Classic Divan Base Rated 4.65/5 based on 3845 customer reviews
Classic Divan Base

Classic Divan Base

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Single3' x 6'3
Small Double4' x 6'3
Double4'3 x 6'3
King Size5'0 x 6'6
Super King6'0 x 6'6
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Why Our Sleep Experts Loved It

becky says

Make the most of your bedroom space with a solid and sturdy divan base from Dreams. 

A firm and sturdy bed base with optional under-bed storage, your mattress will be bolstered by this classic divan base. The design allows you to maximise your bedroom space thanks to a multitude of drawer options, while providing a quality resting place for you and your partner. Built with quality materials, this bed base is made to last.

Choose your colour.

Available in a choice of 4 colours, Classic Divan Base will match any bedroom decor. Choose from our range of stylish fabrics and the personalisation options to create your perfect base.

A divan base without castors is a total drag. It takes away the mobility you need to get around your bedroom and make bedtime less of a chore. But not this one—they've put sturdy, single wheeled castors on this bad boy so you can change room layouts easy-peasy.

Reasons to Buy

Sturdy divan price at a fair price point that is well reviewed by those that have purchased.

Reasons to Avoid

Squeaking reported by a couple of reviewers after a period of years. this looks to be the exception however and the vast majority appear content.

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Of The Classic Divan Base
Brand: The Dreams Workshop
Retailer: Dreams
Delivery Time: Average
Delivery Charge: Average
Customer Sentiment: Good

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What Makes The Classic Divan Base Great?

Made in the UK

These are made and manufactured in the UK, meaning that they all meet the same exceptional quality and durability that we expect from genuine UK manufacturing.

Drawer options available

This bed frame has different drawer configurations. This is common practise for divan beds that allows you to have a choice of storage options without being limited to a singular style of bed frame.

Sturdy, single wheeled castors

Mattress and headboard not included

The mattress and headboard is not included allowing you to choose one that suits your needs or use one you already have. If you do need a mattress or headboard why not save money on shipping and order them all at once, you could even pick out your matching bedding.

For the 2 drawer divan option, the drawers can be positioned on either the left or the right side of the bed as the headboard can be fixed at either end of the base.

Ideal for those looking to position a divan bed against the wall

In the 4 drawer divan option, the drawers appear either side.

Four drawer divans are not meant to be placed against the wall, the drawers are on all sides to maximise space and yield from the base itself. Keep this in mind if purchasing for a small room where this may be an issue

Standard drawer: 70 (W) x 45 (L) x 11 (D) cm

Sliding drawer: 36 (D) cm

The divan base comprises of two halves split north to south, with the exception of the single which is one complete base

When it comes to assembly, the base, in both ottoman and divan configurations will come split in most circumstances. This makes assembly very straight forward and requiring only a set of flat metal joiners and a few screws before you can be enjoying your new bed base.

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Customer Reviews For The Classic Divan Base

Based on 3845 reviews
Cost benefit worths

I bought the item a month ago, it took about 15 days to arrive ( what I think was a bit long but its it's ok, sometimes the production takes more time than we wanted). The bed is easily assembled, what puts off the need of a person assembling it for you. I've purchased the brown mocha color, the color would match with other furniture and also it hides eventual stains of caused with the time (take that in consideration when buying: darker colours are always better than lighter when close to the floor). The height of the bed is something that might scare some people but is definitely a good thing, the lower the bed the closer to the floor, for people with allergies "the higher the better" is a truth. Also for elderly people or people with some mobility problems ( or just normal people after a couple of pints on the might before) higher beds makes it easier to get out of it and also to lay on it. The fabric seems a bit fragile but it's not a thing that will be under friction so it does last for a while. Just on the drawers that I believe could be another material or at least reinforced somehow. Regarding the drawers they are nice and aligned with the bed surface, avoiding the rush of stepping on by mistake (and breaking by mistake too). It does slides smoothly although the interior sides could be a bit higher, increasing the volume capacity of it. The fact of having two on the same side makes it easier to use it in a corner without loosing any drawer. It is easy to move it since it doesn't weight much, the use of pinus makes it lighter and the structure frame is set in a way that takes advantage of pinus, without look fragile as the majority of minus bedframes. The castors are also a good thing since makes it really easier to me pushed/pulled to a different position or room. Regarding the company, I have no complaints at all nor about the customer service nor about the delivery team. Just remember that it was my experience and might be different according to different teams/customer assistant. I definitely recommend this item if you want something on this range of price and some quality associated. If you are not sure don't buy it online, call them tell them your concerns and if you still not sure I believe they might have physical stores where you can see . A good service is also related to you awareness of the product/service.

Annison mattress & Double divan

Bought an Annison mattress and double divan together Mattress has a layer of soft padding across the top thick enough to contour around your body shape, with more firm support from the springs, which are super quiet. Cant feel the springs at all! Memory foam is nicer than anything else for this price, and holds your impression for 1 - 2 seconds before returning to normal, and the soft-touch knitted fabric is some of the softest material in my home, so soft I wish I could have a fitted sheet and duvet cover made of the same stuff. Theres a nice embroidered design that makes me feel fancy even though I cant see it under my fitted sheet. Definitely needs rotating regularly to keep the foam layer smoothed out, but I havent been strict about it, I think I rotated it once the first month and it went back to normal. Reassuringly strong stitching like the divan. Something unique about this mattress is how easy it is to rock onto your feet when standing up in the morning, no creaking, and surprisingly consistent support down my spine. Its a small detail but a very nice one, and I didnt feel the same way about anything else in this price range. Divan comes in two parts so they can fit through a doorway, but they really didnt skimp on support beams in both halves. Each is more sturdy on their own than the single divan I owned before. Nice quality fabric, with strong stitching, looks quite neat. Really love the coffee colour. Has a high quality non-slip top surface that I didnt even see before purchasing. Very happy with it!

Good, solid, basic divan base.

Purchased this bed base two weeks ago and we are very content with the overall product. Add to that the top notch service provided by Dreams and we are a very happy and well rested couple indeed. The bottom of the range basic Divan is all we wanted as we have a more luxurious bed at our main property and bought this as a cheap "will do for now" item. Honestly though there is nothing to complain about here, it isn't going to blow your mind with clever storage or cutting edge design but if value for money is key , you wont go wrong. I weigh 18 stone and share with my wife, (who weighs a lot less) and the bed easily holds us both. The materials aren't plush but that's not what we expected from this bed base but it is well put together and feels sturdy. The Dreams delivery team were great,, we only had a kerb side drop off selected for the delivery but the boys offered to put it in the room anyway. Ideal if you were an elderly person on a budget. They were both friendly, polite and professional which is all you would hope for and fantastic when you get it. Thanks for two weeks great sleep, we will look forward to using it again on our next trip.

A great bed, very practical and convenient

Its been a few weeks since purchasing this item and I must say it was a positive change from my previous set up. I previously slept on a king size, and prior to that I always had a double. Due to a change of circumstances and the need to downsize, initially I'd thought I'd be limited to a single bed due to my concerns of space available. I'm 6ft 3 and this 'small double' fit perfectly in my room without consuming too much space. Had it not been for the help and advise of the customer service member of staff I may have made the wrong decision and purchased the single. To be honest, it wasn't until the bed was delivered did gain confidence in the situation. I'm glad the member of staff knew what he was talking about. Also to help with storage concerns I was advised to purchase a two drawer bed unit. This was also a good suggestion which contributed to my management of space. I will say though, with regards to the drawers, they don't seem as sturdy or as spacious as I would have liked. So my original plans for storage use have somewhat changed in plan of what was to be deposited inside of them. Overall I'm satisfied and happy as per the sizing.

Quality & Value

As a HMO landlord for students, we get through a substantial number of divan beds, most of which are cumbersome to get up and down narrow staircases, and made of cheap wood that doesn't last so inevitably breaks and requires repair. After breakage after breakage we tried using these Dreams divan beds. Not the cheapest available by far, but for us they are very much worth the little bit extra it costs. Firstly the shape (long instead of wide) means they are much easier to get up and down stairs. Secondly Dreams do delivery to rooms, which is a bonus! Thirdly they are well made as one would expect of Dreams, and so far (a year since our first one) are holding up well. We recently placed an order for another 8 of these. No plastic grip holding the two halves together from the underside, these have a metal bolted swivel plate that holds them together from either end, which is very much more likely to hold together over the course of time, and easier to fit. Only thing to watch out for is the delivery lead time, we had to wait a couple of weeks for ours, perhaps as it was a large order.

Simple But Modern Divan

I went for the 4 draw option as I wanted to maximise storage space, so I'm happy with the extra room it's afforded me. In terms of price, I think this was one of the cheapest options at the time but I checked it in store to make sure it seemed sturdy enough. It's fairly good value but sadly mine arrived a bit dirty with hand prints over the material from where the delivery guys set it up, which is a service you pay extra for. The draws are good sizes and adequate for moderate weight, though I don't think they're as sturdy as they could be. Some of mine actually didn't open and close properly when the bed arrived, so if you're paying for set up make sure you check these before the delivery people leave, even if you have to ask them to stand in another room while you do so because of distancing. I didn't go for a headboard but they leave the bits needed for one so you can add one in future if you want. All in all, not great quality but it's a cheaper option that does the trick and it looks modern while also being a bit lighter than my old clunky divan.

