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Moore Wooden Bed Frame

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What Makes It Great

Extremely happy with my purchase. I bought it with the sprung slat option, which is so comfortable. I assembled it myself and it took about an hour. Took longer to take it out of all the packaging than to actually build the bed! It’s extremely well made and when assembled is rock-solid and sturdy! No creaks or wobbles so far, and I’ve been using it for over a month now. I would agree with other reviews that it doesn’t look exactly like the one pictured (see my photo’s for examples), but I don’t mind this at all. It still looks great to me, and having read the reviews I kinda bought it expecting this! I’m finally getting a comfortable, great nights sleep! I would happily recommend this bed to anyone! One final point to note, it is VERY sturdy and difficult to move. A big toe will definitely not budge it a fraction. I know...I’ve tried it twice so far. I may need a bigger room to put it in...

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Build time: 2 people | 45 minutes

High headboard

Pine wooden frame

Sprung slat upgrade available for added comfort and support

Questions and Answers

Can you tell me the difference between the solid and sprung slats please?

Answer: , Sprung slats are used or are an optional extra with many of our wooden, metal, fabric and leather bed frames. They have an advantage over traditional solid slat bases as they provide a more comfortable, mattress friendly sleeping area due to their design. The slats themselves are shaped with an upward curve allowing them to act like a spring. When lying on the bed the slats bend downwards and when getting off the bed the slats return back to as they were. This provides the bed frame with a sprung like base as opposed to a solid, hard base, making the surface more comfortable and mattress friendly. As they are usually made out of (Beech) plywood, sprung slats tend to be much stronger than most traditional alternatives and if broken are easily replaced. Sprung slats are usually attached to the bed using one of two methods. The first is by plastic caps which slot onto the end of the slat. These caps then attach to the frame via one or two pegs which are pushed into holes on the bed frame. The second method is by means of slots in the bed frame which each end of the slat simply sits into. Assembly instructions are provided with every Dreams bed. Kind Regards, Dreams

What type of mattress would you recommend for this frame.

Answer: , The majority of our mattresses listed will be suitable for this bed frame and therefore the type of mattress will be entirely dependent on the comfort required. If you are unsure of which type of mattress would be most suitable for you, we would suggest looking at our bed and mattress guide online which will help you with this decision. Kind Regards, Dreams

Is it delivered in components that would go up a tight staircase e.g. headboard, footboard, and with the sides and slats separate as opposed to pre-assembled into a base?

Answer: Good Evening, The Moore bed frame is delivered in several different components. The largest, most difficult to manoeuvre component is the head end of the bed. For a double frame this is 110cm x 140cm and the king frame is 110cm x 169cm. The side rails and slats which make up the base of the bed come packaged separately. Kind Regards, Dreams

Is there bedside tables to match this bedframe?

Answer: , Unfortunately we do not offer a matching bedside for this particular bed frame; however we do have a wide range of furniture available in a number of different finishes and colours that may be suitable. Kind Regards, Dreams

Hi.  I bought the double Moore Wooden Bed frame about a year ago.  I bought it with a solid slats and now I'm thinking of getting a sprung slat for more comfort.  I wonder if you sell this separately and how much?  Thanks!

Answer: , If you still have your Dreams Order Number, Sprung Slats can be purchased by calling our customer service team. They will be able to advise you on price depending on what size you require. Kind Regards, Dreams

Is it worth paying extra for spring slates?

Answer: Hi , Sprung slats provide greater support and are more durable. However, this is completely up to your preference. We recommend sprung slats if the bed in use is your everyday bed because of this. Thank you.

Hi, I purchased this bed frame a while ago and am very happy with it, however the wooden centre bar has broken, do you sell this part individually? Thanks. 

Answer: , We are sorry to hear this, if you call our customer service line on 0800 652 6750 we will be more than happy to help and provide this spare part Kind Regards, Dreams

Is the bed solid on laminated flooring? Been through 2 beds in 3 months because they weren't strong enough.

Answer: , The head end, side rails, foot end and centre support leg are all made from solid pine wood and therefore this bed frame would be very sturdy. Kind Regards, Dreams

What is the size of the gap between slats, please?

