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Sandown Adjustable Headboard Rated 4/5 based on 16 customer reviews

Sandown Adjustable Headboard

Brand: Body Response

4/5 - 16 Read Reviews


What Makes The Sandown Adjustable Headboard Great

I bought this bed due to medical issues and needed the back support to be raised. From the choices of electrical beds, I have most certainly bought the best. The only slight issue, and it is slight, is that as you have two single mattresses together, so either person gets the position the way they want, is that you end up getting a slight gap between the two mattresses during the night, as there is nothing to keep them in place. The only thing that stops the mattress from moving is a bracket at the bottom of the bed, as shown in the photo. The mattresses are so comfy, there are times I wish I did not have to get up at all and stay in bed all day. I have also noticed that since getting this bed, my bad back is no longer causing me any pain and that as I can be slightly sat up, I am able to breathe at night with no problems, as I have difficulties when lying flat. Dreams have practically made my 'dream' come true!!! :)

Only suitable with adjustable beds

Extra deep padding for comfort

Fabric upholstery with lip border

Small UK flag sewn in bottom corner

Customer Reviews For The Sandown Adjustable Headboard

Based on 16 review

More than great sleep

I purchased my bed just over a month ago and can honestly say it's the best bed ever. The massage feature is great I use it on a morning when or when I've had a hard work out. It took me a few weeks to get the right positions to sleep with the painful condition I have as I'm in recovery from a serious injury and have a lot of pain in my muscles and bones. The bed has helped me immensely, and I now at last have a good sleep. The bed it very attractive on top of everything.


Does what it says on the tin

Had this a month... seems ok, bought it because I need to sleep sitting up. Still find myself slipping down the bed though but better than just relying on pillows. A bit disappointed that I didn’t get the full 20% discount... (VAT) could only get that if you bought the actual mattress that goes with the Adjustable bed but that mattress was not good enough.


Great features

I bought this 4 weeks ago, so glad we did. My husband damaged a neck muscle and couldn’t lift his head. The features on the bed helped him get in and out on bed with as little pain as possible. Glad we bought it


Very stylish

We bought this beautiful headboard last month and we have found to be very stylish and a beautiful feature to our bedroom we would recommend


Superb Bed

Bed was bought to allow my husband to sleep at an angle due to ill health and he is finally getting a good nights sleep, he loves it.


Finishes the look off well

We bought this to compliment our bed, glad we did as finishes the look well, well made and constructed and most of all comfortable


Great match

This product was supplied with the adjustable twin beds and matched perfectly with item purchase originally it is of great quality


Comfortable adjustable bed and higher we needs

We bought this month ago and we had good night sleep and feel lot better through me illness and this help and aid me up easier x


See below.

This product is so well made and so handsome, that I cannot give it anything other than a top score.


Plush looking

We bought this to go with our new bed from Dreams. It is classy & plush looking.


Practical Headboard

Headboard was from a limited choice due to adjustable bed but matches bed well


Great headboard

Brought this a month ago. Very sturdy, looks great and does the jon


Fits bed well

Advissd by sales to purchase, is a great fot for beds. Very happy


Nice Headboard

What else is there to's a headboard and it's nice.


Lovely looking

Very pleased, matching the grey colours in bedroom

Questions and Answers About Sandown Adjustable Headboard

Can you buy a double headboard and it will fit or does it have to be this one?

Answer: Hi , We do recommend that you stick to the adjustable headboards that we guarantee will fit. Many thanks for your question.

Is it freestanding?

Answer: , No this is not a free standing headboard it will need to be attached to the base. Kind Regards, Dreams

Does this bed come with mattress and headboard please

Answer: Hello, All adjustable divan sets include the mattresses but headboards are option extras. Many thanks for the question.

Can you use this headboard with a normal otterman bed?

Answer: , Unfortunately this headboard can only be used with adjustable beds. Kind regards Dreams

It is only the head board that u are selling or is it the whole bed??

Answer: Hello, This will be the headboard only. Many thanks for the question.

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