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Silentnight Divan Base

Silentnight Divan Base

fabric upholstered bed frames
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Single3' x 6'3
Small Double4' x 6'3
Double4'3 x 6'3
King Size5'0 x 6'6
Super King6'0 x 6'6


becky says

Today we're looking at a divan base from the popular manufacturer Silentnight. For those unaware, Silentnight is one of the largest manufacturers in the UK, offering consistently impressive products that continue to offer a fair price point and impressive structure and comfort. While more focussed toward mattresses, Silentnight has branched out into bed frames, covers, quilting and divan bases with great success. Let's dive into the Silentnight Divan Base and see what makes it great. 

Base materials

The base material utilised behind the fabric coating is made of strong and durable wood, hollow in its design to allow for drawer and ottoman options to be easily integrated at point of production. Wood has been utilised in divan bases since their initial inception and offers a cheap and affordable option for those looking for a base for their mattress.

Fabric options

There are 4 different materials in the Divan Base range, however, you've got 2 different types, a basic and premium (known as enhanced) option. The divan base is the same regardless of material however the enhanced colours are a more rugged and durable fabric that is much harder wearing, offering texture and quality above the standard range. Personally, I think the Barley colour looks great.

Drawer options

Depending on the size you choose depends on the drawer options on offer. This is typical for the industry and what you generally find is that the larger the size, the more options you get. For example,  a single divan base is available in no drawer and two drawer options while the king size gets you such options like no drawer, two drawer, four drawer and two + two continental drawers. Personally, I really like the 4 drawer and continental options which both offer a fantastic degree of versatility when it comes to storage, allowing you to keep your bedroom tidy for years to come.

Customer Satisfaction

What do customers think of the Silentnight Divan Base? Fortunately you're in good company with over 300 happy customers to date leaving their thoughts and experiences. What's more, with over 90% consumer satisfaction it's clear that people love this product. 

Feedback is positive with customers particularly enjoying the versatility offered by the base. Additionally customers reported enjoying the fantastic price point relative to great quality on offer. In this instance, Silentnight has once again shown why they are the market leaders in all things sleep related.

Reasons to Buy

Great price point for a well known and branded product from a company you can trust.

Durable and high performance fabric that will stand the test of time.

Numerous happy customers and a high consumer satisfaction score.

Reasons to Avoid

I'd prefer a larger guarantee period, 1 year is the mandatory minimum and while most problems would typically rear their head within that period, it would still be nice to have seen a longer period of coverage. For the price point, this isn't unexpected, but all the same.

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Of The Silentnight Divan Base
Brand: Silentnight
Retailer: Dreams
Delivery Time: Average
Delivery Charge: Excellent
Customer Sentiment: Good
Guarantee: Average

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What Makes The Silentnight Divan Base Great?

Drawer options available

This bed frame has different drawer configurations. This is common practise for divan beds that allows you to have a choice of storage options without being limited to a singular style of bed frame.

Glides feet

Enhanced quality fabric option available

You can now get fabric that is more durable, softer, and doesn't fade with extended wear. You won't believe the quality!

Colour variations available

Choose the colour to suit your room with a variety of differing and contrasting options to suit any contemporary room set.

For the 2 drawer divan option, the drawers will be positioned on either side of the divan.

This is where there is 1 half depth drawer on both sides of the divan, fairly wide and in sets of two. This is fairly common for divan beds but does mean you can't put one side against the wall while still utilising all storage options.

For the 4 drawer divan option, the drawers will be positioned on either side of the divan.

This is where there are 2 half depth ottoman drawers on both sides of the divan, fairly wide and in sets of two. This is fairly common for divan beds but does mean you can't put one side against the wall while still utilising all storage options.

For the 2+2 continental drawer divan option, the drawers will be positioned on either side of the divan with space at the head end for bedside chests to be positioned either side.

This is where there are 2 half depth ottoman drawers on both sides of the divan, fairly wide and in sets of two. This is fairly common for divan beds but does mean you can't put one side against the wall while still utilising all storage options.

Standard drawer: 77 (W) x 43 (L) x 12 (D) cm

Continental drawer: 34 (W) x 44 (L) x 14 (D) cm

Mattress and headboard not included

The mattress and headboard is not included allowing you to choose one that suits your needs or use one you already have. If you do need a mattress or headboard why not save money on shipping and order them all at once, you could even pick out your matching bedding.

Build time: 2 people | 20 minutes

You might be able to manage this alone but we'd recommend 2 people at a time of 20 minutes or so to build this product. 

Let our experts assemble your bed - select this service at the checkout

The supplier has a unique installation and assembly service whereby the consumer is able to have their product built by the experts. This was you can avoid a lot of swearing, missplacing tools and yelling at your kids and end up with the finished product from the get go. Take advantage of this service by adding this product to the basket and heading to the checkout to see options

The divan base comprises of two halves split east to west, with the exception of the single which is one complete base.

