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Haze 2 Seater Sofa Bed

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What Makes It Great

Delivery on the day was good - put the (very large) box into our room upstairs which wasn't easy! Quite straightforward bit of self assembly to put the ends on but although one side was easy to do, the other was a bit more of a struggle as the holes were just a few millimetres out from each other so trying to screw them together at an awkward angle took a few attempts (hence one star lost). With perseverance we got there in the end and happy with the final result. As a sofa we use it in our spare room as a 'den' of sorts and it's firm but comfy. You can even pull the end of the 'bed' out for a footrest! Changing to a bed is easy to do - we haven't had anyone stay overnight on it yet but don't foresee any issues as it seems sturdy.

1 year guarantee

1 year guarantee is typical for the industry. This means you are guaranteed to have a trouble free experience for the first year or have your product replaced

Instructions download: click here

Woven fabric

Supportive pocket spring sleeping area

2 seater

Pop up mechanism with 'clic-clac' back

Build time: 2 people - 1 hour

Let our experts assemble your sofa bed - select this service at the checkout

Questions and Answers

Hi I am looking at the haze sofa bed my door width is 75cm would this fit through the door thanks .

Answer: Hi , We have our product and packaging dimensions on site. You will be able to see the product dimensions in the dimensions tab, and the packaging dimensions in the product copy under 'what's included'. We are unfortunately not liable for products not fitting in customer's properties so please use these dimensions to confirm whether the product would fit through your home. We hope this helps you.

I desperately need to order the Haze sofa bed for a December delivery but need to know the following:- When used as a bed how long is the sleeping surface and is the depth of the sofa back rest included or does the back rest stay up to form a headboard

Answer: Good Evening, The seat depth of this sofa bed is 56cm, this does not include the back rest. The dimensions of the sleeping area are: (H x W x D) - 41cm x 138cm x 185cm. When the Haze is converted into a sofa bed the back rest flattens to form part of the sleeping area. Kind Regards, Dreams

Where can I find a Dreams store that has the Haze sofa bed in stock so that I can view it before purchasing

Answer: Good Evening, We would recommend that you use our 'find in store' feature on the website, this can be found on the Haze product page. When you type in your postcode the site will display the closest stores to you and if they have this sofa bed on display. Kind Regards, Dreams

Hello, is this Haze Sofa Bed delivered flat packed or as a full sofa? Also, would this be ok to use/sleep on 2-3 times a week?

Answer: Hi This sofa bed just requires the arms to be attached everything else is assembled. Our sofa beds are not designed for continuous sleeping but ideal for occasional use, for example as a guest bed. Thank you for your question. Kind Regards, Robin

What does natural colour look like? Do you have a picture?

Answer: Hi , Unfortunately this has not been shot in this colour. If you would like to view this in store, please enter your postcode in the 'find in store' button to find the store closest to you that has this item in stock. Thank you for your question.

The haze sofa bed 2 x seater,will two adults sleep comfortably, or three seaters better . i am looking at the limerick 3 x seater and the haze 2 x seater. lastly  i am looking for the assembly help ,however the sofa bed needs to go upstairs,normal stairs

Answer: , The Haze sofa bed is approximately the same dimensions as a standard double sized mattress, so two people should sleep comfortably together on this. You can add assembly on this sofa bed for an additional £25. Kind regards Dreams

Hi....can you tell me where we would be able to see the sofa bed before we buy..?? We have tried various stores here in the South East but no one has the Haze in store for us to see before we purchase-please could you confirm the dimensions of the bed.

Answer: Hello, Below the product online is a find me button, please input your postcode to find the nearest store displaying the item. We also have a dimensions tab on the product page displaying the dimensions of the product. Many thanks for the question.

Hi, Is this sofa delivered as 1 piece or in parts requiring assembly. Our door frame is just over 70cm in width and we're wondering if we'd be able to get the sofa through the door.  Also, what is current wait/delivery timeline? Thanks,

Answer: Hello, This bed will be delivered as one piece. The only assembly will involve the drawer and feet. The sofa is a lot wider then the measurement presented, I'm afraid. The lead time current is 2 to 3 weeks for this. Many thanks for the question.