Just what I needed

I wish I had bought this bed base a long time ago. The first bed I bought was not from Dreams but another shop. It was badly designed and even more badly manufactured. You had to put the drawers together yourself for a start. One draw did not fit properly at all and another broke under the slightest weight. It was not under guarantee and I could not afford to replace it. I sent it back once but the replacement was no better. Out of four drawers originally I ended up with only two that were useable. I wish now I had waited a little longer and just got it from Dreams in the first place. The drawers came already built in so no DIY was necessary and they are sturdy and very spacious. I no longer have the worry of the drawer buckling under the weight. Best of all it is guaranteed for EIGHT years so if a drawer does break I can have it replaced without the stress of having to save for a whole new bed. This bed truly is a dream!

Fabulous Quality

Saw this Mocha coloured double base unit online and was attracted by both it's looks and the actual colour as well as the fact it could be supplied in a wide variety of drawer designs as well as sizes, while the price seemed very competitive with other suppliers. We visited the Dreams Royal Quays Outlet shop in North Shields and were immediately greeted by a very welcoming and professional lady who took us straight to the item we'd seen online. We were impressed by the quality of the Mocha cloth finish and by the way the drawer edges were finished in chrome, which showed a very classy build quality which looked as if it would last for years. It was delivered by two excellent chaps who could not do enough by way of ensuring it was placed in our bedroom whilst protecting our home decor as they positioned it. They even put on plastic overshoes as they came into our home.......faboulous service and top quality item.

Excellent Purchase

I bought this bed in January and got it delivered on a date that I wanted in February. The day before delivery I got a text and an email to say what time slot I was given and then on the day of the delivery I got telephone call to advise me the time again (11am-1pm). 30 mins before my slot I got a telephone call from the driver advising he would be there for 11am. When they came they politely waited until I took the dog into a secure room, they put plastic bootees on there feet to protect carpet and took the delivery to the room I requested. Im extremely happy with the bed. Its well made, very sturdy and the drawers are a nice size. Will purchase again from dreams as a lot of companies are difficult with deliveries as they seem to think people can just take a day off with very short notice and never keep you updated but I can tell you now this is not the case with dreams.

Great service would use again.

I checked out the price with several company's but found that dreams was the best one on price and the store person was so helpful even though I had told her I was costing it up with several other company's it was for a double base for bed she still was very polite , helpful and informative. I went home and decided yes I would buy the one in dreams so went on line and ordered and paid for it was very happy that I did not have to pay for it to be delivered so was even happier. It came the delivery guys were again very helpful put it upstairs in my bed room and were very curtious . So all in all I had an all-round excellent service and a very happy customer. Thank you for such a great shopping experience. All my beds over the years I have bought from Dreams and can truly say each one has been great. Well done Dreams. Keep up the good work.

Perfectly quiet

I bought this in a superking size, 3 weeks ago. It comes in 2 parts which link together nicely. It went up the stairs of our 3 story townhouse with a little bit of a struggle on our awkward staircase but after getting the first half up the second half was easier. My biggest delight is how quiet the base is! in fact no sound at all!! No creaking when either me or my husband gets up in the night to see to the children, not even a slight creak when sitting on the side or when the kids jump in. After years of a bed frame that was so noisy that the slightest movement in the night would not only wake me up but was suspicious to anyone sleeping over, we can now get up to whatever we like and no one would be the wiser. The 4 drawers also have loads of space and roll out smoothly. Really happy with this divan base.

Just what I needed

This bed is strong and sturdy which is just I wanted after having slept on a bed with wooden slats previously. Easy to put together, it also comes with wheels which you can choose to put in or not, which makes it far easier to move around when you need to. I wish I had bought it with storage on both sides of the bed, I was under the impression that the storage were drawers that extended outwards so I bought storage on one side because of my rooms space. However, the storage is actually opened by sliding doors and are surprisingly spacious. Overall a great buy! Only issues I have found is that with wheels the bed can often move when you don't want it to and the mattress will shift around. Pillows can also get stuck between the bed and its headboard. Nothing to make me regret buying it however.

Basic but sufficient

The divan base came in 2 parts which had to be fixed together. Unfortunately, the material of the bed covered the screw holes which meant making holes in the fabric. The cheap material at the bottom of the bed had been fixed to the bed chassis with a staple gun, which is fine except the staples had attached it folded, which prevented the drawers from opening. I had to then painstakingly take the staples out with a screwdriver in order to open the drawers. When I finally had it all assembled it has been fine, but clearly this is a cheap product without much due care and attention given during the manufacturing process. Despite this fact, now it is together it is working as expected and have had no further issues with it. Just don't put anything heavy in the draws as they will easily break.

Not the same fabric all over. 2 Drawers broke.

I've got this bad & mattress asking for Medium Hard- but when I received it it was written medium soft, 1 month ago. 1 drawer has a different fabric. 1 drawer broke straight away when put some bed linen in it. The mattress had hurt me badly in the begging. I did expect that to happen and been told from the begging that there is a body adaptation period, then slowly I've adapted to it, though it is feeling to soft for my back. My sholder feeIs a bit more comfortable while sleeping. Overall, in the future I won't buy online. In my case the best is to see and feel before buying as it is a long term investment. Plus I didn't know about the return policy in the first place which makes a hassle for me. However Thank You to the Dream team for trying their best to give me a better sleep.

Bed Base

I bought this bed at the end of April begging of May and the delivery was fast and friendly. I got a phone call an hour before my bed arrived and when it turned up the delivery driver was so professional answered the questions I had and just seemed happy all together. There was no assembly unfortunately to Covid-19 but that is very understandable and it wasnt that hard to take up and put together. I have been sleeping on this bed now for atleast 2 weeks or more and I have had no issues with it at all and would highly recommend. The colour of it is beautiful I got mine in silver. Its just about the right height away from the ground and doesnt feel cheap whatsoever for the price of 120 if your looking for a easy to assemble bed thats lightweight I would definitely choose this one.


I can't fault Dreams for the service that they provided to my Uncle and Aunt . The Divan bed arrived before the delivery time and they ran to ask if they could deliver before allocated time. They came in dismantled the old bed and bought in the New bed and assembled it for them. They advised my Uncle and Aunt to leave it unmade for at least 3 hours . They were very polite and nothing was too much trouble for them. The bed I've been advised is extremely comfortable and they are very happy with this product, they would highly recommend this product and service. By the way the relatives are 87 and 86 so where not able to put the old one in a bag ect. I was a weight off of my mind to that everything went smoothly for them as I live too far away from them if there had a been a problem

Good, solid divan base

Bought this over a month ago and so far it's been great. Some previous reviewers mentioned a thin sheet of material covering the divan so I was a little concerned. However, this 'thin sheet' is on the under side of the divan so has no affect what so ever on the strength of the bed base. Delivery was swift and it arrived when they said it would. I paid for setting up (20) which I thought was very steep considering it took them less than 2 minuted to set up. Perhaps Dreams could consider a sliding scale for the cost of their assembling service as putting a divan together isn't difficult or time consuming whereas other items may be more tricky? I haven't given the rating an 'excellent' as the divan base is still very new so not sure how well it will stand the test of time.

Perfect for our needs

We wanted to improve the layout of our child's tiny bedroom by turning the bed around. To our dismay the existing metal bed was about an inch too long. This one fits in the space with room to spare because it has no headboard and with the sliding panels for storage underneath it means you do not have to lose any space getting things out either. It comes with fittings to attach a headboard if you need one though. It is not of super high quality (the floor of the storage compartments are only hardboard so you cannot keep anything very heavy in there) but it is not very expensive and I suspect in a few years she will want a high sleeper anyway. Since the arrival of this bed, the appearance of the bedroom has improved immeasurably. If only she could keep it clean...

Super Service

Having decided that we (eventually) needed to change our mattress as well as change the bedroom arrangements in our daughter's bedroom (she left home 10 years ago) we visited your premises in Newcastle under Lyme. My wife had researched various options on line but yours was the first place we came to see. The service we received from Mina was superb, a pleasant greeting, not pushy and gave great advice and information - we bought new mattress, new bed & mattress as well as bed head - and didn't need to look elsewhere. The delivery service was on time and efficient as was the removal of the other items as promised. I have been so impressed I have been using Mina's approach to customer service as an example to my colleagues at work! Thank you

Value for money and great customer service!

I bought this classic divan base, because it had the option of four full size drawers, which are great for additional storage space. It was also nice to have a choice of colours, as budget beds tend to be very limited in the options department. The bed is of a surprisingly high quality for the price. I ordered online for delivery on Saturday 25th January. Sadly, one of the drawers was damaged when it was unwrapped, but a quick phone call on the Monday and I was told a whole new bed would be delivered for me. Dreams went so far as to rearrange another weekend delivery for me. When it arrived, the driver even offered to give me a hand to fit a headboard that hadn't even been purchased from Dreams! Cannot fault the service or the bed.

