during the night. Very pleased. Only reason I haven't given them 5 stars is due to the weight of them. If my kids have pillow fights they might knock each other out!

Great pillow but rubbish customer service.

I bought this online. I ordered the same as i have already got. I love the one I have as it helps with my back. But when i received it the new one it was a lot softer than my original one and was told I wouldn't be able to change it. Apart from that I do like the make and it usual does help with my back. A bit pricey but worth it.

Not for Everyone

We purchased the pillows 6 weeks ago, I have to say the sample one in the shop was ALOT more comfy than the one I got, not sure why that was unless it has been used a lot. So I now sleep with a really soft pillow over it which kind of defeats the object of the pillow in the first place. My partner seems happy enough with his though.

Moving up the ladder.

Whilst purchasing a new bed complete with Tempur mattress I decided to go the whole hog and "plump" for a Tempur pillow to complete the package. What a great choice!! Although I have used memory foam pillow from elsewhere previously they leave a lot to be desired in comparison. Have to say am totally sold on my new bed and pillows.

Highly recommended!

At first i thought it was quite expensive but then i tried it and it just felt so good! It comes with 3 years guarantee which is a very long. If you think about it you would normally buy a new pillow after a year or so because its just not comfortable anymore but this one really doesnt lose any of its comfort! Highly recommended.

Great choice

Having spent the last 25/30 years trying various pillow combinations, it is wonderful to find one pillow that ticks all the boxes in one go! Comfortable,cool and when you get up in the morning, the pillow looks the same as when you lay down on it. I have the firm one and my wife the soft and could not have made a better choice!

Expensive but worth it!

I used to have to use a few pillows at night to get comfortable and sleep well. After buying the Tempur traditional pillow I don't have a need for any other pillows, this one is firm, yet soft as you lay your head down it gently moulds around and supports evenly and is very comfortable. Strongly advise everyone to try this out!

Mixed reviews in our house

Bought one each for myself and hubby to go with our new mattress. We both suffer with slight neck and shoulder problems. Hubby finds his ok but not super comfy I am struggling with mine. Find it ok with another feather pillow on top of it but very uncomfortable on its own. Hoping it will grow on me especially given the cost!

Two pillows to one

Partner loves his new pillow and I have now found the one pillow! Previously I used 2-3 for a goods nights sleep and they were feather. I love that I will have consistency from this pillow, where I didnt have before with feathers (I.e it will not loose feathers and there wont be displacement of feathers around the pillow)

Firm but comfortable!

My wife and I had two TEMPUR pillows with our TEMPUR mattress. Like the mattress, the pillows are firm but very comfortable - our heads slowly sink into the pillows that feels relaxing, Theres no need for any additional pillows with the TEMPUR pillows, as they have more than enough body and comfortable on their own.

Tempur pillows

I have had foam pillows in the past which have been lumpy and hurt my neck and head so was very sceptical however not these I wake up with no neck pain and in fact they are so comfortable that I dont have to keep fluffing or moving them around! They are cool and my head doesnt sweat and get too hot! Well worth the money

So comfortable

Just splashed out on some new pillows and i never thought i would pay as much as i did for a pillow but having gone through 4 sets of pillows in a short period of time i'm so happy i did go for the tempur ones. They are so comfortable and long lasting. I dont think i'll be needing to buy new pillows for a long time now!

A bit hard for me

A nicely-finished pillow, I was expecting a really nice sleep with it. However, I've found it a bit harder than I thought it would be. However, it's very firm for sitting up in bed, so as long as you want a firm pillow on which to rest your head, it's great. It doesn't suit me, but that's nothing to do with the quality.

Does what it says

I bought this in the hope of easing my cronic neck pain, no word of a lie it stopped after one night of sleeping on this, the pillow is heavy and does feel strange to begin with but it moulds perfectly to the shape of your neck and is very comfortable to sleep on. Don't be put off by the price, it is worth every penny

Great hygeneic pillow!

I bought this pillow 3 months ago and for the most part I'm really happy with it. I like being able to tack off the outer pillow case, which traps the things that aggravate my allergies and wash it clean. I sleep on my stomach mostly and the pillow is a little bit high for that but otherwise I really like this pillow.