I am wanting this for an attic room but it has a small door opening. I understand the arms are put on separately and take it that it comes in 3 parts. 2 x arms and main body. Please could I have the exact dimensions of these parts before assembled. Thanks

Answer: , The Haze Sofa Bed will be delivered in one box, this box will contain the sofa bed, arms, fixtures and fittings and bolster cushions. The dimension of this box is 47cm (H) x 155cm (L) x 144cm (W). Kind Regards, Dreams

Can you fit a box under the bed? To store the bedding etc 

Answer: , There is no storage available underneath this sofa bed. We have a number of sofa beds with storage solutions available that would be ideal if you require a sofa bed with storage. Kind Regards, Octavia

Is this sofa bed suitable for everyday use as a bed?

Answer: Hi This Sofa bed has pocket sprung seats with an upholstered foam sleeping section for comfort and support, perfect as an occasional sleeper bed. Thank you for your question. Kind Regards, Robin

Is it possible to have the base out while the back rest is still up (to sit with your feet up)?

Answer: yes you can, we tried this in the store and the pull out can be achieved without the back rest being put down, the person answering your question has no idea what they are talking about. So this is yes possible :-)

Hi, How do you clean the sofa bed please? Can we remove the cover? Kind Regards

Answer: Hi , No you cannot remove the cover, we do not provide instructions on cleaning the fabric as we are not liable for ruining fabrics from cleaning. We advise to clean at your own discretion. Thank you.

Can I see the Belfast three seater  when it is in the bed situation 

Answer: , You can see the Belfast in sofa and bed position on the Belfast product page; https://www.dreams.co.uk/belfast-3-seater-clic-clac-storage-sofa-bed/p/533-00293 Kind Regards, Dreams

Is the sofa bed 135 CM by 180 CM?  That would mean that you sleep along the width of the bed?  Slightly confused because in your pictures you have the pillow at the end?  

Answer: Hello , Sorry for any confusion, the dimensions were incorrect, we've updated the drawings with the correct measurements now which are 164cm x 184cm. Many thanks for your question.

Hello my door width is 73 cm and access dimensions are 210 cm diagonally will the sofa fit in the doorway and if it doesn't will you take it back? How long for delivery?

Answer: Hi , Yes, if the product doesn't fit then we will take it back. Delivery lead times will be stated upon checkout where you can pick the next available date. Thank you for your question.

Hi. What's the mattress filling? Is a sprung pocket type?  What is the fabric composition?  Thanks

Answer: Hello, The Haze has memory foam filling with pocket springs in the base of the sleeping area. Te fabric composition of the sofa bed material is 100% polyester. Many thanks for the question.

Thanks for changing picture 5. This makes a lot more sense.  Are you sure the dimensions are right for length as a bed - 135 cm (4 ft. 4) surely can not be classed as a bed?  Unless this is for children?  Please confirm :)

Answer: Hello , We've updated the dimensions for the Haze as they were previously incorrect. The width is actually 184cm. Sorry for any confusion and thank you for your question.

Hi. Is there a max weight that this sofa holds? Can this sofa bed be viewed in store please?

Answer: Hi , No weight limit, stores all carry a different display slightly from one another depending on size and location, please call your local store for availability. Thank you.

How can I found a store that has the "Haze" sofa bed in stock. I live in Lincoln and my local store at Tritton Road doesn't have one in stock. I would like to see it on show before I order

Answer: , We would recommend using our 'find in store' feature online - this will list all stores closest to you that have this item on display. Kind Regards, Dreams

Hi, please can you say if the waiting time has improved for this sofa yet? It says it's 'in stock',  Thanks 

Answer: Hi , There sofa beds are made to order. Unfortunately, due to their popularity, the lead time is a little extended currently. Many thanks for the question.

