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Airsprung Beds Hush from Airsprung Naturals 1000 Mattress Rated 4/5 based on 2 customer reviews

Airsprung Beds Hush from Airsprung Naturals 1000 Mattress

4/5 - 2 Read Reviews


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What Makes The Airsprung Beds Hush from Airsprung Naturals 1000 Mattress Great

Wonderfully comfortable, handles on each side, not too heavy, delivered upstairs

Firmness: Medium

Medium tension mattresses are suitable, generally, for most people. Unless your BMI is substantially lower or higher than average you will not typically find a medium firmness mattress uncomfortable, Generally speaking though, if you do suffer from backpain and your BMI is average or higher, consider a firmer mattress. If you do not have backpain have have a lower BMI, consider a softer mattress.

Hypo-allergenic: Yes

A Hypo-allergenic mattress is created using materials that have a low expectation of producing allergic reactions. Due to the wide scale of allergies that people can have, there is no guarantee of not experiencing a reaction, however, this product represents one of the best chances you'll get to not have reactions.

Top Features: Hypoallergenic, Flippable

Top Comfort Layer: Natural Filling

The top layer consists of a natural filling which could include cotton, wool, hair, coir, silk, cashmere and mohair. Natural fillings have unique properties which improve the mattresses resilience, flexibility and durability. They offer enhanced comfort, prevent saturation with their absorption properties and can regulate temperature, reducing heat in the summer and cooling in winter.

Mattress Construction: Core Construction: Pocket Sprung; Top Layer: Natural Filling

The core is constructed from pocket springs. Each spring is individual housed allowing them to react independently and provide consistent tension where pressure is applied. This personalised support provides an equal level of firmness, stops the transfer of movement (including "roll-together") and offers corrective support.The top layer consists of a natural filling. Natural fillings like cotton, wool, hair, coir, silk, cashmere and mohair have unique properties which improve the mattresses resilience, flexibility and durability. They provide excellent absorption and airflow benefits.

Mattress Overall : 135cm W x 190cm L

This is just the bed size, measurements do have slight allowable tolerances however, so do not be surprised if you find your mattress a few CM out from the official guide above

Firmness : Medium: Suits all sleep positions

A medium mattress is a great choice because it typically suits everyone to some degree. While back pain might push you toward a firmer product and a lower BMI might push you toward softer, on average, a medium mattress is both supportive and comfy enough for most people

Country of Manufacture : United Kingdom

Rest assured this product is not a cheap import, designed, produced and manufactured to the suppliers specifications, this product is entirely UK manufactured

Mattress Top Type : Tufted

Typically tufts means pocket sprung due to the nature of the design process. Tufts are necessary to ensure the mattress maintains its shape. Tufts do not impact on the comfort or support that a product offers, rather, a byproduct of good quality pocket springs

Hypo-allergenic : Yes

These mattresses are specifically designed for those that are prone to allergies, a hypoallergenic mattress will not necesserily guarantee you an allergy free experience, but it has the best chance of reducing the odds of complications or irritation for those commonly effected

Breathable : Yes

Breathable covers are very important to maintaining a hygenic mattress. The amount of sweat lost while sleeping varies person to person but is generally pegged at 20-200ml/hour

Pressure Relieving : Yes

This mattress is specially formulated to relieve pressure on your joints and back due to the unique product design.

BS 5852 Certified : No

This British Testing Standard supersedes BS 5852:1990 and is a testing method dubbed Source 5 for determining the ignitability of covers for upholster. Rest assured though, this certification is typically associated with products for use in hotels and other areas whereby liability needs to be reduced further than the standard acceptable flammability standards. This is not something that an average consumer would need to worry about for their home

BS 7177:2008+A1:2011 Certified : Yes

This is the nationally recognised certification given to all products produced or imported to state that the product passes mandatory fire tests necessary for a product to be sold.

Core Construction : Pocket Sprung

Many of the best matresses produced are those that invovle pocket springs, far better than open coil and arguably more supportive than reflex foam options, these are highly regarded as the best spring systems in class for mattresses

Low Motion Transfer : Yes

Your movement does not impact your partner who is fast asleep next to you. Ideal for those that turn a lot in their sleep, or like to...

Mattress Turn : Double Sided

Double mattresses can be flipped as well as rotated, giving you even more oppertunity to help settle the fillings and fibres inside a mattress while also utilising different pressure points on the mattress. Ultimately a double sided mattress should last longer than a single sided mattress due to this

Manufacturer Warranty : 5 Years

Normal warranty within the UK is at 1 year so a 5 year warranty like the above is a big surprise and a sign of confidence that the retailer has in this product.

Mattress Thickness : 24cm

Most experts recommend a minimum 10 inches, 4 inches on the top layer and 6 inches for the core so this size is an ideal balance of size and performance. Generally, the heavier the load the deeper the mattress should be.

Top Features : Hypoallergenic, Flippable

Hypoallergenic mattresses are unlikely to cause allergies due to the materials involved. The mattress is also flippable meaning you can utilise both sides as each side has the same comfort layer. Flippable mattresses are good because you can rotate your mattress as well as flip, helping with settlement of fillings and reducing dips and divots in the mattress over time.

Handles Included : Yes

Have you ever tried moving a mattress that does not have handles? Absolute nightmare, does not matter how strong you are its just a pain. This mattress has handles to make the whole process ten times easier. Recommended considering you should rotate typically your mattress monthly to ensure best longevity

Top Layer : Natural Filling

A natural filling can be a number of different materials but normally includes the likes of Cotton, Wool, Silk, Cashmere or Latex. All quite premium materials and a good indication that the mattress you are purchasing is of reasonable quality and craftsmanship

Filling Material Composition : Cotton, Silk, Wool

Mattress Construction : Core Construction: Pocket Sprung, Top Layer: Natural Filling

Pocket sprung mattresses are generally regarded as the best in terms of support. This is because each spring is pocketed in it's own little house inside the mattress that means they rarely go awry. With each spring firmly housed it means that each part of the mattress has the same levels of tension meaning they can all work together to contour around your body. Generally regarded as being far better than their open coil counterparts, these are the springs we recommend inside a mattress and are generally a good indication that the rest of the mattress if of good quality also.

Cover Material Composition : Cotton

Weight Capacity : 40.4 Kilogram

Core Construction: Pocket Sprung

Pocket Springs in mattresses are one of the better constructions. Each spring is housed in it's own pocket within the mattress and helps ensure that all springs stay where they are supposed to and do not drift with time. The main benefit of pocket springs, particular where you have more than 1000 or more springs, is that each spring works independently, contouring to your body and offering unique support across each different pressure point. We strongly recommend pocket spring mattresses where your budget allows over inferior open coil units.

Hush from Airsprung collection

Customer Reviews For The Airsprung Beds Hush from Airsprung Naturals 1000 Mattress

Based on 2 review

Excellent quality great value

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