The divan base comprises of two halves split east to west, with the exception of the single which is one complete base

A  product bearing the BSI Kitemark is independent tested and proves to offer consistent quality, customers can rely on it for quality, safety, and trust.  The accreditation helps encourages trust and ensures you are buying British.

Range of colours available, including a quality enhanced fabric

Choose the colour to suit your room with a variety of differing and contrasting options to suit any contemporary room set.

Various drawer options available

Storage options have expanded in recent years and with new and modern designs. As such drawer options on this unit vary from single to double/2 drawer, right through to 4 drawer and continental options. We'd advise the more drawers the better as storage is often at a premium and even if you do not need it right now, you may in future. 

Sturdy chrome glides

1-year guarantee included

A 1 year guarantee is typical for the industry and the type of product on sale. This guarantee protects your protect for the first year of ownership which is often the time in which most problems would otherwise occur. 

Also available to purchase in store

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Customer Reviews For The Silentnight Divan Base

Based on 396 reviews
Why did I wait so long for this!

After finding myself woefully short of storage space (or possibly having way too much stuff!), a lack of space in my bedroom left me with a conundrum. Then the 'lightbulb' moment; my bed (from Dreams) is 10 years old now but the mattress is still perfect for me. However the base got damaged in my recent move, so I went to Dreams website and found this base. Chose the 4 draw option, not expecting they would hold all that much but much to my surprise I got all my spare bedding in them, including 20+ pillowcases (and I have no idea why I have that many pillowcases!). I chose the light colour, standard fabric to save money but it looks really smart The draws close with no effort and the chrome feet look really nice. It's lower than my old base but just as comfortable with my deep mattress on top. I paid extra for it to be assembled and the old base taken away for recycling. It looks really good for what is a 'basic' model and does exactly what I wanted it to do. Now I don't have to search through 3 ottomans to find my bedding and all those pillowcases are hidden away! I'm really happy with my purchase and the excellent service from Dreams :-)

Good quality for the price

It's a great bed base for what we paid. There is a +/-2.5cm tolerance on the length and unfortunately ours did come up 2cm short, (198cm, we purchased a King size that should be 200cm), so does mean that our mattress overhangs slightly, which is a little on the annoying side (we have an Emma memory foam mattress). The drawers feel a little flimsy, but do the job perfect and are a good size. Very simple structure and just two clips underneath holding the two parts together. Took the delivery guys literally minutes to assemble. Delivery was prompt, although be warned, if you are not available on the delivery day, and you get no option to change the date from what you originally booked, they will charge about 35 I think it was to rearrange. I didn't need to change my delivery date, but I still thought that was quite cheeky. Again it's not the most expensive divan base, so from that point of view we're happy with it.

New bed base

Bought this silentnight bed base to replace old one and it does the job-looks clean and fresh and the colour compliments my bedroom. Was a bit confusing on how to attach the divan base together but rang help line and managed to work it out- not sure how sturdy the clip will be- its plastic and my last base joined with a metal latch and you also had to attach it underneath bed base not at the side which was fiddly but we have had it a month and so far so good! . The delivery service was brilliant-lots of communication about when they were coming and the 2 men were really polite and helpful-thank you!

Would recommend - great base, spacious drawers

The base made such a difference to my sleep, it made for a solid foundation compared to the previous bed base and I sleep better immediately on the first night (which I wasnt expecting!) We did have to trawl through the internet a little while to find the instructions to put it together (as Silent Night, not on the Dreams website) but was straightforward once we did. One of the staples in the drawers wasnt holding it together but managed to fix it ourselves rather than fuss of going through anything. Overall really happy with the base and would recommend!

Looks great and very sturdy.

Been using this as a base for about 3 weeks now and i have no major complaints so far. Went for the dark grey which looks really nice and both boxes are very strong. One thing to note about the drawers is that they are cheaply built - the railings are not fixed to the drawers can fall off for instance. They do hold a good amount though just don't put anything too heavy in there. I have purchased two of these and both are doing great, just a minor point with the drawers that takes this down from 5 stars.

Great buy with spacious draws

I bought this 3 weeks ago and i have no complaints it supports my memory foam bonell mattress and unlike my previous bed i do not sink in while sleeping. The unusual thing about this bed i found was that the two sections are not joined together with a screw or clip which mean one may slide out while moving the bed but under the weight of the mattress its fine. The bed is really easy to assemble and light so moving it upstairs is not a problem. Im really happy with this buy

Fantastic Storage

I have had the divan base for just over 3 weeks. It is very sturdy and provides an excellent base for the mattress. The storage of two drawers and an ottoman really suits our needs. The drawers are great for storing smaller items while the ottoman part is huge and I have been able to store a quilt without having to force it in to the drwaer space which I had previously. Stamds on lovely shiny wideish feet. It more than exceeds my expectations.

