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Camille Limewash Oak Triple Wardrobe Rated 4/5 based on 8 customer reviews

Camille Limewash Oak Triple Wardrobe

Brand: Cotswold Co

What Makes The Camille Limewash Oak Triple Wardrobe Great?

This is a good quality and easy to assemble wardrobe. There are two minor issues. 1 The rail has rather large circumference meaning that many coat hangers dont fit over it 2 there is no option to alter the shelf height in the shelves side this would make it more versatile and also give to option of having a second rail

Material: Oak

A hard wood, more in trend right now than the softer pine at present, also benefits from being more durable and long lasting. Typically comes at a premium as a result

Collection: Camille Limewash Oak

Customer Reviews For The Camille Limewash Oak Triple Wardrobe

Based on 8 review

Happy with the product , but the assembly was poor , the delivery guys only had a manual screw driver x1 which they broke and could not tighten the screws up . I had just moved and could not provide them with another ??


Wardrobe has a solid look, did ring to ask if I could purchase an extra shelf, but was told I couldn't do that! I did put candle wax on all the runners of the drawers so they run smoothly.


Expensive but good storage and very solid build so worthwhile including assembly. The delivery team were great, putting the wardrobe together far more easily than we could have.


Great spacious wardrobe, the wood is beautiful and sets off my bedroom perfectly


Beautiful, large, wardrobe. Sturdily built and perfectly proportioned.


Beautifully made

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