Superb comfort and support

I was initially somewhat sceptical as to whether it would be worth buying an expensive pillow, but this one has proved to be superb. It did take a few nights to get used to the totally different feel that it gives, but it has been really great for my neck and I would not consider going back to a conventional pillow

Tempting tempur

After having the same mattress for longer then we should have we decided to start looking. When we entered the dreams store at Cribbs causeway the assistance offered us 2 pillows to try when testing the beds. We found the pillows so comfortable that we ended up purchasing 2 pillows and have slept soundly ever since.

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Questions and Answers About The TEMPUR Comfort Pillow

Prospective customers had the following questions about the product

Hi, I wanted to order the Tempur Comfort Pillows and wanted to choose a different delivery address than my billing address. Is this possible? I have tried doing this on the online order form but am not able to. Also when does the offer on the pillow end?

Answer: Yes this is possible. When you proceed to the checkout, fill the required delivery address details in. Once you have done this, you will then see the system has auto-populated the billing address as the same. To change this, click the small edit link that is next to the billing address title. This will then bring up another form to change your details.Please note, that this new form will say that you are changing your delivery address again, however please ignore this, we can assure you that this will change your billing address. Once completed you'll then go back to the checkout overview screen where you will see your changed billing address. This offer is set to last for at least the next week.

Unsure whether to order the comfort pillow or cloud. Can you give any guidance please. We are both past middle age.

Answer: The TEMPUR Comfort pillow is Medium - Firm whereas the TEMPUR Cloud is Soft - Medium. If you are looking for a pillow with more support then the Comfort is the better choice, however if you'd like a softer pillow, the Cloud is the pillow for you.I hope this helps and please do not hesitate to ask us any more questions, if you are still unsure.Thank you.

Hi i have arthritis of the neck need a firm pillow would one of the tempur pillow work.

Answer: We're sorry to hear that and because the way we position ourselves is custom to the way we sleep, we would strongly recommend you to go into store and try the TEMPUR Comfort Pillow out for yourself, to ensure it will be suitable for your needs.I hope this helps and thank you for your question.

what exactly does the guarantee cover?

Answer: This would be any manufacturer's defects. If you would like more detail you can call the customer service team on the number at the top of the site.Thank you.

Is there a range of comfort? As in firm medium or soft ??

Answer: We have two Tempur pillows which are differing in firmness. The Tempur Cloud Pillow is softer and the Tempur Comfort Pillow is firmer.

What pillowcases do I need to buy now? The pillow is not a standard size...

Answer: These pillows measure 50cm x 74cm, which is standard UK pillow size. Therefore, it should fit any standard UK size pillow case.Many thanks, Dreams

Can the pillows be washed? Unfortunately my puppy has had an accident on my pillow which has soaked through to the actual pillow. :(

Answer: This product has a removable and washable cover at 40 degrees.We do not advise washing the inner pillow.Thank you for your question.

Can I purchase the covers only for Tempura pillows

Answer: Unfortunately we do not stock this. However, the Tempura pillows fit in standard pillow case sizes.

Hello, Can you tell me the height of the pillow? Thanks!

Answer: Thank you for reaching out with your question. This is approx. 20cm at its highest point.

Hi , I have a tempura pillow, it has two different sides, a large pattern and a small pattern side , which side do I sleep apon ? Many thanks Tina

Answer: We recommend sleeping on the side with the large pattern. But it can be used from either side.Thanks,Dreams

Which Tempur billow would you recommend for those who most of the time sleep on their back?

Answer: The Tempur Comfort or Cloud pillow would be suitable for a back sleeper.

What are the conditions of the guarantee on tempur pillows?

Answer: Tempur give a 3 year manufacturer's guarantee on pillows. Thank you for your question.

How many years guarantee?

Answer: This pillow comes with a 3 year guarantee.

Where are the Tempur pillows and mattresses made?

Answer: Our mattresses and pillows are made in Denmark. the beds are built in the UK.

Can the pillow itself be washed ?

Answer: The pillow itself cannot be washed.Thanks, Dreams.

any warranty on the pillow?

Answer: There is a 3 year guarantee on the pillows.

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TEMPUR® Sleep Technology
TEMPUR® Sleep Technology
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By Tempur UK

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