Maree Velvet Upholstered Bed Frame Rated 4/5 based on 177 customer reviews

Maree Velvet Upholstered Bed Frame

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4/5 - 177 reviews


What Makes It Great

This is hands down the most beautiful and well made bed I could find on my search to replace mine on a budget. The closest I came to as my ideal was at least double the price of this one! It looks and feels amazing, a real luxurious focal point for the bedroom. The drawer storage is brilliant and on castors - well made wooden drawers also - lots of space for the things we had in our ottoman bed previously. The bed height is perfect (not too low or high) and I can definitely recommend the sprung slat base for essential comfort. I bought it online without seeing it in real life, so I was taking a bit of a punt and I am so thrilled I did! I don't know about assembly as they did it for me, but they did a great job extremely efficiently. It's always a 10/10 for the delivery/assembly team - they have all been fantastic in my experience. I can say that the bed isn't so heavy that you can't move it and position it how you would like - which is a plus, but it's heavy enough to be solid and sturdy. The fabric is gorgeous and good quality, it looks different in different lights which I love! We had the first headboard replaced as there was a slight fault but there was no quibble, great customer service and the team replaced the headboard the very next week, checking I was happy with it before fitting - so I would have no hesitation in recommending the company, their beds or their delivery teams. I would give this bed 10/10 on all fronts! It is worth mentioning that is is probably an inch longer realistically, as the bed board is curved (I think someone else put that in their review?). If you want a luxury, beautiful well made bed, with full customer satisfaction, then you need look no further!

Instructions download: click here

Let our experts assemble your bed - select this service at the checkout

The supplier has a unique installation and assembly service whereby the consumer is able to have their product built by the experts. This was you can avoid a lot of swearing, missplacing tools and yelling at your kids and end up with the finished product from the get go. Take advantage of this service by adding this product to the basket and heading to the checkout to see options

Soft velvet effect finish in cream

Winged, buttoned headboard

Spacious storage drawers

Wooden feet

Build time: 2 people | 1 hour 15 minutes

Internal storage depth: 17cm

Spacious storage drawers (Storage depth: 17cm)

Questions and Answers

Hi would this bed be any good for over weight couples? Thanks 

Answer: , Our bed frames are designed to accommodate a variety of different mattresses and sleepers alike. The Maree bed frame has the the option of being purchased with sprung slate which help to provide added support. If you are concerned about this bed frame, we would suggest that you use our find in store feature to locate the nearest store to you with this bed on display - you can then confirm whether it would be suitable. Kind Regards, Dreams

Hi, what is the difference between a normal slat and a sprung slat and what are the benefits to a sprung slat?

Answer: Hi , Sprung slats are stronger wood, have an extra strengthening bar in the middle and are upwardly curved. This means they're more durable. We recommend upgrading to sprung slats if this will be your main bed. Solid slats are the basic pine planks that hold your mattress up from the floor. You should see them if you look under your mattress. Thank you for your question.

Hi Does this Bed some with a Mattress ?

Answer: , The Maree Bed Frame listed on the website does not come with a mattress, and therefore the price displayed is for the bed frame only. We offer a wide range of different mattresses on our website which are suitable for and can be purchased alongside the Maree bed frame. Kind Regards, Dreams

The width is stated as 150cm for the double. But other beds elsewhere state 150cm is a KING. So what width exactly is this bed in the double size version. We want to use our new existing double mattress with this frame. Thankyou

Answer: Hi , The width stated is correct and this will fit a standard double sized mattress. Every bed frame is wider than the mattress as there is a recess and the depth of the side rail to add. This is the widest part of the bed frame. Thank you for your question.

What is the difference between a sprung slat and slat 

Answer: , Solid slats are one piece of solid timber that runs from one side of the bed to the other. Sprung slats are two individual slats that run from the edge to the middle of the bed, they are sprung and can help provide greater support. Kind Regards, Dreams

If this fits a king size mattress of 150cm and the mattress just sits on top of the slats, not inside the frame, why is the actual width of the bed 164cm? It's seems a lot wider than the mattress.

Answer: Hi , This is because every bed frame is wider then the mattress and your mattress does not sit on top of the side rail there is a recess, then you have the depth of the side rail to add. We always advertise the widest dimensions. Thank you.

Good evening, can I ask, if I ordered this bed now could it be delivered at a later date, let's say March or April? I am moving house from abroad and have nowhere to store it at present..