Silentnight Bed Base. A great purchase.

I purchased two single Silentnight and I have been very pleased with my purchase. They are well made with two good sized drawers that glide open easily and they are a great support for the matching mattresses I also purchased.The two together makes one of the most comfortable beds I have slept in for a long time. A good solid base, well constructed and looks good enough to leave off the valance I would normally cover the bed base with.

Does the job and no more

Majority of base seems to be a thin piece of plywood, with the edges of the base thick and firm. I would not recommend jumping on your bed. I ordered the grey marl and the shade is quite lighter than it appears online. Assembling the divan is easy and the product looks quite nice once set up. I just wish companies would make their divan bases thicker and sturdier for maximum support and durability.

Ideal bed for modern professional family

I bought this about a month ago as we needed a big bed with features that would include optimum storage space, firm base and sleek design. This divan fulfilled all these criteria. Our bedroom looks much bigger and no more swapping boxes for storage. We were still a bit sceptic about the sturdiness of the base but we are convinced that this was the ultimate bed we wanted. Fantastic product!

Love the feet

I purchased my divan base because my old one was cheap and nasty, so I took my time and did my homework on which product to buy and read all the reviews I could find and I'm absolutely delighted with this product it lives up to all my expectations and because it looks so good I don't have to worry about using a valance to cover it up and don't get me started on the feet they are gorgeous.


After my original one got damaged in the warehouse, I had to wait another 10 days for a replacement to be rushed through. the base is good and solid, and easily manouverable with the added glides. the only draw back is that the drawers hold less then it's predecessor, so I cannot hide my junk.. it does take a spare inflatable mattress, all the bedding and vacuum packed pillows though.

Ottoman divan base

I was reluctant to buy a divan bed base as I generally think they can be quite dated but we have a small room and needed the additional storage. This is a sturdy bed base and more stylish than a typical divan. It is well built and the king ottoman offers around double the storage capacity of the double drawer divan it is replacing. Delivery team was polite and friendly and helpful.

Fantastic value bed

We did have a wooden bed frame and upholstered headboard that was so creaky and had broken multiple times. This bed is stylish, sturdy and doesn't make a sound when you roll over or sit on it. Easy to move and the built in storage is fantastic for smaller rooms. Wish we had bought this in the first place. The charcoal colour is almost black but will go with any colour scheme.

Comfortable mattress

We changed our bed having only had our previous one for 3 years as it was so uncomfortable. This bed was half the cost of our old one & is so much more comfortable. The mattress is so nice & comfy & of great quality. My only disappointment is the quality of the base. It appears quite flimsy & the way it clips together isn't the best mechanism. Overall, great bed!

Divan base - a trusted brand !

We were looking for a new king size bed base, mattress and headboard and liked this particular divan base because it was a brand we knew and had bought before. We opted for the 2+2 continental drawers but didn't feel we needed the enhanced fabric so stayed with the standard. It's well made, the drawers run in and out freely and it goes well with our new headboard.

Very happy with this replacement bed.

Not the bed we originally ordered, but due to the manufacturers failure to deliver, we ordered this as a replacement, from a different manufacturer. It is very comfortable, the base has a nice finish and the gliders are so very much better than castors - no huge dents in the carpet and much easier to move. The drawers open and close very smoothly as well.

Very Happy Customer

Fantastic customer service! Extremely helpful in showing the selection of bases & mattress in the style i wanted. Not rushed so very patient. Constant customer contact once purchased all the way to delivery date. Delivery guys were lovely, on time & professional. My new bed & mattress are perfect for what i wanted & needed. Extremely pleased i went to Dreams!!

So light and versitile

The Silent Night Divan Base has Provided my mattress with the correct support to enable me to have much more comfortable sleep. The two-part base is light in weight but nonetheless is sturdy enough to take a King size mattress. The metal feet (8 in all) allow me to move the whole bed easily for cleaning purposes. Overall I'm very happy with my purchase.

Dual purpose

I took delivery of two silinet night divan bases. They look great and are dual purpose including storage. Will look stylish in any room, with the colour we chose complimentary to any colour scheme. My only small criticism is the drawers do not have a supporting latt across the underneath and will probably not support heavy items like covers and throws.

Comfortable luxury

Bought two identical mattresses and divans and they were excellent. Was really pleased at the ease of using the website to choose the correct bed for my use and then the ease of ordering. Beds were good value. Wanted my old beds collected and was pleased with the collection service, however, the cost of the collection I felt was very expensive.

Why is this not finished with quality

The base of a bed is what it is. This comes in two parts - ideal for moving and both parts appear to be sturdy enough. However once in place they are joined together by two hair grips, incredibly cheap and not at all practical. Very disappointing and I personally would not have purchased this base if I had been aware of this design fault.

