Classic Divan Base

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Height/Depth: 37cm
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What Makes It Great

Purchased this bed base two weeks ago and we are very content with the overall product. Add to that the top notch service provided by Dreams and we are a very happy and well rested couple indeed. The bottom of the range basic Divan is all we wanted as we have a more luxurious bed at our main property and bought this as a cheap "will do for now" item. Honestly though there is nothing to complain about here, it isn't going to blow your mind with clever storage or cutting edge design but if value for money is key , you wont go wrong. I weigh 18 stone and share with my wife, (who weighs a lot less) and the bed easily holds us both. The materials aren't plush but that's not what we expected from this bed base but it is well put together and feels sturdy. The Dreams delivery team were great,, we only had a kerb side drop off selected for the delivery but the boys offered to put it in the room anyway. Ideal if you were an elderly person on a budget. They were both friendly, polite and professional which is all you would hope for and fantastic when you get it. Thanks for two weeks great sleep, we will look forward to using it again on our next trip.

These are made and manufactured in the UK, meaning that they all meet the same exceptional quality and durability that we expect from genuine UK manufacturing.

Questions and Answers

Is this a sprung base or a normal base?

Answer: Hi , This is normal, it is not a sprung base. Thank you for your question.

What is the length of the 3ft small single bed

Answer: Hi , This measurement is 190cm. Thank you.

Hi, what are the internal dimensions of the 2 drawers in the small single bed divan? thanks

Answer: Hi , This is 70cm length x 44cm width x 12cm depth. Thank you.

Hi is the height of the divan 37cm with the Castors on? The single bed can have 2 drawers as well?

Answer: Hi , Yes, this will be with the castors included. Thank you.

In a double bed with sliding doors is there a divider between the two sides or can the whole of space be accessed from one side. We intend to place the bed against a wall and wondered how much storage space would be usable

Answer: Hi , The side against the wall will not be accessible unless pulled. Thank you.

What material is used on the divan base

Answer: Hi , This is a cotton fabric. Thank you.

is the base covered in upholstery or just painted, the pictures are not very clear

Answer: Hi Bizzyb This Divan base is upholstered with high quality fabric for longevity of use. Thank you for your question. Kind Regards, Robin

What is ment by 'other' in terms of divan storage?

Answer: Hi , This is for 1 sliding drawer option. Thank you.

Is the top of the base made out of hardboard?

Answer: Hi , This is made out of plywood. Thank you.

What height from the floor is the base?

Answer: Hi , This measurement is 37cm. Thank you.

Can I attach a headboard to this? 

Answer: Hi , Yes you can. If you did not receive your fixtures and fittings please call customer services on the number at the top of our website. Thank you.

I see the Superking base comes in two halves and is clipped together. Can the halves also be used separately as “euro” single beds?

Answer: Hi If the 2 halves are separated you will have one rounded end and one square end as they are only designed to sit together. You will not have two 'euro singles' unfortunately. Thank you for your question. Kind Regards, Robin

my stairs are narrow is the divan base split in two

Answer: Hi , The divan base comes supplied in two parts for the small double, double, king and super king sizes. The single and the small single divan bases only come with one part. Thank you for your question.

Can I detach the castors?

Answer: Hi Yes you can, however we suggest keeping these attached as it is designed to be used with these. Thank you for your question. Kind Regards, Robin

can you confirm that the single 3ft base comes in 2 parts

Answer: HI This divan base as a single comes in 1 part. Thank you for your question. Kind Regards, Robin

Does the single divan come in two parts? 

Answer: Hi , No, the single divan will come supplied as one part. Thank you for your question.

Can you tell me the dimensions of the box if I was to collect from store rather than have the double base delivered?

Answer: Hi , Our store's are for display purposes only as they are showrooms, so you will not be able to collect a divan base from them. Thank you for your question.

Is the base hard or sprung?

Answer: Hi , This is a solid platform top base. Thank you for your question.

Hello, what is the maximum user weight including the mattress? Thanks.

Answer: Hi , We do not have specified weight limits for bases. Thank you for your question.

What time of fabric is the made made of? Chenille, linen? 

Answer: Hi , The base is covered with cotton fabric. Thank you for your question.

Can you tell me about the fabric used to cover the base.

Answer: Hi , This is made from cotton fabric. Thank you for your question.

Hi, can this super King divan be used as two single bases can it be separated into two singles, and joined to form the super King?  Thanks.

Answer: Good Afternoon Janeemily, Thank you for your question. Unfortunately,we would not recommend to use this base separately as two singles. Kind Regards, Giedre

Can I confirm the king splits from head to two and not side wAys?

Answer: Thank you for your enquiry. I can confirm on the Classic base the split is north-to-south (head to toe) for all sizes.

Does the Classic Divan base come with standard attaching for bed heads?

Answer: Hello , Yes, the divan base will come with 2 headboard bolts. Kind Regards, Giedre

Hi, Can you attach headboard to the double divan base?

Answer: Hi , Yes, you are able to attach headboard to the double divan base. Kind Regards, Giedre

How do the drawers described as 'slide' differ from regular drawers?

Answer: Hi , A slide draw is a panelle that slides side to side, however the regular draw would be the one which you have to pull rather than slide. Kind Regards, Giedre

Can you confirm whether the side slide drawers are on the side or the end of the small double please 

Answer: Hi , The side slide drawers are on the side. Kind Regards, Giedre

The divan base for a king looks like it is split in two, does it deliver as two pieces to be joined or one whole? As I’m trying to figure out whether I can get it up from the stairs of my upstairs bed maisonette.

Answer: Hi Miss A _S, This divan base would be delivered in two halves. Kind Regards, Giedre

Some of the negative reviews state that the base broke due to flimsy materials. Could you tell me how thick the plywood base actually is?

Answer: Thank you for your enquiry. The plywood used on the platform top base is 2.5mm thick.

