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Sealy Ottoman Base

Brand: Sealy

What Makes The Sealy Ottoman Base Great?

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Storage depth: 22cm

Build time: 2 people | 20 minutes

You might be able to manage this alone but we'd recommend 2 people at a time of 20 minutes or so to build this product. 

Divan bed buying guide

The divan base comprises of two halves split east to west, with the exception of the super king base which is split north to south and the single which is one complete base

Questions and Answers About Sealy Ottoman Base

What is the difference between luxury and Sealy ottoman bed?

Answer: , The Luxury ottoman base comes with the option of five neutral colours and seven matching headboards whilst the Sealy ottoman comes with one colour option and two matching headboards. The other key difference between the two is that the Luxury base comes with chrome ball castors whilst the Sealy ottoman comes with glides. Kind regards Dreams

Can you attach a headboard? 

Answer: , Yes, this base is compatible with a headboard. We have a wide range of headboards available to purchase in store and online. The Roseville and Garland headboards are considered most suitable as these are available in the same fabric and colours as this base. Kind Regards, Dreams

Got hardwood floor in my bedroom will castors be suitable? 

Answer: , Yes, castors will be suitable. There could be some movement, so if you are worried about this you could purchase some castor cups from a local DIY store that will lock the castors in place. Kind Regards, Dreams

Will the Sandown Adjustable Headboard fit onto this divan base or does it have to be a Sealy only headboard?

Answer: , Unfortunately the Sandown can only be used with adjustable bases. Our range of non-adjustable headboards are all compatible with this base, not just Sealy headboards. Kind regards Dreams

I have a 50kg Kingsize Sealy Matress, will it support this weight and hold when lifted?

Answer: , This Divan ottoman is designed to hold any mattress weight however you may find that the ottoman is easier to close than if you were to have a lighter mattress. Kind Regards, Dreams

Is this a double storage with lift from the bottom

Answer: Good Evening, Yes the storage option can be lifted from the foot end - with each half of the base able to be lifted and items stored beneath. Kind Regards, Dreams

Would l be able to put two 3 ft mattresses on this bed base

Answer: , You could put two 3ft mattresses on this base, however they would slip apart as there isn't anything to keep them together. Many thanks Dreams

What is the warranty on the sealy ottoman base. What is the interior like? does it look like wood? How many struts are there

Answer: , We offer a one year guarantee on this base. The interior is wooden and there are four struts/pistons. Kind Regards, Dreams

Does it come in 2

Answer: , Yes all sizes will come in two parts, with the exception of the single - this will only be one unit. Kind Regards, Dreams

Please could you tell me what the ottoman (sides, top and base) is made from - wood? chipboard? MDF? How thick is the wood used in the base? What weight can be stored in the base?

Answer: , The base is made from FSC certified timber and has a storage capacity of 150kg spread evenly. Many thanks Dreams

Do both sides lift at the same time ie are they joined? Or do they lift separately? 

Answer: , Both sides of the ottoman lift together, they cannot be lifted separately. Kind Regards, Dreams

Has this bed got slats?

Answer: , This bed base does not have slats, it has a solid platform top base. Kind Regards, Dreams

How Thick is the top of the base and what is the maximum weight will it support? Will it support a mattress / Bed Lift?

Answer: , Unfortunately we do not have a set maximum weight for our bases. Many thanks Dreams

Hi, what material is this covered in and what texture? Can you send samples? 

Answer: , The material is a polyester blend and is has a woven texture. Many thanks Dreams

What is the depth of the bed storage? I am looking to store luggages.

Answer: , The depth of the Ottoman Storage area is approx. 30cm. Kind Regards, Dreams

Does this base have a hydraulic lifting system

Answer: , The divan comes with Hydraulic pistons. Kind Regards, Dreams

Can you please advise what is the warranty on the gas struts?

Answer: Hi , Warranty on the gas struts is 1 year. Kind Regards, Giedre

Hello Can this bed be split into two and be used with a zip-and-link mattress to form two twins as required? Thanks

Answer: , Yes, this is possible if required. Kind Regards, Dreams

Is the storage depth 22cm (from description) or 30cm (on an answer to a question) also does the lifting mechanism have hydraulic supports? Thanks 

Answer: , The storage depth is 22cm. Kind Regards, Dreams

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