Bed Base

Bought a King and Double. Double bed drawers were both damaged unfortunately and they couldn't change drawers on their own. New Base in 2 weeks. Base came - wrong size. Whilst scratching of heads we suggested just swap the drawers if they are the same size - yep - all good, matched, no problem! Very friendly and courteous delivery staff

Excellent Service

I brought this just under a month ago, can't fault them at all. Confirmed my day for delivery two days in advance and then got a call from the driver on the day to confirm a time, and a call when he was outside! Was put in the room we wanted nice and easily with no fuss. Couldn't of asked for more and it gives us the storage we needed!

Great and Sturdy !

I was a little worried about getting a Divan base due to them being so hollow, however, this base is amazingly solid, it does not make any noise while moving around, it chrome legs are quite the feature too ! it also comes in many colour choices which was very helpful when selecting the right shade we needed. Would 100% recommend.

Solid base and good updates

Solid base and delivered in good time. I was constantly kept updated with a delivery date by Dreams and when delivered, it came well packaged. Solid base and the drawers are well built also. Easy to fit a headboard which I bought elsewhere. The dimensions are standard and the screw holes were easy to find and adjust. Would recommend.

Quiet and comfortable

I bought this a few weeks ago and its great. After having a slightly older bed frame I was used to my bed making quite a bit of noise when I was getting up in the morning. This frame however is pretty much silent and fits my room well. All measurements are great and if I were to buy again I would consider getting a headboard with it.

Smaller than expected

I bought this bed last month, I purchased a superking size but the size is smaller than a superking size mattress I bought from Dreams last year and the mattress hangs over. The draws are also quiet small as I purchased the 4 draw. When it arrived the connector that hold the bases together broke as was plastic and very poor quality

Well built

The divan base is well built and was very easy to put together. It feels very solid and is a quality product. It's not that much more expensive than other bases and I feel we've spent wisely. I also like the fact that there are two screw fasteners for each of the headboard struts, meaning it's securely attached and doesn't wobble.


Bought this as had Silentnight in past.Then bought a well known brand, and, well lets just say never again! You know what your getting with Silentnight, a good, comfortable nights rest! Spend about a third of our lives in bed,comfort matters! If you had a pair of shoes that didnt fit, you would replace, same as a bed, delightful.

Divan Base

The assembly was very easy but the underside of the base was very poorly put together the plastic hessian was stapled shoddily with strands sticking out, but saying that once it was laid down no one can see it. The drawers are fine and no creaks when getting in and out of the bed which is why we got rid of the old base.

Quite good, not bad value for money.

Nicely made with a good finish, plenty of space in the drawers for storage although you have to be careful of the weight of the contents, (but I just keep shoes in mine). If I have one criticism it would be the way the two bases are held together, which is two fairly small plastic clips. That said they are holding so far.

Room looks better

Purchased to replace 20 year old base. Easy to assemble, dubious about the plastic clips to hold the two sections together so retained metal clips from old base. Drawers are lower set so have no handles making for a clean look. Not sure about drawer bases yet, look very flexible. A bit of over glueing to be removed.

Can't fault it

Does exactly what it needs to. The right height, delivered in two pieces so easily fit through the door, delivery people carried it up to our third floor flat and to the room we wanted it in. Easy to slot the two pieces together. Sturdy, no noise at all when moving around on it and the drawers are great. Fab purchase!

modern look divan with ottoman storage

Replace 15 year old divan with this divan choosing the ottoman storage option. Divan much improved look and takes up less space than old divan plus excellent ottoman storage. Didnt give 5 stars as insert on ottoman base is very thin plus someone has made a bit of a messy job of screwing the panel in.

Great bed

Bought this bas a month ago. My daughter loves it. It comes in 2 pieces which are very easy to install. We liked that it came on skids rather than wheels, or legs. We also went with drawers on the foot section, which is very useful, although you won't be able to put anything too heavy in it.

A Long Time Coming...

We had been wanting a bed like this for a while and it was absolutely worth the wait. It is a firm base for our Dreams mattress and is a good height to allow for the added storage compartments below (great for storing boxes and other stuff we want to keep a hold of but don't regularly use!!)

Great purchase

Needed new bed base that would give more storage options. This one looked the part from my online visit so ordered with the 4 drawers. Lightweight and easy to get up the stairs. Easy to assemble. Supports mattress well and the drawers open and close easily. Very happy with this purchase.

This is for the divan

I will assume this is for the divan as only a number was given that doesn't match any number on the order. The ottoman and continental drawer units were simple to assemble. The ottoman has plenty of space and has a wooden base unlike some I saw when shopping that had a hessian type base.

