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Emma Mattress Cover

Emma Mattress Cover


What Makes The Emma Mattress Cover Great?

• Fits perfectly to the Emma Mattress

Suitable for all mattresses but built against the Emma mattress specifically. For optimised full compatibility, consider an Emma mattress to complete your sleep setup.

• Removable and machine washable

Removable and machine washable is important in this day and age to keep up with stains, sweat, dirt and the day to day grubbiness that otherwise occurs in our daily busy lives. As a result simply unzip the cover and wash.

• Breathable, comfortable, temperature-regulating

One of the primary complaints people have with their sleep is around heat. Too hot, too cold, the happy medium is what people crave for the perfect nights sleep. Temperature regulation can be achieved by using the right materials which are both soft and breathable while also being breathable, allowing air to flow uninterrupted and keeping you at the right temperature.

• Non-slip elements on the bottom

The mattress cover has non slip elements which help ensure it doesn't become crinkled, balled up and otherwise move about on top of the mattress. This is quite an important feature as it keeps everything tight and together wile you sleep.

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