Classic Ottoman Base

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Height/Depth: 36cm
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What Makes It Great

I've bought this item this January. I had to wait 1 month and a half to get it but I'm so very pleased with it. I chose the light gray and it pairs beautifully with my white furniture, it's more light than in the picture which was great for me. It's easy to lift and has a lot of storage. It takes a bit of strength to pull down though. I have assembled this bed alone, it takes a bit more time but it's easily manageable. The hardest part is putting the mattress on the bed, which I had to do with the lids up. In the instructions sheet it doesn't mention when to attach the wheels and that should be the first thing you do. After that just put them together side by side, tightly, open the lids and screw the units together. After that just screw the lids together and you're done! It's a very good ottoman and perfect for a tiny house like mine

These are made and manufactured in the UK, meaning that they all meet the same exceptional quality and durability that we expect from genuine UK manufacturing.

Questions and Answers

What is the storage area made from? I have seen various models from a dust sheet type that sits on the floor to a sturdy wooden unit

Answer: Hello , The bottom of the storage area is made of hardboard. I hope this helps and thank you for your question.

How do I dismantle the bed so I can move it? 

Answer: Hello , You can dismantle the bed by taking the linking bars off and strapping the bases shut. If you'd like further assistance please call our customer services on 0344 292 0000, who will be able to talk you through the process. I hope this helps and thank you for your question.

how deep is the storage itself? In the description you say the base is 12" high (that is 30.43cm), in the dimension you say it is 33 cm (that is nearly 13") but ik cannot find anywhere what is a key specification: storage height. Thanks

Answer: Hello , The storage depth is 21.5cm. Thank you for your question and I hope this helps.

Can you send me a swatch of the this beige fabric? 

Answer: Hello , Unfortunately we don't send swatches. Thank you for your question.

What does east / west opening mean?  Does it open from the side or the bottom?

Answer: Hello , This opens from the footend. Many thanks for your question and I hope this helps.

Please confirm what materials the bed is made out of (sides and base) and the weight of the king size bed itself? What's the maximum mattress weight this bed can take? Thank you

Answer: Hello , None of our beds (apart from our adjustable beds) have a specific weight limit. The fabric used is a stitch-bond stain resistant fabric. Thank you for your question and I hope this helps.

I have one on order but would like the measurement of Length of the bed.

Answer: Hello , This would depend on the size of the bed you have ordered. Single: 190cm Double: 190cm King: 200cm Super King: 200cm Thank you for your question and I hope this helps.

Do the delivery men assemble it and is it a hydraulic lift.

Answer: Hello , This can be assembled by the driver's if selected at the point of sale. Many thanks for your question.

Is the ottoman base available on castors?

Answer: Hello , This base has castors and will be delivered with them. Many thanks for your question and I hope this helps.

Which is the best headboard to pair this with? Will Newark or Athena work? Thanks

Answer: Hello , Both of these headboards will match this divan base. Thank you for your question and I hope this helps.

Does the base have an hydraulic gas lift system or similar. I notice someone else asked the question but it was not answered. Is the base compatible with all types of headboard.

Answer: Hello , The base will have hydraulic gas lift pistons on either end of the base. The base will be compatible with all headboard's in it's appropriate size. Many thanks for your question.

Do you do this bed in a grey single ottoman divan 

Answer: Hi , We can do this in a single but not in the colour grey. Many thanks for the question.

Is this bed made of fire resistant materials and have the appropriate label attached ?

Answer: Hello , Yes, this will be the case and there will be a label indicating the product being fire retardant. Many thanks for the question.

How are the bases and lids attached on the double bed?

Answer: Hi , They are linked together via a bolt and it clear when you attach them. I hope that helps. Many thanks for the question.

Can you please advise what the top for the ottoman is made of? Many thanks. Klara

Answer: Hello, The top of the divan base is a platform wooden base. Many thanks for the question.

Can you use a 30cm deep weighing 35kg mattress with this bed base? Will it still be able to lift up? Thanks.

Answer: Hello, The weight of this mattress will be suitable for the ottoman divan base. Many thanks for the question.

Please Confirm what is the bed made out of (top ottoman, bottom and the sides) are they made out of WOOD?

Answer: Hi , This product is made up of a wooden frame, upholstered in fabric with a platform top. Thank you for your question.

What is involved in assembling a single divan bed?

Answer: Hi , Assembly is simple for these models. Simply pop in the castors and unwrap the base. Thank you for your question.

