Hyde & Sleep Hybrid Blueberry Mattress Rated 4/5 based on 491 customer reviews
Hyde & Sleep Hybrid Blueberry Mattress

Hyde & Sleep Hybrid Blueberry Mattress

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Hyde & Sleep Hybrid Blueberry Mattress Review

Normally when I look at the different mattresses across retailers ranges, I talk about the support structure and the pros and cons of each, it's almost always singular however, until todays review. The Hyde & Sleep Hybrid Plus Blueberry is one of the first in a "new wave" of hybrid mattresses that comes with a high density foam base with an additional support layer of micro pocket springs. It's a win-win for the consumer, you get all the convenience of a bed-in-a-box mattress (thanks to the high density foam) combined with all the body contouring of pocket springs (albeit micro in size, but large in support).

For the top layer, the Hyde & Sleep Hybrid Plus Blueberry comes with that premium memory foam that is in demand right now for many. The foam is thick and luxurious and gives you an impressive sinking feeling, I frequently refer to it as "cloud like", its a popular top layer that people seem to love.

One complaint that frequently occurs with memory foam is that it can get too hot, especially in the summer. To combat this, the Hyde & Sleep Hybrid Plus Blueberry mattress comes with a luxurious breathable cover that helps keep you cool.

This product is single sided and comes with a 1 year guarantee, both standard for the industry.

Reviews for this mattress are good, with an impressive 500+ reviews and a market leading 93% consumer satisfaction which is where people are satisfied with their purchase after use. Typically in an industry which is so subjective and personalised (due to differing interpretations of comfort and support) we would treat anything above 85% as a fairly good indicator of a premium and polished product.

Good reviews all much say the same thing with people commenting on the great quality to cost and how they are now getting better and deeper nights sleep than ever before. A few do make specific mention of the memory foam with a few commenting on how it doesn't appear to have the warming effects of traditional memory foam due to that increased breathability that we've come to appreciate with Hyde and Sleep product. Other positive reviews make mention of the enhanced back and neck support found with the Blueberry medium tension support structure.

Negative reviews are rarer but are worth mentioning. It appears that through the initial lockdown periods in 2020 there was some quality control issues sneaking through and the result of this has seen a few mattresses have their foam base layer failing which has created some dips, divots and even collapsed sides. This can sometimes happen and the good news is that the problem will generally show itself fairly quickly meaning you will be able to capitalise on Dreams fantastic customer service to organise a free replacement within that guarantee period. Not ideal, but also not common. We do see less mentions of this problem which does suggest the problem was perhaps isolated to a few cases.


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What Makes The Hyde & Sleep Hybrid Blueberry Mattress Great?

Rotate Regularly - Rotate head to toe weekly for the first three months, then every month thereafter

Your mattress should be rotated on a regular basis as this is the easiest way to prolong and increase the longevity of your mattress. The main benefits to regularly rotating your mattress is the continued support and comfort while reducing any risk of sagging that may otherwise occur

Comfort Grade - Medium

A Medium firmness mattress is the most common build offered due to the range of suitability offered in such a mattress. This type of mattress will be better suited toward averagely weighted people, while lighter people should opt for a medium-light, and heavier people considering a medium-firm.

Made in the UK

These are made and manufactured in the UK, meaning that they all meet the same exceptional quality and durability that we expect from genuine UK manufacturing.

1 year guarantee

1 year guarantee is typical for the industry. This means you are guaranteed to have a trouble free experience for the first year or have your product replaced

Premium quality memory foam

Memory foam is without a doubt much more comfortable than many other types of filling offered while being able to offer both support and a rebound effect that encapsulates your body

Supportive 2,000 (king) micro pocket springs

Anything over 1500 pocket springs in a mattress is going to offer enhanced roll together protection and ensure that every part of your body is sufficiently supported. The 2800 quoted here might be a little overkill for most peoples needs but it's certainly very nice to have

Wrapped in a luxurious breathable cover

Just what you need with a mattress. Beathability is what is needed in a good mattress

40 night comfort guarantee

So here's the problem with buying a mattress online, what happens when you don't like it? More often than not you're out of luck having slept on it once to find your distaste so what now? That's where comfort guarantees come in. See, buying a mattress is subjective, there aren't really bad mattresses, only suitable mattresses. With a 40 night comfort guarantee, you have the full 40 days after delivery to determine whether the mattress you have chosen is right for you. If you find that it's not, no problem, simply call and arrange a convenient time for collection and have a new alternate mattress shipped at the same time. The 40 night comfort guarantee is changing the way customers shop for bedding online for the better.

Single sided - Rotate head to toe weekly for the first three months, then every month thereafter

A single sided mattress is typical for the industry and relates to how  a mattress has the comfort layer on one side of the mattress. only This means that the mattress only needs to be rotated rather than flipped. The benefit of single sided mattresses is that they require less upkeep in that there's no flipping, but also, there's less components involved in the creation which saves costs.