Friendly and helpful team

Bought a new base for my daughter to replace her broken one and arrived earlier than expected, the deliver man was helpful and friendly. Unwrapping the base was so exciting for my daughter, she couldn't wait. However, the sliding doors track had a kink on one side, I couldn't open nor close this door, noway could my daughter, which we initially thought it had been knocked in transit, alas after closer inspection we realised it was a factory error. I contacted the customer service team and the man I spoke with was extremely helpful and friendly and was able to assist me with my problem arranging for another to be delivered. Awaiting the new base now and my daughter is still excited about getting her toys under her new one.

Fast Delivery, Comfortable Bed & A happy me!

Since the start of lockdown I began to feel back pains from my bed. I thought it was time for a new bed but was hesitant. I went on Dreams website and spoke with the customer service team for more advice. I spoke to a lady gentleman who helped me choose the perfect bed frame and mattress. He explained all the guarantees involved and what happens if I was not happy with the bed. Bed and base arrived, the best nights sleep in a long time. The pocket sprung mattress was also in the sale so I got an extra bargin there. It feels so much better than coil sprung and my back is like new! The base is also sturdy for a divan and I love the finishing colour material on it! Thanks so much Dreams for helping me get better nights sleep!

Great bed

I had this bed in my basket for a good few weeks before I actually placed my order. I needed a delivery service that delivered to my room of choice due to living in a 3rd floor flat. Dreams offered this delivery service at no extra cost unlike other companies. I chose the earliest slot I could which was about 2 weeks from the order date. On day of delivery I had a phone call from drivers to say they would be there within 30 minutes. The delivery men were very pleasant and explained to me how to assemble the bed and told me to ring them if any parts were missing. Bed was very easy to set up and really lovely. Smells of wood oozes quality. I have put 4 stars due to the price going up by 30 on day of purchase.

A dream delivery

Our staff have read your review and value your contribution, even though it A "Dream" delivery Professional service from start to finish. Very good at making the customer feel ease (after all laying on a bed in a show room is a bit weird) staff were very product knowledgeable. The sale was simple with a few delivery questions answered and easy card payment- and the date was set for delivery. Excellent communication throughout - asking did we need to delay delivery? (Since mum was moving into a new home) The 2 delivery guys were professional, courteous and carried out our wishes on the day. Would highly recommended the Dreams company and the delivery team. Would definitely be purchasing from there again.

Strong support

I bought this in a package deal with mattress and headboard, and I am soo glad I did. I am a man who is overweight, and as I was not sure that this item would be suitable for me, I contacted the sales team for advice. I am so glad I did as I received so much good advice regarding my situation. I knew then that this base WOULD support my weight, and so I decided to make a decision to buy. I am so happy I did as my sleep since has been so relaxing with this new base AND the mattress I purchased.( See my mattress review) . I cannot thank the staff enough for all their advice and help with my needs, I would highly recommend this company to anyone, as they give plenty of customer care and service.

Simply Perfect!

For years I have dreaded having to painstakingly put together beds with hundreds of pieces, poor instructions and awkward to reach allen key screw in points. Was over joyed when I purchased this bed to go into my loft conversion. It Comes in two parts so it was easily delivered straight up by the delivery guys. Then all you have to do is screw in a couple of screws at the foot and head of the bed with a bracket to attach both parts, so simple. Ohhh and it comes with wheels that slot straight in! Perfect for when you gotta change the bed sheet and just move the bed out to get to the corners. I was surprised for the price how strong and sturdy the base is. Would definitely buy again :)

Excellent purchase

The experience of purchasing this bed was one of the best purchases I have made from start to finish. My son tried several beds from the Dreams shop in Leeds under the excellent advice from the salesman. I had to wait six weeks for the bed to be made. Worth the wait!! A change was made to the delivery date for my convenience without any quibble. I was kept up to date re delivery times by text beforehand which was very accurate on time and efficiency of delivery (all Covid compliant). I was very impressed by the service. My son has slept better and says it is the best bed he has ever slept on. It is firm, but very supportive and so far has ticked all the boxes. Thank you Dreams.

Perfect divan base with optional extras!

I bought this about a month ago to go under a new Dreams Mattress and this divan base is perfect for my needs. The woven fabric surrounding the base looks and feels really lovely and natural and hard-wearing too. The mocha colour is very attractive and practical and looks great in my room. I chose a headboard to match and this is very useful to lean again when sitting up in bed and also protects the wall behind the bed from wear and tear. This divan comes with the optional extra of two large divan drawers which provide really useful and easily accessible extra storage facility. I am delighted with my new divan bed from Dreams and wouldn't hesitate to recommend it.

Happy Customer

I purchased a single bed and mattress for my daughter and was very happy. No hard pushy sales. No hard pushy upsell. Left to get on and make my own decision on information given. Because the sales guy didn't push I felt more confident in making the choice to use the store. I also purchased some extras. I have knocked 1 star off because Dreams charge 20 to insert the castors in to a divan base, then again I declined that service and did it myself... Its the principle. If you spend X hundred pounds and 10 more for a Saturday delivery slot, don't charge the customer to fit the castors, thats just greedy. Overall, I am pleased and have no complaints.

Fair price

I bought this bed a couple of weeks ago. Overall, the quality of the product is good. The mattress is firm and very comfortable. The base has wheels which allow to move the bed around, however if you have laminated uneven floors as I do, you might need to get caster cups to prevent the bed from rolling to much. I paid to recycle my old bed and didn't know I had to deconstruct the base and wrap the mattress before collection. I was aware of this a couple of days before delivery when I received a bag to wrap the mattress. Dreams should be clearer about this. Delivery was on time and free assembly very efficient. Saturday's delivery is 20.

So much choice

Haven't bought a bed for donkey's years, so was a bit apprehensive choosing the right bed for our spare room but needn't have worried, because from start to finish the whole transaction was very painless. The sales rep explained (in layman's terms) the difference in all the types of mattresses you could choose from and never felt under any pressure to buy. It was delivered on the chosen date and time and the guys who delivered the bed took it upstairs to the bedroom (even took their shoes off), unpacked it, put it together and took away the packaging in less than 15 mins. Very pleased with our choice of bed.

What isn't known cannot be known until...

Most expensive mattress ever bought, but it could be one of the most important purchases we have made on a level with decisions of where to live. The purchase has brought up a realisation of the poor quality of hit and miss sleep obtained over the last 7 decades or so which sounds far fetched but so true. What one `doesn't know cannot be known' scenario. Even with a broken night's sleep - the slumber fallen into once head-hits-pillow has been a huge revelation. There could be other mattresses that are better or of similar quality but this purchase was the best made in this household along with the pillows.

Sturdy and full of storage.

Very easy to put together with basic tools (screwdriver). There was a slight issue where one of the drawers had been pushed too far in, I assume in transit but I managed to get it out. It sits ever so slightly out of alignment now but I don't notice. Plenty of storage in the 4 drawer option at a fraction of the price of an ottoman. Really sturdy and feels like it takes weight very well which is why we changed from a slat bed. Matterial is a nice.dark grey so would easily fit with a variety of styles. Very please. It does tend to move about quite easily, somwould be helpful if the castors had breaks on.

Classic Divan Base

Since buying this bed I'm now back to sleeping regular hours! It's extremely comfortable and easy to move should you need to, not heavy like some bed frames can be. It arrived extremely well packed and the drawer sections are well made and don't have that flimsy feel that some drawers have on the base section. Assembly was very easy, delivery men would have done it for me but the room wasn't ready. The finish on the base is of a high standard and offers really good support for your mattress. I am very impressed with the quality of this bed considering my budget, it's definitely one of my best buys.

Its ok but I dont think its worth the money

The delivery guys where great and the bed came in to halves so easy to get into the bedroom as only doorstop deliverys which is fine. The predrilled holes for the screws to collect the beds are to large so the connectors fall off so am concerned about the stability of the bed but after a week seems sturdy enough but not if I move them. I spent the extra to get the 4 draws but I dont think it was worth it. They are quite flimsy and dont sit flush into the bed. Personally I went to Dreams instead of the cheaper options as I thought I would get a better quality of bed but really Im not sure I did.

Good value divan

I bought this to replace a wooden bed frame. It provides a great base for a good quality mattress. Silver colour is nice. I bought the 4 drawer double version which adds lots of useful storage. One of the drawers is a bit sticky but I was not bothered enough to send it back. This is for my spare bed and if it was for the main bed, Id probably go for the premium version if funds allow. I intend to buy a single version next and overall very happy with the functionality, looks and value for money. Would have given it 4.5 stars because of the sticky drawer runner but not able to so given it 4

Good Quality

Bought online with no fuss at all, price is right and quality is good. One problem though and probably my own fault for assuming things,...required 2 drawer only as our bed fits in between fitted bedside cabinets and divan drawers at that end do not open without having to pull the bed fully out every time, so I opted for the 2 drawer option, and guess what ?, both drawers came on the same side of the divan meaning I still cant open 1 drawer and left me with very short storage space !, silly me for assuming that a 2 drawer divan would be 1 drawer each side of the divan at the foot end.