How many boxes does the bed arrive in, including the headboard? Thank you 

Answer: Hi , This will arrive in 3 units, one for the headboard and one per side of the bed bases. Thank you for your question.

1) is 33cm the height of the actual divan base itself (i.e. storage depth) or the total height once the wheels are attached? 2) Does the divan come in any other colours?

Answer: Hi , The height will measure at 37cm with the castors. This divan comes in silver, blue and mocha. These are searchable in the search bar. Thank you for your question.

What's the height of the inside storage space

Answer: Hi , This measures at 21.5cm. Thank you for your question.

Can you please tell me the size of the storage space how long and wide it is and the depth please

Answer: Hi , This depends on which size divan you choose. You may find the answer in our existing Q&A's. Thank you.

Can the beds be used as 2 single beds if needed and then put back to a double?

Answer: Hi , No a double bed would break down to 2 x 2' 3" parts and the smallest matress is 2' 6". Thank you.

Is it OK to use without a headboard or is the headboard needed to support the lift mechanism?

Answer: Hi This product is suitable to use with or without a headboard. Thank you for your question. Kind Regards, Robin

What is involved in the assembly of this classic ottoman kingsize base? Do we just click the bases together and put the casters on, or do we also have to attach the hydraulic piece on? Thanks.

Answer: Hi , The hydraulic element is already attached, so you will only need to assemble the two bases together along with the castors. Thank you for your question.

Can someone confirm the height of this base please, it states 33cm in description and then 36 cm in dimensions, perhaps one is without the feet, but I need to know the height with feet (or castors) thanks

Answer: Hi , The height with the feet is 36 cm. Kind Regards, Giedre

I'm thinking of getting a super king size. I assume that the mattress has to be removed before operating these ottoman bases, so there would be a lot of heavy handling involved to remove anything from the storage.

Answer: The mattress does not need to be removed when lifting the ottoman up; the mattress can remain on the base. The base has been designed to accommodate the weight of the mattress and still have the ability to lift with ease. Kind Regards, Dreams

We got a similar bed and your guys put it together for us. We now want to move it to another room - how do we take it apart again so we can move it? 

Answer: Unfortunately we are unable to provide specific instructions for dismantling any of our bed frames or divan bases. Kind Regards, Dreams

Hello, is the classic ottoman base suitable for use as zip and link beds?

Answer: Good Evening, Yes you are able to use our Classic Ottoman base with a zip and link mattress. Kind Regards, Dreams

What sort of headboard is compatible with this base?

Answer: Any of our range of Classic Headboards will be compatible with this base. Kind Regards, Dreams

What is the warranty period?

Answer: We offer a guarantee of 1 year on this item. Kind Regards, Dreams

Can the 5ft bed be used as 2 single beds (twin beds) when needed and then put together again as and when needed?

Answer: We do not recommend using each base half as an individual bed. Kind Regards, Dreams

Hi does this bed come apart any more then just 2 halves? I need to figure out a way of getting it up our loft extension stairs? The length of a half is too long for the turn. 

Answer: Unfortunately this divan base only splits into two halves - it does not split down any further than this. Kind Regards, Dreams

Hi I already have a headboard king size with wooden struts. Can I attach this to the divan bed with ease? Are there holes in the divan and plastic screws to lock the headboard in? 

Answer: Yes this headboard can be attached via the wooden struts, using the plastic screws. Kind Regards, Dreams

What is the difference between the classic and the luxury ottoman base?

Answer: The range of colours available in our Classic Divan Bases differ to those available in our Luxury range. In addition, the fabric of the Luxury range is a slightly thicker weave in comparison to the fabric on the Classic Divan Bases. Kind Regards, Dreams

Wot are the measurements of a double when take in to two bits? Need to get in to loft but sharia twist

Answer: Each half of the double base will measure: 37cm (H) x 190cm (L) x 67.5cm (W). Kind Regards, Dreams

We have two single mattresses for our king sized bed. If we get the king-size of this bed we want to keep them slightly separate (so that one person tossing and turning doesn't wobble the other!) ... Is that OK structurally ?

Answer: Unfortunately the two halves of this base must be fixed together with the linking bar in order to provide a secure and stable sleeping area. In addition, the ottoman must also be fixed together in order to allow it to be raised. Therefore we would not advise or recommend keeping these apart. Kind Regards, Dreams

What are the dimensions of each bit of the super king? Want to make sure it will fit in our Loft room 

Answer: Each half is the same as a standard UK Single base - 37cm (H) x 190cm (L) x 90cm (W). Kind Regards, Dreams

Do the wheels have brakes on them to prevent the bed from sliding? 