Finishing could be better

Overall I am very pleased with this Divan Base. It is a shame that finished product checking is not better, my base was delivered with some protruding staples and poorly finished material. All has been sorted by Dreams and hopefully this attractive Divan Base will last for years.

Fixings a little flimsy

The fixings of the bed are a little flimsy so I was concerned that they would not hold the two bases together. It took some effort but eventually managed to join them both and keep them attached. The base is well made otherwise with plenty of drawer space, so no other complaints.

Excellent choice

We are really happy with our choice. Needed to replace our old one and having looked online to narrow the choice down we went into our local shop to choose the one we had. Felt really safe in the shop. All the social distancing measures they has implemented were excellent.

Great price and great service

We bought this bed after visiting in store. The advise and customer service was great. The bed itself arrived as per our request within 3 weeks of ordering. The installation was very simple. The bed looks great in our room and we are really happy with our purchase :)

great nights sleep

We bought this bed and mattress a few weeks ago and had a wonderful nights sleep ever since and the pricing was also very good so we would recommend this bed and mattress to any one looking for a good nights sleep as soon as you get between the sheets!! Excellent11

Silentnight divan base

I purchased the silentnight divan base in November and iam so happy with the divan base love the colour and its very sturdy and so easy to put together i love the silentnight brand my whole family has silent night mattresses would never change my brand of bed

Very pleased with our King sized divan & mattress

Delivered at the agreed time, by a tidy careful and efficient team. The divan bed is well made, the continental drawer arrangement very convenient, and the mattress is somewhere between medium and firm, but is very comfortable. Very pleased with our purchase.

Good quality and functional

Happy with the purchase, the frame is a decent quality build, a lot of real wood used, not much manuifactured wood, fabic is nice, the gas lift ont he half ottoman is powerful and easy to lift and close, the small sized drawers are a good idea. Am pleased

Great bed

I ordered the bed a few month ago and recieved it 2 weeks ago due to coronavirus. Its a great bed and i love sleeping in it. I never want to get up. However i was lead to believe that a headboard was a part of the bed and was disappointed to find it wasnt.

A Good Price, A Goodnight!

I bought this as a guest bed that had four draws for storage. It was easy to set up and the draws fitted well. Its the first bed Ive had with this type of feet and at first I wasnt sure but they work work perfectly. In all very pleased for the price.

Lovely Divan Base

This is a lovely divan base which looks very stylish in the dark grey and the silver feet, definitely no need for valances to cover it up. The drawers are ideal for storage and good quality. Fairly easy to assemble with 2 people. Love the look of it.

Amazing looking base

Bought the base over a month ago & was suprised on how beautiful it looked when it arrived. The base consists of 2 draws and a half ottoman storgae. Needless to say...theres plenty of storage. Its a sturdy great looking base. Definitely recommend it.

Exactly what we needed.

We are very happy with our new Divan base. It is well made and a good height; the 2 drawers see to be pretty solid as well.My wife is thrilled with the colour as it tones very well with our bedroom carpet. All in all a very satisfactory purchase.

Good but could be better !

Bought this as Id bought one previously Lovely bad and draws although very disappointed that the two bed parts hold together with two plastic clips as whereas my previous base had meat slide over connectors. Which I feel is a much better option

Great support

We have had our new mattress two weeks, at first we struggled to get comfy as we went for firm and we are use to medium but now we are use to it we love it. It gives great support my husbands back pain has pretty much gone. Well worth by money.

New bed & mattress for the guest bedroom

We are renewing our bedroom furniture & bought new beds for the spare rooms. Beds arrived in September & we have had 2 different sets of friends come to stay & both commented that they slept really well & the mattress was really comfortable.

Great little(ish) bed

Bought this bed for our autistic son who struggles to sleep. He ends up coming in to our room and either the wife or I would sleep in his. We bought this bed to give US more space but instead hes now sleeping through! What a great result!

Looks Great - Poor Build Quality

Dissapointed with the quality of this bed. Cheap flimsy wooden frame and the drawers feel like they will break in no time. It looks good and the drawers have plenty of storage space but the overall quality is poor. Cheap and cheerful.

Divan Bed

Easy to assemble. Took 10 minutes or less. Its added a much better and more secure feel to my mattress. Sleep has improved. I do however still feel that Divans are heavily over priced considering there just 2 blocks and no headboard!

Great space saver divanbase

Struggled for wardrobe space in spare room, this divan base is the ideal option, good quality drawers with the 2 + 2 option meaning bedside cabinets can be in place and the drawers opened without obstructing them. Good value for money.

No more sleepless in Bedford

This bed is excellent. Both my husband and I have had lovely comfortable sleep since buying this bed. I would happily recommend this bed if you suffer bad backache or even if you didn't. Please go try it at Dreams it is great.

dream divan base.

This divan base is well built & draws are of good quality materials which unlike some fall apart over time. I would definitely recommend this purchase to anyone who wants piece of mind and confident in having a good nights sleep.

