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Boston Large Round Mirror - 100cm Rated 5/5 based on 1 customer reviews

Boston Large Round Mirror - 100cm

Brand: Cotswold Co

What Makes The Boston Large Round Mirror - 100cm Great?

I ordered the large Boston round mirror to go over my mantle. We had no problems with the delivery. The guys who delivered it were really helpful helping my husband to unpack it before taking a photo. Its a lovely mirror but its taken us over a week to hang it. Its the most difficult mirror/art that weve ever had to hang. If wed thought about it first before we started drilling wed have bought hanging brackets but we followed the instructions which said to hang on screws. The hanging loops just kept sliding off the first screw so we had to go and buy different larger ones. We still couldnt get the loops to hook over the screws. After a few hours literally, of trying we gave up. Not easy either given the weight of it standing on a stool. Wed calculated exactly where it should hang and thats how we based where we put the screws. So we looked online for brackets but they all needed more holes drilling and it would have meant the mirror would have been too low down to our measurements which was central to the chimney breast. We finally found some hooks which were on the end of a screw meaning the loops would hang in the same place. So we hung it tonight and it took a couple of minutes. We got there in the end. I cant comment yet on the mirror In daylight as itll need cleaning tomorrow. There are a couple of marks but hopefully theyll polish out. But on the whole a great mirror but the instructions were very basic and seemed like theyd not been tested or thought out. The hanging loops I felt could have been placed better and a different design. It looks fabulous above my fireplace though.

Collection: Home Accessories

Home accessories are the finishing touch to any room. Available in a multitude of colours, patterns and textures they are easy to move and replace. They can be personal and reflect the owner's unique style, used to provide a fresh new look or add character to the room.

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