Answer: The castors on this divan base do not have breaks on them. To fix the castors in place you will need to purchase standard UK size 'castor cups'. Kind Regards, Dreams

Is there a limit on the mattress weight for this base?

Answer: Our bed frames and bases have been designed to accommodate a variety of different mattresses and sleepers alike, therefore we do not offer specific weight limits. Kind Regards, Dreams

Does the single bed require any assembly? 

Answer: Hi , The only assembly required is placing the castors on the base. Kind regards Dreams

Does this ottoman bed have slats or a flat base?

Answer: This divan bed has a sold platform top base, it does not have slats. Kind Regards, Dreams

Hi, the dimensions seem to contradict the answers below. What is the width of the double once both sides are joined? Is it 150cm, as drawn in the diagram, or 180cm (90cm + 90cm) as written to one of the questions below?

Answer: Good afternoon, A double is 135cm in width. Kind Regards, Dreams

Just had ottoman base delivered, but can't close as no mattress yet, how do you close securely when the mattress is off ? Would it ok to fit a strong catch ?

Answer: Good afternoon, This is a safety feature. If there is no mattress on the ottoman it will remain open to avoid the lid closing and potentially hurting someone. Please do not attach any clips or brackets as it will damage the base. Kind regards. Dreams.

Other than the fabric, is there any difference in construction between the classic and ottoman bases? Is the frame construction and dimensions the same? Thanks

Answer: Good afternoon, Yes the frame and the structure is the same. Kind Regards Dreams

Customer Reviews

Based on 103 review

Lovely study bed

We already had a good quality mattress but unfortunately our divan base had seen better days. We had a look in a couple of bed stores and were quoted an awful lot of money just for the base. Popped into Dreams and spoke to a very nice man who pointed me towards this ottoman base, with the delivery charge included it still came out cheaper than the other shops. When the bed was delivered we received a call in the morning telling us when to expect them. Both delivery drivers were polite and very efficient and didn't seem fazed when I told them the bedroom was up two flights of stairs. Very pleased with the amount of storage in the bed and as both my hubby and I are on the larger size think the quality of the bed is very study and hopefully built to last.

A new bed from dreams

We moved home in February and purchased a lot of new furniture of which the silver ottoman based bed and mattress was one. I have to say that although it is in the spare bedroom (which my granddaughter has claimed as hers) I have slept in it on numerous occasions and I must say that I get a good nights sleep......not only is it such a comfy bed but space saving too. It holds a lot. I keep my spare bedding in it and there is still room for some toys. A perfect choice for our new home.

Amazing storage beneath the comfort.

Bought this for a new flat we are moving into that has less storeage compared to where we live now. It arrived as planned and 2 very helpful men brought it to the second floor and put it together for us. We have slept on it once and couldnt believe that we slept til 7.00 ( we are usually 5.00 risers!). I’m especially pleased with the storeage beneath and had my husband not been at the flat when the bed was delivered, could have hidden the delivery man in the space under the mattress!

Lambert Storage Divan

I bought a King-size bed about 18 months ago a it was excellent and had no hesitation purchasing a Double Lambert Storage Bed when I refurbished one of the back bedrooms. In fact I am in the process of refurbishing the other back bedroom and when finished in a couple of weeks time I will buy another Lambert Storage bed for that room also. The only disadvantage is that it is rarely included in sales promotions, I guess because it must be so popular.

Great storage!

Got the bed last month. Looks nice and has a good platform top. The best feature is the great underbed storage. It’s easy to lift with the mattress. There’s a hardboard at the bottom of the storage compartment, which is much better than fabric/ storing on floor. It’s a little shallow than my other ottoman bed, but very handy nonetheless. Being on castors makes it easier to move. The bed is sturdy as well. Very happy with my purchase.

Why didn't we buy this sooner?

I bought the ottoman bed to replace a sturdy wooden framed bed and can't believe the difference it has made to the bedroom - it looks so much bigger! The storage space is much greater than the under-bed storage we were using previously and everything is now cat-proof. We should have changed to this style of bed sooner. The service in both the Dreams store and from the guys who delivered and assembled the bed was excellent.

Lovely comfy bed

Im so pleased with my new ottoman bed and mattress. I thought long and hard before purchase and I'm so glad I took the plunge. The storage is great and so easy to use. I went from a double to a single size and its took a little while to get used to but I can honestly say that I love it. The delivery men were great and so helpful. I highly recommend Dreams.

great value, sturdy bed with impressive storage

we bought this bed 3 weeks ago as our old one gave notice, we had not had an ottoman before and looked on line what was available, after extensive viewing settled on this one, glad we did, easy to assemble, inmpwessive storage space and mattress is perfect. just what we wanted. easy to order, excellent customer service and prompt delivery.