Customer Reviews For The Hyde & Sleep Hybrid Blueberry Mattress

Based on 491 reviews

Feels so much more expensive than it cost

We have recently moved house and felt it was time to have an upgrade on our bed and mattress. We nipped in to Dreams to have a "browse" at what was available and saw this bed available. We had a go on the computerised mattress assessor and were told which type of mattress would suit us best (medium). We then tried a selection of example mattresses, some cheap through to more expensive. We settled on this mattress as it felt the best and were told a price if we bought them together. This was done two weeks before Christmas but we were moving in on 18th Dec. I wanted to wait until the January sales, but my wife loved it that much that I asked if they would consider an early discount in line with what may come up. Sure enough the manager called head office and sorted us out for a discount and even managed to get the bed and mattress delivered 2 weeks early so we could have it in place for Christmas. They arrived and delivered the mattress and flat packed bed to the bedroom as promised on 19th Dec. I immediately assembled them bed which said should take around an hour. It took just 20mins to complete but that is not a negative indication as to how well the bed is manufactured. I was extremely impressed and I have to say is the best nights sleep I've ever had ! The mattress is sublime (that includes a number of 5* hotel beds). We couldn't be happier and would highly recommend this to anyone.


Great mattress

Great mattress. I needed a King size as my feet flop off the end of a double. EU double bed designs available in the UK didn't cut it for me so I went large and got a King - nice and wide so when my wife star fishes in her sleep or rolls over I have that little bit extra distance before being pushed out on to the floor in a heap. The mattress does give off a chemical smell for a few days at first but that is just how memory foam/hybrids are made. Anyone who complains about this should just buy something different. Nothing wrong with a bit of glue fumes at night to make your Dreams happy. I would also say that it is likely a bit over priced for what it is, even though it is nice as a product. A wonderful mattress, really comfy and warm. The foam wraps around my long, skinny body and envelopes me in a comforting surrounding of snug, just-the-right-temperature support. Love it, now I just need to build a barricade down the middle to stop the snoring star fish pushing me out in the middle of the night!


Feels like perfection

I'm super happy with my mattress. I'm glad I tested it out before we were forced into out current lockdown. The mattress moulds to your body, I love it. The first night my boyfriend slept in the bed he snored likr a banshee, he was in heaven and loved the best. It's by far the best mattress I've purchased and Dreams still delivered to me even in lockdown. The delivery men dropped the bed in my room and left, very pleasant men. I'm really happy with my mattress although I wish my bedroom was large enough to have bought it in King Size. I'm tall so if I sleep low in the bed my feet is exposed slighty. I'm happy with my mattress choice, I can't wait for my bedframe to be delivered and then my sleeping experience is really going to be epic.


Really comfortable sleep!

For me sleep is one of the most important things as I am sure it is for countless others as well. After a long day at work, or looking after the children, cooking food, showering etc... all you want is to be able to relax in comfort at the end of the night and most importantly throughout the night. We used to dreams machine in store that helped us select the right mattress for me and my partner. It was really useful and accurate as when we tested the mattresses chosen for us we found one that felt perfect. After sleeping and using it now for a few weeks I am very happy. Now I wake up in the mornings with no aching in my back, and no little pains where my old (terrible) mattress was poking me with its springs. 10/10 mattress.


It’s been 7 months

I wanted to wait. Because a mattress needs time for a review. So I tested it in store.. I really liked it. It was a bit on the firm side for me but apparently that’s what my body needs so I went with it. I have followed the rotating instructions RELIGIOUSLY. So what I like about this mattress is it really does mould to your shape after a while. It’s a medium feel eventually (despite being medium-firm in the beginning) It is a warm mattress!! So I had to throw my 13.5tog and get a 4.5 (yes that’s how warm it is). All in all the best purchase.. it really does mould to your body. Design flaw: I wish it had handles either side to make rotating a little bit easier but just a niggle


Excellent value for money

I ordered his mattress rolled up. It was very easy to carry the mattress upstairs to the bedroom and unpack it on my own (I could have had it installed, but chose not to). Setting the mattress up was very easy, you just remove the packaging, unroll it and leave a couple of hours to return to its original shape. The memory foam and spring combination allows you to sink into it while being fully supported, which makes for a great night's sleep. It remains cool throughout the night, so you're always comfortable and as long as you don't have anything on your mind when you go to bed, you will wake up well rested. This was an incredibly price for such a good mattress.


Wonderful mattress for side-sleepers

I sleep on my side, which means that my shoulder often ached from my traditional firm spring mattress. Decided to give Dreams "Sleep Match" a go (it's quite odd seeing the spotty 3D image of yourself on the screen above the test bed!) and it recommended the Blueberry mattress. I was unsure - always been wary of memory foam - but it felt good in the shop so after some thought I bought it. Glad I did - it's by far the most comfortable sleeping experience I've had. Took a night or two to get used to the slight sinking-in feeling of the foam, but the underlying springs then kick in and support nicely, and with no more aching shoulders in the morning. Fantastic! :-)


Supportive in a squishy kinda way

I tried this mattress out several times in the shop, and liked the mix of support and 'give' - so decided to bust my budget and purchase it to go with my new bed frame. Despite the mattress being rather tough for the first few nights, it soon settled down and became very comfortable. I can now thankfully sleep on my side if I wish, a thing that has eluded me in the past as I'm small, and mattresses tend to all feel very hard to me. I received £50 off in the sale, which was a brucie bonus; and the delivery men were both courteous, well presented and took care with making sure they didn't mark my walls. A good experience overall.