Classic Divan Bed Base

My husband and I went to the store only to find they were moving premises so had nothing in store to show us. Now my husband who has Parkinson's Disease had a just broken the slats on his bed so I was desperate to get a new base for him so the Manager rang the warehouse and manage to get us a base and headboard without us seeing it which was delivered the following week and is a lovely base. We could not fault the service we received by the Manager or the delivery men and would definitely go there again so a Big Thank you to all concerned, keep up the good work. Brilliant people.

Sturdy bed

I bought this bed as I suffer with a bad back most of the time. Little did I know this was due to the lack of back support I had before from by previous bed. In order for it to function I need to lie on something flat and firm and this bed is ideal if you use it with the right matress as well. Takes little effort to put it together and it's very straight forward , comes with all instructions . I would recommend it to everyone as it's good value for money . Delivery was done by two guys who were very helpful as well ,came earlier than usual so I was happy with the whole outcome .

A real classic - perfect in so many ways.

This bed does exactly what it says on the tin - and that's not an insult. I mean it is supportive, it is just firm enough, it is comfortable, it supports the mattress perfectly. It is a good height, to just twist out of bed and stand up. The drawers underneath are large and move in and out easily, and it's just the right sort of weight that it feels like it isn't going to move around by accident, but at the same time we can shove it around if we want to vacuum properly! The colour matches what we wanted. Couldn't really ask for more from a straightforward, no-nonsense bed!

Amazing all round bed !!

I bought this a month ago now for 120 pounds which is a bargain its perfect it is light weight when lifting it up the stairs (or so I was told by my boyfriend haha) it took 2 minutes to get it set up. It comes with wheels if you want to use them. The instructions are very clear and everything is labelled. It doesnt move around on laminate floor and it is very easy to change the bedding with it as you can move it if you push it so that you can get to all areas of the bed without a struggle. The price is amazing for what you get and I would 100% recommend it to a friend.

Great, simple bed base

I have a small guest bedroom and was looking to fit a double bed in it, therefore didnt want anything fancy just something simple to fit in the space. This bed serves the purpose perfectly. I went for the sliding door option as one side of the bed is not very visible. Although its not a very attractive door and also is quite flimsy, it works perfectly to serve the purpose of giving good storage under the bed. I just needed a space for spare bedding - this is perfect. Definitely recommend this bed and the sliding door option if youre looking for a good value bed!

Wonderful Value For Money

Let's begin by saying this is not the most expensive product on the market but the quality of the finished product really exceeded my expectations. It was very easy to put together and the design of two long sections rather than the tradition 2 large squares certainly improves any future moves. Even the quality of the fittings were good. The one minor criticism I have was that it would have been helpful to have the screw holes more accurately marked although they were still quite easy to find. Even the quality of the two drawers exceeded expectations.

Just what I was looking for

There were 2 reasons why I bought this Dreams product: I was looking for a replacement for my previous bedstead, but I already had a mattress and a bedhead. I was able to purchase the parts I needed. Also I was looking for a base that had 4 drawers in that would give me storage under all of the bed. (A lot of beds just seem to have one or two drawers for storage). In effect I could have a 'personalised' bed for my exact requirements. I am very happy with my purchase and would use this service again in the future when I need to purchase another bed.

Fab bed

This bed is really sturdy and exactly as described. It came in one piece with the drawers in. There are wheels for you to screw onto the bottom but I chose not to do that as its for my sons room and he has a habit of getting all sorts under the bed so problem solved. However if you dont put the wheels on you have difficulty opening the drawers. The drawers wont be opened much so this wasnt a problem for us. The bed itself is lovely and firm, no scratches, dent or knocks and it looks and feels great. I would definitely buy this bed again.

Slight damage caused

I took the old kingsize mattress, and base downstairs and covered it with the green 'Covid' plastic cover,(as requested by Dreams) and put them in the garage (to assist the delivery men) along with the old base and drawers. I opted out of them putting the new mattress and base and drawers together, but for them to take them upstairs, due to the size. In doing so Pauls co-delivery man damaged the upstairs blinds. He stated he would inform Dreams, and they would contact me regarding their repair, (he said hopefully the same day) still waiting.

Very comfortable

We are both restless sleepers so we decided to buy twin beds and just push them together (we didn't want them joined as it is easier to move for cleaning as separate units). Since we have got them 3 months ago my wife has only had one really bad night compared with 2 or 3 a week with our old bed. The sliding door storage is brilliant - FAR more storage than with conventional drawers and no having to move bedside tables to pull a drawer out any more! We are having a better sleep AND the bedroom is tidier so all in all a great purchase

Dreams beds are Just A dream !!

The Assistant in the shop was very helpful in helping us choose the 2 beds that we were looking for and suggesting the style & colour of the headboards, The beds were delivered on time and the delivery people observed all the requirements of the current covid rules, The beds were very well made and very easy to assemble ( we had chosen to assemble them ourselves ) and they removed all the wrapping etc, Well done Dreams, will use you again if we ever need any more beds and would highly recommend their Doncaster Store. Well Worth a Visit

I'm assuming this is the bed!

Assume this is the bed because no picture was supplied in the review invitation. Fantastic bed, very well made, easy to put together if you have enough space in your room. The ottoman style is very handy. First time it takes a lot of force to close it and you think you're going to break something but it's very well made. When you lift the top part of the bed up to store things, it returns back down and the pillows, mattress etc are as they were. I was worried I'd have to remake the bed every time but no. Very well made and looks great

Perfect for me

I needed a basic bed base as I was redoing my room. Just wanted something simple with extra storage at the bottom. It is a perfect fit for my room, I'm only upset that I didn't get the base with the 4 drawer storage instead of 2! Easy and light enough to carry up stairs (assisted of course) and very quick delivery. I personally didn't attach the wheels as I didn't think it was necessary, however it does mean that you can't open the drawers easily so bear this in mind if you do the same! All in all I would definitely recommend!

Great Quality Bed

The quality of the bed is excellent and delivery process was smooth and efficient. I paid for assembly and this was done in no time. Only slight drawback, I also paid for disposal of bed frame but was sent a mattress bag which I didn't need and instruction to bag up the parts of the bed frame myself in smaller bags. Standard households don't have heavy duty bags large enough for bed frame pieces so I put most in the mattress bag. Overall that part of the process was a bit confusing and the instructions provided didn't really help.

Love the fact you can customise the base

Firstly I love the fact that the base is customisable with selection of extra storage space. I chose to have 4 drawers and I am glad that I have the option of extra storage space which I use to store my spare bedding at the moment and it is VERY convenient to just have the pull out drawers if you want to store random bits. The base itself is very well designed and was put together well by my delivery team. I have had no problems with the security of the base and I don't anticipate any either. Overall, I'm pleased with my purchase,

Great from the word Go!

The staff in the Trowbridge store made this such a simple and pleasurable shopping experience. I told them what I needed (king size divan base) as I had a guest coming to stay. They showed me what they had and when it could be delivered and hey presto 2 days later it arrived and was placed in guest bedroom. The two delivery guys were polite, friendly and even covered their shoes to not mark my new carpets! Excellent and will certainly use again. Thank you very much. Oh and guest said she had an brilliant nights sleep!

Fantastic bed!

I bought this bed not long ago and it completely finishes my room! It makes it look elegant and tasteful. I went for steel blue and its a lot darker than the picture describes but Im really Happy because its the colour I wanted anyway! So it was a bonus unwrapping the bed the only problem I did find is when applying the hooks to put them together its really tough to find the holes that they go into! We Thought they were under the stickers but ended up then ripping the fabric looking for the wholes to bolt together!

worth the cost

Bought new bed and memory foam mattress around a month ago ostensibly so 18yr old stepson could have a double bed altho we kept the new firm matress for ourselves and gave him the new bed but with our softer matress. He loves both and is now even worse at getting up in the mornings! We in turn are happy with new mattress. Service from Dreams was helpful and efficient so no issues to report at all. Got a saturday delivery and a 2hr delivery window which they adhered to and they constructed the bed and unwrapped for us.

Hoping the item is long lasting

A couple of sharp staples in the corners that we haven't yet removed, and we're worried that item might not be terribly long lasting. We had the doors against the wall on one of the beds to keep the access more private, but due to an electric outlet the doors can bump into it. We've now put something down to stop them being pushed in by the plugs, but we're concerned that a child sitting on the bed, and kicking their feet might break the doors too. Possibly not the best choice for a child's room. Time will tell.

dreams went like a dream.

On the off chance we called in to the Dreams shop in Hemel Hempstead. 2 staff were on duty and there was no swooping down on us for a sale. We were allowed to look and touch the goods [beds]. Then they asked a couple of questions and invited me to lay on a special bed that x ray'd my typical sleeping position. From deciding to buy, my new bed would be delivered in a week - my old bed removed - my new bed installed - no problems. All went as they said and even the delivery lads were efficient well manered and quick.

Day bed and 2* mattresses

Dreams team were really professional. They confirmed delivery time and slots nearer the day in a professional manner and the two man that delivered the bed were really polite. They damaged a little bit of our stairs going up but straight away they were prompt to help and ensured someone will be coming to the house to fix it. As soon as they left customer service contacted me and arranged for it to happen. Would definitely recommend Dreams and their beds and/or sofas. It's the second time I've purchased with them.

