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Langham TV Bed Rated 5/5 based on 2 customer reviews

Langham TV Bed


Becky's Thoughts On The Langham TV Bed

The Langham TV Bed is part of a wider collection that is available in a few different colour variants. The variants currently available are:

Langham TV Bed in Black Leather

Langham TV Bed in Oatmeal Fabric

Langham TV Bed in Grey Velvet

Langham TV Bed in Grey Fabric

Langham TV Bed in Slate Grey Fabric


What Makes The Langham TV Bed Great?

Sprung slatted base offers natural bounce

Sprung slats are the more premium alternative to solid slats, though both work slightly differently. Where solid slats ultimately give a firm sleeping experience, the spring slats offer a bit more "give" and give a preferred cushioned support that reduces the tension and provides a more even support.

Fits standard UK mattresses

Available in single, double and king size. These bed frames suit all standard fit mattresses. Due to manufacturing tolerances on mattresses you may find a slight gap in between the mattress and bed frame around the sides, this is perfectly normal and not something to concern yourself with.

Modern and cosy double TV bed

TV beds are rising in popularity over the last few years as a great way to save space in a bedroom. No longer do you need to make room on a dressing table, or clear a wall in order to appreciate lazy Sundays in bed watching TV. Instead, many are opting for these modern and cost TV beds which offer the entire experience in one. The result? A great quality bed frame that pairs with a decent modern TV for all-in-one comfort.

Comfortable fabric upholstery in slate grey that's soft, durable and easy to care for

The slate grey fabric is the most popular design choice for most bedrooms, blending both contemporary and modern stylings effortlessly. Soft and durable, this bed frame is both easy to care for and easy to keep clean. 

Headboard is glued, screwed and reinforced

The headboard is one of the most important parts of any bed frame and is critical for offering good head support while you sleep. Without it, you'll find yourself waking in the middle of the night to your pillow hanging off the back, uncomfortable and irritable. With the headboards as part of this set, everything is glued, screwed and reinforced, providing rigidity and security necessary for a good quality nights sleep.

Integrated foot end conceals mount for TV

With TV beds of lower quality, it is often hard to hide certain parts of the TV, ruining the experience of being able to keep it concealed. With these bed frames, due to the impressive quality on hand, you will have decent integration of the TV within the foot end to ensure adequate concealment.

Accommodates a 32" TV with a maximum depth of 9.5cm (TV not included)

We may have 65" TVs in our living rooms now, but that doesn't mean we need them in the bedroom, especially not when the bed frame is at the foot of the bed and built in. As such, this bed frame comes with an impressive and suitable 32" TV that opens and closes with ease.

TV should not exceed weight of 7kg

The TV is meant for viewing, not for applying unnecessary pressure or used as storage, as such the TV is only weighted for 7kg to be applied to it.

Press button to reveal TV mount

The bedframe comes with a fancy remote that allows the TV to slide up and down on the button. A great implementation of a popular feature.

Push down to conceal TV

The bedframe comes with a fancy remote that allows the TV to slide up and down on the button. A great implementation of a popular feature.

Customer Reviews For The Langham TV Bed

Based on 2 review

Really good quality, looks exactly like the photo, would highly recommend. Love it.


Very good thanks

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