So cosy

Wow where do I begin, I purchased this mattress purely on the reviews it had and I was completely amazed by the amount of positive feedback. It’s not only memory foam which is so comfortable it also adapts to my body heat which I have never heard of before. I also purchased the motion sleigh bed and I am astonished by how well the mattress compliments the bed. I suffered with very bad neck pain hence why I purchased a new bed and I can personally say I have not had any problems since, I will be purchasing from Dreams again I am one very happy customer I would recommend to anyone :)


An absolute DREAM to sleep on

We had a fab experience at the Dreams store in Harlow by using their special machine to work out which mattresses were best for us. We managed to narrow it down to 2 mattresses (including the Hyde and Sleep). It was a good price and we knew we would have to spend a little more for quality but what amazing quality it is! From delivery, it took maybe a night or so to soften but is now absolute heaven to sleep on. We now wonder why we didn't get a new mattress sooner? Definitely try the Dreams mattress machine in store and a Hyde and Sleep mattress is massively recommended.


Very good quality

I bought this product one month ago, after an amazing experience at one Dreams store, in Kettering. Being a bit confused about the suitable mattress, a shop consultant invited me to lay down on a special bed and to input some personal details about sleeping. I saw on a screen how my body was scanned in that special bed in order to give me the best solution. I had then to chose between four mattress that suit to my needs and budget. A month later I am very happy with the purchase and I’m sharing my tremendous shopping experience to all my friends and relatives.


Amazing mattress.

This mattress is brilliant. Me and my wife always struggled to have a good night's sleep and thought it was to do with the usual, not settling down, using our phones in bed, but as soon as we changed to this mattress we found that we were falling asleep faster and not waking up in the night as much. My wife even stays in the same position all night most of the time and she never did this before. Overall I would say that this mattress has been by far my best purchase for a good few years. I would definitely recommend paying this price for a great night's sleep.


Best nights sleep

My previous mattress was only 2 years old but I had made the mistake of buying too firm and I was constantly waking with sore hips and arms etc. I finally realised I needed to get something more comfortable and researched extensively - the pocket sprung with a memory foam top hybrid came out as the most recommended option. Hyde & Sleep had what I needed, with a good offer plus a 40-day free return option. I opted for the medium firm option & it’s the best thing I did - from the first sleep I had no aches or pains and get a great nights sleep every night.


Excellent quality

I bought this a month ago, and I’ve not been disappointed with the quality and comfort of the mattress. I look forward to going to bed and in the morning I really do not want to get up. Not having had a memory foam mattress before, I was a little dubious about it because I thought it may have been over rated, but I am genuinely quite impressed and so glad that I have bought it. I do recommend it. I specifically chose this one because it in the description it was recommended for people who sleep on their side, which I do. It is a must buy...


Best Mattress I've Ever Had

I've always had a traditional pocket spring mattress and for my new replacement mattress I was initially shopping for the same and prepared to spend at least couple of £Ks. I tried out the various traditional spring mattresses, modern memory foam, latex and hybrids at my local Dreams which had a great stock of everything they sold. I was converted to a hybrid mattress and bought the Hyde & Sleep Blueberry. The support and comfort is superior to any mattress I've ever had, and it was very good value at around £700.


Appears to be a good quality mattress

Were it not for the fact that this mattress, like every other one I have tried recently, smelt awful I would have awarded a higher rating. I know it's not the fault of Dreams but having done a bit of research I now know there are mattresses manufactured without the smell. It would be helpful if staff could be apprised of this. Having a lung condition I could not use the mattress until the smell had dissipated, several weeks! Apart from that I do like the mattress, just not the hassle of getting rid of the smell.


Hyde & Sleep - Bed of dreams.

My partner and I have just bought a new house, and for the first time (since Uni/various rental properties in the intervening years) we have had a choice over our mattress. We did the Dreams sleep machine to find out the right mattress for us. We were also slightly limited by the fact we needed to get a roll up mattress. We certainly didn't compromise on comfort. It is the comfiest mattress we have ever had. In fact, we are now finding it impossible to get out of bed in the morning! Would recommend to anyone.


Top quality mattress!!!

Came into store and tried out the sleepmatch generator, what found the mattresses that are best suited for myself and my wife, so we brought the blueberry mattress what has given myself and my wife the best nights sleep that we've had in a very long time! During the first week the mattress can feel firm, shortly after the matress had started to soften up, now my body sinks nicely into the mattress causing me to fully relax yet still managing to give the support our body needs! Best buy!


Huge improvement in sleep quality

Decided to renew our mattress about a month ago having noticed permanent depressions in our old memory foam mattress. Having road tested a range of mattresses in the shop we decided on this one as it was the one that gave the most comfort and support, and was reasonably priced. We particularly liked the combination of pocketed springs overtopped with memory foam. Having had the mattress now for around a month we are extremely happy with it and we appear to have a much improved sleep.


Wish we hadn’t waited so long

We decided to get a new mattress as we bought a new bed after renovation work in our house. Our old spring mattress was coming up to 7years old, and was a little creaky to say the least. We are SO GLAD that we decided to splash out on this mattress because it has completely Changed our sleep! You don’t realise how uncomfortable your old mattress was until you get a full uninterrupted 8 hours of sleeping so soundly that you wake up in exactly the same position you went to bed in!


Very comfortable!