Good experience

I bought a mattress and an ottoman bed last month. When they arrived home one of the pieces was broken and the guys quickly call the office and sort out the problem in few weeks as they need to ask for the piece to the fabric. But in the meantime I was able to use the bed. They come back the day we agreed and I am very happy with it.

Sturdy, large, solid base

I've had this superking size ottoman storage bed for over a month now and so far it's been 100% brilliant purchase. Excellent value for money. The hinges are solid and the bed is sturdy. Most importantly, the bed base is pretty hard so you can put heavier items in compared to other ottoman bases I looked at.

Great Bed very comfortable

Great bed very comfortable, good prompt delivery service, by very polite helpfull delivery drivers. Only complaint there was no date lable on the mattress as promised on all the advertisments, (and to when change). I phoned numerous times and was told they would send, but still waiting for it.

Great product and outstanding customer service

My, very comfortable, guest bed was delivered 2 weeks ago, the shopping experience was easy, the delivery men arrived on time and installed the new bed. They noticed a tiny bit of damage to part of the base, phoned it in immediately and I had a call within minutes to arrange a replacement.

Great product - does as it says!

Product does as it says. Plenty of storage, simple yet effective design. I was worried the caster wheels were going to be a weakness but they are very sturdy. Room for improvement: Instructions could do with a re-design, be made specific to this bed model rather than be a catch-all.

Our Fabulous new Bed.

Fabulous Service at Dreams store. We are delighted with our new bed base and mattress and our new Tempur pillows. Can't believe how our back pains have gone as our bed is so comfortable and relaxing and we wake up feeling refreshed each morning. Brilliant Thank you so much.

Ottoman Single Bed Base

Very happy that I bought the Ottoman bed base. Very useful for storing bedding etc. I had been looking for one for ages, but I could only get a double sizes bed, went to Dreams and the salesperson told me that it was available in single size. Bought it straight away

So much space under bed

I brought this bed a few weeks ago and am really pleased with my purchase it fits so much underneath it which was wasted space . Delivery guys were so professional and even when I had a slight issue after delivery it was quickly resolved .it's easy to lift up too

Comfortable bed. Great Storage

I have had this bed for 3 months & the mattress we chose is very comfortable. The divan has great storage space, much more than your drawer divans. Once you get used to lifting / lowering the access to the divan, you'll wish you'd bought one of these years ago

Sleep Glorious Sleep

I bought this in July and I wish I had bought it sooner. It is so comfortable to lay on. The Ottoman design means I can store bedding and Winter fleecy blankets and extra pillows etc without any of it getting dusty. Would thoroughly recommend this product!

Works very well

I bought the base because I needed some extra storage. The mechanism work very well, it’s easy to lift and close. I wish I’d have bought a slightly deeper version but that doesn’t detract from the quality of this product, you can never have enough storage

great price and easy to use

I purchased this ottoman after doing a lot of research. I am impressed with the quality and pleased with the colour (Grey/silver). It is easy to lift up and provides plenty of room for storage. i would have no hesitation is recommending this product.

Spacious storage

This base makes full use of every bit of space under the bed. The lift-up lid works easily. Our old bed had drawers in the base, but these needed more space around the bed to get them open. This ottoman is so much more accessible.

great bed

my wife wanted a divan but when she saw this she loved it, loads of storage and solid, easy to lift up and pull down. Mattress is very comfortable (we had the medium firmness) and for the price we paid very pleased with it

Excellent product

I was debating getting this given the extra cost for an Ottoman but it has proved a worthwhile investment. Can fit my golf clubs in the base and it has freed up space in the rest of the flat. Definitely a good decision!!!

Well made, easy to open and close

I bought this about a month ago to use as a spare bed. It seems strong and well made. Opens easily has loads of storage room inside. The delivery team were great and the 2 part construction made it easy to get upstairs.


excellent product, however the delivery was 5 days later than established, so i had to sleep on the floor. i was not happy with that, hope that no one else would have to wait for so long, customer support very poor.

Ottoman Beds

Just bought 2 new Ottoman beds for the children a double and single , lovely product. In shop easy no hassle sales helping with our choice. Promptly delivered by Matt C and Dave polite , courteous service Thanks !