Answer: , The lead time is 3 weeks on this bed. If you order online, you will be given delivery options up to the end of January at this time. You would need to order at a later date to choose March or April. Kind Regards, Dreams

Hi, can you please double check if this is definitely 12cm? Looking at the picture I am 99.99% sure it must be at least 30 cm from bed corner to start of the drawer? thanks

Answer: Hello, 12cm will be the difference in height to the side rail. From the corner to the start of the bedside, this will be approximately 52cm as the headboard is slightly slanted with its design. Many thanks for the question.

Hi. Can you tell me do you sell cleaning products for this bed or can you recommend any 

Answer: Hello, Unfortunately, we do not sell cleaning products. We can not recommend a product but this can be kept cleaned with a damp cloth. Many thanks for the question.

how are the feet attached to the bed

Answer: Hi , The feet are attached at the underside of the footend & siderail and in each corner, with 50mm wooden screws. Thank you for your question.

Hi can you change the colour of our choice?

Answer: , Unfortunately the Maree bed frame is only currently available in the one colour that is displayed online. Kind Regards, Dreams

People keep asking if a king sized mattress will fit this frame, and you answer, yes. This is a 4'6" frame, how can a king sized mattress fit comfortably into this frame?

Answer: Hi , This bed frame comes in both double and king size, you can select a size in the drop-down options. Thank you for your question.

Hi Does this include the headboard as well. I'm assuming it's only the mattress I will need to buy separately. Thank you

Answer: Hi, Yes, this is the entire frame so headboard is included. You are correct in that you will need to buy a mattress separately. Thank you.

Is there any way I can get a sample of the fabric so I can be sure if it matches our newly decorated room?

Answer: Hi , Unfortunately we do not have samples that we send out. Apologies for any inconveniences caused. Thank you for your question.

Can you tell me if the headboard separates  for easier delivery.  

Answer: , The Headboard separates from the bed however the headboard is still delivered all one piece. Kind Regards, Dreams

Hello, is it possible to order this in any other fabric? Sincerely. 

Answer: Hello, The bed frame is only available in the colour that we display on the website unfortunately. Many thanks for the question.

Can you tell me the measurement from the top of the bed to where the drawer starts? I need to know if the drawer will still open with my bedside cabinet?

Answer: Hello, This will be 12cm in difference from where the drawer starts to the top of the side rail. Many thanks for the question.

D-Foot end is 40 cm without mattress?

Answer: , Measurement D - from the floor to the base of the frame (without the mattress) is 40cm. Kind Regards, Dreams

Hi Its possible to reduce the length of the bed frame to 210cm in a king size frame? 

Answer: , Unfortunately this is not possible, this frame is only available in standard sizes. Kind Regards, Dreams

Hi, Does this bed take any normal double mattress made for 4ft 6 beds?

Answer: Hi , All of our double bed frames will take standard size double mattresses. Thank you for your question.

Is this available in other colours?

Answer: Hi , Unfortunately this bed frame is only available in this colour way. Thank you for your question.

Hello, I need to know the dimensions from the beginning of the bed (headboard corner) to the beginning of the drawer. I assume from pictures it is around 50cm. please advise asap.

Answer: Hello , Please refer to the answer given in your previous question for this. Many thanks for the question.

Hi, Will a standard king size mattress fit this bed frame?  Many thanks in advance, Cristy

Answer: Hello, Yes, this will fit a UK standard king size mattress of 150 by 200cm. Many thanks for the question.

Good evening Do orthopedic mattresses fit within the frame?

Answer: , This frame is suitable for use with any standard UK sized mattress. Kind Regards, Dreams

Hello,I want to ask do you have the small double size of the this bed frame?

Answer: Hello, Unfortunately, we do not have the small double for this bed frame. Many thanks for the question.

Do you buy the mattress separately

Answer: Hi , Yes, you will have to purchase a mattress separately. Thank you for your question.

Hi could you please tell me if the Maree velvet finish bed frame is available to look at and try out in the Aberdeen store thanks???

Answer: , Yes, you can view this bed frame in the Aberdeen store. Kind regards Dreams

Can this bed be made as an ottoman bed? What would be the cost for king size bed?

Answer: , Unfortunately this bed is not available as an ottoman. Kind Regards, Dreams

Hi Are there draws on both sides?

Answer: , Yes the Maree bed frame has drawers on both sides. Kind Regards, Dreams

Hi, Could you tell me the dimensions of the drawers please Many thanks

Answer: , The drawers measure 120cm x 60cm and are 20cm deep. Kind Regards, Dreams

Is this UK king or EU ?

Answer: , This bed frame is available in a UK King only. Kind Regards, Dreams

Please can you confirm that a standard king size mattress fits snug into this frame and there is no gap between the matress and frame right round the king size bed frame Thank you

Answer: Hi, The mattress will fit fine as long as it is to UK standard sizing. Thank you.