My old mattress was in desperate need of replacing on top of which I have back issues that needed addressing. So after advice from one of the managers at Dreams, I chose the Hybrid Blueberry mattress. It’s medium in terms of firmness and this combined with the memory foam top section makes it very comfortable indeed! It’s deep too compared with my old one and along with my chiropractors appointments, I’m definitely seeing an improvement in my back pain and my sleep generally.


Dreamy service

I can't give this 5 Stars yet as we haven't actually used it yet. However, our whole experience so far with dreams has been great. Using the sleep match instore technology, we were suggested this mattress in our top 3 (having already like it before using the tech). Staff were helpful in assisting with delivery as we were unsure on our move-in date at time of purchase. Bed came rolled within the time slot allocated just waiting to get into the new house to use the mattress.


High End Hybird Mattress at Affordable price

Awesome product. Goldilocks would’ve slept on this mattress. However I do recommend prior to choosing the firmness of your mattress, to spend a few moments talking to the shop attendant and even have a lie on the machine that recommends the mattress firmness in accordance to the way you sleep. Overall, the mattress build and quality is awesome. It’s a high end mattress in my opinion and it doesn’t disappoint when categorising it as a high end mattress.


Only my fault

Unfortunately this did not suit me even though I had tried it in store. I am not used to a memory foam mattress and although my current mattress was uncomfortable and old it was a lot softer than this new mattress. I am rather set in my ways and because of a damaged backbone felt I should go for something with more support, but could not get used to this mattress. Nobody elses fault but my own and I did not/would not persevere.


Just what we needed.

We’ve had this mattress for just over two weeks now and it’s made such a difference. With our old mattress we had both suffered a bad back, now that has cleared up for both of us. With this mattress you really sink into it but it is really firm so you also get the support where you need it. Highly recommend this mattress but mostly recommend trying out the service at drama and testing all the different types of mattresses.


Great Mattress

From first night sleep was amazing for me and my wife. Even though we initially preferred slightly different firmness we are both super happy with it. It is quite firm in touch compare to other medium mattresses but overall flexible enough to adapt to body shape. It is also surprisingly warm. We have it for around one month, in winter/spring time so warmth it is big plus. I am not so sure it will be in hot summer time.


Best money I’ve ever spent

Had my bed 3-4 weeks now. I’ve suffered with bad back for over a year now, but since sleeping on my new mattress I’ve seen a big difference, and I’m not waking up in the night each time I roll over. Getting such good nights sleep these days! I did, like other reviews, find it very hot but followed advice and used a mattress protector which has solved that issue. Can’t recommend this mattress enough it’s amazing.


If you like memory foam, it’s the perfect mattress

We tried a few online mattresses (Simba, Emma, Nectar) not liking any of them. After trying this mattress in the showroom we instantly wanted it. When it arrived it was a lot firmer than the mattress in the showroom. Obviously it needs to be worn in but for us just wasn’t the correct mattress and with Dreams 30 day option of changing the mattress, we opted for a different one! Great customer support throughout!


Pros and con

I bought this a month ago and so far so good. Previously we had an old springy mattress which gave us back pain and we decided it's time to change. When testing the mattress in store we knew it was the right one for us. Its is good quality and at a good price! Only small downfall is the mattress is thick and mattress felt not as soft when it arrived. However it has made a big different in sleep and comfort.


So comfy!

I bought this 4 weeks ago, without trying first. I had my old matress for 14 years but was causing me more pain than actual sleep. Decided to try a memory foam mattress as have joint problems and hoped it would at least give me a better night's sleep. I can honestly say that I love this matress. I get into bed and I don't know another thing until my alarm goes off in the morning. Very happy with it


Great quality, really comfy

We needed a new mattress but stores weren't open to try them. However my mum had the same mattress in the very firm, and she loves it. She's a back sleeper so firm is recommended. As I side sleeper I chose the medium as I wanted the same quality but softer. I'm really pleased with it so far! I had a previous dreams memory foam and pocket sprung mattress and it lasted well. Would recommend.


Blueberry Mattress

I have slept on this mattress for two weeks now and I am sleeping better, waking up less during the night and experiencing less back pain. At first it can seem a bit firm but as I settle the softness is just right while still providing support. The mattress needs to be rotated once a week for the first three months and this can be a bit cumbersome. Handles on the side would facilitate this.


A Dream Come True

My sleepless nights have been long gone simce my hyde and sleep mattress arrived! So far im 3 weeks in and loving it im just hoping it keeps its shape and does not start to sink like some ive heard after only a few months! If it does start to stay sunk/dipped and becomes uncomfortable i will be back to let everyone know either way within a few months but as for now its a absolute dream!


Very comfy

I’ve had the mattress for about three weeks but have been away for part of that so have not yet had many nights sleeping on it . However it is very comfortable and so far all the aches and pains I used to wake up with on my old mattress have disappeared. Hopefully this will continue . I would probably given 5 stars if I had slept on it more times and my aches and pains didn’t return.


The first few nights on a new mattress

In the first few days the blueberry mattress (medium rating) felt more of a firm mattress but soon started to adjust to my body shape. Manufacturer suggested turning every week for the first few weeks makes it take approx 2-3 weeks to adjust fully. Initial worries due to an existing bad back were put to bed (sorry) & now the mattress feels great with a comfortable but supported feel.


Should have bought it months ago!