Hi Can you add a headboard to the single one? Thanks  Michelle 

Answer: Thank you for your enquiry. Yes, you can fit any of our Single size headboards to our Single size Divans.

As the plywood base is only 2.5mm thick, does this mean the underside of the base is supported by wooden slats? And if so, how far apart from each other are the slats on a super king size?

Answer: The base is not slatted but is fully supportive. A Super king divan base is made up of two single size bases and will securely hold any of our mattresses. A common issue with damage to Divans is when being moved without the mattress on, if a person was to stand on the base without a mattress the concentration of pressure in that one point will most likely cause the plywood to break. I hope this information helps.

Can you tell me what colour are the sliding doors on each of the 4 colour options and what they are covered with/made from?

Answer: The sliding doors for all base colours are a gloss white and are made from wood. Kind regards, Dreams

What is the weight restrictions

Answer: Thank you for your enquiry. At Dreams we do not have a weight restriction on the Divan bases. They are designed to be supportive and will take any of our heaviest mattresses and happy sleepers included. Our Ottoman option bases are the strongest of the range so if their is a concern, then this may be the most suitable choice. Kind regards, Dreams

Hi, can you please tell me the dimensions of the drawers. Thanks 

Answer: Thank you for your enquiry. The dimensions of the drawers for our Classic Divan range are as follows; Height – 10 ½ Inch Width – 31 Inch Length – 18 Inch Weight – 5kg Kind regards, Dreams

Hi, Do you offer a service to dispose of old divan bases? 

Answer: Yes, our Dreams delivery team are able to pick up your old bed or mattress directly from your home when we deliver your new one. The price for divan disposal is £23. Kind Regards, Dreams

Do the beds come with mattress

Answer: Our Bed Frames and Divan Sets do not come with mattresses, all mattresses need to be purchased separately. The price of the Divan Set displayed online indicates the price of this only. Kind Regards, Dreams

Hi, is the divan base pocket sprung or memory foam? Thank you Anthony

Answer: Our Classic Divan Base is not sprung and contains no memory foam. Kind Regards, Dreams

Will you be able to disassemble and remove a wooden bed frame when you deliver the new bed? If so how much would it cost?

Answer: Good Evening, Our delivery team will be able to take away and recycle your old bed frame however, the frame will need to be dismantled by you prior to this - our team are unable to dismantle this for you. Pricing for bed frame disposal is £23. Kind Regards, Dreams

Hi, Does the bed have screw holes so that a head board can be attached?

Answer: Good Evening, Yes, you are able to attach a headboard to this base. Kind Regards, Dreams

What does the ‘slide’ option mean for the drawers?

Answer: Thank you for your enquiry. The Slide option does refer to the drawers. Kind regards, Dreams

is the divan base in two parts, just wondering as if not it may be difficult to get up the stairs

Answer: Yes this Classic Divan Base will come in two parts which will mean that it will be a lot easier to manoeuvre up stairs. Kind Regards, Dreams

Is the '1 slide' storage option at the bottom of the bed or on the side?

Answer: The 1 slide storage option is positioned at the side of the divan base and not on the end. An image of this can be viewed on the website when the 1 slide storage option is selected from the drop down storage options. Kind Regards, Dreams

Can you take the wheels off?

Answer: This base can be assembled without the addition of the single wheeled castors, however we would not recommend this. The base has been constructed specifically to accommodate the castors and we would recommend that it is assembled in the correct way in order to maximise the life of the product. Kind Regards, Dreams

Hi what's the maximum weight the bed can take without breaking

Answer: At Dreams we do not have a weight restriction on our range of Divan bases. They are designed to be supportive and will take any of our heaviest mattresses and happy sleepers included. Our Ottoman option bases are the strongest of the range so if their is a concern, then this may be the most suitable choice. Kind Regards, Dreams

Does the 2 draw option have more storage space than the slide option? 

Answer: The slide drawer options allows the whole side of the divan base to be opened up, so this will have more storage space. Kind Regards, Dreams

I bought 4 drawer divan and I cannot get the drawers to open. Can you please help?

Answer: We would recommend contacting our customer service team to discuss this issue in more detail. Kind Regards, Dreams

I am going to purchase the classic divan base with 2 draws. I have similar with 4 draws. Will you be able to take it away when the new one is delivered.

Answer: Yes, our delivery team are able to take away and recycle your old divan base, this option can be selected at the checkout. The price for this is £25. Kind Regards, Dreams

It says that the divan comes in two parts, for ease of manoeuvrability but does this apply to all sizes, including the single divan? I don't think even a single divan will go up our stairs unless it is in two parts!

Answer: The single is the only divan base that does not come in two parts - the single will be delivered as one unit. All other sizes (double, king and superking) will come in two parts. Kind Regards, Dreams

Is the 2 drawer option have the drawers on the same side or 1 on each side?

Answer: The 2 drawer option of this divan base will have both drawers on side. Both drawers can either be on the left or right hand side - this can be determined by the customer. Kind Regards, Dreams

Please confirm measurements of small single as it’s say 190 for both small single & standard options when I check

Answer: The dimensions of the Classic Divan in small single is: 190cm (L) x 77cm (W) x 40cm (H). Kind Regards, Dreams

I’m looking for a base with drawers that would match your ash headboard, would this match or almost match? 

Answer: Our range of Classic Divan Bases match our range of Classic Headboards in terms of colours available as well as fabric type - so these bases would be the best option. Kind Regards, Dreams

We are looking for a divan base for our memory foam mattress. As it is split lengthways is this better so you don’t feel the other person move about?

Answer: All our Divan Bases are manufactured and secured in a way that helps to minimise any movement felt. This base will be suitable for your requirements. Kind Regards, Dreams

On the slide option, is it one slide along the whole length or two slides? Also is it the same colour as the divan chosen or cream? 

