Panda Bamboo Eye Mask - Panda Rated 4.06/5 based on 18 customer reviews
Panda Bamboo Eye Mask  - Panda

Panda Bamboo Eye Mask - Panda

4.1/5 - Read 18 Reviews
Of The Panda Bamboo Eye Mask - Panda
Brand: Panda
Retailer: Panda
Delivery Time: Good
Delivery Charge: Average
Customer Sentiment: Good

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What Makes The Panda Bamboo Eye Mask - Panda Great?

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Customer Reviews For The Panda Bamboo Eye Mask - Panda

Based on 18 reviews

I bought the white eye mask from Bamboo after having used a fairly cheap non brand eye mask for a few months and deciding I wanted to get something that didn't tangle with my hair. Having read the reviews, I decided upon Bamboo and I don't regret it! The mask fits very well - closes over the space around the nose and sits comfortably on my face. Able to adjust the size easily so it's the right pressure for you. And I've been wearing it in the recent hot weather and still sleeping very comfortably in it! No complaints. It doesn't block out all of the light but I wasn't necessarily looking for that. Would recommend.


I was soo very excited for thos. But I was sadly disappointed. The make is very soft and it's delicate but I think too delicate. It came with lots of loose thread that needed trimming and when you looking closely at the main section of the mask the black thread inside was all loose too. The strap at the back is thin and very difficult to adjust and the clasp it come with is bulk and is uncomfortable. I wish it was design for that the adjustment was to the side not at the back on the strap where I would lay me head. Just can't believe this was 17.99.


Ive had problems sleeping for years. This mask is not a miracle answer, but it most certainly helps. Ive tried masks before and found them uncomfortable but this mask is very light and soft and comfortable. The silky fabric is cool and soft against my skin and the adjustable strap means I can attain a good fit - no Velcro to get caught up in my hair (tried those) and no uncomfortable elastic digging in. I also like the bamboo element as I feel it is more sustainable for the planet. I am very happy with my purchase and would definitely recommend.


I got this eye mask as a present when I found it difficult to sleep when my husband read his iPad in bed. The light prevented me from getting into a decent sleep. I had tried other eye masks but they seemed to drain the moisture from my eye area and were a bit uncomfortable to wear for any length of time. Now I can slip on the mask and you could be shining a touch at my face and I wouldnt see it. No matter what the surrounding are like, im blissfully unaware


The eye mask I bought is made of a lovely, smooth and very comfortable material. It works to about 85% in terms of light blocking. However, I feel it isn't particularly well made. Perhaps I was unlucky in that I have been sent a slightly misshapen one with puckering around the binding. Not the most important thing but at 18 I would have liked better. I kept it as I needed it and am not disappointed with how it works.


The material is so cool and soft. The single strap means that the mask dips/presses your eyes, making it uncomfortable and the bottom flappy parts next to nose stick up a bit. If you loosen it, then it won't stay put but moves and lets light in. Also, the light material means it's not keeping dark enough. I wouldn't buy again, I'm afraid.


Fantastic delivery and communication. The mask is super soft and blocks out all light. Its perfect for those of us who have to go bed early in the summer months when its still light outside. Its comfortable to wear all night. I would defo recommend this product.


Love this product and love the feel good factor of purchasing something that has not damaged environment or hurt any animals in the process!


The mask is comfortable and does what it needs to do. How long it lasts is yet to be discovered.


Really good quality and so soft to touch! Very happy with this :)


Does exactly what it says, really comfortable. No complaints.


Love love love! So comfy and cool and lightweight.


Author didn't leave any comments.


Does the job. Comfy to wear all night


beautifully soft

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