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Silentnight Ottoman Base

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Brand: Silentnight
5/5 - 1 reviews


What Makes It Great

I am so pleased with product the storage is of a nice size and to have both ottoman and draws such a good idea

Ottoman variations and drawer options available

Sturdy, chromed wheels

Enhanced quality fabric option available

Colour variations available

For the 2 drawer half ottoman option, the drawers will be positioned on either side of the base.

For the 2+2 continental drawer half ottoman option, the drawers will be positioned on either side of the base with space at the head end for bedside chests to be positioned either side.

Sturdy glide feet

Storage depth: 22cm

Questions and Answers

The headboard I have at present is in perfect condition but would it fit this base?

Answer: , This base has been designed to work with a variety of different headboard fixings, however without understanding exactly what type of headboard you have, it would be difficult to confirm whether this would be compatible. We would recommend that you visit the store nearest to you with this base on display in order to check whether your current headboard would be compatible. Kind Regards, Dreams

Drawer dimensions continental for half ottoman two drawers. The answer is incomplete. What is the depth of the drawer? How much space is there between the head end of drawers and the top end of the bed? I want to place an order and cannot without this. 

Answer: , The drawer depth is 14cm. The gap size from the drawer to the head of the bed will vary depending on what draw option you select. To get this specific information I would advise that you visit a local show rooms so the can talk you through all the different options. Kind Regards, Dreams

Does this base split in 2 like a standard divan base for transport? If so is there a weight limit on this bed base please.

Answer: Good Evening, This divan base will come in two halves which will help with transportation. Our bases are designed to accommodate a variety of different types of mattresses and sleepers alike and therefore we do not specify a weight limit. Kind Regards, Dreams

Does it come with an option for headboard or if not, is it possible to attach a headboard?

Answer: Thank you for your enquiry. The Silentnight Divan is compatible with any of our headboards. We also have a range of Silentnight headboards with fabrics that will match the base. Kind regards, Dreams

Is the base solid or Ventilated?

Answer: , This base has a solid top - there are no gaps other than at the foot end where there is a small space to be able to pull the ottoman up. Kind Regards, Dreams

For the ottoman option do both halves open please?

Answer: , This base is a half ottoman. This will open on just one side, but extra storage is available in the form of drawers for the other end. Kind Regards, Dreams

The headline information says it has glides but the more detailed information in overview says sturdy chromed wheels. I would prefer wheels but are they standard or an option or not available.

Answer: , This ottoman base had glides, not chromed wheels. We apologise for the confusion and will rectify the product description. Kind regards Dreams

What is the height of this bed without a mattress? as it says 34cm but the image says that measurement A is with a mattress?

Answer: Thank you or your enquiry. I can confirm the height of the ottoman base alone is 34cm, we will get the image updated to show dimension D as 34cm.

Hi, does this come with a guarantee? Also how many gas lifts does the ottoman use - just 2 or is it 4? Thanks

Answer: , This item comes with a 1 year guarantee. There are 2 lifts used as part of the ottoman mechanism. Kind Regards, Dreams

For the half ottoman, continental drawers option, what are the measurements of the drawers and how much space is remaining between the drawer and the end of the base where the bedside cabinet would be placed?

Answer: , The Continental draw dimensions are W: 32cm L: 45cm H: 14cm Kind Regards, Dreams

The ottoman only option - is this just one half that opens or both halves of the divan frame?

Answer: Good Evening , Both halves of this ottoman open as one. Kind Regards, Dreams

I was just wondering about the Ottoman only option. Is it still just a half ottoman at the base of the bed, or is it the full size of the bed as I can't see info on that in the description and would like it larger?

Answer: , This is a half base ottoman. Kind Regards Dreams