I've had this mattress almost a month and it's really comfortable. My partner struggled to sleep on the old mattress so we chose this one together and now we both sleep through the night. I wish I had purchased the new mattress months ago! Delivery service was spot on with two courteous and friendly chaps putting the mattress upstairs (and took their shoes off without being asked).


A wonderful nights sleep

I have had this for two weeks and I’m so pleased. I worried a memory foam mattress would be too soft, but this is still so supportive. I was told to leave it to ‘air’ for a few hours before making the bed up due to the packing/fire protection coating but think it should have been a lot longer. The smell seemed to linger for quite a few day. A wonderful mattress and fair price too


Super comfortable

I brought this mattress about a month ago and I can honestly say I don’t know why I did not but this sooner! I have actually been able to sleep really well and it is amazing for my back, however I do struggle getting out of bed in the mornings as it is so comfortable!! The quality of this mattress is brill! Better than any other mattress I have had! So definitely would recommend.


Not impressed

After reading all the reviews on this mattress and others I decided this was the one. Weve had the mattress 3/4 weeks and both me and my wife suffer with back pain and thought this mattress would help. To our disappointment neither of us have felt any benefits. The mattress is the hybrid blueberry and feels very comfy but sorry to say has done nothing to help our back pain .


Great night’s sleep!

I have had this mattress for a couple of weeks now and I love it! The memory foam is marvellously comfortable and supportive. No more stiff backs! And the mattress cover is refreshingly cool, which has been a game changer. I have had insomnia quite badly of late and there is no doubt that the new mattress has helped me a lot to sleep better. Couldn’t recommend it more!


Hyde and Sleep - an excellent nights sllep

I bought this mattress just over two weeks, the service from Dreams was impecable. I got a reminder via text on the delivery , then an update both the day before and morning of delivery. The item was delivered on time, no waiting and the team took old mattress away as booked. The actual new Hyde and Sleep is absolutely gorgeous, so comfortable you sink into it effortlessly.


Hyde & Sleep - Very comfortable mattress!

We wanted a new soft mattress and while looking for a new pillow noticed the sleep analyser setup in Dreams. Asked about a soft mattress, were advised to see what our ideal mattress should be and the result 'Medium' so we bought the very one we were recommended. Its perfect, not hard or uncomfortable at all, just what we thought a Soft would be like. Very happy indeed!!!


Amazing, best thing i have ever brought.

Just amazing best money i have ever spent. We went for the medium which is perfect soft and cosy but stull supportive. Its not too soft you sink/dip in its just right. I use to wake up with a bad back which i shouldnt at 25 since having his matress i havent woken up lile this atall. I get a greats night sleep only thing is i dont want to get out in the mornings.


Mattress from Speke, Liverpool

The sales assistant in the shop ( in Speke, Liverpool) was knowledgeable, and not at all pushy. Changing my delivery date was quick and easy. The delivery men were polite and friendly, and theyunwrapped the mattress and took the plastic away with them. The mattress is extremely comfortable. I'm very pleased with both the mattress and the service from Dreams.


Great hybrid mattress!

I’ve been sleeping on this mattress for a couple of weeks now and so far it has been great. My wife wanted a soft mattress with a bit of bounce, whereas I would have preferred something firmer. This mattress hits the spot right in between and is great for both of us (I’m a back sleeper and my wife is a side sleeper). Overall would highly recommend!


Perfection - what more could I ask for?

Just one word expresses exactly what the Hyde & Sleep Hybrid Blueberry mattress provides - EXCELLENCE! Fabulous night's sleep, mattress so comfortable and a pleasure to rest my head at night after a day's work. No more restless nights for me, mattress adjusts to my contours ensuring I can sleep all night and wake up refreshed the following morning.


Firm & Comfortable

Really surprised by the quality of the mattress. It's firm, but has some give in it which makes it extremely nice for my back & posture in general. Might take some getting used to coming from a super soft mattress but I don't think I could go back now. It's so nice that I have taken the time to write this review, which I don't ever do. Recommended.


Great matress!!!

The delivery was nice. They called me before they arrive so I could arrange my time. They also delivery all the way to my bedroom, unlike some companies only delivers to your ground floor lobby! Slept on this mattress for a few days and absolutely loved. It is soft, but unlike some mattress it does not sink. Suitable for any sleeping positions


100% value for money. Comfortable and supportive.

Buying our mattress at dreams was easy and we had lots of choice. The salesperson was very helpful and took a lot of time to talk us through was was right for us. The mattress is a little too firm at first but once slept on for a week it moulds to your body which offers excellent support, especially if you suffer with a bad back! 100% recommend.


I Love my Mattress

I like a firm mattress, and this one is. When used with the solid sleep motion bed frame it is, for me, a perfect match. It is relatively light in weight, but not in support, which makes making-up the bed easier. Mattress technology has moved on - thank goodness - and there are no creaky or saggy bits on this one. Nice. Superb body support.


Memory Foam Mattress

I bought this item about a month ago and am very happy with style and quality. I did everything on-line just talking on-line to one of the helpers. We told them about our previous mattress and they gave us options on similar ones, not just the dearest. I don't think we would have had a better service if we had actually gone to the shop.