Answer: , For a Double Bed with solid slats: Gap Between Slats: 8cm For a Double Bed with sprung slats: Gap Between Slats: 4.7cm Kind Regards, Dreams

Does the picture accurately reflect the colour of the bed in-person? It seems very dark for pine. Need to know for furniture matching purposes thanks.

Answer: Hi Gemmy, Yes, this picture accurately reflects the colour of the bed frame. Thank you for your question. Kind Regards, Robin

What colour would this be? After matching furnisher ?

Answer: , This bed frame is a dark pine wood, unfortunately we do not offer any corresponding furniture. Kind Regards, Dreams

I've just moved and lost the fittings can I get replacement Nuts and bolts

Answer: , Please contact our Customer Service Team who will be able to help you with this. Kind Regards, Dreams

Is this bed solid? How big are the slats? 

Answer: Hi , Yes, and the slats measure 7cm wide with an 8cm gap between each one. Thank you for your question.

Is this bed compatible with different (shorter) head boards, either from the same manufacturer or others? Looking for something measuring 100cm in height maximum to fit under the loft eaves.

Answer: , Unfortunately this is the only head-end this bed frame comes with. Kind regards Dreams

Hi Can the wood on this bed be stained darker? i like the style but i need it in a darker walnut colour to match bedroom furniture

Answer: Hi , It would have been treated, so to stain you would have to strip it right back. Thank you.

what country is this manufactured

Answer: , Our Moore Bed Frame is manufactured in China. Kind Regards, Dreams

What is the maximum user weight?

Answer: Hi , We do not have set weight limits on our bed frames. Thank you.

How sturdy is the frame in comparison to an oak frame?

Answer: Hi , Both beds are built the same, and are very strong. Thank you.

Thinking about under-bed storage, what is the measurement from the base of the frame to the floor?

Answer: Hi , The under-bed height is 19cm. Thank you for your question.

Is it possible to get this bed in oak? 

Answer: Hi , No, this is only available in this option only. Thank you.

Hi, can you please tell me the height of the base ("dimension E") from the floor, as this is missing from the given dimensions. Thanks

Answer: , This measurement is 19.5cm. Kind Regards, Dreams

Is this bed 100% solid wood ie. no veneer ? Thanks

Answer: , This bed is solid pine wood. Kind Regards, Dreams

Customer Reviews

Based on 192 review

Good bed

When i saw this bed online at such a reasonable price I jumped at the chance to purchase it! It was delivered on the required date and time, 2 friendly gentlemen carried the packages up the room of my choice - even taking their shoes off at the door. (thankful as I have cream carpets!) My partner could build the bed on his own and he isn't the best at putting things together - so if he can then I'm sure anyone else can build it. It took approx' 1 hr and half. Pretty straight forward build. Very comfortable and sturdy design! looks very expensive! The only problem we have had is some of the bolts and fittings have come loose and are unable to be re-tightened. But this is easily fixed with a few extra screws for support. All round good solid bed. - Definitely recommend to anyone!


Nice a sturdy.

Originally I liked the look of this bed over all the other divan/TV beds etc, I wanted a bed that looked like a bed and would last, had a faux leather headboard on the last one and it just pealed off and looked nasty. One concern I did have having seen this bed in the shop was how sturdy it would be as the display bed wobbled a little. On closer inspection the display model had not been assembled very well. I managed to put this bed together by myself from start to finish in 45 minutes and that includes sheets and bedding etc. The bolts are a little fiddly but with some patience easy overall, just make sure you tighten them all fully and then go around and tighten once more once fully built.


Great value

I bought this bed frame with solid last a month ago and I can say it’s the best bed I’ve ever had and I’ve had quite a few over the years. Solid pine wood and it only took me 20 minutes to ensemble myself. Could do it in no time if there was 2 of you putting it together. After a month of sleeping in the bed, I’m thrilled I choose this one. I can actually turn over during the night without any squeaky noises. And also no squeaky noises when doing activities in this bed ;-) The bed is on natural floorboards and doesn’t move at all due to the bed being a very good weight. This bed will last years & years. Both me & my partner are delighted and for the price we paid, it’s a bargain!!