Bed base 4 drawers

The base looks really nice with matching headboard. Small roller was broken in the draw but was soon sorted outand one was posted out within a week very good service will always use dreams when purchasing a new bed for our home

space saver!!

Used to replace a larger bed to create space in room for exercising as well as sleeping - also has drawers to help reduce clutter - easy to assemble, fits well with decor and bed linen, easy to clean under with glides - great.

Good base

Good base for a bed, got it with solid feet instead of wheels so it does not slide around, has ample storage with 4 drawers, the drawers do feel a bit flimsy and will hopefully last a long time, overall happy with our purchase

Great bed

Bought a bed frame from dreams which was delivered on time, looks perfect in our spare bedroom. The delivery drivers had excellent customer service skills and were so friendly which makes a huge difference. Thank you dreams

Superb bed

I love this bed base. The build quality is excellent (it was bought to replace a cheaper model bought from a different supplier which had developed all sorts of creaks and groans). At last we can get a good night's seep!

Excellent service

It was an excellent service all the way through from the selection of the mattress and bed in store through to its safe delivery. There was first class communication throughout. Thoroughly pleased with the quality too.

Lovely bed well worth the money

Really nice bed and pleased with it -As soon as I ordered I was told when it would be delivered, it came exactly when they said and the delivery guy who came into the house was friendly and wore a mask the whole time.

no wheels

pity I did not realise that the divan base does not have wheels. the weight of the bed makes it now impossible to move! the quality of the base is not as good as previous bed as it is held together with plastic clips.

easier to move across the carpet with the glides.

Brought this bed as replacement for slightly larger size as i needed the extra room.Very nice choice and very comfortable.I wish i had changed it sooner,now have the extra room i needed and get a better nights sleep.

What an improvement!

The difference between this divan base and the one it replaced cannot be overstated. Movement in bed is now silent, making the bed is easier, and I would fully recommend this product for a comfortable night's sleep.

Great base

I bought this to update my daughters bedroom. The colour and material is great and fits in with our colour scheme and the feet make it easy to move about and the drawers are a great size for extra storage.

Divan with extras

Bought this divan base for our upgraded bedroom, really love the small draws which allow the bedside table to fit at the head end of the bed and the bigger draws at the bottom end for storing the bedding.

Solid base.

Very easy to assemble including headboard, but the clips to hold the two units together are virtually impossible to fit finished off by using cable ties around the central legs which works perfectly well.

Comfortable bed and good storage

I bought a superking tempur mattress and silentnight divan base recently. The mattress is very comfortable and the divan base is perfect. The 4 drawers are great for storage and looks fab in my bedroom.

Great product and delivery

This bed and matress that we bought are really good quality and comfortable. The old bed was taken away with no issues. A really painless process. We would uses Dreams again and recommend to our friends

Great Bed

Very impressed with our new bed. We had lots of problems with the slats falling through the old bed so decided to go for one that did not have slats. The draws are spacious. Would recommend to anyone.


Its a divan base, durable and sturdy. However the plastic contraption they provide to keep the two parts together is a little fiddly to attachother than that, Ive very happy with my purchase.

Perfect storage bed!

Brought this bed a month ago and its perfect! I did think I had ordered it with the drawers but I hadnt selected them but there is plenty of storage just in the ottoman part. Very easy assembly!

No clarity in the description led to disapointment

Good product overall. My focus was the storage. I ordered what i thought was 2 draws on the same side. In fact it is 2 small draws on each side.. therefore i am missing one and cant access one..


It looks good and is a colour that would blend with most rooms. It replaces something similar from 40 years ago, but annoyingly, the drawers are much smaller in capacity - maybe half the size.

Easy to assemble

This is robust yet reasonably easy to move around and assemble. One of the drawers didn't work as the runner assembly was loose. A quick thump in the right spot a nd the runner was back on .

Fantastic service and top quality bed

Don't bother buying anywhere else. We learnt the hard way and wish we came to Dreams first. Top quality divan. Me and the Mrs have put it through rigorius testing and truly is a sturdy bed!

Just as described. Lovely product

Bought this when we moved into our new house as wanted a king size but didnt have room for a bed with headboard etc and its perfect. Nice and tidy in the room and is so easy to assemble.

The right one

I wasnt sure I could find bespoke furniture for my needs. however, once the member of staff took time out to listen to what I needed I found the right divan. So happy. Thank you Dreams.

Perfect Fit

Was easy to put together, perfect storage space for all my bed linens and perfect match for my chocolate box bedroom..... perfect height for the family Choweenie to jump on and off too

Great quality, very well made

Purchased the Superking and Im very pleased with the product. Nice finish in mark grey, excellent quality and very easy to put together - matched with Silent Night headboard. Perfect

great idea!

