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Sealy UK Activsleep Ortho Coil Sprung Mattress Rated 4/5 based on 4 customer reviews

Sealy UK Activsleep Ortho Coil Sprung Mattress

Brand: Sealy
Firmness: Firm Mattress

4/5 - 4 Read Reviews


Small Double
King Size
Super King

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What Makes The Sealy UK Activsleep Ortho Coil Sprung Mattress Great

Great quality mattress at a good price. Only reason for not awarding 5 star is that it is advertised as firm but arrived with tags saying extra firm and it is a very firm mattress in my opinion.

The PostureTech Zero Deflection system helps to avoid motion disruption, so you can wake up feeling refreshed and rested for the day ahead

Hypo-allergenic: Yes

A Hypo-allergenic mattress is created using materials that have a low expectation of producing allergic reactions. Due to the wide scale of allergies that people can have, there is no guarantee of not experiencing a reaction, however, this product represents one of the best chances you'll get to not have reactions.

Top Features: Orthopaedic, Hypoallergenic

Orthopaedic mattresses are designed to provide additional support for the back and joints. Their purpose is to prevent the body from sinking and so improve posture. Improving posture can reduce strain on the overall body.The hypoallergenic filling will also vastly reduce the number of allergens present. Reducing allergens such as bacteria, mould and dust mites helps to relieve the symptoms of allergies and asthma.

Core Construction: Open Coil

Open coil is a traditional construction used frequently in the mattress industry as a supportive layer. We personally prefer pocket sprung mattresses where budget allows but that's not to say that an open coil product won't perform to satisfactory levels.

Orthopaedic Support: Yes

Orthopaedic support means that this mattress will be suitable for those looking for a firmer mattress. Perhaps you are of a heavier build or BMI, or maybe you suffer from backpain. If that's the case, this mattress will be suitable for you.

Top Comfort Layer: Soft Filling

Soft fillings will mean this mattress will come with a natural top comfort layer, however, we're not too sure what is inside. When people refer to soft fillings they are most commonly referring to Cotton, Wool, Silk or Cashmere but in some circumstance may also be referring to Mohair, Bamboo or Latex.

Mattress Construction: Core Construction: Open Coil; Top Layer: Soft Filling

The core construction contains individual housed pocket springs. Each spring holds a consistent tension where pressure is applied, reacting independently to provide an even level of firmness across the mattress surface. The personalised support prevents the transfer of movement and "roll-together", relieves pressure point build-up and offer corrective support.   The top layer is temperature-sensitive Memory Foam, in lower temperatures, it’s firmer and in higher temperatures, it’s softer helping to regulate body temperature. Memory Foam moulds to every curve of the body easing pressure points and absorbing excess movement. It is suitable for all sleeping positions and is hypoallergenic, so will help to relieve the symptoms of allergies and asthma.

Mattress Overall : 90cm W x 190cm L

This is the dimensions for a single mattress, the mattress is available in single, double, king size and super king size variants, just click through on the offer to choose the corresponding size you require

Mattress Overall : 135cm W x 190cm L

This is just the bed size, measurements do have slight allowable tolerances however, so do not be surprised if you find your mattress a few CM out from the official guide above

Mattress Overall : 150cm W x 200cm L

This is the size of a king size mattress. The dimensions for this come in at 5' x 6'6" (150 x 200cm). The benefit of a King Size Mattress is that it is large enough that both you and your partner are able to spread out or starfish without issue. King size mattresses are best suited toward master bedrooms.

Mattress Overall : 180cm W x 200cm L

This is the dimensions for a super king size mattress. The largest in the range of typically available mattress sizes, this is the one to get if you have the space in your bedroom to accommodate. Sleep comfortably with your partner and starfish out barely making contact with one another for that perfect, tranquil nights sleep.

Country of Manufacture : United Kingdom

Rest assured this product is not a cheap import, designed, produced and manufactured to the suppliers specifications, this product is entirely UK manufactured

Core Construction : Open Coil

Not quite as impressive as more expensive pocket sprung mattresses but still a decent option for those looking for a well renowned spring system on a budget.