Perfect nights sleep

I have both the medium firm and soft mattress in this brand and they are equally both amazing!!!! The price point in my opinion is perfect for a memory foam and I believe the next best one would be over double the price so for £600 I can only strongly recommend this mattress!!! Solved my back and neck aches over night!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE


This hybrid is one you'll definitely want to own.

Right from the first lay down on the store mattress I was impressed. It's a hybrid which gives me the best of both worlds. Support yet softness meaning my aching sore bones and muscles are given the best possible chance to rest and recuperate the moment I lie down. I've found my piece of heaven in this Hyde and Sleep mattress.


Best sleep ever

I’ve never cared nor ever considered what kind of mattress I prefer. In store the staff were very helpful and asked me to use their technology to assess my preference - and it was right!!! It’s so comfy but it’s also made me realise that for years I’ve actually been uncomfortable. Here’s to a life with good quality sleep


Extremely comfortable mattress.

Extremely comfortable bed! This is a very soft mattress so if you don't like that probably not the bed for you however if you do then this bed is certainly worth looking at. I have enjoyed this mattress since purchase with no issues from dreams the service has been flawless from purchase to delivery, extremely happy.


It’s good

I brought this mattress a couple of weeks ago and to put it shortly it is firm to start off with but after regular use it softens up . As it is currently summer I can’t work out weather I wake up sweating because it’s just generally hot of because of poor ventilation in the mattress however it’s a good value for money.


Very Supportive but need time to get used to it!

I bought this mattress around a month ago, great customer service, everyone was so helpful in listening to what works for us! The mattress does take time to mould to your body as it has the memory foam top, I would always give it at least a month. It is now so supportive and I don't wake up with back pain like before.


How one mattress got us our sleep back

So firm and comfortable we now have no vistors in the night :) Our 5 year old daughter always liked to co sleep with our previous mattress. With this mattress we are now getting to enjoy it for ourselves as she is not a fan of how fitm it is.For us it is extremely comfortable and has given us our precious sleep back.


Fantastic mattress!

Very comfortable mattress, whether I'm sleeping on my side or back. Soft but supportive. Didn't' realise what a difference the right mattress could make! Definitely recommend visiting a store to try it - all Hyde & Sleep mattresses stood out for me & my partner, it was just a case of finding the right comfort grade.


Amazing mattress

I bought this mattress a month ago and I must say I am really pleased with its quality and the rested sleeps I get now. I do have a bad back but I can honestly say that when I do lie down at night after a long day on my feet, I can feel my body resting fully supported. Real pleasure. Would recommend it to anyone



I got this matress a few weeks ago and omg it is comfortable. So comfortable I don't want to get out of bed. I used to wake up in so much pain as I have fibromyalgia but with this mattress I'm pain free every morning so far.and I feel like I have actually slept. I feel refreshed and ready for the day ahead.


Mattress gives you too good a night sleep!

Excellent service from start to finish!! Help was available when choosing mattress very patient and the delivery was excellent!! Mattress is fantastic, this was bought for my 86 year old mum with an electric bed... she is so comfortable she finds it hard to get out of bed!! Highly recommend this mattress.


Really comfortable

A friend bought this particular mattress a few weeks ago. I was so impressed with the quality and comfort I ordered the same and not looked back since. A bit firmer than I am used to but took to this straight away. Nice to order this without trying out different mattresses in the store. Highly recommended.


Great mattress worth the money

We used the in store mattress guide at our local store and this was recommended by the store. Myself and my husband felt at ease and bought this mattress knowing it was suitable for both our needs. We are delighted with this mattress and could t wait for it to arrive. We are not disappointed at all.


Supremely comfortable!

We upgraded to a king-size from double and this was at the top of our price range. It is most definitely worth the money it is supremely comfortable and we have never slept so well! It is firm enough to hold you bit soft enough to not out pressure on your joints. It is nice and high which we like!


Best night sleep we have had in a long time!

We bought our new mattress after going through the process of finding which mattress was right for us, and chose it based on cost and quality. It was delivered super quick, and the delivery guys were great. Since then, each night sleep has been amazing, no more achy muscles of popping spring for us!


Very comfortable

I bought this product a week ago and had not had the opportunity to try the mattress before I bought it. I was lead by the recommendation on the website and I am very pleased I did. The mattress is very comfortable and is not too soft, it supports you and has given us both a very good night's sleep.


Excellent night's sleep

we received our mattress yesterday afternoon and we have just woken up after a perfect night's sleep. As soon as our heads hit the pillow last night we were asleep extremely quickly. Very impressed with this mattress and so pleased we bought it. We purchased the Super King for the master bedroom.


So far so good!

I am now about 2 and a bit weeks in. So far I love it. I slept right through for the first time in a long time last night. The service at Dreams, Elgin from Becki was amazing too. This is my third mattress of this style I’ve tried and this will be my last, as I can’t see me moving on from here!


A very comfortable purchase..

I recently purchased a Hyde & Sleep Hybrid Blueberry Mattress from Dreams who were very good in delivering it only five days later. It is very comfortable and I am very pleased overall. The only criticism is that there are no grab handles on the sides which will make turning in a little harder.


Very comfortable

Very comfortable from the first night and suits both my husband and I with different requirements. The only downside is that is slightly larger than a standard double by a few centimetres and doesnt' quite fit within our antique bed frame, hoping it will relax and squash in over time!


