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Doze Just Like Down 10.5 Tog Duvet Rated 4/5 based on 55 customer reviews

Doze Just Like Down 10.5 Tog Duvet

Brand: Doze

4/5 - 55 Read Reviews


What Makes The Doze Just Like Down 10.5 Tog Duvet Great

The outside cotton cover is slightly noisy when moving around but this is normal for 'new' cotton percale and reduces as it softens with wear quite quickly (a few days of use or a wash in the washing machine). One of the main benefits of cotton percale when compared to the likes of jersey cotton, which boxer shorts are made from, is that cotton percale is less clingy to the skin making the duvet quilt much more breathable, warm and comfortable. The inside fibres are brilliant (very warm, light and evenly textured). Overall it is a very comfortable duvet quilt which I am very happy with. I am glad I purchased it and really enjoy the comfort of being in bed with it. I wear boxer shorts and sleep with the duvet quilt against my skin and wash the it in the washing machine. One of the main benefits of "Just Like Down" when compared to down is that down cannot usually be washed in an ordinary washing machine and is very difficult to dry due to down soaking up water and becoming very heavy. I really like being wrapped up in this duvet quilt.

Made in the UK

These are made and manufactured in the UK, meaning that they all meet the same exceptional quality and durability that we expect from genuine UK manufacturing.

Machine washable at 40°C

Washable covers are a great way of ensuring the product stays fresh for longer.

100% polyester filling

Polyester is extremely common in mattresses, in fact, almost all mattresses will carry at least some amount of polyester as it will often be used to create a micro-barrier between the top layer and the base layer. Regardless though, what is polyester? Well polyester is simply a synthetic resin that gets spun and used as wadding and fibre fillings. Polyester when used within mattresses is generally described as non-woven and thermally bonded material of polyester fibres to form a mattress sized pad of varying densities and weights. You will typically find polyester in mattresses from low-medium pricing scales, should you start going into very high priced mattresses, you can expect polyester to be replaced with natural fibre.

10.5 tog rating which means your duvet is suitable for every season

A luxury 230 thread count, 100% pure cotton cover for natural breathability

A soft and bouncy polyester filling that feels just like down

Hypoallergenic, sleep easy knowing you can enjoy the feeling of down without allergens

100% cotton cover, 230 thread count

Customer Reviews For The Doze Just Like Down 10.5 Tog Duvet

Based on 55 review

Comfortably Soft

I've had feather duvets for years they're so soft it feels like a nice hug when you're sleeping. So it was time to replace our aging feather duvet and my obvious choice was feather again as sleeping at other places with fibre duvets we found just weren't as snug. We were recommended this duvet instead, as a crossover between feather and fibre. I have to give it credit, it is snug and warm like the feather, without the quills poking through every so often, but light as a fibre duvet.


Love this duvet!

I've had this duvet for about a month now and it's excellent. It's kept me warm on colder nights, but I also wasn't too warm during the heatwave. It definitely lives up to the "like down", as it feels almost exactly like a feather duvet without the allergies that come with it. It does need a bit of a shake from time to time, but overall I'm very happy.


Just like it says, just like down

We bought this along with our matress and it hasn't let us down, it is a beautiful duvet and done us wonders as our heating has just broke!! It allows us to have an amazing nights sleep on our new matress and keep us super warm in the cold weather!!


Great duvet!

I bought this a couple of weeks ago with my mattress from dreams and it’s perfect for me! It keeps me at the right temperature throughout the night for my preference and isn’t too heavy. I’d recommend this duvet as a good all-rounder!


Lovely but not quite like down

My wife and I changed from a down duvet to a synthetic because my wife didn’t get in with the feathers. We bought this one while on offer and although it’s great quality and feels lovely, it doesn’t quite feel as good as the real thing.


Very warm

I’m so happy Karen advise me to buy this duvet! It’s warm and light! I bought the super king size and I’m glad I did it! It covers me and my partner all night without the ‘usual’ pull and uncover each other!


Beautifully soft and luxurious

This duvet is filled with super soft and silky fibres that feel just like real duck down and with a 100% cotton cover this duvet is so luxurious, providing the most comfortable night's sleep.


Value for money

Been using this for a few weeks and more than happy with it. Has the softness and breathability of a down duvet, with none of the sharp feathers sticking into us or flying over the room!


Great product

I bought this two weeks ago and I strongly recommend it. It is very soft and warm for cold winter times. It is very elegant, great comfort. I would buy it for my mum too


I really like it, its cool and not warm

Excellent product, i wanted one that is cool and not warm, and this one is just PERFECT I don't sweat at sleep, I don't feel too hot, just perfect highly recommended


Fantastic product

Really excellent mattress topper, have had a few cheap ones in the past off Amazon but they've always been rubbish - this is worth the money, best investment


Super comfy

I've had my duvet over a month now and all I can say is 'wow' it has all the qualities of a duck down without the spikey feathers. Would recommend for sure.