Loads of storage

Bought this for spare room. We still have some of our sons things to store so this is ideal. So much room underneath whilst keeping room looking tidy. Not actually slept on it yet but ready for visitors in October.

Superb bed

Bought this ottoman bed to replace our old bed that we had for years. Wow what a difference. No more waking up with backache Firm mattress is so comfortable and ottoman mechanism so easy to use. Loads of storage.

Great Features

We bought this base three weeks ago and find it very comfortable and useful - the storage space is far in excess of our previous drawer divan, and the whole bed is much easier to move for cleaning etc.

So much storage!

We needed extra storage space and his has proven to be a fantastic solution! The best swallows so much stuff, and we are now free of cluttered cupboards. Plus is looks really good. Great purchase

so comfortable!

great night's sleep, really comfortable bed. And ultra-useful with all the storage space, will only ever buy ottoman beds in future. The whole service, start to finish was excellent from Dreams

Excellent Delivery Guys, polite, courteous, tidy

A very good experience with Dreams from start to finish. Emma in the Cambridge store was extremely efficient and helpful as the bed was required urgently. The delivery lads too were excellent

very nice and comfortable

my little girl is very happy of her new bed. It fits very well in her little room, but has plenty of space under the mattresses to store stuff. Very simple and compact, but useful as well.

Great storage!

Bought this 3 weeks ago & am astounded at how much storage space there is! Certainly tidied up my bedroom. The base looks good too & is so much nicer than my old bed with drawers under.

Great bed

I bought this about 10 days ago and it is a fantastic bed. The ottoman base is brilliant for storing things in and the bed is really comfortable. I am now getting a great nights sleep.

Extremely happy.

Purchased 2 months ago, really pleased. Looks great, with ample storage particularly for a smaller bedroom. Bought it for my 17 year old. Solid base and headboard. Love the colour too.

Great buy

I am very happy with our new ottoman divan. There's tons of storage space underneath. Also, delivery men kept me up to date with timings and were very polite. Very impressed overall.

Great Bed and Service

The bed was purchased for my daughter and she is delighted. Best niight sleeps she has had for years. The delivery men Shaun and Stevie were fantastic. Very quick and professinal.

So Much Extra Space

Ive only had this for a few weeks but Im so happy with the space. I have fitter all our suit cases in and some heavy winter jackets Im thinking of getting another for my sons room

Like floating on a cloud

I bought the ottoman bed so that I would have storage space but mostly because my base and mattress was over 20 years old. I actually look forward to going to bed at night now.

Great storage

Bought just about 4 weeks ago very comfortable getting excellent nights sleep without any backache as in old bed. Turning mattress frequently as per instructions seems to help.

Easy to assemble and very attractive

Tis divan was easyu to assemble and looks great. The ottoman storage facility is very spacious and perfect for storing my caravan bedding for the witer mponths. Recommended.

Great storage

The storage capacity is great. I was worried that it would be difficult to lift the mattress and get access to the items stored there but it really isn't. Very pleased.

Super bef

We bought this for the storage which is great, and topped it with a Therma Pur mattress. The mattress is very comfortable and not hot as I have heard with some beds?

Love it

Love my new bed, not an easy item to buy but the way the beds are graded with colour codeing makes the choosing much simpler also had a very helpfull assistant .

Great Value

Very happy with our recent purchase of the Classic Ottoman Base. The quality is great, plenty of storage space and easy to open and close. Would recommend.

Great bed

Very pleased with this bed, very easy to open and close and seems good quality. I'm glad I didn't pay for assembly, it's literally 3 bolts and you're done.

Great space saver

Bought for my twenty one year old daughter to utilities space in her room. It has plenty of storage in the base. The mattress is very comfortable too.

Double ottoman bed

I love this bed it’s high quality looks great and is so useful with the storage space I can keep all the bed linen in one place tucked out of the way

Great for storage

Used in box room, creates a brilliant amount of much needed storage. Colour is lighter than expected by goes well with room (ordered Grey/Silver)

Quality, comfort and storage.

Perfect, particularly where space is limited. Mechanism easy to operate, storage space invaluable and a comfortable night's sleep guaranteed.


I bought my TV bed last year it's been the best sleep I have had in years it has been good for my back and I would recomend one to any one ,

Good quality bed base with massive storage

Single size bought for my daughter, and this has solid feel to frame and to struts that lift the bed. Enormous storage area for her to use

All that we hoped for

From visiting the store in King's Lynn, to the bed being delivered, everything was good - finally getting to sleep on it is a treat.