Answer: The slide option for this divan base comes as two slides that join in the middle. The colour of the sliding drawers does not match the divan colour - these are white. Kind Regards, Dreams

Hi can the 6ft super king classic divan base bed be separated two make two single beds?

Answer: Good Evening, Although the Super King is made up of two halves, we do not recommend that these are used as two individual beds. Kind Regards, Dreams

Can you easily remove the casters? 

Answer: Good Evening, The castors on this divan base can be removed, however we do not recommend that this base is used without the castors. The base has been specifically designed to be used with the castors attached. Kind Regards, Dreams

The draws on the beige bed don’t show as being covered in material yet the other coloured beds do. Is this correct? Thanks 

Answer: Good Evening, If you select the sliding drawer option then these will not be covered in the same fabric as the base. However if you select the standard drawer option, these will be covered in the same fabric as the rest of the base. Kind Regards, Dreams

Does the feet come off as I need a base but a little lower than 15in ?

Answer: Good Evening, The castors on this base are removable, however this base has been designed to be used with the castors in place - we could not recommend using this base without the castors attached. Kind Regards, Dreams

Can I attach legs to this instead of castors?

Answer: Our range of Classic Divan Bases are only available with castors. If you would like a base with legs, we would recommend looking at our range of Luxury Divan Bases which are available with legs. Kind Regards, Dreams

Hi, does the small double come in to sections and if so what are the dimensions of each. We have a really awkward staircase! Many thanks

Answer: The Small Double base will be in two separate parts, this will allow greater ease when manoeuvring tight stairs. Kind Regards, Dreams

Hi, do the wheels have breaks or can they be removed? Thanks

Answer: Good Evening, The castors can be removed, however this base has been specifically designed to be used with the castors attached, therefore we would not recommend using it without them. Kind Regards, Dreams

What is the maximum weight this bed can take?

Answer: Our bed frames and divan bases have been designed to accommodate a variety of different mattress types and sleepers alike and therefore we do not advise a specific weight limit. Kind Regards, Dreams

Is the bed can attach a headboard bought from another place? thanks.

Answer: Yes this divan base will be compatible with headboards that have struts. Kind Regards, Dreams

How far do the drawers open outwards from the base?

Answer: The drawers on this base are 18 inches long, which will be the approx. length opening outwards from the base. Kind Regards, Dreams

Hi. how much weight can the drawers carry individually?My previous bed drawers claimed 12kg each but it was soon clear they couldn't. Thanks in advance.

Answer: Each drawer should carry no more than 20kg. Kind Regards, Dreams

What do you mean by "slides"

Answer: Good Evening, 'Slides' refers to sliding drawers - these drawers slide across to reveal the storage space inside of the divan base. Kind Regards, Dreams

Is the 3 ft single bed in 2 parts eg 2x 18 inch width ?

Answer: The Single Divan Base comes in one part only which measures 190cm (L) by 90cm (W). Kind Regards, Dreams

Does the 3ft version come in two parts?

Answer: The Single Divan Base will come in one part only. Kind Regards, Dreams

Can a head board be attached to this divan ? Thanks 

Answer: Yes we have a large range of headboards that will be suitable to attach to this divan base - we would recommend looking at our range of Dreams Classic Headboards as these will be the same fabric type and colour palette as our Classic Divan Bases. Kind Regards, Dreams

can you fit a headboard to the base??

Answer: Yes this base is compatible with a wide range of headboards. We would suggest looking at our range of Dreams Classic Headboards as these will be the same fabric and palette of colours as this Classic Divan Base. Kind Regards, Dreams

does the bed come with any warranty at all without having to purchase the extra 8 year guarantee?

Answer: This item comes with a 1 year guarantee which can be extended to 8 years with the purchase of our bedcover service plan. Kind Regards, Dreams

I’m looking to purchase the standard double divan bed with slider storage. Would it have storage on both sides or just one side? 

Answer: When purchasing this base, you have the option to purchase with one storage slide or two. If one slide is chosen, then there will only be storage on one side of the base if two is purchased then there will be storage on both sides of the base. Kind Regards, Dreams

I am looking for a bed that is easy to take apart and move to another room. Is this base easy to separate into two bits? 

Answer: Yes, this base is very easy to separate into the two halves, the only action that is required is loosening the screws on either end and removing the linking bar. Kind Regards, Dreams

Do the castors have breaks on? Will be used for a child on a laminate floor

Answer: The castors on this divan base do not have breaks on them. To fix the castors in place you will need to purchase standard UK size 'castor cups'. Kind Regards, Dreams

Does the classic divan base in silver match the Newark headboard in silver please?

Answer: Yes this base and headboard will match. Kind Regards, Dreams

Hello, What is the fabric of the bed? Is this silver crushed velvet?

Answer: The fabric of this base is not crushed velvet, it is a woven fabric that is available in a number of different colourways. Kind Regards, Dreams

How and where do I attach the linking bar 

Answer: The linking bars are attached to either end of the base. Kind Regards, Dreams

Will this base accommodate a headboard that is secured with four bolts.

Answer: This divan base only has two pre-drilled headboard holes. Kind Regards, Dreams

Can the double divan be used as two single beds?

Answer: Unfortunately the double divan cannot be used as two single beds - each half is smaller than a standard single mattress. Kind Regards, Dreams

Is there a recommended maximum weight limit for this base?

Answer: Our divan bases have been designed to accommodate a variety of different mattresses and sleepers alike, therefore we do not offer specific weight limits. Kind Regards, Dreams

What exactly is the difference between the "slide" drawer and the other option? Your website, pictures and other responses to this question don't make it very clear.

Answer: Slide drawers have a sliding cover over the drawers that moves to the side to allow the under bed storage space to be revealed. The standard drawer option are normal drawers which are pulled out where good are stored in the drawers. Kind Regards, Dreams

How do the 2 parts attach together on a small double/ double ? 

