Dreams Deep Hybrid Latex Pillow Rated 4.71/5 based on 21 customer reviews
Dreams Deep Hybrid Latex Pillow

Dreams Deep Hybrid Latex Pillow

4.7/5 - Read 21 Reviews
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Of The Dreams Deep Hybrid Latex Pillow
Brand: The Dreams Workshop
Retailer: Dreams
Delivery Time: Average
Delivery Charge: Average
Customer Sentiment: Good
Guarantee: Average

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What Makes The Dreams Deep Hybrid Latex Pillow Great?

It's made from natural, breathable honeycomb latex shell

With a firm comfort grade

Firm pillows, much like mattresses, are generally recommended for people who sleep on their stomach or back, as they provide a more substantial level of support for the head and neck, which can help to keep the spine in a neutral position and reduce the risk of pain and discomfort.

Gives instant pressure relief

Durable and resilient so it always keeps its shape

This means that it will not lose its shape or flatten out easily. It will retain its height and support even after being used for a long period of time.

190 thread count, soft touch cotton cover

A 190 thread count is considered to be a lower to medium thread count, which means that the fabric is less dense and less smooth compared to fabrics with higher thread count. However, it can still provide a comfortable and soft feel to the touch.

Luxurious feel


This product is unlikely to cause any sort of allergic reaction. Ideal if you suffer from any sort of allergy problems

Cover is machine washable

Pillows can attract dust, sweat, and other particles over time, which can affect its hygiene and comfort and so a machine washable cover on a pillow is a great feature, as it can make the process of cleaning and maintaining the pillow much more convenient.

Rest easy with our 2-year guarantee

This guarantee ensures that the product is free from defects in materials and workmanship and it covers any repairs or replacements that may be needed during the specified time frame. 2 years goes beyond the mandatory 1 year required by law.

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Customer Reviews For The Dreams Deep Hybrid Latex Pillow

Based on 21 reviews
Great for relieving neck pain

Ive never invested in an expensive pillow before, however after after the first night of sleeping with this pillow I am converted. I suffer from chronic pain 24/7 and at night my neck and joint pain is sometimes unbearable. With this pillow however, I assume due to its supportive structure, my neck pain has been drastically reduced and I am getting better quality sleep. Never going back to cheap pillow again.

Best pillows we have ever bought

These are the best pillows we have ever bought. I have severe arthritis and buy so may pillows trying to get something comfortable. We have been using these pillows for over a month now and they have stayed in shape and fully supporting without being to hard. For the first time in a long time I am not waking up in pain. They are expensive but worth every penny. I highly recommend them

Pillow Tempur down feel

I think this pillow would be good for a back sleeper who has a relatively straight upper back. It doesnt provide enough support on its own for a side sleeper or if its someone with broad shoulders or so robe who is slightly kyphotic ( upper back a little stooped. They would be better with the original Tempur with more support and firmness.


Before I bought new pillows and a new mattress I had aching shoulders every morning also sore back I can honestly say shoulder pain has gone as has back pain I would recommend this mattress and pillows for anyone with aches and pains especially as you get a 40 day trial So far will mot be sending me e back

Great pillow

Initially wasnt too sure but brought the pillow on the recommendations of the sales adviser who has helped with good advice already. And truly not disappointed after just a few nights have found my sleep much better and also less pain on my neck and back! Thank you for the advise and great pillow!

only supposed to get a mattress ??

No neck pain, lovely lovely pillow. Has flattened a bit so a bit of plumping needed but expect to plump a pillow. We were only supposed to buy a mattress but this was the cherry on top.boyfriend was given this while testing mattresses and when i tried it i almost cried, immediate bliss.

Wonderful Pillow! So comfortable to sleep on!

This is a fantastic product. It is so comfortable for my neck as I have lymphodema after cancer treatment and was having trouble sleeping. It comes in a lovely carry bag too so I can take it places with me. I wouldnt be without it!

comfortable latex pillow

Bought this pillow for my husband who loves a high pillow. He always has problems with them going flat very soon after purchase. So far, this seems to still be the same as I bought it and he is very happy with the comfort.

Great Pillow

Lovely pillow, very comfortable and supportive, could do with being a little thicker - I still need another pillow beneath it or my neck bends a little much and it hurts.

Supportive pillow

This is a very comfortable pillow. Its firm comfort grade means that it is very supportive and keeps its shape night after night!

Great pillows

I have tried all kinds of pillows over the years. Looking for ones that are soft but also plump back up. Best Ive had so far!

Pillow talk

Pillow does exactly what it is meant to. Keeps its shape and stays cool, which was heavenly during the last heat wave

Great buy

Really helped me to sleep better as it is suited to sleeping on your side. My neck and shoulders feel so much better

Pricey for what you get

Comfortable enough with nice soft and quality material but could do with being firmer and have more stuffing.

Firm but also Soft

Firm enough to provide comfortable support, but soft enough that you forget its there.


The pillows are really nice, soft and comfortable, I like it because they are thin too.

Hybrid pillow

Very supportive pillow. Firm but not too intense. Soft also for a relaxed sleep.


Very comfortable pillows they keep your head cool at night which is what I need

Perfect support

Exactly the right firmness for me , stays so cool aswell. Really well made

This pillow is beatiful.

Beautiful quality, my neck no longer hurts and I sleep so well.

very good

everything they tell you at the shop was good and cortrect

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