Hi, Is anyone able to tell me how long the 5ft king bed frame is please?as the measurements shown are different lengths,227cm or 94inches so 4 1/2 inches difference just wondered which was correct? Thanks

Answer: , The total length of the frame is 227cm. Kind Regards, Dreams

Can anyone tell me if this looks more silver/grey or is it cream in real life thanks 

Answer: Hello, This is more of a light cream in colour. Many thanks for the question.

Hello, can you please tell me what's the exact material used and in what %? Thank you

Answer: Hello, This will be a cotton woven fabric. Many thanks for your question.

Does the mattress go into the frame or is it like a divan bed we’re the mattress sits on top of a flat solid surface?

Answer: Hi , The mattress sits up on top of the slats. Thank you.

Can you give me the internal length from the headboard to the foot end of the bed including the frame please?

Answer: Good Evening, This dimension is 194cm. Kind Regards, Dreams

What are the dimensions from the head of The bed to when the drawer starts as want to know if bedside cabinets will fit.

Answer: Hi , This measurement is 29cm. Thank you.

Customer Reviews

Based on 177 review

Solid and Sturdy Bed

I recently purchased a new king size mattress for my old wooden bedstead, but the high foot board made fitting the fitted sheets a right pain, and I kept scrapping my knuckles when making the bed. I looked at all of the high head board, and open ended beds on the Dreams website, and I liked the look of this one, so I phoned Dreams HQ on Friday, and they delivered it a few days later on the Wednesday. Jackie in the Dreams sales HQ was really helpful on the phone, and made all of the arrangements very quickly, and explained everything. The delivery guys arrived on time, and they also did the installation very quickly. They both took the time to explain how they were putting the bed together, so I would know how to take the bed apart in the future, if I need to re-carpet the room. The other reason for selecting this bed, was that 19 people gave it top feedback, and I have to agree. The bed is very solid, and doesn't make any noise if you move around on it, as beds should be silent and not squeaky in any way. The colour of the bed is beige to a degree, but it does change depend on natural day light, or bed room lights. At times it does look a bit silver grey, but it seems to change, depending on what time of day I walk into the room!! In a nutshell, you won't go wrong buying this bed. I've added a couple of photo', so I hope that helps.


Gorgeous bed m.

I had been looking at this bed for a while as it’s online only, but we went for it and purchased it in king size with sprung slats, the bed is gorgeous the colour is beautiful and the’s well made the drawers are a great addition the only thing I would say is when I was purchasing the bed I couldn’t see any where to request for it to be put together I have a neurological condition and scoliosis and that would have been a real help as I’m not supposed to lift anything heavy the delivery guys took most of it upstairs but as they couldn’t fit the headboard with the box upstairs left me and my partner to do it who has arthritis good job our 18 year old son is strong the headboard is huge they said they would get into trouble if it got damaged when it was taken out of the box and taken upstairs even though I asked them to do it putting it together was simple enough but took us a while, as my previous bed from dreams was assembled it would have been much easier for me if I could have ordered with assembly this time round over than that I’m so happy we went with this bed we love it.


Solid Build and lovely bed!

Bed is very solid and all parts feel good quality! I think it’s worth spending more on a decent frame as they’re often built with higher quality materials :) Delivered yesterday (Delivery men were great!) and took around 2 hours to assemble. Instructions simple with YouTube video if needed. Only slight niggle was assembling the draws. Each draw has 5 wheels with 4 screws per wheel. Because of the design of the wheel, you can’t just waz a screw in one by one - you have to put them in at an angle etc. It’s just a bit of a pain. You also have to line up the draw front using a line draw as guidance but this would be so much better if there were already pre drilled holes. Possibly could’ve paid for someone to assemble it however, I know that they’re against time targets and may rush the job. This way I know it’s done ‘to the letter of the law’ (Hastings) and i also know how to disassemble if we ever move! Overall though, bed is lovely. It’s a great buy!!