How wide is the sleeping space please? I can't see a measurement that excludes the arms. Thanks.

Answer: , The width of the sleeping area not including the arms is 135cm, including the arms the width of the sofa is 163cm Kind Regards, Dreams

Hi what are the dimensions of this when it is a bed please?

Answer: Hi , The dimensions of the Haze when folded down as a bed are as follows: Width: 135cm Length: 185cm Height from floor: 51cm Thank you.

what are the length of the sofa beds especially the haze and kelso

Answer: Hi , Please see the length measurements as follows: Haze: 163cm Kelso: 190cm We hope this helps you. Thank you for your question.

Hi,please tell me can I use the Haze sofa bed without the arms or are they integral to the stability of the item.Thank you.

Answer: , We would not recommend using this sofa beds without arms as this will impact the stability of the product. Kind Regards, Dreams

Is it possible to get the dimensions of the bed area... I know the width is 164 cm but that also includes the arms.  I'm trying to find fitted sheets that might fit the bed.

Answer: Hello, The Haze sleeping area dimensions are 135cm x 184cm, this is closest to a double. Thank you for your question and I hope this helps.

I can collect this sofa bed in the store today?

Answer: Hi , This product is delivered via direct home delivery and should be expected within 2-3 weeks. Thank you for your question.

Hello. I am looking to buy this sofa but the entrance to my first floor flat is narrow (68cm white up to the bannister). How many boxes does the sofa come in / what is the dimensions on delivery?

Answer: , The Haze is delivered in 1 box, the dimensions of this box are; 47cmx154cmx144cm, total weight 72kg Kind Regards, Dreams

Would you recommend this as a permanent bed? I am a student and looking for something to be able to fold away but sleep on every night. Will it be sturdy and comfortable enough for constant use???

Answer: , The Haze is designed as an occasional sleeping solution, we wouldn't recommend this as a permanent bed Kind Regards, Dreams

Would it fit through a standard internal doorway

Answer: Good Evening, The Haze sofa bed is delivered in one box, the dimensions of this box are: 154cm x 144cm x 47cm. Kind Regards, Dreams

Hello. Can you tell me the depth of the sofa when closed and the length when opened? 

Answer: Hi , The depth of the Haze sofa bed when closed is 80cm and the length when opened is 190cm. Thank you for your question.

What are the dimensions when shipped and how many pieces and what dimensions of the individual pieces shipped? I have a very narrow stairwell and need to know dimensions to get into room please. Cheers

Answer: Hi , This sofa bed comes in on box - the dimensions are below: H47cm x W144cm x D154cm Thank you for your question.

This is for a loft room, what size is the sofa shell with arms removed and cushions removed?  The size of delivery box isn’t what I’m looking for as this can soon be opened and contents separated.  Thank you 

Answer: , The length of the sofa without the arms attached is 135cm. The cushions are not removable Kind Regards, Dreams

Can you pls send the assembly instructions I need to move it to a different room so need to diamantle it. Thx

Answer: Good Evening, We recommend that you contact our customer service team who will be able to help you here. Kind Regards, Dreams

Hi - can I please check the sofa is 164cm width x 91cm depth and the sofabed is 164cm width x 184cm length. But the actual sleeping area is 135cm width (x 184cm length)? 

Answer: Hello, The sleeping area will be 164cm by 184cm and the sofa dimensions being 91cm by 164cm. Many thanks for the question.

Can the cylindrical pillows be removed? Or are they part of the arm rest? 

Answer: Hello , Yes, the cylindrical pillows either side can be removed. Thank you for your question and I hope this helps.

does this sofa bed come any other sizes

Answer: Hi , This sofa bed comes in this size only. Apologies for any inconveniences caused. Thank you for your question.

Picture 5 is definitely a different sofa.  Confused as to why it's included.  This sofa doesn't have legs.

Answer: Hello , This will be the same sofa, they fold out when the bed is made up. Many thanks for the question.