Answer: The two halves fix together via linking bars that are on either end of the divan base. The bases are then linked and the screws tightened into place. Kind Regards, Dreams

Is there a figure for the maximum recommended weight the base can support? I have a heavy mattress (almost 50kg) and I'm well over 100kg myself... this is for a king-size.

Answer: Our bed frames have been designed to accommodate a variety of different mattresses and sleepers alike, therefore we do not offer specific weight limits. Kind Regards, Dreams

Does the 4ft small double come in 2 parts?

Answer: Yes the 4ft option will come in two parts. Kind Regards, Dreams

Can you order swatches of fabric?

Answer: Unfortunately we do not offer a fabric swatch service. The different coloured base fabrics can be viewed in your local Dreams store. Kind Regards, Dreams

Are the two parts of double split length or width ways?

Answer: These are split length ways. Kind Regards, Dreams

Can I collect the divan base from the store 

Answer: Unfortunately we do not offer the option of in store collection for any of our divan bases. Kind Regards, Dreams

Which side does the slider open on the single bed, or is it both ways?

Answer: The sliding drawer can open either way - this will depend on how the base is positioned - whether the sliding half of the drawer is at the head or foot end of the bed. Kind Regards, Dreams

Is there any warranty on the bed? Considering that it seems you refuse to give a weight limit?

Answer: This divan base will come with a guarantee of 1 year. Kind Regards, Dreams

How far do the drawers pull out? We have limited space to want to make sure having 4 drawers is worth it re the space!

Answer: The drawers pull out to a distance of 31cm. Kind Regards, Dreams

Can you advise the size of the drawers on the Classic/Luxury Divan Base please.  Thank you

Answer: The dimensions of the drawers are: Depth - 10.5 inches Width - 31 inches Length - 18 inches Kind Regards, Dreams

Is it possible to have drawers at each side but at the bottom end?

Answer: If this divan base is purchased as the two drawer option, both drawers will be on the same side - there is unfortunately no option to have two drawers at the base of the bed, unless the four drawer option is purchased. Our TheraPur divan base has the option to have two drawers on each side at the bottom of the bed. This can be found online by searching TheraPur Divan Base. Kind Regards, Dreams

What's slides as apposed to drawers

Answer: Slides are sliding drawers. This is where the door of the storage area slides across to reveal the storage space inside rather than pulling out as a drawer. Slides are a great storage option if you do not have space in your room for pull our drawers. Kind Regards, Dreams

Can I put the headboard on with this divan base

Answer: Yes, a headboard can be attached to this divan base. We have a range of headboards available online and in store that would be suitable for use with this base. The following headboards are available in the same range of colours and fabrics as this divan base. The Newark, Columbia, Fairfield, Stamford and Alabama. These can be found by searching the names in the search bar online. Kind Regards, Dreams

Is the silver colour more white in real life or is it quite literally a shiny silver? 

Answer: The Silver colour is not shiny or metallic like a traditional 'silver' colour. The fabric is more a neutral colour closed to a natural or beige fabric. Kind Regards, Dreams

Are the sliding doors covered in the fabric as the rest of the bed base?

Answer: The sliding doors will not be covered in the same fabric as the rest of the base. The sliding drawers will be a standard white colour. Kind Regards, Dreams

Does this base come with the attachments to fix a headboard to it?

Answer: Yes, this base will come with headboard fixing bolts. Kind Regards, Dreams

 Am I attach my own headboard? Does it have standard fixings on the end for headboards?

Answer: Hi Yes, this divan base will come with headboard fixing bolts. Kind regards Dreams

Is the divan base delivered as two base parts or do I have to assemble everything myself. How much assembly is involved ?

Answer: Hi , Yes, the divan base is delivered in two parts, the only assembling involved will be screwing the two parts together and popping on the castors. Kind regards Dreams

What sort of material is this bed upholstered in please?

Answer: Hi , The material on this divan base is a cotton fabric. Kind regards Dreams

Can you have a memory foam mattress on a divan bed frame?

Answer: Yes, a memory foam mattress is suitable for use with a divan bed. Kind Regards, Dreams

If I buy it as a double, could I also unattach it and use as two singles? 

Answer: Unfortunately you will not be able to do this as each half will be smaller than a standard single. Kind Regards, Dreams

How much assembly is required for the double divan base?

Answer: This service will cost £20. Kind Regards, Dreams

Hi thinking of buying this base , do you offer a collection service of the old base. 

Answer: Yes, when our delivery team deliver your new base they will also be able to collect and recycle your old base. This service can be added to the basket at the checkout and will cost £25. Kind Regards, Dreams

If I order a queen size can I put two standard single mattresses on top and separate the two beds to make two singles as needed? 

Answer: Unfortunately we do not offer this bed base in a queen size. Kind Regards, Dreams

is there a charge for collection and disposel of old bed base.and is it collected when new one arrives?

Answer: Our delivery team are able to collect and recycle your old divan base when they deliver your new bed. This service can be selected at the checkout and will cost £25. Kind Regards, Dreams

If I buy two single divans can they be joined together to make one large bed with one headboard? Thereby having two separate mattresses of different firmness.?

Answer: Good morning, If you purchase a Super King size divan this can split into 2x Single divans. We also offer a range of Zip and Link Mattresses with split tensions so you can create the perfect bed for you. If you need more assistants please visit one of our Dreams stores or give our Telesales a call and they will be happy to help. Kind Regards, Dreams

Does the 2 draw option mean that they will be on the same side?

Answer: Good morning, Yes the draws will be on the same half of the divan. If you have a headboard that you wish to attach, this can be screwed in at either end meaning you can have the draws either side of the bed. Kind Regards, Dreams

What is the clearance under the base with the castors on?