Lovely bed

I am so pleased with my purchase. This bed is really solid and sturdy and was a piece of cake to put together! You could probably manage it with one person, but it’s easier with 2 when it comes to lifting the pieces together. I paid extra for the sprung slats which are great as they come in one piece and you only have to screw on 3 legs. The delivery men were great and explained to me how to install the legs on the slats. They took the three big boxes up to my room and removed their shoes and took great care of my property. It makes my mattress seem much comfier and it’s very cosy in bed!


Lovely bed

Orderd this bed online and was a little apprehensive for its arrival after seeing reviews about the bed arriving looking nothing like the pictures. My worries were soon gone when I unrapped it, it was slightly lighter than the picture but then they do stage the photos. Overall a lovely bed. Very heavy and sturdy. delivery men were very polite and did their best to get the big boxes up my narrow stairs without marking anything. Would recommend this bed!


Excellent homely design

I must say when we saw this in the showroom both me and my wife fell in love with it. And once it was in our home it was even better. It's very strong design and astestic fits perfectly with our home and with us as a couple. It's rustic and thick look make it feel and look incredible. There is no creeking or rocking at all as the frame is very strong surprising from a solely wooden frame. I highly recommend this frame for its looks and strength.


Great thing to have good sleep on it

I bought it almost two months ago and I really like it. It was easy to assemble. Some people was complaining about the saw marks on the wood but I really like as it is. I saw the same saw marks on the one in the shop but there was not easy to see any marks on it because of the design lights. Need to make sure to follow the assembly instructions for don't make it noisy when lay on it. Very decorative bed. I had been looking for it long ago.


Beautiful sturdy bed.

I recently purchased this bed. It is chunky, beautiful and could easily be a statement price for your room. Easy to assemble with two people who are definitely not DIY savvy. There is not much clearance space underneath but that doesn’t bother me too much. I have given 4 stars as one of the slats screw hole is not quite correct (too norfolkclose to the edge to secure down) but I must say dreams rectified this immediately with no quibbles.


Lovely Bed

I bought this bed a few weeks ago after moving house. I had seen it online and then went to see it in store as I was worried it wouldn't look anything like the photos but I was pleasantly surprised that it was just as nice in the store as it is online. It was very easy to put together, I opted for the sprung slats which comes as a whole section on its own. The bed is very sturdy, well made and I'm sure it will last me for many years.


Great bed

Bought this a couple of weeks ago and the bed is really good quality and very sturdy. Did have a little problem where the middle support was to short, contacted customer service and it was resolved quite easily, they would ship a new part and build the bed, take away packaging and gave me £50 back due to the inconvenience. Had to wait a couple of days for delivery but the customer service was excellent.


Stunning Bed

I bought this bed over a month ago and delayed delivery due to having my home redecorated and it was delivered today. I was texted and called first thing this morning with a delivery slot. The delivery guys arrived on time were extremely professional, polite and friendly, delivered with care and put it together for me. No mess, quick and efficient...!!! One very happy customer ??????????


Sweet dreams

Excellent product really well made and assembled by the dream team delivery guys. 5 star service all the way from walking into the showroom and choosing a bed , to the delivery and the extra services offered by this company. Customer service ethos is second to none , the customer is paramount to this organisation. Top marks for a great experience, would highly recommend.


Sturdy but looks nothing like the picture

It is very sturdy and easy to put together but the actual bed is nothing like the picture on the website. The entire bed frame is covered with a pattern of saw marks, which you can't see very well on the website but makes the bed look like it is reclaimed wood from a beach. The sides are also very low to the ground with very little clearance for under-bed storage.



Purchased this bed frame and we are so pleased that we did. If you are thinking about buying this don't hesitate - just buy it. Very easy to put together, and great instructions too. Great quality solid wood bed frame, looks fantastic in our bedroom. Highly recommend to anyone who is thinking of buying this. Overall we only wish we purchased this sooner!


A good bed

I bought this bed recently and it is a good solid piece of furniture. It is rustic in style (perhaps a little too rustic for some tastes) but it looks fairly attractive. It is a bit on the heavy side if you need to move it at all (my light fittings will not be accessible to change a bulb unless I push the bed) but, overall, it is a good bed so far.


