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Revived Side Sleeper Pillow

Revived Side Sleeper Pillow

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Of The Revived Side Sleeper Pillow
Brand: Revived
Retailer: Dreams
Delivery Time: Average
Delivery Charge: Average
Customer Sentiment: Excellent

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What Makes The Revived Side Sleeper Pillow Great?

It's made with eco-friendly materials

Has a firm comfort grade

A firm mattress will provide a great night's sleep by providing the support your body needs to stay aligned and prevent back pain.

Features resilient fibres to support your head and neck

It's ideal for side sleepers

Made with 22 recycled plastic bottles

Machine washable at 40 degrees

Isn't it great when you have a product that you can just wash in the washing machine? It's so much easier than handwashing, and of course, it saves you time. You don't have to be lazy--just put it in the washer and dryer!

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Customer Reviews For The Revived Side Sleeper Pillow

Based on 2 reviews
Lots of great but a little bit of not great too.

The bed itself is very good. I got the assembly service but it doesn't appear to be that complicated to assemble. Having said that, the guys that did the assembly do do this sort of thing for a living so no doubt that contributed. A very nice, helpful and affable pair they were as well - that always makes a difference. The bed and matress is a very comfortable combination. The ability to lift and open the base is a wonderful solution to storing the things that are used infrequently; it also provides ample space to keep the summer duvet / clothes in the winter and vice-versa. One very pleasant thing about the bed is that despite the top of the base being hinged / counterbalanced it does not in any way feel less sturdy or "wobbly". Two things to be aware of with this type of bed: Firstly - when turning or flipping the mattress make sure to leave the weight of the mattress on the bed. The arms that allow for easy lifting to access the storage compartment counterbalance the weight of the mattress and so if the mattress is not atop the base, it rather helpfully (and surprisingly) lifts. Can be a little tricky to move the mattress back onto it solo; Secondly - be aware when opening / closing that you keep an eye out for squatters. It took me a short time to realise where the cat had vanished to and when I lifted the bed to check, there she was. She was also quite adamant about remaining in 'her' new box. The one thing that does detract from the overall experience is that the pillows & bedding I also ordered are still to materialise. While I understand that sometimes these things can happen (3rd party deliveries, stock availability, simple oversight due to workload and so on) that does not change the fact I am, as of today, still out of pocket with nothing to show for it. TLDR: Really pleased with the bed, the delivery & assembly guys were great and these 2 things are what have kept the rating to a 5 in spite of the disappointing lack of the extras I also purchased.

Very comfy & eco-friendly!

This pillow is great value and eco-friendly as its made from recycled plastic! Its firm comfort grade provides great support throughout the night, reducing any pain during sleep.

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Questions and Answers About The Revived Side Sleeper Pillow

Prospective customers had the following questions about the product

Does this pillow have any sort of guarantee? The one I bought from you is still firm more than 4 years on but thar's discontinued. Every other firm pillow I have bought loses it's shape and firmness within less than 3 months.

Answer: This pillow comes with a 1 year guarantee.

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