Answer: Good morning, The space is approximately 5cm. Kind regards, Dreams

What is the maximum weight limit excluding mattress? I'm 125kilo and my wife 50kilo so we are 175kilo without matress

Answer: Good afternoon, We do not have any weight limits on our mattresses. We would recommend you rotate your mattress regularly for longevity. Kind Regards. Dreams

Where is assembly instruction manual????!!! l have bought a double don't know how to assemble it. Manual missing.

Answer: Good afternoon, We do not have divan assembly instructions. Each divan should come with a 'fixing kit' this will consist of: - 4 screws - 2 linking bars - 2 headboard bolts - 12 castors Screw the linking bar into each end of the bed to join the two halves together. There are pre drilled holes under the fabric and stickers should indicate where these are. If you need further details please call our customer service team and they will assist further. Kind regards Dreams

How much weight apx. does this bed hold 

Answer: Good afternoon, We do not have any weight limits on our divan beds. Kind regards, Dreams

Can this divan be used as 2 single as well as a double: using 2 mattress

Answer: Thank you for your question. The divan in double would not be suitable to be used a two singles bed. Kind regards, Dreams

If I order a single divan (2 draws) will it come in to halves? We have some stair issues so need one that we put together once in the room.

Answer: Good morning, Our single divans come as a whole. If you have tight spaces or corners it could be worth looking at our bedframe range. These come in boxes and can be easier to move around tight corners. Kind Regards, Dreams

Customer Reviews

Based on 151 review

Quality & Value

As a HMO landlord for students, we get through a substantial number of divan beds, most of which are cumbersome to get up and down narrow staircases, and made of cheap wood that doesn't last so inevitably breaks and requires repair. After breakage after breakage we tried using these Dreams divan beds. Not the cheapest available by far, but for us they are very much worth the little bit extra it costs. Firstly the shape (long instead of wide) means they are much easier to get up and down stairs. Secondly Dreams do delivery to rooms, which is a bonus! Thirdly they are well made as one would expect of Dreams, and so far (a year since our first one) are holding up well. We recently placed an order for another 8 of these. No plastic grip holding the two halves together from the underside, these have a metal bolted swivel plate that holds them together from either end, which is very much more likely to hold together over the course of time, and easier to fit. Only thing to watch out for is the delivery lead time, we had to wait a couple of weeks for ours, perhaps as it was a large order.

Great prices divan base

Bought this divan base along with a new mattress for our teenage sons bedroom. The Blue base is a great colour. We chose the two draw version as he only has access to one side, they are sturdy enough to use for storage although we have made sure that there is nothing heavy in them. The base was easy to assemble, putting the feet on. The fittings for a headboard are included but we're not needed. Over all a great divan base which we would highly recommend.

Excellent bed. Amazing storage space

After two different companies messed up my order Dreams got it right and they kept their promise. It’s a fantastic service and bed came as described. It was a single divan base with a slide storage. The space l available in the slide draw is amazing. I can put so much stuff in there. It’s a perfect bed, amazing service from Dreams. I can’t fault it. It’s exactly what I asked for. I’ll definitely be ordering from Dreams again. Thanks Dreams.

Easy purchase, delivery and great bed!

This is the first bed I’ve bought myself as an ‘adult’. Was an easy process and delivery couldn’t have been simpler. Hunted around and Dreams absolutely give the best price/quality ratio. Only annoying thing is that the two drawer option are both on same side, as most people will use a bedside table the drawers would be better one each side on one end. Will be back for a new mattress next year!

Brilliant divan

Bought this alongside my mattress about a mint ago. I’m very happy with this divan, it feels strong unlike a lot of them that can cave in and it looks lovely in the room. The storage options are also brilliant. I did have a problem with one of the wheel holes being blocked but customer service were quick to sort this out and a new half was sent and fully put together for me at no extra cost.

Perfect fit

Perfect fit in the bedroom, rooms looks more spacious with this new bed frame. Before I had a double bed frame that made the room look small. Problem I find is opening the draws tho, coz I haven’t added the wheels on the bottom so it is bit difficult opening draws, other than that I’m glad I got. So easy to put together. My husband gonna love the spare room when he is out of prison.

Great simple divan base would highly recommend

I bought this item a month ago as a replacement for a slatted bed I didn't like or feel comfortable in. Initially due to it been so much cheaper than other divans I thought it would be good, however I was totally wrong. The bed looks stylish and it was easy to put the wheels and base attachments on (no instructions are supplied). I would highly recommend this product to others.

Perfect storage!

I bought this a month ago and it has made my life so much easier. The divan base I had before had no drawers so could not store any bedding. This base has four drawers that can store all the bedding beautifully. There are two large and two small drawers so all can be pulled out with ease without any problems. An excellent product that has exceeded my expectations.

Excellent divan base!

Bought when moving into new house. Delivery was a little earlier than agreed but was called before hand to confirm. Placed in room of my choice. Product strong and easy to assemble. Only slight critiscm is headboard holes slightly out of line with my headboard. Not sure if that is issue with bed or headboard though. Overall very happy with purchase.

Excellent quality for the price

Recently bought the 4 drawer base to add some storage in the flat. Very pleased with the quality. Research proved Dreams to be the best option for my purchase, ordering by telephone was very straightforward & they went out of their way to meet short notice delivery. The 2 delivery operatives were very considerate, professional & on time.

A good Solid base

Very easy to put together nice size draws good Solid base just two small points which I think would improve the item massively the draws could do with a more solid bottom to the draws and it would be better if the wheels stewed in so you could’ve level the bed better as my house is a little on the wonk apart from that it’s good

Great quality and colour

I brought this product about a month ago. The delivery was easy and they were very helpful and willing to help! The bed base is built to an extremely good quality and the silver is such a beautiful colour. The price of this product was cheap, especially in comparison to the product you get. Overall extremely satisfied

Sturdy and well made

Bought the single divan base in silver for 14 yr old son, used existing mattress as still ok. Base for the price is well made, draws slide easily and are a good size to help with storage. Son really pleased with it as previous bed squeaked, new one is like a dream. Delivery excellent, on time and taken to room.