OMG The Bed <3

This is by far the comfiest mattress we’ve ever had the pleasure of both laying and sleeping on, it’s like a cloud of magnificence. If a Unicorn was real it would be this mattress, then the bed frame just fits it all together and looks amazing... if anyone is in 2 minds about paying a lot for a mattress buy this one you won’t be disappointed.


Good frame - picture does quite match

Bought a month ago. Very happy with purchase over all. Assembled by Wife on her own, not too difficult either. Be weary, lots of saw marks on the frame, so the pattern does not quite resemble that on the picture. Typically once paid for, looked back at the site to find further £50 reductions, that’s just our luck!


Great bed for my disabled son

I bought this for my disabled son as it’s low profile , sturdy and great looking . He absolutely loves it . Easy to assemble , quality materials and has built in longevity . His orthopaedic mattress fits on perfectly . Thanks dreams for excellent delivery and super bed product . I’ll definitely use you again .


Very good quality bed

I bought this a couple of weeks ago and am pleased with it. It's very solid and at the same time also nice looking. For someone with extra weight this is the best bed as it does make you feel very safe. Delivery was on time, crew setting up very polite, fast and very pleasant. I cannot really fault anything!


Had for a couple months and it’s amazing

After purchasing a bed from elsewhere and it falling apart within weeks it was amazing to have this bed arrive and be so easy to put together! With very few steps and no confusing instructions my partner did it mostly alone in about 30 mins! It’s sturdy, good quality and I’m very pleased with it overall


Solid good looking bed frame

I have bought this bed frame from the boxing day sale. The wooden frame is solid and extremely good looking. It’s definitely a good buy. The customer service is extremely good and the delivery is on time too. The guys who help to install the bed are very professional and efficient. Well recommended !!!


Timeless style, easy to assemble

I bought this bed to replace an older style slat bed bought some years ago. It is very easy to assemble, with good instructions, and its more sturdy when put together than the older bed. The two central 'feet' are particularly good in this respect. The bed looks great with a simple timeless design.



Brought this as a replacement for a very noisy devan. Great solidly constructed wooden bed with a very rustic look. Still a bit of noise from the slats that arnt locked down when moving around but accepable. Need to be careful about walking into posts in the dark though. Can be quite painful.


Solid Bed

I looked at a couple of places for a new bed and I went into the store and I came across this one. I had a good look at it and felt how solid it was and I ended up buying 2 of them during black Friday and they are very sturdy. Very easy to build and managed to build quite quickly with 2 of us.


Good quality prduct

I bought this bed last month and for the price I was amazed at the build quality. I was expecting a cheaply made bed that would do us for a few months while moving but this bed is a keeper. Very solid and sturdy construction. Took us 15 minutes to put together. I'm very happy with this product


Lovely looking bed frame

Had this about a month now, lovely looking strong bed frame. Delivery was fast and was kept up to date throughout. Fairly straight forward to put together, instructions say 2 people 35 mins, 1 person took just over an hour mainly due to going through packaging looking for well hidden screws!


Really brings the room together!

Bought this a few weeks back as our previous bed was breaking due to poor quality and after putting this together, not only was it amazingly comfy, it really brought the bedroom together with its rustic style look. I'd definitely buy another bed or two once moved into a bigger property!


Service, quality, value

From the moment I ordered the bed and mattress I was kept informed on delivery almost to the minute. Faultless! The assembly instructions and products themselves - also faultless. I look forward to bedtimes and mornings now. Value? Truly exceptional. One of the star purchases of my life!


Beautiful bed

I was anxious about buying a new bed had the old one a very long time! It is a beautiful bed makes my room look amazing is sturdy and comfortable and the whole buying and delivery experience was so professional and easy. I would highly recommend this bed .I'm so happy I went to bensons !


Love it!

From delivery to a great nights sleep. I love my new bed. Delivery was smooth sailing, drivers were friendly and courteous, took their shoes off when they took my bed to my room. Easy to assemble. High quality product looks perfect in my room. Would highly recommend this bed frame.


Moore wooden bed review

This was delivered promptly and carried in to the house by a very good delivery team. The bed was easy to assemble with good clear instructions. It replaced an old steel framed bed that moved around and was noisey. This is much better. Very strong, well made and beautiful to look at.


