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TEMPUR Cloud CoolTouch Pillow Rated 3/5 based on 5 customer reviews

TEMPUR Cloud CoolTouch Pillow


What Makes The TEMPUR Cloud CoolTouch Pillow Great?

The Tempur Cloud is an outstanding pillow and I would recommend it to anyone in need of a soft pillow. Seriously go and try one...or the Tempur Comfort if you need a firmer pillow. Unfortunately we purchased the CoolTouch variety which is why this is not a 5 star review. I was of the understanding that the CoolTouch would give that "cool-side-of-the-pillow" feeling. What it actually gave us was a poor nights sleep, brain freeze and a sore shoulder. I would liken it most to that "camping-in-a-tent-in-winter-without-a-hat" feeling. We solved the problem by removing the CoolTouch cases, so we now have all the benefits of the Tempur Cloud without the CoolTouch...which is great except for the difference in price that we paid. Nevermind we can probably turn the cases inside out and use them as cool bags when we go to the beach or, in case of injury we now have two oversized ice packs on hand. Joking aside, whilst we did not get on with the CoolTouch there is no denying that these are excellent, high quality products. Just try before you buy and beware the up-sell.

Specially developed TEMPUR® 'Extra Soft' material

Patented TEMPUR® envelope containing thousands of TEMPUR® micro cushions

Removable and washable cover at 40°C

Support with a soft feel

Ideal for side and front sleepers

Customer Reviews For The TEMPUR Cloud CoolTouch Pillow

Based on 5 review

Great Features!

This new Tempur CoolTouch pillow has been specially developed to provide fantastic comfort and support, and with a unique CoolTouch cover, this pillow provides the perfect nights sleep!


Must Have

This is a must have for everyone. Changed my life in bed. So worth it for the amount of time spent in bed. Higher quaility sleep


Great Quality

Would recommend to everyone. Great quality and really comfortable

Questions and Answers About TEMPUR Cloud CoolTouch Pillow

Can I purchase just the covers for the cool touch pillows that I purchase from you when I bought my new mattress

Answer: , Unfortunatley, the cooltouch pillow covers are not available to purchase on their own. Kind Regards, Dreams

Is there a try and return policy on this pillow? I notice Tempur themselves offer it and you do on mattresses. It’s a big investment in a pillow that you end up not using.

Answer: , Unfortunately we do not offer a try and return option on these pillows. Kind Regards, Dreams

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