Emma Premium Microfibre Pillow Rated 5/5 based on 2 customer reviews
Emma Premium Microfibre Pillow

Emma Premium Microfibre Pillow

5.0/5 - Read 2 Reviews
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Of The Emma Premium Microfibre Pillow
Brand: Emma
Retailer: Emma Sleep
Delivery Time: Good
Customer Sentiment: Excellent

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What Makes The Emma Premium Microfibre Pillow Great?

Soft support for all sleeping positions

With a Ultra-breathable Cover, Cloud-like Sensations and Soft Support the result is a product that if suitable for back sleepers, side sleepers and front sleepers. Perfect for all, inclusive of everyone.

The fluffiest down-alternative pillow

Down alternative is a synthetic polyester material which has many of the same effects and feeling of traditional down. Uniquely soft, down alternative is an increasingly popular option for many high quality and well-performing pillows and duvets.

Adjustable height and firmness

Thanks to the multiple layers provided in the pillow, you are able to adjust the height and comfort to suit you. Need a plump and deep pillow to sink into? Utilise more layers. Like it thinner and firm, remove some layers and keep the firm support layer inside. One of the first truly customisable pillows designed to give everyone a great nights sleep regardless of preference.

100% machine-washable, no clumping

With poorer quality pillows you'll find the materials inside clump up toward the edges, particularly in the corners leading to a lot of plumping accompanied by a degree of neck and shoulder pain as you sleep and it begins to clump. Fortunately this pillow is clump free and machine washable allowing you to remain comfortable and hygienic.

Size: 50x70 cm

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Customer Reviews For The Emma Premium Microfibre Pillow

Based on 2 reviews

If you are like us, you spend an alarming number of hours each night on your pillow. The Emma Premium Microfibre Pillow has been featured as a "Best Value" and "Best Buy" by Consumer Reports. Not only is it luxuriously soft and supportive, but its machine washable so you can keep it fresh and clean. It is the perfect pillow for the perfect nights sleep.

The Best!

This pillow is the best! It is like a hug for your neck and head. Soft yet firm, it keeps you comfortable all night long. I love that it is machine washable. This pillow wont just last you a long time, but it will be perfect for any sleeper who wants to sleep soundly.

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