Such good value for money

I bought this divan base for my teenage daughter. It is such good value for money. I had previously ordered a similar from from a well known Swedish retailer for my son and several hours of cursing later it was assembled. This one from Dreams is ready assembled. All I had to do was screw in four bolts to attached the two halves together and attach the castors. This was a one person job. I also bought a headboard which attached very easily. The bed is comfortable, the drawers are useful. A very satisfied customer.

Friendly and helpful

The service in store was outstanding, the employees were welcoming and very friendly. When entering the store I was greeted and asked if I needed any help, I told them roughly what I was looking for, they then showed me all options based on my needs, answering all my questions to make sure I could get the best bed for my needs. I ended up with a incredibly comfortable and stylish bed which has given me many great nights sleep. Delivery was quick and simple too. I would very much recommend dreams to anyone I know!

A little firmer than expected

We had great service in the showroom and bought an ' entry level double for our guest bedroom. It was delivered within a few days as promised. The bed was described as being on the firmer side but when we tested the one in the showroom it seemed quite a lot softer. Personally when I've tried it I've found it too firm so we've ended up investing in a mattress topper. So although we had good service I would bear in mind the showroom beds ate significantly softer than the new ones. This may soften in time of course.

Basic bed base

I bought this 6 weeks ago to go with my new matress. It's no frills; no drawers or extra padding, just a box basically. I would give this 5 stars but for the fact that the matress does slip on top of it requring no more pressure than a slight nudge, this despite the fact the base says non-slip on the covering. Perhaps a lip round the edges which the matress can fir into would be a better design. However it doesn't take much to rectify the mis-allignment and doesn't affect my sound sleep on the Hudson matress.

comfortable sleep

I would recommend this divan base. The bed was easy to put together except there were no indication on the bases x 2 to tell you where to place the bolts and links. On the bases where you should put the linkages and bolts were small stickers saying headboard not for linkage connection it would help to review the stickers applied to say " for linkage connectors and bolts. This was my only complaint with the product hence my overall rating as excellent as once connected together it was lovely sleep.

Just what we needed

We bought our new divan a few weeks ago and from walking into the shop to delivery everything was great. The assistance given whilst looking around and making our choice was really good. We were given a nice cup of tea and any questions we had were answered helpfully and efficiently. After a few years of struggling to sleep our new divan is just what we needed. The great feature for us was the four sliding doors in the Base, so much easier than drawers. All in all everything is great Thank you Dreams.

Very sturdy, good frame, nice colour and material.

I bought this bed base after being let down by another company at the last minute. Wish I went with dreams first. Great bed frame, modern colour and material. Very happy with the service and delivery. They even took it up to the bedroom while we was in lock down which I appreciated a lot. I would of given 5 stars for quality only that you have to put the base clips, screws in yourself ( the hooks on the side ) and I didn't know how to do that. My dad had that done in 5 minutes, so not a hard job either.

Nice and sturdy

We bought this as our spring based divan gave in on us and we needed one nice and strong. This was a good choice and great value for money. It fits into my bedroom really well. Easy to attach our existing headboard with self screws supplied. The only thing weve found is with a hard floor the wheels slip all the time and after 2 weeks of use they squeak every time we sit on the bed or roll over during the night etc. Probably going to have to take the wheels off. Overall a decent base for a decent price.

Quality product

Great quality ottoman bed. We have had this style before but in a double rather than king. Having been very happy with the old one, we decided to go for the same again, but in a bigger size. Quality is great - much better than a lot of cheaper versions which don't seem to have a floor in the storage area. Only down very minor down side was that the ottoman came with some black marks on the corners. Not a major issue as we use with a valance anyway and with a wipe would come off. All in all very happy.

5 Star service

I bought a classic diwan base and matching mattress and head board. The site is very friendly to enable right selection of these and matching them. There was a considerable delivery lead time which I was informed at the time of purchase , so it was okay. Delivery was perfect, sufficient notice and previous day reminder, the folks that delivered the item were friendly , efficient and delivered to the room of my choice upstairs. All in all a 5 star service . And the quality of the diwan and bed are fab.

Just what I needed

I purchased this bed as it needed to fit it in a tight space where there was no room for an extravagant head/foot board. I also need some storage but I had been struggling to find a base with only two drawers on the same side. This base turned out to be absolutely perfect for my needs and is good value for money. It was easy to assemble, the drawers are a generous size and open and close smoothly. I am very pleased with my purchase and will consider Dreams again if I need anything else in the future.

Solid quality, delivered with a smile

When you want to buy a bed, go to a bed shop! Dreams had a great selection, all clearly laid out for us to try. Staff were informative but not pushy. The ordering process was completely pain free. The best part of the whole process was when the bed was delivered. The delivery team arrived exactly when they said they would and had the old bed out and the new one assembled in a flash. They were also jolly nice people and keen to do a good job. Really refreshing in this day and age. Well done Dreams!

Excellent product

This was the first base for a double bed that I have ever purchased, and I can see it lasting me for many years to come. It was very simple to assemble, and very light in weight. I like that it is on wheels, it makes it very easy to move should I wish to, but it is also nice and sturdy and doesn't roll if I lean on it, however this is with it on carpet. Overall I'm very pleased with my purchase, I think it's great price for the quality you receive, and much more reliable than many bases I've seen.

a little setback but Happy overall

when we purchased in store, we were offered all the information we needed and learnt a few thing's we didnt realise, and adjusted our order for the better... deliveries were on time and no hassle.... only setback was obvious damage to item (divan base) before delivery, internal and on packaging, (note to self : check before driver leaves, my fault).... however customer services were fantastic and replaced without question or proof.. we were still able to use the divan base until it was replaced...

Halliday Mattress & Classic D 4 Drawer Blue Base

We purchased the above items 3 weeks ago and have been very happy with them. The base is just the right height for me as I am partially disabled. The mattress is firm but very comfortable. We had a bad experience with another retailer & wish we had gone to Dreams initially. They were friendly, helpful & knowledgeable about their products & we were surprised, but very pleased, to hear about their Price Promise & their Comfort Exchange. We were also surprised at how quickly our order was delivered.

Great Experience from start to finish

This bed is comfortable and very good value. I have appreciated the "Dreams" experience from start to finish. The way the shop is laid out, colour coded mattresses and helpful and friendly staff who give information and support without being pushy was highly appreciated. The Delivery process was excellent. I knew exactly when my bed would be delivered as the team communicated well with me and nothing was too much bother for them when they arrived. Will definitely be recommending Dreams to others.

Great Divan

Delivered on schedule. The delivery guys were friendly and helpful, delivered to the room of my choice. Very happy with the product. I put it together myself and was very easy and simple to do. I didn't read the little round white labels indicating location of holes for connecting plate and headboard, but if you feel against the frame, you can locate the predrilled holes under the fabric. Then its just a question of punching a hole in the fabric (which I did with a screwdriver). Looks great

Fantastic quality and value for money.

I brought two kingsize bases ,about a year ago .since then have brought a small double base as my son moved out and his biggest priority was getting his bed to his new home .after 3mths of sleeping on a different bed ,or rather not sleeping verythema well for that time. My other son recently brought the kingsize base after staying for a week ,n sleeping on mine .never had a better nights sleep helee said n is over the moon to have his own now.eesy to use website and excellent delivery.thank you

You wont be disappointed....

Has resolved an issue of trying to keep our 4 yr old in his own bed.... We now just easily wheel out the guest bed and sleep in his room. Then just stow it away giving him his room back in the morning! Its strong, comfortable, and the blue is a great colour for his room; couldnt recommend more for anyone on a budget that needs an extra bed but has a tight space. Best thing weve bought in years! Thank you to the guys and manager at the Wolverhampton store of Dreams; fantastic service as always.

Smart divan

I bought this divan a month ago and it was the best value around for the size. Great use of the space with having 4 large draws and easy to move with the casters. Lighter in colour than it looks on the photos inline but still clean and smart looking. The draws are quite sturdy but I wouldn't like to put too much weight in them as I'd fear the wooden bracket may detach. Only downside is there is a missing point for the screw which holds the bracket on to connect the two bases together.

Best purchase I ever made (except for my doggo!)

Sleeping on my new memory foam 8 mattress is like sleeping on a cloud. My back pain is soo much better! And with a smaller bedroom, my ottoman bed has opened up a world of storage to me that I so badly needed! Also my dog thinks its a great ride when I lift it up (slowly, of course!) And after years of leaning against a cold wall my new premium headboard is such a feature aesthetically, gives me the hotel feeling and is lovely to lean on for support when Im reading or watching TV in bed.

So comfortable!

I did have concerns about this bed as I purchased online and hadn't tested the mattress. I was reassured by the fact I could exchange if necessary but any worries I had were dismissed after the first night of use. I can't remember the last time on the old bed when I woke up in the same position as the one I had gone to sleep in. This trend has continued, no more tossing and turning for me! Love love love this bed, just wish I'd have bought one years ago. (My old mattress was 16 years old).

OK - but...