A Great Buy with 5* Service

I purchased this product from my daughter a few weeks ago and I would like to say that the whole process from showroom through to delivery was perfect in every way. My daughter is very happy and overjoyed with the bed. I decided to put to put it together myself on my own which was reasonably okay but it took between three and four hours for me to do this! So, you might seriously want to look at getting the professionals to do it for you if you have not much DIY skills. It’s construction is solid, strong and very well finished. It comes in several boxes so there is a lot of cardboard to get rid of when it’s all done, so be warned! Overall I would recommend this bed to anyone to purchase. It’s quite luxurious and has plenty of storage space within the 23 gliding drawer


Maree bed frame

I looked at this maree bed frame before I brought it two weeks later, the customer service was exceptional from the moment I walked into the shop, I was made very welcome with an offer of a cuppa :-) I purchased my bed frame with only one week delivery, I was constantly informed of my purchase given a two hour time slot by email the day before, and another telling me the drivers name, reg number , and telephone number, ( what an excellent customer service) couldn’t ask for more, oh and I even got four free pillows ?I paid extra for aftercare and putting it together the men that brought my bed frame were very professional, tidy what can I say fantastic. The bed frame I ordered was natural cream, in fact it appears silver ish grey green..... I would highly recommend Dreams


Excellent bed

I absolutely love this bed, was a bit apprehensive as I couldn’t view the bed in store before buying being an online only bed. However I am so glad I relied on he previous reviews. The bed does look so much better in real life. The colour is more champagne than the yellowy gold on the web photos. I love how the drawers can be pulled right out so you can still hover under the bed. So glad I brought this bed. Used the assembly service delivery men was great arrived in time and were all done within an hour no mess or rubbish left behind and bed already for use. Customer services online and on the phone were brilliant too when I need to make some tweaks to my order. Thank you dreams !


Love it!!!!

I can't say without enough emphasis how much I love my bed. It was purchased with the Magenta medium mattress and I have to say I've never slept better. I feel like royalty. This bed is on trend, but the difference from so many is it's sturdy structure. The velvet is plush and the colour is not done any justice online. In person the bed is stunningly beautiful. The Magenta medium mattress, has been doing wonders for my back. I suffer from sciatica and I have to say sleeping on a comfortable mattress is doing wonders for me. I use to lie awake in pain on my previous mattress. Now my nights sleep are just amazingly comfortable and rested.


Great bed frame, surprise we had to assemble!

The bedframe we brought online (after seeing options in the showroom) was excellent, good quality finish, well made and value for money. The under-storage drawers could be more stable. We had looked at a few to compare, and this was by far the best, particularly for the price. The sales team, however, didn't tell us we had to assemble ourselves! Or even offer us an assembly service/price. That would have been useful to know! The delivery guys messaged and arrived when the said they would - on time and were extremely helpful and friendly. Carrying the boxes to where I wanted them & helping move my items to the side.


Fabric so soft and luxury looking

I purchased this last month after taking weeks and weeks to decide on which bed to go for. In the end the Dreams customer service and staff were really impressive and we decided to order this bed which we had come across online. Everything from the fabric, quality and style has wowed both myself and everyone that comes up to see it. It has a luxury feel, and the colour is champagne gold like. Looks very expensive. We had some issues with the slats but customer service called us soon after the delivery team left and have arranged to sort this out for us without any charge.


Beautiful bed

I had been looking at this bed online since Christmas, finally decided to buy it and I'm glad I did. It's a beautiful bed and gives the bedroom the look of luxury. It's great the way you can pull the draws all the way out on wheels because this make for easy cleaning under the bed. The only thing I would say it's a little lighter in colour than I expected but lucky enough it goes with the bedroom decor, but this is the problem with not being able to go to a Dreams store to view and order it. All the same I love this bed and I think anyone who orders it will do too.


Lovely bed frame

I purchased this bed frame a few weeks ago. I put the bed together myself, which is super easy! All of the instructions are easy to follow, and even though I needed a couple more tools than the paperwork said were required it all went together fine. We have been enjoying the bed since then, it's extremely comfy, the drawers are spacious and it looks great in our room. The pictures show the colour as a beige/cream, but it is actually more of a grey/silver. We knew this beforehand as we'd been to see the bed in person in store, and this is the colour we wanted.


High quality bed

We purchased this bed after searching around for months trying to find the perfect new bed for our brand new home. It fits lovely in the room and although we’re still waiting to get the room painted and a couple of bedside tables to finish our bedroom, this bed is beautiful, a great compliment to the style we’re aiming for. Definitely the right choice. The feel is lovely, the drawers are smooth and easy to use, and the headboard is just wow. All in all great product.


The perfect bed!

I ordered this back in October and waited until December for it to be delivered and it was 100% worth the wait! This is exactly what I was looking for, it’s perfect. It’s unlike anything else I’ve seen on the market. The headboard is fabulous! We opted not to pay for assembly and between two of us was pretty easy and took approx 90 minutes. It came on time and was well packaged. They should sell these in store just so people can see how fabulous it is in reality.


Beautiful product!