Looks great feels comfortable

I had been looking for a wooden bed that would suit my 240 year old cottage and this meets the brief. I love the saw marks which gives it a 'rough cut' look. The wood is nice and dark (stained pine) and likely darken slightly more over time. The spring slats are very comfortable.


Really solid bed

I have had this for about a month now and am really quite impressed with it. It is an extremely solid bed with a really chunky appearance which is what I wanted. There were a couple of minor scuff marks when I unboxed it, but a very light rub with fine sandpaper sorted that out.


Great frame, poor base.

Purchased a few weeks ago and the frame looks great. Unfortunatly chose the solid slat base which is not very comfortable what so ever, resulting in me and my wife haveng bad backs. Will hopefully be able to exchange it for the spring slat base when returning to the shop.


Lovely bed

I brought this a month ago lovely bed but found the wood looks a bit plasticity but it wasn’t that expensive so for the money it was ok easy to put together and the chaps that delivered it where brilliant put covers over there shoes to keep carpets clean would buy again


Lovely bed, very sturdy!

I purchased this bed frame as King Size with Sprung Slat for the master bedroom in our new home and we love it! Beautiful bed, lovely wood effect and was so easy to put together, it took no time at all. My favourite piece of furniture. I would definitely recommend.


New bed

I bought this nearly 4 weeks ago great experience when being delivered and very easy to assemble no meet to pay for assembly. Bought this for my daughters room very solid sturdy bed looks impressive would highly recommend if your looking for a wooden framed bed


Solid as a rock

Bought this bed just under a month ago. I am really pleased with it. It is a good looking, solid bed of excellent quality. I chose flat slats for the base and am far happier with this than the slats on my previous bed which slipped out of the plastic housings


solid workmanship and helpful staff

I bought this 3 weeks ago and was impressed with the price as well as the solid workmanship, the staff instore were very helpful and knowledgeable. The mattress is so comfortable and supportive. I have already put another order in for a new bed for my son


Chunky wooden bed frame

The finish on this bed frame is right on trend and would look great in a modern room. The distressed effect on the wood makes it unique and the chunky side rails, head end and foot end makes this bed frame sturdy and hardwearing. Great value for money!


Wonderful Bed

Previously purchased another bed from Dreams 6 years ago and it was time for a change. Again we have been hugely impressed with the quality of this bed! No creaking, we made, easy to fit and a lovely piece of furniture in our bedroom! Thank you Dreams!


Very comfortable.

We bought this bed frame about a month ago and have not been disappointed. Extremely solid construction and now paired with a Silent Night memory mattress it is a joy to get into every night. Having the best nights sleep we have had for a long time.


Moore wooden bed frame

Purchased this item prior to Christmas in black friday sale...excellent solid build quality & easy assembly, totally satisfied with the product, even better if available with an option with underneath storage, but still excellent value for money.


Solid, looks amazing

I was a bit cautious of buying wood that is pine as I thought it will not be strong enough, but I was impressed with the weight and quality of this bed. I highly recommend this bed because of this reason. It looks stylish in my bedroom. Thumbs up


Sturdy and stunning!

Bought this bedframe a couple of weeks agoand it's a great feature of the bedroom, striking and solid. Really happy with my purchase and would 100% recommend for a good night's sleep as well as a welcoming feature to build your bedroom around.


Exactly what we wanted

We bought this to match a mango wood dresser and although it's not mango the colour match is nearly perfect. It's sturdy, comfortable and was easy to put together. It's pretty heavy when boxed but was easy enough for us to get upstairs.


Love it!!

I purchased this bed to go with bedroom interior.It was very easy to assemble.Approx 30 mins.It is a very sturdy bed and also...a very comfortable bed.Looks great in my room.From order to delivery...excellent.Would definitely recommend.


excellent quality

Bought this bed online and very pleased with the exceptional quality, very sturdy and stunning to look at. The service from Dreams was excellent, kept informed throughout the process, would not hesitate to recommend buying from Dreams.


Awesome Bed

I bought this bed it arrived wendsday,absolutely in love with it looks beautiful in my bedroom and very comfy the delivery guys were top marks very polite and put it togeather in 15 minutes. Excellent service from start to finish.