This king base was bought to be used with a zip & link mattress & I had checked it was suitable before purchase. But - when it arrived I discovered that it is only supplied with fixings for a king headboard (ie one fix point per bed section not two) - so it didn't have the option for two single headboards that I would expect with a zip/link base. Also the fabric between the beds (ie down the middle) does not match the exterior sides so this will always have to be used with valance sheets.

Superb except the wheels

I've been using the product for some time and can vouch for it's build quality and comfort. The delivery service also ticked all boxes (though the lead time was quite long). The only facet that dissapoints is the wheels. If you have ordered with drawers you MUST fit the wheels for the drawers to function not only that but the wheels are typical small casters which have no brakes, are made entirely of plastic and are very small. Other than that, great quality divan base, would recommend.

Quality drawers

Good bases, the double is split into two so it is easier to manoeuvre the frame around the house. The drawers are good quality. The only issue we had was that there are no instructions and we didn't notice you have to place the inter-base attachment device before you attach the wheel. We made this mistake then tried to remove the wheel, which ripped it out including its attachment to the base. So that is a weak point that could be rectified with simple instructions for people in a rush.

New bed

We decided to replace my sons bed with this 2 draw divan. a for the storage and b because the as a young lad was forever breaking the slats in his other bed and this just offered the sturdy alternative and c the price Although I ordered online the store manager at my local branch was extremely helpful in helping me choose The delivery men were polite respectful and helpful. He has had the bed for a couple of weeks now and states how comfortable it is. So for me a great purchase.

Does the job

Looks good once assembled. Pop the wheels in first then you'll need to use a sharp point like a star screwdriver to put a hole in the material to put the headboard and divan base clasp bolts in(clearly marked with small stickers which can be removed). Push the opposite side of the base against a wall when joining the two bases before tightening up the clasp bolts to achieve a completely solid base (Easier to achieve with a helping hand to push while the other tightens). Job done!

2 Single Bed and Mattresses

We ordered two single beds and mattresses which all arrived on time and was taken to the bedroom for us one mattress had a hole in it clearly visible through the undamaged plastic covering; therefore must of left the factory in that condition and not damaged in transit. Dreams replaced it no problem and said we could use it until the new one arrived as Dreams had been informed about the hole. The only reason I gave 4 stars is because of the hole that appears to be a factory defect.

Outstanding Service

I bought this bed over a month a go and I am really happy it with it basic and simple great value for money with excellent storage. The staff were excellent, in the shop the sales man could not do enough for us as we were after a bed for our guest room so just wanted something basic. The delivery drivers were excellent they took there shoes off before entering the house which I thought was a great touch and also offered and bought down my old bed so I could get rid of it easier.


Having purchased various household furnisher from a number of well known stores Dreams came out top on my list by a long chore. The service in the shop was very good the bed arrived when promised the delivery men erected the bed and headboard in the desired room and even took the packaging away. I've had the bed for a few weeks how and tried it out as we are using it in a spare bedroom i sleep like a log so i'm happy any guests will get a good nights sleep. This is excellent value


I bought this divan base for my son ..its well doesn't make a sound.. the colour is a light cream silver...lovely and neutral...I did have x2 draws added ...they are extremely stiff...which was they don't easily open ..not for my son I just put bedding in them ...but that could be just my case..not saying it will be like that for anyone else...but all in all very pleased with the whole bed and service I received from dreams...can't fault them .

Not the same material on top

I bought this online and configured it with two drawers. Its a good product but the fabrics on top of those two parts were not the same. The other half says Non-Slip on it and a bit better quality the other one is just plain ordinary cloth and I think its a bit OLD and DIRTY. I didnt bother to return it as I dont like the hassle of doing it. A bit disappointed, but there is nothing I can do as I need the base ASAP, so I end up using it even if its against my satisfaction.

Unbelievably comfortable bed

We bought this bed for occasional guests. When made up as a super-king initially the two beds were not level, but this was easily rectified using the adjustable feet on the base unit. We used a fitted valance and fitted sheet and this helped hold the two units together. Our first guests thought this was one of the most comfortable beds they had slept in - a real accolade. It is easy to change back to a single bed and this gives us a lot of spare space in the guest room.

Great value and build quality.

After looking for a good value spare-room bed, we decided on this. Glad we did. Excellent build quality, no flat pack building, and a solid, attractive looking result. The bed base is very solid, the draws are robust and slide well. A point docked for the need to cut the holes for the connecting bar that holds the two sides of the bed together, but even that was an easy process. Were very happy with the bed, and would definitely buy again. Service was excellent too.

Classic Divan Base, Headboard and Mattress

We bought two of these beds for our twin girls which arrived a couple of weeks ago. Unfortunately two of the sliding doors were damaged upon delivery. However, the delivery guys noticed and ordered two new bases for us there and then and the replacements arrived today. The beds, the headboards and the mattresses purchased have been great. The girls love the beds and have slept really well. They keep all their dolls in the base, so the bedroom is being kept tidy (at last!).

Just quality

We previously had an Ikea bed which was so creaky, even though we'd only had it for a couple of months and all the screws were tightened correctly. So we got rid and opted for a divan bed as it suited our budget. Really pleased with it, although it's a simple structure everything just fits perfectly where it should. There's no creaking noises to keep us awake and if you opt for storage it's really neat and tidy as everything is hidden by the sliding doors. Really pleased.

A good bed for the price

I am very impressed with this bed. It's a lot sturdier than it looks. The mattress is lovely as well. Delivery was great as the guys arrived on time and were helpful /friendly. The bed we ordered was a king size divan which came in two parts but there weren't any instructions on how to attach the bed etc. Not everyone automatically knows how to put this together even it is relatively simple. Other than that very happy with this bed and would definitely recommend Dreams.

Great quality, Excellent price

I bought this a couple of months ago as I needed a bed which would fit in a small bedroom, give me storage and something for family to use when they came to stay. This divan base did not disappoint. It came with a good range of drawer configuration and colour choice. Unlike some divans where the storage drawers are prone to collapsing or at least becoming difficult to open, this ones storage drawers are good quality, run freely and easily and provide ample storage.

Just Fine

I went from a single divan to a small double divan of the same design so I knew that the base would be reliable. My last divan began to creak after a while so well see how long this one lasts. My only complaint would be the loss of storage space as the divan is split into two and so the space underneath is much less. The base is good value for money as its quite cheap but does its job about as well as other more expensive beds Ive owned, so would recommend.

Solid, sturdy and lightweight!

I bought this when in dire need of a new bed and this did not disappoint. The bed was surprisingly lightweight which made it very easy to move to my bedroom. It came with wheels for the bottom which slot in any much effort and it comes with extra tools in case you want to install a headboard and / or footboard. The divan bed is sturdy and seems built to last. It fits my double mattress perfectly which has let me have great night sleeps since getting the bed.

Beautiful design + Any Room delivery + Easy assbly

I bought this and a Watson mattress together. They deliver to the room of your choice and this divan bed is solid and can be slept on directly without a mattress. We bought a slider storage in the divan and I would recommend it for anyone whos ok with bending down to retrieve the stored items. If you will have access to both the sides of the bed in your room a double slider would be best .. just order this bed and you dont have to worry about assembly ..

Nice looking bed base but flimsy base

Replaced a bed frame with a divan specifically for the under bed storage. How disappointing that the base of the bed to which storage would be put on is as flimsy as cardboard, Daylight shows through as its was coming away from the bed even before it had anything in it. We are already anticipating having to replace the bottom base with a sturdier wood soon. Sadly Not the quality that I expected from Dreams. My son does however say it is comfy to sleep on.

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Questions and Answers About The Classic Divan Base

Prospective customers had the following questions about the product

Hi steel blue is it more blue or a dark grey colour?and what headboards go with the divan base ? Many thanks

Answer: The colour of the steel blue base is much more blue than grey. You can see an example of this base when looking at the Whitfield mattress - simply type Whitfield into the search bar and look at the 5th image in the carousel. There are a number of matching headboards for this base, the names of these headboards are Columbia, Newark, Stamford, Alabama and Fairfield.

I purchased a double divan and when I put it together there is a space down the middle, is this normal or should both bases be close together. Also do the bases come in a right sided base and a left sided base or are all the bases the same.

Answer: When you attach the bases, there should not be a gap down the middle, I apologise about this. On this divan there isn't a specific left or right side as you can just turn the base as a whole to your required positions.However you do need to make sure that the side with the straight corners are attached together so the rounded corners are on the outside.

Do the 2 bases join horizontally from side to side or vertically from top to bottom? I have low ceilings so i'm concerned i won't get them in if they are joined vertically. Is it possible to get this product joined horizontally?

Answer: The 2 halves of this base will join vertically, from top to bottom, unfortunately we are unable to provide this particular divan base joined horizontally. If you are looking for a divan base that joins horizontally, please take a look at the Silentnight Divan Base. Hopefully this might be suitable for what you are looking for.

Hi I want to order a bed with two drawers but I want them either side but at the bottom end of bed due to having bedside tables. I wont be able to pull them out otherwise

Answer: This divan base comes in a two drawer option however both draws run don one side of the product. We do offer this in other ranges such as Flaxby, Sleepeezee, Therapur, Sealy and Silentnight. If you need any other help please give the telesales team a call and they can assist further.