I bought this base with continental drawers and normal drawers great idea i dont have to move my bedside cabinet to use the drawers, base in great condition deliverymen very helpful

Well made & sturdy

Well made & sturdy. Went with two drawers, whilst not the deepest, they are adequate enough to hold spare bed linen. Sandstone colour matched well with our oak furniture & flooring

Great quality, great storage

Very stylish bed with practical storage. We actually had a double version of this bed for tbe last 12 years. Sich lovely quality we were pleased to upgrade to the kingsize version.

Stylish and simple divan

Had this divan bed a couple of weeks now and I couldnt be happier with it. The chrome feet are really nice touch, stylish and simple to fit and for the price you cant complain.

New bed base

A little disappointed we had to assemble the base ourselves as there were no instructions and some strange clips which we eventually found that they held the two halves together.

Glad we bought!

We bought this mattress and divan base about 3 weeks ago and are delighted with our purchase. The mattress is comfortable yet firm. Perfect for us. Have slept very well since!

Solid and comfortable

Perfect for our needs, great height and storage unit easy to access. Looks are extremely nice and matches our decor. Solid construction, easy to assemble. Highly recommended

Good quality

Good quality. Well made. Lovely colour. Two nice big draws and two nice small draws. Lots of storage space. Fitted a headboard with no problems. Very happy with my purchase.

Good quality and practical

Had this bed for a month now and needed it to replace our king size with drawers and a 3/4 ottoman. This has both features and whilst less room, fits what we need perfectly!

Great divan base

We bought the kingsize divan with 2 large draws. The space we save by having the 2 draws is great. Really well made and so easy to put together. High quality upholstery too

Comfortable bed

I am delighted with my new bed lovely and comfortable exactly as described would highly recommend. Storage drawers are spacious and very handy for storing spare bedding.

Nice bed but not value for money.

Once put together it is a sturdy base but the overall quality of fabric/finish was lacking, and this was not a cheap bed. The drawers are not very sturdy but do the job.


Great service. Store was so very helpful we wanted just a base. Got one that was exactly right. Makes so much difference we are both having a really good night's sleep.

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Questions and Answers About The Silentnight Divan Base

Prospective customers had the following questions about the product

What is the difference between the silent night divan base and the classic divan base please? What do I get for the extra money? On both, will the fabric of any drawers be the same as the rest of the base? Many thanks.

Answer: The Silentnight divan base is upholstered in a more premium fabric than the Classic divan base. In addition the Silentnight base has glides which provide added stability in comparison to the castors on the Classic base. On both divan bases the drawers will be upholstered in the same fabric as the rest of the divan base.

Can a headboard be attached to this base?

Answer: Yes this base will allow the attachment of a headboard. We have a wide range of headboards available to purchase online and in store. We would recommend purchasing one of the Silentnight headboards as the fabric type and colour palette will match this base.

For the 2+2 silent-night divan base, the image that comes with this option is the bed with 2 smaller drawers and one- ottoman storage lift system at the end of the bed. Can you confirm if the base is just the 4 drawers or the 2 and ottoman storage at end.

Answer: It seems that the website is applying a default image when the 2+2 option is selected. The 2+2 option is 2 smaller drawers at the top end of the bed and 2 larger drawers and the bottom end of the bed. I hope this helps.

Being a little over weight, what is the maximum weight capacity for the base?

Answer: We do not have a maximum weight limit for this base however we would not recommend anything over 30st. If you have concerns then we would advise you seek medical advise and look into getting a reinforced base.

hi can a mattress with size 140x190 fit this bed frame?

Answer: This divan only comes in standard UK sizes. If you need a more specific size we do offer a range of made to measures. Please contact the Telesales team or visit a local show room for more information.

How do glides work in comparison to castors?

Answer: A castor is a wheel and is a popular option on divan beds. The castor is a wheel which helps move the bed for cleaning or re arranging the bedroom. A glide is flat which other prefer as they do not move.

is the super king divan base in 2 units so it can to be used as 2 single beds ??

Answer: The two half bases are 90x200cm which is 10cm longer than a standard single. We do offer a zip and link options in Superking size mattresses that can be separated into two beds if needed.

Hi, can you please let me know the composition of the fabric (e.g xx% Polypropylene, xx% Polyester)? Thanks

Answer: The compositions vary depend on the colour of the fabric:Marl Grey -100% PolyesterBarley - 100% PolyesterCharcoal - Polyester/Cotton mixSandstone - Polyester/Cotton mix

Can I attach a footboard and do you sell them?

Answer: Good afternoon Unfortunately we do not sell a range of footboards. However if you have a standard UK footboard then this should be fine to attached at the end as there are pre drilled holes.

Can you tell me if the beds have a suggested weight limit

Answer: Our Divan Bases have been designed to accomodate a variety of sleepers and mattresses alike and therefore we do not specify a formal weight limit on the TheraPur Divan Bases.