Beautiful looking bed

This bed was not our first choice as the bed we had originally ordered was not going to be available for some time. We are very happy with our second choice. It’s a beautiful looking bed and we are both having fantastic sleeps.


Beautiful design, easy to assemble

We were struggling to choose between two Dreams bed frames but so happy with our choice! It's so chunky and warm and looks great in our new home! Also very easy assembly, only needs Allen keys which are supplied with the bed.


Solid as a rock

I've had this bed a few weeks now and I have not yet found anything to fault it. It looks Great, was easy to assemble and is solidly built. Purchased with a memory foam matress and I have slept like a baby since getting them


Stunning bed frame!

We just bought this bed frame for our new house and it's so gorgeous - really sturdy and stylish! It's in our master bedroom and it's the first thing everyone comments on when we show them the room - everyone loves it!



I loved this bed the moment I saw it in the showroom and I love it even more now it's sat in my bedroom! Chunky and solid and the wood is gorgeous. Couldn't be more pleased with it or the service from Dreams. Outstanding.



We have needed a new bed and mattress for a longtime. We went from a divan storage to this and I have to say I love this bed so much more. It feels so luxurious when you get in it and it feels so homely. I love it!!


Sturdy piece of kit! Solid as!

I bought this as a king size during the Black Friday sales.... very pleased with the quality, and for the price, I couldn’t find anything to compare it to! Great customer service and delivery Guys were spot on too!


Wooden bed frame

We bought this bed frame for our guest room. The item came on the day scheduled, the delivery men were so considerate with the house as they put on shoe cover. The bed is very stable and comfortable no complaints.


Stunning bed!

I bought this a few weeks ago, and it is stunning! So comfy to sleep on, and easy to put together with great instructions! Very helpful delivery guys who carried it up two flights of stairs for me! Can not fault!


Really nice

We bought this bed 2 weeks ago, and this (and the new mattress) have reduced the amount of stiffness in the mornings. The bed looks good, and is solid. As a 6'1" 97KG man, i feel supported and stable on the bed.


Great sturdy solid wood bed

It is a solid thick wood bed frame. Very easy to assemble with instructions provided. Took just 30-40mins to assemble. Me and my wife love the texture of the frame. Overall we are very satisfied with the frame.


Feels solid, Looks great

I brought this about a month ago for our new house. We fell in love with it when we visited the store. It feels good, it looks good and its very well made. Very easy to assemble and is very solid when made.


Proper nughts sleep

Until i bought this bed and mattress i never understood the value of a good bed and mattress. I am now asleep within minutes and awaken refreshed. I wish i had invested in this so many years ago. Do It.


Excellent, sturdy, stylish product

The bed frame is exactly as advertised and I was pleasantly surprised to find it was such a high quality product. The assembly was easy and done in less than 30 minutes. Am sleeping like a baby.



I bought the bed and mattress a couple of weeks ago and so glad I did! The bed is great, exactly what I wa s looking for and the mattress is superb! Never slept better! Great customer service too!


Superb build quality

We bought this for our guest room, which has not only beams, but hardwood frames. It looks amazing in the room, and is absolutely solid! Brilliant value for money. We’re thrilled with it.


Great look and quality

Looks great and very spacious (king size purchased). Definitely would recommend this frame with the sprung-slat option as it makes the base very solid and has a good sturdy feel to it.


Lovely bed frame

Bought this bed frame a few weeks ago after looking round. So glad we did, it was easy and straight forward to put together, and looks brilliant when assembled. A very good sturdy bed


Great looking bed

Bought this a couple weeks back and so pleased I did. Good solid and sturdy bed, cert comfortable. High back panel means I csn now sit up in comfort with pillows and read. Love it.


Better than expected

Bed quality was better than expected and looks lovely in the bedroom. Delivery was good and the men who delivered were very careful at getting it up the stairs etc. Very pleased.


Solid but one niggle

Brilliant solid wood bed, only problem I came across was a bent metal fixture. Wasn’t due to delivery was a manufacturer fault, fixed with bending back into shape with a tool.