I wanted to purchase this bed at the beginning of the year but it quickly sold out. I waited patiently for it to be back in stock and as soon it was available I purchased this on-line. Always a gamble not really knowing how it will look but decided to go for it. I absolutely love it and and it looks really luxurious and is very well made. The drawers are a good size and on wheels which make them really easy to use. Thanks Dreams!


Nice Bed Cheap Construction

I bought this bed a few weeks ago. I cannot believe for the price it cost I have such a cheap construction bed. Not only did I have to build it myself, If I try to move it, I have to remove the covers and the mattress as it immediately pulls out of shape due to the weight on the flimsy frame. I am afraid what you see on the surface which is a very nice padded exterior does not reflect what you get, an inferior frame and construction.


Gorgeous Bed

I bought this bed a few weeks ago and absolutely love it. So beautiful and a treat to sleep in. The appearance of colour seems to alter dependent on the natural lighting in the room. In the picture it looks champagne/beige but in my room, which has lots of natural light, it looks light silver grey. Quality is very good, solid bedstead. The delivery and assembly service was faultless. Thank you to the Dreams team.


Simply stunning bed!

I bought this bed at Easter and it arrived on 16/04, had it assembled by Dreams and I have no complaints whatsoever! I left the workmen in my bedroom and they were finished in less than 20 mins, left no mess and loved that they took of their shoes without being asked. The bed is absolutely stunning, I took a risk with it as it was not able to view in store, but really glad I did, its absolutely gorgeous!


Not just a bed

I bought this bed online and picked it because it looked like a statement piece of furniture. I thought it wouldn’t look as good as the photo how wrong was I ?? It’s amazing the upholstery is beautiful with attention to detail. The bed frame itself is really sturdy and I love the wings on the headboard. My bedroom now looks like an upmarket hotel room and I feel like a queen going to bed every night !!



Although this was an "online " only buy, With much anticipation I decided to take the plunge, I am so pleased I did, it is well made including the drawers, of which are a very big drawer. The fabric feels very luxurious. When fitted together it is solid and very heavy. It is taking a bit to get use to the size, but I am very pleased with it, I am so very pleased I decided to buy it


Looks great

We looked at a lot of different shapes, sizes and styles. It came down to the build quality - typical dad comment and the shape. My daughter likes the shape of the head board, not too intrusive but gave the bed a really comfortable feel. The velvet around the base adds to the warm feel. we went for the more sturdy frame underneath, made assembly a little more fiddly but worth it.



I bought this two weeks ago ,I am glad I did ,easy to assemble ,graceful ,fabric and overall material of high quality ,I am glad I chose Dreams, indeed reliable, the only downfall is I never received the free pillows promised ,as part of the order, it says it will be delivered in separate delivery method etc ...but never came!Apart from that all good and happy with my purchase.


Nice bed

Purchased this bed a few weeks ago! It is a nice bed but was a little bit disappointed in the colour as it does not look the same as it does online it's more of a silver / champagne colour in person rather than cream but it still looks nice! The delivery was great service and came very quick. Unfortunately the bed slats some of them were broken but we will just replace them.


Lovely Bed

Thank you Dreams for making the purchase of this lovely bed so easy, and giving me a free upgrade to build the bed on delivery. It came on time and as it was for my 83 year old mother this was great service. The men who delivered and built the bed were superb to my Mum and put her at ease with there care and sensitivity. Will not hesitate to buy from Dreams again.


Amazing quality

Really pleased with my purchase. The frame has good quality thick wood. The drawers fit perfect to the frame and are very spacious. The material is also good quality and well made. I put the frame together myself which took me 2 hours with the step by step instructions. The bed was delivered on time by friendly staff. All in all a great experience. Thank you Dreams.


Very comfy and strdy

I spent months looking for the perfect bed and I am so glad I waited until I found this one! This is by far the most comfortable bed I have ever had, and the storage drawers underneath and so useful! This was definitely worth the cost and the wait! The colour is neutral enough to match any room, but luxurious enough to make it feel special.


MAREE bed frame

We bought this bed from Dreams about 2 months ago. We were in love in the shop with the look and design, colour. However when it arrived it was a slightly different colour than advertised. The store colour was more of a cream and I would say its a mink almost silver colour. But nonetheless its a great looking bed with handy drawers.


Comfortable and looks great

We where looking for a bed that we could enjoy the evenings watching tv comfortably whilst sat up against the headboard. This bed is perfect for that as the headboard is tilted back slightly. the storages draws are huge and work perfect. Overall we are really happy with this bed and the service we got from dreams Thank you so much


Love this bed!

I bought this a month ago for our first home! Couldn’t be happier with the bed! Hard to picture what it was like when it was an online only exclusive bed but wee worth it, love it! Paisley shop we’re extremely helpful in helping me find the bed I was looking for, material is great and looks expensive, goes perfect with our room!