We are planning to buy 2 small singles for our guest room. Most of time we will put them together used as a king size bed. Pls adv if they can be easily click together. Thank you

Answer: The Classic Divan is secured with a linking bar, this can be tightened and untightened as you please. Please keep in mind that if you are looking to use this as two separate beds you will need to purchase mattresses that are 75x200cm which is not a standard UK small single. Kind Regards. Dreams

Is this bed quiet & non creaky? My current bed drives me crazy every time I move!! Would appreciate some advice for a creak free bed frame only - thanks

Answer: Creaking can often be as a result of a frame or base with many parts, when these become loose a bed will then begin the creak. This divan base has a solid and simple construction, coming in only 2 halves that are then linked together, hence this should minimise creaking.

How suitable is this bed on a wooden floor as it has wheels?

Answer: The bed is suitable on a wooden floor, however this would depend on your personal preference in regards to the ease of movement. If you did want a divan with wheels, but wanted to reduce movement then you could purchase castors cups. However we do not sell these.Kind regardsJessica

In the picture with the sliding doors, it looks like the storage beneath is only half the width of the bed, is that right? Also, is there any weight limit on what can be stored beneath? Thank you

Answer: The dimensions of the sliding storage are:A - Height 36 cmB - Length 190 cmC - Width 90 cmIt is the whole interior of the base.We do not have a set weight limit, we would just advise it is suitable for light storage such as bedding or towels.

What are the weight restrictions for the double and small double?

Answer: We advise that no more than a 30 stone combined weight should be applied to each half base. So for the single this means 30 stone in total (including mattress) and for the small double 30 stone on each half base (including mattress) - so 60 stone in total.

The reviews dont seem to be referring to this bed, some for divans can you explain as to why? Also the dimensions for single bed please

Answer: We have checked the reviews and they are correct for this product, the reviews are for an configuration of the Classic Divan bases.The dimensions for a single divan are:A - Height - 37cm/15 inchB - Length - 190cm/75 inchC - Width - 90cm/36 inch

I have purchased a classic divan king size. The linking bar and screws have been provided but the assembly instructions imply the linking bars should already be attached. Do I need to drill these bars into the base myself?

Answer: I apologise for any confusion. The holes for the linking bars are underneath the fabric. You need to feel underneath the fabric for the hole and pierce the fabric with the bolt. Should you require further assistance please call the customer service team.

How do you link a divan base together no instructions.

Answer: I am so sorry to hear that your divan arrived with no instructions. The Divan is linked together with linking bars at each end of the base. If you are having issues, please contact the customer service tem and they can talk you through it.

Hi! Is it possible to use this without the wheels?

Answer: The base can be used without the castors. however it will make the base harder to move and will shorted the heights. You may also find it makes imprints in the floor but the base itself will be just as sturdy and fine to use.

Does the super king divan come in two parts that could be used as two separate single 3ft beds?

Answer: The Superking divan will come in two parts, each measuring 90cm x 200cm. A standard single bed measures 90cm x 190cm and so each half of the divan base will be slightly larger than a standard single bed.

I live with very elderly parents over 80yrs old , I want to order this single bed , can your delivery driver take the bed upstairs for a charge ? My mother has heart problems and my father isnt in great health, So he needs help!

Answer: We will be resuming dedicated room delivery from 4th June, so would recommend that you order after this point. The drivers will then be able to take this item to the required room for your parents.

Hi, is the colour silver on the classic divan base as light as it looks in the picture?

Answer: Yes, the silver is a light colour as per the images online. If you're unsure about the colour of this base, you could pop into your local Dreams store where this color will be on display.

My nearest store is showing 1 of 1 available .. does this mean I can collect from store, instead of waiting for delivery??? Also can I reserve the item??

Answer: This would be the display model, unless your closest store has a clearance section. You can give the local store a call and they can inform you if they have a display model for sale.

How strong is the storage underneath? Would it be strong enough to store board games and jigsaws?

Answer: We do not have a set weight limit for storage, however we would advise this is suitable for light storage. You should be able to store these items, just make sure they are not too heavy.

Hi, what material is the slider made from? The same as the base? Also, what side of the bed is the slider? I can't seem to find that information. Thank you

Answer: The sliding door is not covered in fabric and is a white sliding frame. The storage can be on either side as you can assemble any UK standard headboard to either end of the Divan.

is the divan base on wheels,if so are you able to stop the wheels from moving?

Answer: Yes, this divan base is on wheels and should not move about whilst you are on the bed. If you are worried about the base moving you can purchase castor cups that fit under the wheels.

Hi.can the classic double divan base be separated and used as a single bases when needed.

Answer: If you separate the double divan base the two parts will not equate to a single divan base. The width of each part is around 68cm whilst the width of a single mattress is 90cm.

Hello Silly question. On the single bed with the slide door does the door open on both halves of the same side or does just half slide open? Im concerned about access if its just through the top half of the base (hope that makes sense!)

Answer: Yes, the doors open on both halves of the same side. If you select the slide drawer option on the product page, the image will change to show you how the drawers will look.

How much does a small double divan weigh? I am thinking about carrying it up flights of stairs..

Answer: Please see weight info for the small double divan below:Package 1:Weight: 12 kgsMeasures: 40 x 60 x 190cmPackage 2:Weight: 12 kgsMeasures: 40 x 60 x 190cm

What's the weight limit for these beds, double or king

Answer: Good MorningOur Divan Bases have been designed to accommodate a variety of sleepers and mattresses alike and therefore we do not specify a formal weight limit on the Divan Bases.

What is the weight limit on this bed frame?

Answer: Our Divan Bases have been designed to accommodate a variety of sleepers and mattresses alike and therefore we do not specify a formal weight limit on the Divan Bases.

How deep are the drawers on the single divan? which out of the drawers or the slide would you say has more strorage space?

Answer: The drawers have dimensions of 70 (W) x 45 (L) x 11 (D) cm. The slide will have more storage space as it encompasses the full length of the divan with a 36cm depth.

What is the maximum user weight for this divan base?

Answer: We currently dont specify a weight limit to the divans, however all divans are tested to the British Standard EN1725 structural test for strength and stability.

What is the individual and combined weight limit for this base please

Answer: We currently dont specify a weight limit to the beds, however all bed frames are tested to the British Standard EN1725 structural test for strength and stability.

Is there an individual and combined weight limit for these divan bases please? Thanks

Answer: We currently dont specify a weight limit to the beds, however all bed frames are tested to the British Standard EN1725 structural test for strength and stability.

Does it come unassembled in boxes?

Answer: The classic divan will come in two separate parts unless it is a single or small single. You will then need to attach the parts together and place the castors on.

No instructions snd only one connecting bar. How does bar fit? If connected at one end how do tou keep other end together?

Answer: There is a connecting bar at both ends of the Divan to ensure it does not come apart. the fantastic delivery drivers will be able to explain how to fit the bar.

Hi I would like to buy small divan bed frame can shorten the length please

Answer: Unfortunately this divan base is only available in the sizes displayed and they are not adjustable, hence you would be unable to make the length any shorter.

would this bed take 2 single mattressinstead of a double mattress? My daughter wants a double bed but has a lot of sleep overs so would like to seperate the bed when her friend sleeps

Answer: A double divan would require two Small Single mattresses however it is not something we recommend as the mattresses may move about when on the bed together.

Does delivery come in two packages

Answer: The base is delivered in two packages:Package 1:Weight: 12 kgsMeasures: 40 x 67.5 x 190cmPackage 2:Weight: 12 kgsMeasures: 40 x 67.5 x 190cm

The super king which appears to be made of two singles with a 30 stone limit, is it 30 stone per side, could two heavier people sleep on their own sides? Also, do the drawers reduce the weight limit?

Answer: The weight limit on the base is 30 stone per half, we would not recommend for this weight limit to be exceeded.The drawers do not affect the limit.

Hi could you please give me the height including castors? Also do you offer Saturday delivery or named day delivery? Thank you

Answer: The height is 37cm. Yes, we offer named day delivery - you can choose this at the checkout. Choosing delivery on a Saturday may cost an additional fee.

Hi, on the single bed with sliding doors, do the doors slide from the top and bottom of the bottom of the bed?

Answer: You can chose which side these sit and the headboard can be attached to either end of the divan making it very universal for any bedroom space.

Was wondering would this bed base be suitable for a static caravan.

Answer: This base is suitable for all sleeping areas. We would advise that you take careful measurements to ensure the bed fits in the room of choice.

With the slide option, is the sliding storage space on both sides of the bed?

Answer: The 1 slide option would have storage space on one side of the bed, whereas the 2 slide option would have storage space on both sides of the bed.

Are the drawers easy to slide in? When assembling myself! Or would I need to 'build them up' before assembling

Answer: The Drawers on the divan come full assembled and already in place, secured by fabric during delivery. There is no need to assemble drawers.

Is the wood used on the luxury version stronger than the classic??? I want to avoid any risk's of dipping below the mattress so want a really strong base.

