Silentnight Yours & Mine Electric Blanket Topper Rated 4.89/5 based on 19 customer reviews
Silentnight Yours & Mine Electric Blanket Topper

Silentnight Yours & Mine Electric Blanket Topper

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4.9/5 - Read 19 Reviews
Of The Silentnight Yours & Mine Electric Blanket Topper
Brand: Silentnight
Retailer: Dreams
Delivery Time: Average
Delivery Charge: Average
Customer Sentiment: Good

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What Makes The Silentnight Yours & Mine Electric Blanket Topper Great?

Made from durable polyester

Offers dual control

Three heat settings with protection from overheating

The overheating setting is great as it protects you in the instance that you fall asleep with the topper still switched on. This kill switch ensures you won't burn the house down while sleeping and the additional heat settings mean you stay nice and cosy through those winter months when there's a chill in the air.

Low-cost running and low energy consumption

Easy-fit straps

Machine washable at 40 degrees with a detachable control

The elastic straps fit a mattress depth of up to 38cm.

100% polyester

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Customer Reviews For The Silentnight Yours & Mine Electric Blanket Topper

Based on 19 reviews
Ideal winter warmer

Really glad I bought this electric blanket, my mother has told me for years not to get one as they burn you alive while you sleep - well thank god it's not 1969 anymore! This blanket is safe to use, nice and warm and really cosey! I love that I can only warm half of the blanket, as I sleep alone, so I'm not wasting energy heating half a bed that isn't used. The blanket gives a nice gentle heat - similar to having the heated seats on in the car. When you're lying on the blanket you don't feel the wires, you just feel nice and warm. I can see its going to be really hard work to get out of bed this winter with this lovely blanket keeping me cosey on those cold winter nights. The blanket itself feels really nice I think its made from wool or fleece, it has two straps to keep it inplace on your bed. It doesn't cover the whole of your bed though, there's enough room at the top for your pillows to go which means they wont get heated up by the blanket. Overall I feel like this blanket will be something I'm really glad I own when its freezing cold in the middle of winter. Also its really good that theres two controls on either side of the blanket so each person can decide how warm they want their half of the bed to be. The only thing I find annoying is the red light on the control that is always on when the blanket is switched on as this lights up the room once i've turned off the bedroom lights - giving it a seedy red glow.

Perfect for the frugal winter we all face

Perfect for Winter and the Energy price rises. The duel control is an excellent idea as we both tollerate hot and cold differently. The inly draw back is that we have to have the controls at the bottom of the bed as the connection is right where our shoulders are in order for it to be able to heat our feet so we swapped it round. It does mean we will need an extension cable under the bed but a small inconvenience. We have also bought a single one for our daughter. One thing we would recommend is the Silent night mattress topper so you don't feel the wires. It still allows the warmth through but feels more comfy.

Good product-can recommend

Very pleased with electric blanket. Have put this off for years but with energy prices spiralling out of control thought for a penny a night to give it a go. Dual control king size so independent controls for each half of bed-ideal. The control pad is annoyingly in the wrong place for comfort as my arm kept hitting it so the next day pulled the blanket towards the headboard about 8-10 cm and now happy.

Everyone is content in our bed!

The Silentnight 'Yours & Mine' Electric Blanket Topper is the perfect replacement/upgrade for our old electric blanket. It was easy to fit, and the separate controls for each side of the bed, each have a lengthy cable, more than sufficient to fit into the plug sockets in our bedroom. The temperature settings are clear and easy to control, and the size of the blanket is ideal for our mattress.

Dual control is the way forward!

Really impressed with the Silentnight dual control blanket. We had a single control one previously and I found I was always too hot at the setting my partner wanted, and vice versa. This is the perfect compromise. Really easy to set up and use, we have it combined with a timer plug to ensure it goes off once we fall asleep. Great purchase

Silentnight dual control electric blanket

At the end of the day, tiring or not, very cold or not, there is nothing more comforting than climbing into a lovely warm bed. This blanket will provide that for you night after night. Youll snuggle under the bedcovers with a contented smile on your face we can assure you. Sleep tight!


Fantastic item. Works well for me and my partner as I have a bad back and need heat on it yet he don't like to be hot in bed so the dual control heated blanket does just the job. It's a perfect design.


Got the best price I could find online and a confirmed delivery day - item was delivered a day early! Works great, just what we wanted! Now we can each warm our own half of the bed just right!

Replaced underblanket

Very good quality product. We had our previous silent night underblanket for years and hope this one lasts just as long. The delivery came very quickly from Dreams, and the price was great!

Electric blanket

Not yet used this product- preparing for the big chill ( and trying to save money - heat the person not the house), but it fits the bed well and was delivered quickly .

Dual control electric blanket

Perfect being a dual control. Wasnt in stock but they ordered it for me and said it would be 2 weeks delivery but was 2 days. Proper job

Electric Blanket

Very easy to use. Washed it once and still stays new. Now we can keep warm all night without thinking about the energy bill

Great service on price and delivery.

It was easy to order and the best price when searched the product on line. It arrived on the promised date. Great service.

King size Electric blanket dual controls

Bought electric blanket from dreams and best purchased ever with fast delivery and the dual control blanket is AMAZING

Sweet Dreams

Not used yet as its for my caravan which doesnt open until March so Ill review after that time

Keeping us warm this winter!

Perfect product to keep warm this winter - beats sleeping in that extra layer!

Effective, affordable electric blanket

Easy to fit, easy to use and brilliantly effective. Really pleased.

vast improvement on previous mattress

vast improvement on previous mattress - now sleeping longer


First time buyer of electric blanket, has not disappointed

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Questions and Answers About The Silentnight Yours & Mine Electric Blanket Topper

Prospective customers had the following questions about the product

I'm looking for a double electric blanket with dual controls and dual timers. Does this have a timer? If not do you have one with dual controls and timers?

Answer: This electric blanket comes with dual control with 3 different temperature settings so you and your partner can find a temperature comfortable for both of you. It does not come with a timer and we currently do not have an electric blankets with a timer. Thanks, Dreams

Whats the energy usage on this item. Kwh if possible

Answer: The kwh is 60 for both sizes. Thanks, Dreams

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