Perfect Base!

I brought this divan base for my son as his mattress was still in good condition and I’m really happy with my choice , Delivery was great and Ive never brought a product like this online without viewing on a shop and I’m really happy that what you see online is what you get , would happily recommend to anyone!

Great value

We chose this base as with a new baby we needed extra storage space so we chose this base based on the price and the 4 draws provided. This base is sturdy, has good storage space and was so easy and quick to put together especially with the limited space and a very inquisitive baby in our room

Nice colour, Sturdy Base

I Bought this a coupl of weeks ago. It looks great, exactly as on the website. It is strong and sturdy and the drawers are large and robust. It was easy to put together and can easily be moved around the room. It is a nice colour - light grey and matches well. All in all it was a great purchase

Great bed lots of storage

Bought this bed as my old one snapped in the middle. Easy to assemble, light weight so easy to carry upstairs. Got mine with sliders instead of drawers and there's so much storage space underneath! 8 shoe boxes fitted in the just a quarter of the bed! Perfect if you need more storage

Great value

I bought this bed for a room with limited space. The bed fitted perfectly and the storage is excellent. It is easy to access and holds an amazing amount of stuff. Very simple to put together. Various family members have slept in it. They all said it was very comfortable.

Fabulous comfortable base, great storage

I bought this bed base in July online delivery was super fast and conveinant. To assemble and move to its new spot was not difficult to do on my own. It looks great the master bedroom the storage is perfect. I am so glad Dreams made it happen for me with my new bed. D XXX

Great basic double bed with storage!

This is the second divan bed I have bought at Dreams and we are very happy with both of them. The underneath storage is great and the colour of the fabric looks nicer in real life than in the picture. Communication and delivery and set up were flawless. Great service :)

A no brainer

I bought this three weeks ago,I have found if you have a good mattress there is no need for an expensive base.This base was a good price and suited my needs.It was to be placed behind a door therefore inhibiting access to drawers but the sliding door was perfect.

Sweet dreams

I bought this a month ago and I’m so glad I did. We had been sleeping on a mattress on the floor since our daughter was born! Feels like luxury now to have a bed AND headboard! Sleep is good! Also, was so easy to put together and my 4 year old loved helping too!

Perfect height & great comfort

Purchased this divan base nearly 1 month ago and it is exactly what I was looking for. Great comfort at fantastic value. Perfect height for me and the colour matches perfectly to my already existing headboard. Recommended to everyone I know for a divan base!

Best product on the market for it’s price

I have had this bed for a few weeks now and it’s exactly what I was looking for. Easy to move around but also looks great. The storage space exceeded my expectations. I am very impressed by this product and would definitely buy again, highly recommend.

Great divan base with spacious drawers

This divan base is great for the 4 drawers it has. They are very spacious and it is good to have extra storage in the room. Very easy to change the sheets thanks to the wheels too. Goes perfectly with the Dreams headboard we have picked in silver too.


Bought this bed and it’s done a solid job so far. Considering I broke my previous bed from jumping on it, this bed has managed to withstand all that, as well as golf ball hits directly from a pitching wedge. All in all happy with the product

Amazing value

This is a simple divan base I bought with an orthopaedic mattress for my elderly parents to use when they visit. It's lightweight, very firm, and the drawers add valuable storage space to the room. Highly recommended for the price.

Very sturdy

I bought this along with a new mattress two weeks and it's a great product. Feels very sturdy and it's a good height as well. With the mattress on top it's not too high. Plus it's versatile - you could have two single beds if required

Not too hard to assemble

This base was designed quite well, i was able to move my bed easily and move the draws around when i was still deciding on which way i wanted it to face as there are wheels and after the initial assembly it is easy to unscrew(hook).

Best Buy!

I bought this at the beginning of August, because of the good price and I have no regrets, I think the colour is nice and it seems ok so far, bit too early to tell the longevity of the base at this early stage. So far so good.

Something Basic But Such A Difference

Our previous bed frame was dreadful (none dreams purchase) and following advice of a relative I was told to buy a divan base, were over the moon we did our mattress is supported completely and it’s so comfy going to bed now

Can't really say more than it's a great bed..

I bought this bed and mattress as a investment to my health, as they say a good sleep is just as important to you as exercise and eating well.. So investing in a good quality bed means I get a great quality sleep..

Lovely simple design

Wanted a simple silver grey divan with four drawers. Paid for construction. Y delivery men. Put together in minutes. So far so good and very good value. Will be buying another one for my daughters room.

Comfortable, easy to build, excellent storage!

My ex bought this bed for my daughter and it is just perfect. The additional draws are handy for storing sheets, towels toys etc. Easy to assemble and it has wheels, making it easy to manoeuvre around.

Perfect height.

I bought a divan because I like the look of them, but more so, for practicality. I have health issues and can struggle to get out of bed. With the divan it is easy to get up, as opposed to lower bases.

Better than I expected

It looks much better quality than it did in the shop and although I wanted sliding drawers but they didn't have them in kingsize, the drawers are really nice and sturdy. I'm more than happy with it.

Please with purchase

I bought this online about a month ago. Very pleased with this purchase picture and description accurate and very good solid base with added extra of storage space with the draws. Would recommend

Great Base

We've had this a month or so now and haven't had any problems. The fabric is a really nice grey not very light. We had the option with no drawers simply because they get filled with rubbish!

Divan base

The product is what it says true to what is explained were some are knot what they say i will be buying again from you delivery men was very polite when delivering andyou delivered on time


i have brought this bed and it is one of the best beds i have ever had very solid base so good i brought another one for the guest bedroom excellent price and great nights sleeps guaranteed

Value and space-saving

I converted a tiny spare room in to a sophisticated, cosy space with the help of this great value, space-maximising divan. The 2 capacious drawers double the amount of storage in the room!