What is the weight limit for this bed?

Answer: Our Divan Bases have been designed to accomodate a variety of sleepers and mattresses alike and therefore we do not specify a formal weight limit on the divan bases.

Hi what is the max user weight?

Answer: Our bases are designed to take a variety of different mattress types and sleepers alike and therefore we do not specify a specific maximum user weight.

What is the space between the edge of the bed and the drawer opening.. (Bed will be close to a radiator and just checking drawer will open!)

Answer: The drawer is 43cm in length and therefore to fully open the drawer you will need this distance between the Bed and the edge of the room.

What is the maximum weight per person or in total please

Answer: Our divan bases do not have a weight restriction however we do recommend that you do not exceed a combined weight limit of 30 stone.

what is the height of base please, D in the dimensions which doesn' t have anything on the website?

Answer: The height of the base is 38cm/15in. The image in the dimensions section is incorrect and will be fixed. Apologies for the confusion.Thank you for your question.

Is this silent night divan base. In sandstone made in suede thanks Thelma.

Answer: The standard Silentnight colours (Sandstone and Barley) are not suede however the enhanced colours (Marl Grey and Charcoal) are suede.

Good morning. Do you take away the old bed base?

Answer: Your old bed base can be taken away for you for an additional charge if you opt for the recycling service through the checkout process.

Do you unpack the head board and divan and assemble the base and fit the head board to it?

Answer: Good MorningYes the Divan and Headboard are packaged separately and we recommend assembling the Divan first and the attaching the Headboard.

can you get castors instead of glides on this base

Answer: Unfortunately, this base is not available with Castors. I would recommend a Luxury Divan Base for a divan with Castors.

How does the selection of a solid top divan as opposed to a sprung type affect the performance of the mattress ?

Answer: There will be no change in the performance of a mattress however the mattress will feel softer with a sprung divan base.

How can I order single piece out of two for my double bed divan base which came in two pieces.What will be the price?

Answer: Unfortunately, one half of a double Divan would require a Small Single divan half which is not something we list.

Re 2 + 2 drawer configuration - What is the maximum measurement allowed for a bedside chest. Alternatively, what is the measurement from the wall, the head of the bed will be against, to the edge of the small drawer that will allow unrestricted access ?

Answer: The space between the top end of the divan base and the edge of the small drawer is 50cm

Is it possible for you to take the old bed base away?

Answer: Yes, we offer a disposal and recycling service, which you can purchase at the checkout.

How many headboard fixing holes are on each end of the 4'6" base?

Answer: This divan base will have two fixing holes on each end of the base, so 4 in total.

Single divan base in silentnight with 2 drawers, is the drawers on one side? Superking option ,is it split east west as a divan and what about ottoman super king

Answer: The Base will come as one unit and will have the draws running on one side.

How many headboard fixings on each side please

Answer: This will come with 2 headboard bolts and 2 pre drilled holes to secure.

will this divan take a waterbed mattress

Answer: All of the Divan bases are compatible with any UK sized mattress.

For a single storage divan could I have the drawers at the same side of the bed as it is to go against the wall?

Answer: Yes, the single divan base will have both drawers on the same side.

I am looking to buy a super king divan bed. Can you tell me if any come flat packed. Thanks

Answer: This Divan does not come flat packed, it comes in two halves.

Hello, is this divan base in aSuper king size still split east to west? Thanks

Answer: Yes, this divan in a super king will be split east to west.

Can you tell me how many gliders in total are on a king size bed pleaae

Answer: Our Silentnight Divan Base in king size will have 8 glides.

Is this literally the divan base? Do I purchase the mattress separately?

Answer: Yes, you will have to purchase the mattress separately.

Can any type of mattress be used on this base or do mattresses need to be sprung?

Answer: Any type of mattress is suitable for use on this base.

Is there a manufacturers guarantee? How long? Please.

Answer: This divan base will come with a one year guarantee.

For getting this (kingsize) upstairs I'm wondering how the size of each section compares to a singles divan..bigger or smaller? I know we can get a single up but only Just!

Answer: Each half measures 100cm x 75cm with a height of 38cm.

What sort of base is this eg is it sprung edge? Thanks

Answer: This base is a platform top, it is not sprung edge.

does this base attatch north to south or across the the base

Answer: This divan base is split across (east to west).

Does the 38cm base height include the feet (gliders)?

Answer: This measurement does include the glides.

Does this bed split east/west?

Answer: Yes, this divan will be split east/west.

is this a solid base not a spring base

Answer: Yes, this is a solid Divan Base.

Does this coke with a matress

Answer: The mattress is sold separately.

does the king size divan with 4 drawers come in 1 or 2 pieces ?

Answer: This comes in two pieces.

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