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Flaxby Duck Feather & Down Pillow Rated 4/5 based on 38 customer reviews

Flaxby Duck Feather & Down Pillow

Brand: Flaxby

What Makes The Flaxby Duck Feather & Down Pillow Great?

Luxury 100% Cotton Cover

100% Ethically Sourced Duck Feather & Down

Easily machine washable at 40°C

Support Rating - Medium

This is a medium tension mattress that will suit the average person that does not suffer from back pain, nor is with a below average BMI.  Typically we consider the medium tension mattress to be the best buy for those that just need a product that works and do not want to do much ore research into it.

Luxury 230 thread count

Ethically sourced soft duck feather &, down filling

An ideal choice for back and side sleepers

230 thread count

Customer Reviews For The Flaxby Duck Feather & Down Pillow

Based on 38 review

Love it !

I love this pillow, I had to buy two of them they are so nice to sleep on. Although the first time was difficult because they are new pillows but you will get use to them. They protect your neck and shoulders from any pain. They can easily go flat but in a good way, all you have to do is to shake to make it fluffy again. There is also a duvet available which I’m looking forward to but next. My experience on using this has been great so far, although you have to have pillow cases that will fit the pillow. I like this pillow because it has a premium feel to it.


Really great pillow

I haven't used a feather & down pillow for a while and as I was purchasing a new mattress all new bedding and pillow were going to bought too. The pillow is soft and easily supports your head whichever position it's in. 10/10 for the staff who were great and happy for me to bring a selection of pillows to a bed so I could test the pillows lying down. The pillows are not the cheapest but the quality is superb and well worth it to have a great nights sleep.



absolute height of luxury for what I consider a really good price! lots of arguments over who gets to use the one pillow in our house so I'm going to have to buy another! its insanely soft and seems to keep its shape well throughout the night unlike other feather pillows!


Not too soft or hard and cool to the head.

We got the pillows as a special offer with our lovely new Dreams mattress. The pillows come in a useful travel bag so you can take them when visiting friends. I hate synthetic pillows but these are cool, medium density and very comfortable for sleeping.


Delicious comfort

We bought these pillows before Christmas so that our relatives could use them while they were staying with us. They all said they were extremely comfortable and everybody slept well on them. As a result we had a very happy Christmas!


Sleep Better

We could not be happier with our new pillows. Are sleep has improved ten fold. I would recommend them in a heartbeat. My only advice would be to put two lots of pillow cases to help longevity.


Great pillow would highly recommend!

I bought this pillow recently based on advice from a physio to purchase a feather pillow due to a neck issue, I have never slept better and looking to purchase a second one soon!


So comfy

This is the second pillow I have bought from Dreams - it is fantastic. It’s very comfortable & gives plenty of support for your head, which always gives a good nights sleep.


The comfiest pillow ever

We bought these together with our new bed for when we moved into our new house and haven't looked back. They feel so luxurious and I am sleeping so much better due to these.



I brought this in January but only had everything delivered the middle of February. Very happy with this product although I was charged full price.


Super comfortable

Love the pillows, super comfortable. I like that you can plump them back up to their original shape. A bit pricey for one, wish they came in a pair.


5* Comfort!

Brought 2x of these pillows to help with extra comfort during pregnancy, finally found a pillow which doesn’t have me waking up with neck pain


Best feather Pillow I’ve ever bought.

I’ve had my pillow long enough to realise that I am getting a really good nights sleep. Very comfortable as well as supportive.


Like sleeping on a cloud!!!

Bought 4 pillows for our new bed. Not had feather pillows for years. They are wonderful. Best sleep in ages. Highly recommend


A Very nice pillow

I used this pillow when I tried out the mattresses in your store and it was so comfortable I added to my purchase


Nice and soft

Comfortable pillow,snug as the proverbial. One caveat-feathers do tend to come through the pillow case


Lovely and comfortable

I bought four of these to replace my old pillows, though not cheap, they are excellent replacements



My wife likes these pillows but i prefer the memory ones. We are very happy with our purchase


Fluffy and soft

Purchased this pillow to replace my old one, it’s so light and fluffy, helps me sleep well.


Super Quality

Really comfortable pillow that allows me to snuggle my head and get a good night's sleep


Never slept better

Wonderfully comfy pillows, the feather and down and mix is amazing. Fantastic quality.


Great pillow, well worth the price.

Bought this pillow to go with our new bed, well worth the price, very comfortable.


A full night sleep

I was convinced to buy this pillow from my sister-in-law and am really glad I did.


It's ok

Not gets used to a particular pillow so this one is still 'on trial'


Comfortable with luxury feel

i bought these 6 weeks ago, happy with my purchase and with good customer care


So much more comfortable than ordinary pillows

These pillows came with my new mattress and are the best I've had for years.


beautifully soft

I bought 2 to go with our new bed from Dreams. Very happy with both products


fantastic quality

This is one of the most comfortable pillows I've had Great nights sleep


Pillow talk

Comfortable washable pillow. Supportive without being hard or too firm


very comfy

Glad I bought this pillow, so comfortable, was just what i wanted.


Something for a good night’s sleep

Sleeping much better with my Flaxby Duck Feather and Down Pillow


Down pillow

Very good product, very comfortable as you’d expect from down.


Too squidgy

Very nice but could do with more filling. Settles too quickly.


Great features

I bought this pillow a month ago,its lovely to lay my head on


Great pillow

I bought this a couple weeks ago and i sleep so well on it.


Head and shoulders above the rest

Relaxing and a joy to place your head on each night


So comfy

Lovely luxurious feel to this pillow. Very special


Great features

I brought this month ago and I'm so happy I did...

Questions and Answers About Flaxby Duck Feather & Down Pillow

can you please elaborate more please regarding "100% Ethically Sourced Duck Feather & Down"  ? 

Answer: , All of our natural bedding products are made here in the UK and all of the natural fillings that we use are ethically sourced from UK and European farms. We absolutely oppose live-plucking and all down and feather that we use is a by-product of the food industry where birds are bred for human food consumption. The UK farms that our supplier works with are Red Tractor assured farms which are regularly and independently audited across a wide range of standards including animal welfare, bio security, food safety, stockmanship and the environment. The UK down used in our natural bedding is responsibly sourced with full traceability. Kind Regards, Dreams

Does this pillow make a crinkly noise like some other feather pillows do?

Answer: , Thank you for your question. There may be a slight sound of the feather movement depending on how the pillow is being handled / moved. We would suggest visiting your nearest branch that stocks this pillow and trying it out. Kind Regards, Dreams

My new duck feather and down pillow makes a crackling noise all the time. Will this go with use?

Answer: , Thank you for your question. The crackling noise you are hearing is the quills of the feathers compressing. Over time and use the hard parts of the quills will eventually wear down. Kind Regards, Dreams

The picture shows two pillows is the price shown for the two of them or just one please bit misleading

Answer: , The price shown is just for one pillow, we apologise for any confusion here. Kind Regards, Dreams

Can you please state the composition ie what % is duck feather and what % is down feather? Thanks

Answer: , Its 80% Feather and 20% down. Many Thanks, Dreams

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