Well built base

Bought about 3 weeks ago. Easy to assemble, delivery guys showed me the best way. Went together perfect and headboard attached easily. strong but easy to move around on 6 wheels per divan.

Easy & Aesthetically Pleasing

Bought this not so long ago and absolutely love it, very compact with great storage underneath. Very clean colour (silver), great size, extremely easy to set up and build. Very happy!

Great bed!

Very happy with this bed! The quality is amazing, it looks great and the draws are nice and big and very well made. Customer service and delivery was 10 out of 10! Worth every penny!


I bought this a month ago and is so happy that I can sleep on a straight bed base again. We previously had those springy slacks which are just ridiculous. Happy with my purchase.

A great Divan

A really nice Divan, great color well made - would recommend! Just check it will fit in your doors.. the split is vertical (making 2 single beds) so it was tricky to get in...

Well made.

Bought this for my teenage son and he loves it. It's seems well made and sturdy, the colour is vibrant and the material is looks good quality. Well worth the price I paid.

Well made better than expected

A well constructed bed base much more stable than most with length ways join ,draws are sturdy and was easy to fit metal joiners and head board I had already purchased

Great base!

Very happy with the divan base. It has lots of storage space and is really easy to assemble. Th Dreams team was also fantastic in delivering and on time. Huge plus!

Just what we needed

I bought this last month and from preferring to delivery it was a pleasure, really lovely base for our new mattress and we finally are having a good nights sleep!!

Great bed base

Brought a few weeks ago and more than happy. Easy to put together myself. Reasonable storage capacity and a decent sturdy base. Cant fault it and would recommend.


I liked the features that the double base is divided lengthwise with extra castors making it easier to move. The drawers are a reasonable size and runs smoothly.

great Bed base !!

I brought this divan base recently and I’m pleased with my purchase! Great bed base solid and very sturdy easy to move around the room! I would highly recommend!

Great quality

Great quality and delivered on the exact time advised. Would definitely buy from here again, I am very happy with the purchase and service provided by dreams.

A fabulous bef

I bought this for my daughter as a surprise. It was delivered quickly and was easy to put together. It’s very sturdy and the slide storage has lots of room.

Clasic Devan Base

I bought this item a few weeks ago and am really pleased with it. The base that I bought has four drawers which are really handy for the bedding storage


Bought this for my sons bedroom, fits perfectly, well made & was a great value for money purchase. If your looking for a small double this is perfect.

Very sturdy

Bought this about 3weeks ago very easy to assemble both very study and well made.for the price its unbelievable:) would highly recommend to anyone.

Easy to assemble and great quality

Really happy with this divan, it’s great quality and was very easy to assemble. We purchased the two draw option and the draws have plenty of room.

Very sturdy bed frame

I purchased this about a month ago and it is an excellent bed frame .staff who delivered it were great aswell .would highly recommend this company

Bed base

Lovely bed base. Would have been good to have feet with the bed instead of castors, as these aren’t good on a wooden floor, had to leave them off.

Fantastic cheap bed

This bed is amazing, it’s comfy and so easy to put together, honestly I think it’s a fantastic bed, I’ve never been so relaxed, and all for £80!

Does what it says on the tin!

Bought for a tight space in a small room. A godsend with its extra storage. Makes the room feel so much bigger. Quality excellent for the price.

Excellent storage space

Had this base for about a month, supports the bed brilliantly and also offers much needed storage space, well worth getting the extra draws!!

Good value good quality bed base

This low priced bed base turned out to be excellent value, although a low price it was surprisingly good quality, I am well pleased with it

Classic divan base

I bought this for my son, who is finally moving out of home into university digs with his mates. Hopefully it will live up to expectations.

Excellent service

I purchased 2 of these double bed bases for my 2 sons they love them the quality is amazing so comfortable would definitely purchase again.

Excellent quality

Have bought Divans before and they tend to be loose between the two bases. However this model is very sturdy with excellent storage options

Excellent value

Really happy with this purchase. For the money it feels really solid, comfortable and had plenty of storage. Really can't fault it at all.

Fantastic quality and value for money

I bought this product a month ago and for £100 the divan base is fantastic, very well built and offers fantastic support for any mattress

Lots of storage

Bought the four draw divan base and it is really usefully for storage. Also a nice colour. Good value for money and would recommend it.


I got this a few weeks ago and it’s just great. Simple to put together and does the job perfectly and the colour is very cool as well!

Solid good value divan base

Purchased this a couple of months ago, it's a good solid base that feels well made. Very easy to to clip the two bases together too.


I’ve had this bed for a month and it’s been brilliant! Easy put together perfect size strong base. Service was top. No complaints

Divan base

Does the job, plus it's on casters so moving it around is a breeze. I got it in silver but to be fair it's more of a light grey.

Exactly as described

Been using this divan for a few weeks now and it works brilliantly. The draws are easy to roll and have plenty of space in them

Great value for money

Sturdy base, just what I was looking for, and very reasonably priced. Excellent service, will recommend to friends and family

Great bed

I bought this 2 weeks ago, the bed is very easy to put together yourself has clear instructions. Good hight to the bed also.

Brilliant, perfect bed

Bought this bed for my 11 year old daughter. It’s perfect for her. With the added bonus of storage options for all her stuff

Good divan bed

Brought this with marching head board and mattress good size draws for storage for in the box room with room to spare great

Perfect divan base

Bought two for both children, perfect item in a neutral colour, headboards fitted easily and work well with the mattresses.

Great product

Bought this to replace old base as it kept separating in the middle, had this for over a month now and still no complaints

Matches the headboard and good quality

Matches the headboard and good quality and with the mattress it is very comfortable and we now get a decent nights sleep.