Luxury headboard

I bought this bed and am very pleased. Had such a good nights sleep since getting it. Used it with our mattress but went for the sprung slats. It’s very solid and looks very stylish. It’s a nice silvery colour. Drawers are very sturdy and large with plenty of storage space. Great bed. Lot more reasonable than divan versions.


Great product, looks good, assembled quickly

I bought this bed last month and it is just brilliant. Arrived on time, we assembled the same day. It took longer that what was mentioned in the manual, but possibly it was for the experts. Anyhow steps were easy to understand, we followed and assembled the bed. It looks nice, feels comfortable and happy with the purchase.


Looks fantastic and warm

This bed is fantastic value. It’s finish is absolutely lovely and soft (much improved from a cold leather upholstered bed anyway). We love our new bed and the size is perfect, with a straight headboard so you don’t lose space behind it against the wall. Easy to build (I did it by myself in a couple of hours). Brilliant!


Boudoir bed!

We bought this bed about a month ago and are so pleased with it. Every night we feel I like we’re going to sleep in a boudoir hotel. The velvet is incredibly soft and luxurious to the touch. The storage draws are an added bonus and far more spacious than I expected. It looks fabulous in our bedroom; I totally love it.


New bed

I bought our new bed a couple of weeks ago, very pleased with the bed frame, the chaps who assembled the bed did so with with speed and were very clean and tidy, only one point you lose about 3/4 inches at the base as the headboard curves in the middle so be aware when you do your measurements and allow for this


Very comfortable bed

I have been looking for a winged shaped bed frame with storage for ages. So was over joyed when I found this one. This bed is very comfortable and well made, my only negative is that the colour is misleading in the picture on the website, its more a sliver, grey colour than neutral, which I was disappointed in.


Comfortable and pretty

Bought with sprung slats, so comfortable, love the upholstered headboard, not too modern looking, really pretty. Colour is more oyster than cream but I wen into store before purchase so knew it was slightly different to photo, really neutral will go with lots of colour schemes. Drawers are really useful.


Stylish Comfort!

I was drawn to this bed by its luxurious velvet look with the button features and gentle winged headboard! It is a subtle champagne colour and looks warm and inviting in my bedroom. Complete with a super comfortable mattress, I now get a really good nights sleep in my gorgeous bed from Dreams!!!


Amazing bed

Bought this bed a few weeks ago, it got delivered fast and assembled even quicker by a very professional team. To be honest, a bed is a bed but the missus loves it and I dont care what price it is, you cant buy peace and quiet from a nagging missus which this bed gives me in abundance 10/10


Great addition to our bedroom

What a great bed. We had our mattress on the floor because of my back but decided to buy this bed. I went in the store first on Wembley High road and spoke to the staff who were extremely knowledgeable. Best purchase in a long time. The team that assembled were very professional and clean.


Great bed

I bough my bed about a month ago and since I've been in all smiles evertime I lay my head it's super comfortable and steady and most of all its beautiful makes me feel like a king, setting upwas very easy and simple jus had to follow the guide over all 5 stars for dreams on this one


Looks even better than it does in the photos!

We bought this bed online and are delighted with it. It looks and feels luxurious and the under bed storage draws are spacious and a perfect place to store our excess pillows when we are not using them on the bed. I put the bed together myself and found it fairly straightforward.


Beautiful, quality bed

I recently purchased this bed and I could not be happier with my purchase. The bed is a beautiful colour and the quality is amazing. The drawers are wooden, sturdy drawers that have a big capacity. It is definitely worth paying a bit more for a bed like this. I can’t fault it!


Great bed!

We bought this just before christmas. We love this bed, good quality for the price. Good value for money. it even looks better than in the picture. Our bedroom now comes alive. The professional dream team assembled this for us and they did a great job! Thank you Dreams :-)


Beautiful velour bed

So happy with this bed. I was concerned it would be too dark for my room but when it arrived it's lighter than in the photos. The material is great quality and the price is fantastic. The bed looks beautiful and plush. Would highly recommend this bed to anyone.


Simply Stunning

I bought this item last month and it completes my room without me having to re-decorate it! It’s such a feature in my room I’m so happy with it. The drawers are so big it’s actually given me more specs in my bedroom. I would definitely recommend this bed.


Modern look

I bought this and when it arrived the velvet was really soft and comfortable it it a beautiful designed bed with a large headboard which is what brings the attention! I would suggest this bed to anyone who wants a chic, modern style in there bedroom.