Beautiful Bed

I bought this a month ago or so and love it so far. Looks stunning and very sturdy. Only down side was the faulty slats I recieved from dreams but managed to fix them myself


Really love this bed

Our new bed arrived yesterday - really easy to put together and looks great in our house which was built almost 400 years ago. Great service and delivery. Very impressed.


great bed and easy to build

This bed is so easy to assemble and looks great once built. A lot of my furniture is oak and the colour is blending really with my furniture too which was a massive bonus.


Looks great!

Had the bed a week now and we love it, qualitys fantastic. It's a shame the slats don't match the quality of the bed, they were quite rough around the edges shall we say!



Extremely pleased with my new bed frame, its solid wood and matches perfectly in my bedroom. It has a great shiny finish which makes it stand out in the entire bedroom


Lovely and solid

I bought this bed almost a year ago for our holiday home. I am saving to buy one for our regular home. It compliments our bedroom furniture. Very solid and woody.


This bed frame looks great

The moore bed frame looks great in our old cottage but would also look great in a new house very well made. easy to put together up an ready to sleep in 20 mins


Great quality

Great solid bed frame , made of good heavy wood and easy to put together . Arrived bang on time and was delivered into the bedroom quickly and without fuss .


Looks Great!

Bought it a month ago in the Sales and I am delighted I did. It is well made, looks good and complements my wooden floors. It looks more expensive than it is.


Well made

Bought this item as the old one had had its day . I’m very pleased with it .its solid wood ,strong and sturdy , was easy to assemble and is good to look at .


Looks great

Redoing my whole room and needed a new bed after having the same one for too many years. This bed looks good and is well made. Very easy to put together.


Ideal for what we wanted

Great frame.easy to clean around and very sturdy and a lovely simple design. Delivery men were extremely professional assembling the bed frame for us.


Stunning features

I bought this a month ago its is completely solid sturdy and attractive to look at. Most comfortable bed I have ever owned excellent value for money.


Solid, classic bed

Ordered this at Christmas, it arrived in good time and easily put together. It’s a classy, solid bed with lovely quality wood. Very pleased with it.


Solid & well made bed

Bought frame about 5 weeks ago & am completely satisfied with it. Well made sturdy frame. Have sunset bought a Tempura mattress and it’s bliss!!!


Great rustic style bed

Lovely solid wood bed we had the sprung slats and they do make a difference compared to a divan we had before definitely worth paying the extra.


Great value

We bought the Moore bed frame for our teen daughter last month. she loves her new bed. It is very stylish and arrived at the agreed time & date!


Really sturdy, looks great!

I bought this bed last month and it was so easy to put together. It's really sturdy and looks great in my home. Theres even room to slide things


Really comfy

The bed is BIG and the structure is not discreet but the robust design is so so comfy at the same time that the bed engulfes you like no other.


New bed

So happy with my new bed. It looks so good in my bedroom. It is quite firm which is taking a few weeks of getting used to but settling down now


Solid chunky bed frame

I brought this bed with sprung slats on black friday with 40% off. You could not find a better bed for that price. Chunky and lovely to look at


A strong frame bed

I bought this product 3 weeks ago, because I'm decorating this bed is still in the box. Its a lovely strong frame cannot wait to sleep in it.


Beautiful wooden bed

We purchased this over a month ago. It was really easy to put together and is a really sturdy wooden frame. Really pleased with this purchase.


Quality as well as classy bed frame

I bought this a month ago and very happy with the bed frame. Looks great and the quality is second to none. Its the main feature of the room.


Great bed frame!

I bought this frame a month ago, and have been really pleased with it ever since. It’s incredibly sturdy, and looks better than the pictures!


Great features

Really happy with this purchase feels like well built was easy to set up and east to move around if needs be, great value of money as well


Brilliant bed

I've been using this bed for 10 days now and it's great. I paid for the team to put the bed together. It's very well made and looks great.


Disappointing !

The bed i received looked nothing like the one in the shop or on the website. It was covered on every panel in saw cuts and rough edges.


Sturdy and comfy

Bought this bed a few weeks ago and I am really impressed. It’s so easy to put together, and is totally solid and perfect for our needs.


Beautiful and easy to assemble!

Bought this about a month ago and we absolutely love it. It is a beautiful frame, was easy to assemble ourselves, and seems very sturdy.