Dream mattress makes our new dream bedroom

My wife & I had an excellent sales visit to a very helpful gent whom, made us both feel at ease & not pressured! We tried many mattresses but felt this was the one for us both. We have had wonderful restful sleep since purchasing our new Dreams mattress! Thank you for your assistance


Very comfortable!

I bought this a month ago and I am so glad I did. I had my old mattress for over 15 years so my new mattress was well overdue. It is the perfect firmness for me and gives me the right support. Best thing about it is that you don’t have to flip it over, only rotate it once a month.


Seoul Sleepmotion 200i Adjustable TV Bed Frame

Wonderful bed I bought my last bed from Dreams in 2005 fantastic bed. This new one comes up to all my expectations and more from Dreams. I have had this bed now for two weeks, my sleeping has improved 100%. The Samsung television is great two. Couldn’t recommend it more.


Very comfy

I bought this mattress a couple of weeks ago and it’s a huge improvement from my old one! The hybrid feature makes the mattress very comfy, but still supportive of your body’s natural curves. I’ll definitely be buying another once our second bedroom needs a new mattress!


Deliciously comfortable

Bought about a month ago, was initially a little skeptical as it was as soft as a brick when it arrived. Within the next week it became much softer, and now I'm not waking up with any aches or niggles and having the best night sleep I've ever had! Best purchase ever!


Great comfort

I bought this mattress a month ago and I am delighted by this product. If you're tired of waking up with your backaches this is the right mattress for you. It easily adapts to your body and give you the right support and comfort. Great quality at an affordable price!


Great value

Had this two weeks it’s good value, slightly firmer then anticipated so considering a topper to soften our sleep but on the whole we are happy and would recommend this product. I really suffer with hip and back pain this mattress has eased my discomfort considerably


Sleeping On A Cloud

Amazing mattress, firm yet soft at the same time. I bought it during the summer sale but even if this mattress wasn't on sale I would have paid full price for it! I wake up feeling so warm and toasty, only downside is that I can't get out of bed in the morning :P


Superb nights sleep

Bought this for myself about a month ago and I have so far not had a bad nights sleep. Even when going to sleep with aches and pains I’ve woken up in the morning and they have disappeared. There is so much support in the mattress and it is honestly so comfortable


A good night's sleep

I've only slept 4 nights so far on the new mattress. I am pleased I chose medium firmness, as I think 'firm' would have been too hard for me. I might need to buy new larger sheets as the depth at 25cms makes it difficult to tuck in my existing 'double' sheets.


Too soft

I brought this about a month ago, I'm not particularly found of it. When I tried in the store it seemed to have the right firmness. Once I got it home, I've discovered that it quickly looses its firmness and I'm constantly shuffling myself to get comfortable



I recently accepted delivery of my new Bluberry Hybrid mattress, after moving home, and from the very first night, between both the mattress and pillows combined, I have had the BEST nights’ sleep. I can’t even remember dropping off. HIGHLY recommended!!


Excellent comfort

We bought this mattress approximately 2 months ago and have absolutely no complaints. It is just the right combination of firmness for support and softness for a comfortable night sleep. Has the flexibility to work great along with the sleep motion bed


Mattress review

Would 100% recommend this mattress. It is super comfortable if you like memory foam. The mattress has a firmer initial feel then within a couple of minutes it moulds to your shape! It has also stopped any back pains I struggled with which is brilliant.


Luxury at a reasonable price!

I commute home on weekends due to working away in the week.. and since having this bed at home Fridays just can’t come sooner! (TGIF) I absolutely love my new mattress. Having a good nights sleep is so important so this is so worth investing in.


A Good night sleep atlast

This mattress is so easy to adapt to as it adjusts to your body movement .We held back buying a new mattress as we were concerned that we would not find a comfy one , well this one is money well spent and no aches any more from an old mattress


Sleeping like a baby!

We purchased this mattress about a month ago and both of us have slept soundly from day one. Extremely comfortable to the point I don't want to get out of bed in the morning. Works well on the sleep motion bed. Very pleased with our purchase.


comfy and supportive!

Purchased a few weeks ago it is really comfy it feels quite firm but you sink in perfect support and comfort! only thing i would say is its quite hot but i have herd this is the case with memory foam so i am going to be getting a gel topper!


Stunning comfy mattress fan daby dosey

This is a fabulous mattress not too firm gives excellent support but also comfy soft best mattress ive ever had and ive tried a few great addition to the sleepmotion bed frame i have it with the 800i and its great a match made in heaven


Great value

Very firm on arrival but has eased in two weeks of use. Can be too warm on hot night but I believe this is common to memory foam mattresses. If it softens a bit more it will be as comfortable as my previous £2k pocket spring mattress


Perfect mattress!

I used to get out of bed early because I was so sore. Now I can’t bear to get up! This mattress is so comfy! It moulds into your body but feels really supportive at the same time. No more aches and pains in my lower back and thighs


Great sleep

I bought this 3 weeks ago and it’s great. It’s very comfortable and being able to adjust my position to sit and read or watch tv when in bed is marvellous. And raising my legs has been good at helping to reduce the swelling there.


Blueberry mattress

We have been very pleased with this product , very comfortable and good value . Have bought 2 mattresses and a bed fc room Dreams . All have Ben excellent , delivered on time , pleasant and helpful staff and delivery personnel .