What can i say... i love love love this bed. The colour and the design are both perfect. I didnt order a matress from the same place but i am very happy with the bed frame. It looks stunning in my newly decorated bedroom. Definately recommend this..



Looks stunning and has very sturdy solid underbed drawers on castors. The colour is more of a silvery natural colour an nothing like the colour in the picture online which i’m happier with but check before buying if hou are purchasing online.



I bought this bed about a month ago and absolutely love it. It looks gorgeous and I am very happy with it. The drawers are great for storage. Overall I am extremely pleased with my purchase and look forward to going to bed everynight!


Easy assembly

I bought this bed as I liked the look of it in the store. I am so happy with it. We chose to assemble ourselves and it was so easy to do, took about an hour in total which included building the storage draws. It looks and feels amazing.


Fabulous looking bed!

Purchased online (always a gamble) but it paid off! It looks and feels luxurious. The colour works well with any light shades. Assembly was done by the delivery guys so can't comment on this but I'm pleased we got this option.


Very pleased with our purchase.

Marree velvet bed. Looks lovely in our bedroom. Very pleased with quality . The drawers glide easily . Took a little time to build up. But once we had sorted bits we easily put it up. All in all looks stylish. Fab choice.


So many compliments!

I bought this bed last month and it fits in with my new bedroom perfectly, I have had so many positive comments from friends and family. Sterdy bed and the storage drawers were well worth the additional cost. Love it!



Have had this bed 1 month now and really pleased with it. Easily assembled. Looks very plush and is solid. We used our own mattress as it was relatively new. Fits together well. Oozes style in our newly decorated bedroom!


Gorgeous, comfy bed

Really happy with the bed. Dreams delivery team were great. One of the drawers had to be replaced because it squeaked. This was arranged straight away and replaced the following week. Will definitely use Dreams again.


Stunning Bed

I bought my bed 3 weeks ago. Arrived on said time and was put together by the delivery drivers. Can’t fault them. Very professional, polite and took all the packaging away with them. It looks so lovely in my bedroom.


Fabulous bed

Bought this bed on line for new home, bit of a gamble but it's paid off, absolutely love it! Great value for money, looks luxurious for half the price of similar beds we viewed in other shops. Totally recommend this.


Maree King size bed

Very happy with my bed draws very spacious and easy to use on wheels one problem two cups on slats was split at to reorder but staff very helpful and sent out new ones straight. Away very happy with the after sales.


Stunning bed!

This bed is gorgeous and plush! It feels much bigger than the double i bought and the drawers provide additional storage space I never had before. Excellent quality and solid once built. Definitely recommend Dreams.


Amazing Bed

I recently purchased this bed and what can I say. It looks amazing and is worthy of being the main feature of the bedroom. Sturdy well made and so comfortable... haven’t slept as well in ages !! Well done to Dreams


Stunning bed frame

We bought this bed a month ago and it’s made a huge difference to our bedroom, it is luxurious and soft and so functional with the large drawers which are so easy to pull in and out So pleased with this purchase


Very nice bed

Great bed. Grand and comfy to lean up against whilst in bed. Storage underneath in the drawers is good use of space. Upgraded from standard double to king and amazed how much more space there is for the two of us!



I bought this bed 5 weeks ago since then i spend most of my time in my bed room i love the bed and my kids too this bed is so beautiful in my master bedroom, am having the best sleeps this days thanks to dreams


Love it!

Bought this beautiful bed couple of weeks ago! We just love it and the service from Dreams was second to none! From the guys who built the bed being so helpful and tidy to the girl on phone everyone was great!


So classy

Had this bed for around a month now and am very impressed. The quality is great! The material looks really nice and looks quality, not cheap velvet looking. Paid for the assembly and would highly recommend.


Looks great

I have bought this bed for my 13 years old and she really likes it. I thought it looked a little different on pictures in regards to colour plus headboard looked much smaller. However my daughter loves it


Solid and fine finishing

Bought it over a month ago. very sturdy and good quality finish can fit in a room 3m by 3m but u will need to have sliding doors wardrobe together as the king size is massive used Silentnight mattress


Exetremely comfortable :)

This bed was very easy to assemble! It is sooo comfortable and looks amazing in our new bedroom. We love it. Thankyou Dreams, you have made our sleeping arrangements a much more pleasant experience.


Amazing bed

I bought this bed about 3 weeks ago, I absolutely love it. It looks amazing, I love the colour and the headboard. It has 2 big draws under the bed which are fab for storage. Great value for money.


So comfortable and lovely design

I bought this a month ago and having had a few problems get the order sorted, drams were amazingly helpful, and the bed was just everything I wanted, very well made and best nights sleep had!