Answer: The luxury and classic divan are made from the same wood. The Luxury has a higher quality fabric, and is supplier with chrome castors.

What weight of person can use it without breaking wooden frame

Answer: Our divan bases to not have a weight restriction however we do advise that no more than a 30 stone combined weight should be applied.

Hello, does the classic divan bed frame need much assembly when delivered or do they come pre made when delivered (king size)?

Answer: The king size base will come delivered as two parts that you will need to link together. You will also need to attach the feet onto it.

Hi, can my wooden headboard be added to this base?

Answer: Yes, this will be compatible. The base will come with headboard bolts that will allow you to fix your old headboard to your new base.

Hi if I select 2 drawers, which side of the bed are they on?

Answer: The drawers can be positioned on either the left or the right side of the bed as the headboard can be fixed at either end of the base.

Hello,can you tell me if the drawers in your classic divan base are made of hardwood please?The drawers in my currant divan are ok but,the bottoms of them are starting to sag a bit.I need drawer bottoms that are solid/strong.Thank you.

Answer: Our Luxury Divan base is made with a sturdy soft wood. Although the frame is firm we wouldn't advise overloading with heavy items.

Can you get drawers on one side and a slide on the other?

Answer: The drawers run along one side of the divan. we do not have the option to have drawers on one side and sliding doors on the other.

Good afternoon, Please could you tell me if the divan base comes with warranty?

Answer: The divan base has a one year guarantee as standard, however you can purchase the additional bedcover insurance plan at the checkout.

What's the maximum weight you can have on the bed?

Answer: Our Divan bases do not have a weight restriction, we simply advise you follow the care instructions to prolong your products life.

Maximum weight please

Answer: Our Divan bases do not have a weight restriction, we simply advise you follow the care instructions to prolong your products life.

Hi on what side of the single bed base is the 1 slider? I only have access to the bottom left side of the bed, will I be able to access the slider?

Answer: A headboard can be attached to either end of the Divan base meaning that you can chose which side the sliding door sits.

I have an alcove of 150cm & wanted to purchase the Classic Divan Bed in King size which has a width of 150cm.However, it says -Please allow for a tolerance of +/-2cm(1 in).Does this mean that there is no guarantee that the width is 150cm

Answer: Unfortunately we cannot guarantee the frame will measure exactly 150cm, as there is a manufacturing tolerance of +/-2cm.

Do the wheels lock? I'm worried the bed could move when leaning against the wall as I won't order a headboard.

Answer: Unfortunately the wheels on the divans do not lock, we would suggest purchasing castor cups to prevent this from happening.

What's the maximum weight this super king sized divan base can support?

Answer: Our divan bases do not have a weight restriction however we do not recommend anything over a combined 30 stone weight.

What is the maximum weight limit on the single divan bed base

Answer: We do not have a legal weight restriction on the divan bases however we would advise that you do not exceed 30 stone.

does the bed divan bed frame comes with warranty ? if yes for how many year

Answer: Yes, this divan comes with 1 year guarantee as standard. You can purchase an extended guarantee at the checkout.

Can you share the instructions of how to connect the 2 bases together, none arrived with the divan.

Answer: Good Evening,The two halves of the divan bases are connected by the linking bar, this is fixed into place with the two screws.

Warranty for the Classic Divan base - What's the warranty for the Classic Divan base king size ?

Answer: This comes with 1 year warranty as standard with the option to purchase an extended guarantee at the checkout.

Hi, Silly question, but does the 1 slider essentiaaly mean storage under one half and 2 sliders mean storage under the whole base?

Answer: Yes, your divan base will come in two parts. If you choose to have 2 sliders, you will get them on both parts.

Hi it me again will two singles be the same size as a double f we cant separate the double.

Answer: Two single bases will equate to 180 (W) x 190 (L) cm whilst a standard double measures at 135 (W) x 190 (L).

Does the small double bed come with the matching headboard shown in the image or is it just the base?

Answer: No, this headboard is not included. If you would like to purchase this headboard, it is called the Alabama.

Hi, Can the base be set up without the wheels attached?

Answer: The wheels would need to be attached to the base to allow for air flow through the base and your mattress.

The Steel Blue colour looks more like dark grey. Can you confirm please? Thanks

Answer: The steel blue is more of a blue colour than grey, however it can look different in different lighting.

Is the top of the base solid wood or slats covered with cardboard

Answer: The top of the divan base is made from plywood, this is set on top of the wooden frame for the divan.

Could you please provide the height including castors of the single base without drawers? Also can I choose delivery day at checkout? Thanks

Answer: The height of this will be 37cm. yes, you will be able to select your delivery day at the checkout.

This divan base came in a grey colour choice. This is now out of stock. Due to fabric running out at factory. Can you tell me an expected time grey fabric base will be available?

Answer: This divan base was available in a silver colour, we aim to have this available within 4 weeks.

On the single version of the divan base is the sliding drawer option allow you access to the whole of the base of the bed or is it only part of the bed that is available for storage?

Answer: With the single divan sliding drawer option, you have access to the entire base of the divan.

Please give details and instructions of the assembly / build information for the single bed base with two drawers. This is for the single classic divan with 2 drawers . Is it simple?

Answer: The Single comes as one unit with drawers already installed so no need for any assembly.

Is it possible to conceal / hide the silver hook at the front of the base?

Answer: Unfortunately we do not provide anything to be able to cover the linking bars on the divan.

Which headboard would match this steel blue divan base please? I'd like the right colour to match the base but most seem to be grey not steel blue. Thanks.

Answer: The matching headboards include the Newark, Columbia, Fairfield, Alabama and Stamford.

Hi there, how high is the bed from floor to top of mattress. I'm a disabled lady that needs something high to help me to get on and off the bed

Answer: The mattress is not included with this base, however the height of the base is 37cm.

Could you advise how headboard is attached?

Answer: This divan base will come with headboard fixing bolts to attach your headboard.

Hello, What is the maximum weight these can handle?

Answer: We advise a maximum weight (including mattress) of 30 stone for each half base.

Could you provide the dimensions for the headboard fixings and the number of bolt slots on the divan base?

Answer: The dimensions for the fixings are for an M8 bolt, and there are two fixings.

Can the foot of the bed be changed?

Answer: No, unfortunately you are not able to change the foot end of this divan base.

Hi, i was wondering if there is any weight restriction on king size divan?

Answer: We advise that no more than a 30 stone combined weight should be applied.

Hi, can any headboard be fitted to this base at either end?? I'm looking at the Newark headboard.

Answer: Yes, any headboard can be fitted. The Newark is compatible with this base.

Can any headboard be attached or does it have to be the one that matches the divan?

Answer: You can attach any headboard as long as it is a UK standard size headboard.

what kind of body weight will till hold please

Answer: We advise that no more than a 30 stone combined weight should be applied.

Is this bed base fire resistant?

Answer: Yes, all of the beds have passed the UK Fire Safety Regulations test.

Hi, how much do you charge to remove the old base?

Answer: Unfortunately we do not currently offer this service due to COVID-19.

Hi, can you assemble a headboard on either end even if you buy a base without any drawers?

Answer: Yes, the headboard can be assembled to either end of this divan bed.

Does the bed frame come with wood slats or is it a flat base? Thank you

Answer: This is a flat, platform top base. It does not feature any slats.

Does the double come with a headboard included?

Answer: A headboard is not included and has to be purchased separately.

Can I still use my memory foam mattress with this divan base? Does the base allow for air flow?

Answer: Yes, this divan base can be used with your memory foam mattress.

What material is the divan base covered in?

Answer: The divan base is is upholstered in 100% polyester material.

Does the base have bolt holes already to easily attach a headboard or would I have to drill the holes myself?

Answer: The base will come will pre-drilled holes beneath the fabric.

Hi, i have my own head board. What is the distance between the fixing bolts on the double size base please.

Answer: Good MorningThe distance between the fixing bolts on the double is 122cm.

Hi, what is the fire safety rating on the Classic Divan Base?

Answer: All the Products are FR tested and meet all UK standards

Does the single bed with the 1 sliding door have storage covering the full length of the bed? Thank you

Answer: Yes, it will have storage on the full length of the bed.

Are the drawers on the bed on wheeled rails?

Answer: The drawers are fitted with metal, wheeled runners.

How many people are required to assemble the bed?

Answer: We would advise that two people should build the bed.

Hi does the superking size base come with the headboard

Answer: No, the headboard must be purchased separately.

Do the bases have a fire safety label?

Answer: Our bases will have a fire safety label on them.

Is the bed height 37cm INCLUDING the wheels? Thank you

Answer: The height measurement does include the wheels.

Is a strutted headboard compatible with this bed?

Answer: This base is suitable for a strutted headboard.

Will the classic Newark headboard king-size fit this divan base?

Answer: The Newark headboard will fit this divan base.

Does this divan base come with the bolts to attach a headboard?

Answer: Headboard bolts are supplied with this base.

I would like to order a bed today. Will the delivery men carry it upstairs and assemble it during Covid19.

Answer: Good MorningYes we are now able to offer this service.

What packaging is on the bed bases when delivered

Answer: The divan packaging is plastic wrapping.

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