Great all rounder

Bought for toddler and she sleeps like a baby on it. Fantastic service from Beckton dreams who were incredibly patient and helpful to choose the right mattress for a child. Excellent deals always available and totally happy.


So comfortable

I bought this mattress 3 weeks ago, what a fantastic buy. It's transformed my sleep. No more waking up stuff and sore, really good quality deep sleep now. I just wish I had bought it 3 years ago. What a difference it's made.


No more sleepless nights

We bought this mattress a month ago and we have never slept so well. It literally feels like sleeping on (a firm) cloud. No more waking up with aches and pain due to sleeping funny! We wake up always feeling so well rested!


Every nights a DREAM !!

We got our mattress just under a no th ago and was really sceptiacl as I love a firm mattress but my partner likes soft so we compromised and went for a mediam instead and there's no looking back!! Honestly best night sleep


Perfect Mattress

We ordered a blueberry in medium firm. It has 2000 pocket springs with a memory foam top. Just what we were looking for to benefit both of us. It’s very comfortable and I’ve had the best night’s sleep since we purchased it.


Great mattress

Bought this a month ago and really happy with the mattress it’s so comfortable and really well made , we have the option to change still as we bought a mattress protector too but so happy with it there will be no change now

Questions and Answers About Hyde & Sleep Hybrid Blueberry Mattress

How do I wash this mattress? 

Answer: , This mattress should not be washed. If you have a stain on the mattress we would advise you use warm soapy water to remove most of the staining and avoid using any chemicals. We would also recommend using a mattress protector to prolong the life of your product. Kind Regards, Dreams.

When the mattress is delivered do you take my old one FOC or is there a charge?

Answer: , Yes there is a charge for taking away an old mattress. You can select this service when you add the product to your basket and proceed to the checkout. You can also read more about our recycling service here: https://www.dreams.co.uk/recycling-services Kind regards Dreams

Hello. Could this mattress stay in a box for long periods of time? I was thinking of using it for visiting guests only.

Answer: , We do not recommend these mattresses stay rolled for more than 6 months including warehouse time. Also once the mattress is unrolled it cannot be rolled back up again so i'm not sure it would work for the purpose suggested. Can i suggest a guest bed? Thanks, Dreams

Do we need to wait 48 hours until we sleep on the matress? 

Answer: Thank you for your enquiry. 48hrs is the amount of time to allow for the mattress to take full shape and give optimum support and comfort. The mattress can be slept on during this period and will continue to take shape after being slept on. Kind regards, Dreams

What’s the best base to use with this matress? 

Answer: Good Evening, The Hyde and Sleep mattress is suitable for use with a variety of bases, including both sprung and solid slats. The type of base used would be purely down to personal preference - there is no specific recommendation. Kind Regards, Dreams

Can I use an electric blanket with a memory foam mattress?

Answer: Hi , This is not something we would recommend as memory foam is responsive to temperature. The warmer it gets the softer it gets, and the warmth of an electric blanket may make it loose its support more than usual. Thank you.

can i use this bed for adaustabule bed

Answer: , This mattress is only compatible with our Sleepmotion 200i and 900i bed frames. It will not be the correct length for any of our other adjustable bed frames. Kind regards Dreams

What is the difference between the hybrid orange, blueberry and raspberry mattress?

Answer: , The different colour Hyde and Sleep Mattresses denote different comfort grades: Blueberry - Medium Raspberry - Firm Orange - Very Firm Kind Regards, Dreams

I unwrapped my mattress 8 hours ago and it’s stil as flat as when we first unwrapped it. Will it puff out fully?

Answer: , This mattress can take up to 48 hours to fully expand. If you have any concerns then please contact our customer service team. Kind regards, Dreams

Is this mattress vacuum rolled for delivery?

Answer: , The super king version of this mattress does not currently come vacuum packed and rolled for delivery. It will arrive flat. Kind regards Dreams

Are you recycleing old mattress at the moment

Answer: , Unfortunately due to the current COVID-19 lockdown restrictions we are unable to remove and recycle any old mattresses. Kind Regards, Dreams

What is the difference of Standard or Rolled Mattress 

Answer: , The standard mattress is delivered flat and the rolled mattress is rolled for convenience of maneuvering in small spaces. Many thanks Dreams

Can I walk into the wolverhamtpon store and collect a rolled up mattress?

Answer: , These mattresses are delivery only. We do have a range in store that is available to take away. Kind regards Dreams

Hi, how long would delivery be? I know it says 5-12 weeks but could you be anymore precise as we need one asap. Many Thanks 

Answer: , Unfortunately we are unable to provide a more specific time frame for delivery at the moment. Many thanks Dreams

Is the mattress cover washable?

Answer: Good Evening, The cover on this mattress is unfortunately not removable and therefore cannot be washed. Kind Regards, Dreams

Am I able to purchase a replacement cover for a Hyde and Sleep Hybrid Blueberry Mattress?

Answer: , Unfortunately we do not sell replacement covers for our Hyde and Sleep Range. Kind Regards, Dreams

How deep is the memory foam layer please ?

Answer: , The Next-Gen memory foam layer is 4cm's. Many thanks Dreams

how heavy is it

Answer: , The super king Blueberry is 30kg. Kind regards Dreams

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