Cover Material Composition : 100% Polyester

A common material composition for covers, sheets and toppers, polyester is a man made fiber that is very resiliant and hardwearing making it ideally suited toward products in the mattress sector whereby the life expectancy can be upward of 7 years

Mattress Top Type : Tufted

Typically tufts means pocket sprung due to the nature of the design process. Tufts are necessary to ensure the mattress maintains its shape. Tufts do not impact on the comfort or support that a product offers, rather, a byproduct of good quality pocket springs

Mattress Turn : No Turn

A no turn mattress means that it does not need to be flipped, however, that does not mean that it should not be rotated. Always rotate your mattress seasonally to ensure the highest lifespan of the product

Hypo-allergenic : Yes

These mattresses are specifically designed for those that are prone to allergies, a hypoallergenic mattress will not necesserily guarantee you an allergy free experience, but it has the best chance of reducing the odds of complications or irritation for those commonly effected

Breathable : Yes

Breathable covers are very important to maintaining a hygenic mattress. The amount of sweat lost while sleeping varies person to person but is generally pegged at 20-200ml/hour

Pressure Relieving : Yes

This mattress is specially formulated to relieve pressure on your joints and back due to the unique product design.

Orthopaedic Support : Yes

Great for anyone suffering from back pain, this mattress is slightly firmer in nature and will offer your back a bit more suport while you sleep. Suffer no more.

Bed Bug / Dust Mite Resistant : Yes

Bed Bugs are a huge threat in the home and one of the best ways to counter this is to purchase a product like the above that has bed bug and dust mite protection, this will help ensure that your home stays uninfested should an outbreak occur.

Top Features : Orthopaedic, Hypoallergenic

This matress is ideal for those suffering from some form of back or neck pain and also conscious about their allergies. By being hypoallergenic this mattress should atleast act neutral to your allergies and not make them worse

BS 7177:2008+A1:2011 Certified : Yes

This is the nationally recognised certification given to all products produced or imported to state that the product passes mandatory fire tests necessary for a product to be sold.

BS 5852 Certified : Yes

This is a certification that means the product has passed ignitability of covers and fillings used in mattresses and other furniture.

Top Layer : Soft Filling

Soft filling top layers and covers give an extra layer of comfort for those looking for a comfier sleep experience. Do remember that support is equally important and should also be a consideration sided with comfort.

Mattress Construction : Core Construction: Open Coil, Top Layer: Soft Filling

Open coil mattresses are ideal for those on a budget, consider this mattress for a spare room, guest house or other part-time basis. If you are looking for a product that you are going to be using daily, we would typically recommend a pocket sprung example that offers better countouring and support of the body at only a minor cost increase.

Manufacturer Warranty : 5 Years

Normal warranty within the UK is at 1 year so a 5 year warranty like the above is a big surprise and a sign of confidence that the retailer has in this product.

Firmness : Firm: Suits back and stomach sleepers

Those suffering from backpain in some capacity should typically be guided toward a firmer mattress. It is a myth that a firm mattress has to be more uncomfortable, rather, the product needs to properly support all contours of the human body. This product is deemed firm, if you are of a lower BMI and not looking for an orthopaedic mattress you may want to consider other options

Mattress Thickness : 25cm

25CM is a decent level of thickness for a mattress, you should just about get away with purchasing standard sheets without the need for extra depth specialist ones. While the depth of a mattress is not always an indicator of it's quality, it does stand to reason that you cannot fit a huge amount of quality materials, fillings and support into smaller thicknesses. As such, this size of mattress is a pretty decent indicator of a quality product.

Weight Capacity : 101 Kilogram

This is a heavy product. Consider getting a second person to assist in movement and rotation

Filling Material Composition : Polyester

Polyester is extremely common in mattresses, in fact, almost all mattresses will carry at least some amount of polyester as it will often be used to create a micro-barrier between the top layer and the base layer. Regardless though, what is polyester? Well polyester is simply a synthetic resin that gets spun and used as wadding and fibre fillings. Polyester when used within mattresses is generally described as non-woven and thermally bonded material of polyester fibres to form a mattress sized pad of varying densities and weights. You will typically find polyester in mattresses from low-medium pricing scales, should you start going into very high priced mattresses, you can expect polyester to be replaced with natural fibre.

Coil Gauge : 14

Firmness: Firm

A firm mattress will be ideally suited to those with a higher BMI , or those that suffer from back pain. If neither of these apply to you then you may want to consider a medium tension mattress as a more middle-of-the-road choice that generally appeals to all.

Adaptive releases and transports moisture- the perfect solution for a cool, dry sleep

Customer Reviews For The Sealy UK Activsleep Ortho Coil Sprung Mattress

Based on 4 review

Love it, second sealy mattress super quality & price


good matress, quicker than expected delivery.


Very comfortable and good value mattress

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