The quilt does feel like down but it isn’t it is really warm and helps me to have a good nights sleep. Love the quilt and will recommend to friends


Duvet Delight

I bought this two weeks ago and have no regrets, out with the old and sleeping anew... Warm, cosy night sleep, thanks for the pleasant dreams...


Crisp and comfy

I wanted that hotel sound of crisp sheets but nothing too heavy, this product is brilliant and meets those specifications. Good value for money.


Just what I was looking for!

This quilt was perfect for me in every way. Felt just like down without the lumpy heaviness and weird smell when you’re attempting to dry it!


Cozy Duvet

I bought this a month ago and I am very happy with it. It is great quality and very light yet warm. I would highly recommend this product.


Just as good as the expensive top brands

Love the duvet, especially my wife. We got a great package deal when we bought the bed. Very happy with the quality and comfortability.


Lightweight and warm

I guess it depends on what type of duvet you like but to me this one is very good due to the weight of it as well as having the warmth.


Feels Like Quality

The product suits us very well. Love the feel of it and feels quality without the pricks of feather which you sometimes get with down.


Thick winter duvet!

My search for finding the duvet like companies use in show rooms has been a mission! This duvet is super thick and doesn’t go flat!


It really does feel like down

Really surprised with the quality of this duvet. It feels like down, it’s super soft and perfect to keep you warm in any season.


Light yet cosy

Bought this last month in store for our new superking bed. Great buy it's so light yet so cosy. Will be using it all year round.


Amazing :-)

I would’ve preferred a king size but they only the super king size in stock, it’s amazingly comfortable and warm :-)


Perfect bed

Me and my partner bought this item along with a bed and can't explain how comfy the duvet is. 100% recommend to all


Happy with the buy, would recommend

we bought the duvet a month ago and are definitely happy with the buy. comfortable and just the right temperature.



Replaced a quilt what was 2 year old, and the quality is brilliant and better than other bed shops we looked at.


Great quality duvet

Lovely duvet that feels like down but isn’t as heavy. Very happy with this product and would buy this again.


Light but warm

Great feeling, soft to touch not too heavy but seems warm enough , Winter will be the teal test though


Now ce but can be a bit sweaty

This is nice and heavy but the 10.5 is a bit too much for us in terms of heat, it can be a bit sweaty.


Luxurious like a 5 star hotel

Bought this for our superking bed So cool and comfy Feels like a boutique hotel Get one ?? x


Fantastic winter duvet

Find it's great for winter but a little to hot for warmer nights but just personal preference


Soft and warm.

Very happy with this product, feels as warm and soft as down but without using real feathers.



I bought this with my new bed and just love it feels great keeps it shape and looks good



As advertised, it feels like feathers but is good for people like me who have allergies


great Duvet!

I love how soft and comfortable this duvet is, and I can use it in warmer weather too.


Very snug.

Really soft and snug duvet. The material is quite noisy though when moving around.


Lovely duvet

Just got this duvet. The quality is very good. Not too heavy. Very comfortable.


Perfect thickness

Bought this for my new place in place of real down. It’s as good as real down


Light and warm duvet

Been using this for a month. Amazing. Light yet warm. Very comfortable.


So light

Would never of imagined this to be so warm with it being this light.


Down 10.5 tog Duvet

I’ve had this product a month and found it to be light and very warm


Great duvet

I bought the duvet about one month ago and I am very happy with it.


soft and comfortable

very happy and feel good when I am in my new bed with my new duvet


Just like down

It's a very good duvet. Light but warm enough, we really like it.


Duvet review

Soooo comfy :) would definitely recommend this duvet to everyone


Great but small

Cannot fit ikea bedding on it but other than its a great dovet


Good value

Very happy with the duvet. Good quality and value for money.


Warm, cosy and very light

Really pleased with this - warm but light and feels great.


Very comfy

Bought this a month ago and definitely money well spent!


Best quilt I've had

Love how the quilt crinkles everytime to get into bed


Soft and comfy!

Lovely duvet, soft and even. Light but nice and warm.


Very warm!

Excellent material, excellent quality and very warm!

Questions and Answers About Doze Just Like Down 10.5 Tog Duvet

Does the just like down  come in 13.5 tog

Answer: , Unfortunately this duvet is only available in a 10.5 tog. Kind Regards, Dreams

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