Super bed

Love this Double Ottoman bed! It has great storage under the mattress, as opposed to drawers. It is ideal for a smaller guest room!

My Dreams ottoman bed

My dreams ottoman bed is the best bed ever my back problems have disappeared my money well spent. would recommend Dreams no problem

great features

I bought this bed over a month ago and am very pleased with it, especially with the ottoman base which stores bed spreads etc.

Sturdy and comfortable

A brilliant bed - sturdy and comfortable, and plenty of storage underneath. Easy to build as well. Definitely recommend.

Hey Ottoman!

Good solid bed. The lifting mechanism is great, it's pretty straightforward to put together (Superking) and looks good.

Fantastic Bed base

I brought this for the spare bedroom. Absolutely thrill. Quality is good and there is huge amount of room for storage.

Great nights sleep

Bought a bed from Dreams about a month ago for our daughter. She says it is really comfy and gets a great nights sleep.

Amazing storage

I brought the bed for storage purposes as found my old one with drawers was to small the storage underneath is huge :)

Great bed

Would absolutely recommend this bed to everyone. It is extremely comfortable and the Ottoman storage is brilliant.

Great bed. Great service

Needed extra storage but didn't want to pay a fortune. This bed is perfect and the delivery team were brilliant.

Great storage

The storage in the ottoman base is really great, room for all my gradchildrens toys,summer clothes and bedding.

brilliant storage

bought this product a month ago and very pleased. great size and fantastic storage with solid floor inside

Great storage

Mechanism easy to use and storage space better than pictures. Makes great use of a big bed in a small room

Devan bed and mattress

After exchanging the mattress I'm very happy with the bed . Your service is excellent thank you very much.

best sleep for ages

great purchase the new bed gave me my best sleep for ages it really was worth the effort to buy a new one

Very pleased

I am delighted with this bed. It is exactly what I was looking for and the storage it provides is amazing

Looks great and storage is fantastic

I bought this bed for a guest room, the bed looks great, is compact and the storage space is amazing

Loadsa storage

I love it - there’s so much room to store my stuff. This will really help me rationalise my bedroon

Bedroom furniture

Its a joy to go to bed and sleep on our lovely mattresses so glad we took the plunge to buy them

Great price for extra storage.

Perfect for teens room, storage underneath is a good size and mechanism is sturdy. A good buy.

So much storage room

Had this bed 2weeks ago never had such good looking bed fab storage room and comfort is brill.

Great Ottoman Base

Great base, I have a heavy mattress so was a bit worried but it’s fine, works really well.

Good quality bed base

I bought this bed a month ago and I am pleased with the quality and exellent stroage

Amazing amount of storage

Needed storage but was amazed at the amount I can get in the space, even suitcases

Excellent service

Delivered on time, one bed slightly damaged but replaced promptly. No complaints

Love this Base

Love the way I can store things inside, easy to lift up. Nice Base looks good.

Great bed

Purchases the bed for my son and he loves it as able to keep thongs under it.

Very comfortable bed

All guests have said the bed is comfortable and steady. Iam glad l bought it

Comfortable bed

Very pleased with the bed and how comfortable it is . Very pleased we got it

Fantastic Service

I bought an ottoman bed and so far so good but the delivery men were superb

Great service in shop and friendly delivery staff

The bed is just as good if not betters Han we remember it being in the shop


Purchased 2 weeks ago & every day it gets harder to get out if it for work

Great for comfort and storage

With a good mattress this is a superb buy as we are short of storage space

Quick and easy

Wanted a bed walked in good welcome quick and efficient comfy bed perfect

Good Service and Comfort

Had to replace a single mattress and I am very pleased with the purchase.

Super Snuggie

So happy with my new bed, lots of storage and having the best dreams! :)

Excellent bed

I brought the bed for my new house with my partner and I cant fault it.

An very good product.

I am very satisfied with the bed I purchased. It is really comfortable.

Great storage

I brought this and am very happy, the storage room is very spacious

Excellent base and storage

Had the bed now for 3 months. No issues at all. Excellent value

Excellent product

Very happy with the product and also the service received.

Classic ottoman single bed

Great service. The bed is great as it has so much storage.

Fantastic comfort

It is very comfortable 7 I have no problem wallin aslpeep

Does what it says on the tin.

It seems to be of good quality. Can’t really fault it.

Very cosy

I should have bought this sooner. Sleeper better now


Great buy , looks stylish and it is very well made

Easy to lift & plenty of storage.

Brought for me as a present. Extremely comfortable


Glad we brought this bed very comfortable