Great bed

Brilliant storage options and sturdy. Easy to move for decorating purposes is an added bonus. Definitely buy another

Great product fiend

I bought this for my mum she is very pleased with it the delivery came on time and the men were friendly and helpful


An incredible product for an incredible price. Looks more expensive than it is. Great material and easy to assemble.

Easy to deliver and assemble, sleek modern look!

We have a tight staircase and this went up it with no worries! Sleek, modern look and I love the 4 drawer storage.

Fantastic so comfortable

I brought this super king base 6 weeks ago so easy to put together and looks good had fantastic nights sleep since

Easy to assemble & very comfortable

Excellent bed, easy to assemble ourselves and is very comfy. Had to wait a while for delivery, but well worth it.

Value for money

Easy to put together took 10 minutes max.No issues with base and no creaky noises from th frame. Would recommend.

A solid base for a good nights sleep

I bought this for my son, and you can see the difference in him now that he gets a good nights sleep. Very happy.

Good design with 2 roomy drawers

This bed base is for the guest room and has two roomy drawers in it. Nice fabric covering. A good neutral cover.

Looks great whenassembled

Had it about 2 weeks ago ,delivery was as arranged quite speedily and delivered upto the bedroom as required

Great bed base

Bought the divan 2 weeks ago.Delivery and communication was thorough and friendly and bed base just right

Great value

Simple, neutral colour (silver) looks smart and I got 4 drawers which are an excellent size storage space

Sturdy bed base.

I bought this bed base a few weeks ago. It’s very sturdy, looks good and was really good value for money


Drawer options perfect, I bought the 4 drawer option and I am very pleased with the whole, sturdy base.

Great storage bes

Great bed. Lovely colour and plenty of storage for a small bedroom without room for a chest of drawers.

Very convenient

It is a great way to save space and increase home organisation. I would recommend this product highly.

Solid, modern looking, great colour.

A fashionable addition to the mattress i purchased, with enough draw space to park a car.....almost.

Good colour, great value

Had this for a few weeks now and so far it holds really well, really glad I purchased this product.

Perfect for needs

Good base storage ample room. Delivery guys were fab called to let me know when they would be here.

Love the 4 drawers

Perfect divan base for guest room and loads of room in the drawers for spare pillows cushions etc

Bed base.

I bought my bed base two weeks ago ive been sleeping well on my bed really happy with my purchase

Good size drawers

I brought this as it looked a sturdy base, which it is and for the storage drawers. Really happy

Great product

Bought for kids room and is on wheel and light easy to move comes with 2 useful storage drawers

Just the job!

Needed a bed with storage and a divan is ideal. Good quality and sturdy bed, thank you Dreams!

Brilliant base

I bought this product with sliding doors for my grandson which he can keep his toys in at mine

Just what I needed

Easy to put together. Strong. Delivery was painless. No problems at all. Grate value for money

Very supportive

Excellent base, gives the full support to my memory foam mattress for a good nights sleep.

Divan Dream Bed

Easy to setup and really well made. Can't ask for anything more. Good price roo.


Excellent value Great communication Amazing service Brilliant staff Thanks

Very sturdy

I bought this about a month and it's really sturdy feels like it will not break.

Easy to set up

You need some muscle to get the casters into bed frame but otherwise very sturdy

Sliding doors

Great idea having sliding doors, if you don't have much room this bed is ideal.

Good solid product

I purchased this bed as a cheap temporary buy but I can not fault it at all.


Excellent quality and value for money. Easy to assemble, looks really good

Good buy

I bought this for my son and he said solid base and comfortable and design

Great quality great price

We bought this divan super king and we love it so far, really comfortable.

Great bed

Purchased recently and very happy with product. Looks good and very comfy.

Very comfortable

I like the way that it clips together and light and easy to move around.

Choice of 4 colours

I’m so glad I bought this divan base. Amazing bargain. Best nights sleep

Great product

Brought this to replace my daughters bed and she loves it! Great quality

Brilliant bed base

This bed base is light, easy to assemble and excellent value for money!

Great features

Easily assembled. Great buy for the price. A lot of space for storage.

Sturdy base and draws

The base is much stronger than I expected for the price. A good buy.

Very sturdy

Bought a few weeks ago drawers are a bit small but is very well made

good quality product

Bought this for a spare room. Perfect size and storage very useful

Simple and easy with great drawers

Simple and easy with great drawers. Good price and good delivery.

Great quality for its worth!

I bought this base alongside a mattress, easy set up and steardy

Great amount of Storage

Very happy with my purchase great bed base and excellent price.

Great Bed

Easy and quick to put up and very comfortable great night sleep

Easy, lightweight but sturdy

Makes a difference to the mattress , good height from the floor

Very sturdy

Solid support for our mattress and drawers are so easy to open

Simple, practical and great value

Needed a good value bed fast and Dreams ticked all the boxes!

Good quality

Fab bed! My daughter loves it. Easy to set up and looks great

Provides everything needed

Very easy to assemble, arrived on time and is good quality!

Handy sliding doors

Brought for a small room so sliding door storage very handy

Perfect divan

Perfect divan, easy to put the castors on and great height

Great quality

Nice solid build. Can’t fault it. Perfectly happy with it.


Fast delivery. Good price.Good quality . Would recommend.

Great Features

I bought this product a month and are very happy with it


Bought for my son. Easy to put together and looks good.

Great value for money!

I bought this for its value and quick delivery, great!

Perfect for purpose

Exactly what was required, solid base easy to assemble


We bought this last month and are delighted with it.

Just what I needed

Storage is great, especially with storage both sides

Great bed base

Bought online ... great service and value for money

excellent value for money

good solid bed, no assembly required, superb value

Great bed

Very efficient delivery service. Great divan vase.