Amazing Material!

The upholstery on this bed is just fabulous, it feels and looks luxurious, the fabric is ever changing in different lights due to the sheen which adds a great dynamic to the bedroom decor!



I bought this bed as my old one had seen better days! Itsso easy to put up it all just slots in. Really comfy but if you have wooden floor it will move from the wall so better on carpet


So comfortable and luxurious

We absolutely love our new bed. The upholstery has a really majestic feel to it and is really comfortable to sleep and sit up in. The storage is amazing too. So pleased we bought it.


Excellent quality!

We purchased this 1month ago, solid bed frame and doesn’t creak when you move during the night waking you up like our previous one did. Excellent quality and easy to put together.


Stunning and effective

This bed is absolutely beautiful and solid!! The drawers are not as big as I'd hoped but we weren't looking for under storage so it's not an issue. We absolutely love this bed!!


Nice looking Bed

A good solid bed with large storage and elegant design. Although one piece of the drawers was a wrong part, received the correct part and few days after the bed was complete.


Happy costumer

Really nice looking bed,very comfitable and great quality.The colour is different than on photo.Defo silver, but I don't mind that at all.Looks even batter. Overall very happy


Great features!

Happy with my purchase except that the colour does not appear like it is in the picture. I saw a mocha colour in the picture but in person the bed is actually silver like.


Solid and looks great

I bought this a month ago and am really pleased with is robust, looks great and the underbed storage drawers are the best i’ve Had on a bed. They are strong and big


Very good quality and really looks the part!

The only thing I would say as a negative is that their was no choice of colours in the fabric. Luckily this fits with our new decor! Lovely quality and great nights sleep


Very comfortable

Have had this a few weeks now and have been very happy with the comfort. Most of all the drawers are far more spacious than I had expected and storage is really good.


exactly what I wanted

Great service from begining to end, quick delivery and very helpful deliverym men. the bed is perfect and exactly what I ordered, i am very pleased with my purchase


Excellent product

I recently purchased this bed and have to say it is a quality item, easy to assemble on my own and solid not like some flimsy cheaper versions. 100% recommended


beautiful and classy

This bed has a fantastic design and gives a great sense and feeling to the bedroom. the headset is elegantly designed and the spacious drawers are very handy


Amazing bedframe

This is a amazing bedframe apart from it states cream in colour but it's sliver not cream so very disappointed in the colour as I never got the one I ordered


very luxurious*

I bought this recently to replace double bed. Very pleased with it especially the curve st the sides of the headboard which make it feel wrapped in luxury.


Fantastic bed

Beautiful design. Colour is stunning picture in dreams does not do it justice. Sturdy. Drawers are very roomy and slide right out to the space underneath


Beautiful bed

I brought this bed a month ago and i absolutely love it! It looks great in my bedroom, so luxurious. The draws are excellent, a lot of space. Great buy



Could not find a bed I liked until this one! Really stylish and looks grand in our bedroom. Really stylish and modern with great space in the drawers


Beautiful head board

I purchased this bed 2 weeks ago.. best night sleep.. it's luxurious with a touch of elegance. Well worth the money I would recommend this to anyone.


Maree velvet bed

Purchased a month ago and we are very happy with the bed frame, great quality and easily assembled. Looks fantastic in our freshly re-decorated room


Very happy

I bought this bed to go in my spare room, very good quality and very happy with it, more of a champagne colour than cream, but just want I wanted


Beautiful bed frame

Looked beautiful in the show room & love the look of this in my home! It does look more cream online though and I would describe it was silver.


Beautiful bed!

Delighted with my new bed. Looks absolutely stunning and is a key feature in my room. Excellent service and delivery from Dreams. Many thanks


Luxurious and very comfy

We bought this a few weeks ago and it's the best, very easy to put together, it took me an hour and a half on my own! Very good instructions



Maree bed it's beautiful would recommend, easy to put together if your a handy person. Fits and looks lovely well made worth every penny.


Lovely bed

I bought this bed a few weeks ago after seeing it online & I'm glad I did, feels a good sturdy bed & has good sized storage drawers.


Statement piece

Beautiful bed! great design and quality. Paid extra to have the bed assembled, delivery team were very efficient and professional.


Excellent bed and service

Beautiful bed and comfortable Risborough mattress - ”Dream team” in North Shields were friendly, informative and very professional.


Excellent Product.

Very pleased with the purchase. Easy to assemble and of good build quality, except for small base plates on castors for drawers.


Beautiful Bed!

I love this bed. So comfortable and looks really stylish. The drawers are great for storage. I've had so many compliments on it!