Hi, Can you please confirm the exact measurement of the "sleeping area". It cannot be 164cm as that measurement includes the arms. There seems to be lots of contradictions in the answers to this question in earlier Q&A references.Thanks

Answer: Hi , The measurements are as follows: Height: 42cm Length: 190cm Width: 113cm Thank you for your question.

What is the depth of the mattress please? Thanks

Answer: Hello , The depth of the mattress is approximately 12cm. Thank you for your question and I hope this helps.

what is the depth of the haze

Answer: Hi , The depth of this product measures at 91cm. We hope this helps you. Thank you for your question.

Do the two round cylinder cushions come with this? 

Answer: , The two round bolster cushions will not be included with this sofa bed. Kind Regards, Dreams

Is it possible to see an image of the sofa in natural? 

Answer: Hello, Please call our customer services team and we can email you a picture. Many thanks for the question.

Which bed is picture number 5?  It looks like something completely different?

Answer: Hello , This will be the same sofabed but in the sleeping position. Many thanks for the question.

Can the haze sofa bed be wiped over with a damp cloth

Answer: , Yes, we recommend only spot cleaning with a warm water and cloth. Kind Regards, Dreams

Would it be possible to order the Haze sofabed in a different fabric, such as dark grey, as we do not like either of the two colour options but really love the sofabed design.

Answer: Hello, I am afraid that these are the only colour options for the frame. Many thanks for the question.

What weight does it hold when transformed into a bed please?

Answer: Hello, We do not have any set weight restriction of this sofa bed. Many thanks for the question.

Please can you answer my question about storage compartment, thanks

Answer: Hello Joanna, The product does not come with any storage options. Many thanks for the question.

Hi Is the cover removable? And is the cover also sold seperately?

Answer: Hi , Unfortunately this cover is not sold separately. Thank you for your question.

Hello can you tell me the weight of the sofa once fully assembled? Could it be carried upstairs by two people?

Answer: , The total weight of the sofa bed once built is 67kg Kind Regards, Dreams

Can the payments be paid in instalments? 

Answer: , We offer finance options on all orders over £500. Kind Regards, Dreams

What is the depth of this sofa when closed please 

Answer: , The depth of the sofa bed is 59cm when closed Kind Regards, Dreams

What is the delivery right now? Mary

Answer: Hello, 15-16 weeks is the current delivery schedule. Many thanks for the question.

Hi Can you confirm if the arms can be removed. The description on the website states that 'arm assembly' is required, meaning that the sofa is delivered without the installation of the arms? Please confirm?

Answer: Hi , Arm assembly is required for this model. Thank you for your question.

What is the depth of this sofa when assembled?

Answer: , The depth of the sofa when closed is 59cm Kind Regards, Dreams

Please can you tell me the depth of the mattress ? 

Answer: Hi , The depth of this mattress is 12cm. Thank you for your question.

What are the full dimensions?  E.g. when as a bed?  The space for sleeping on?  

Answer: Hello , This will be 163cm by 135cm. Many thanks for the question.

This sofa is unable to be viewed in any store, are you able to send a sample of the material prior to purchased? Thank you

Answer: Hi , Unfortunately we do not provide samples. Thank you.

What is the legnth ONCE OPENED

Answer: Hello , This will be 135cm. Many thanks for the question.

Could you please confirm the dimensions of the sleeping area of the Haze sofa? The previous question/answers I have read give different answers and I am not confident to order this until i know for definite!!    

Answer: Hi , This would measure at 135cm x 184cm. Thank you.

What is the width of the sofabed when set up as a bed - the measurement between the arm rests? Total width is 164 so assuming it is less than this.

Answer: Hi , The sleeping area is 135cm in width. Thank you.

Hi Can you tell me the depth of the sofa please?  Many thanks 

Answer: Hello, This will be 44cm. Many thanks for the question.

what is the depth of the couch 

Answer: Hello, This is 91cm. Many thanks for the question.

Hello, What is the hight of the sitting area?

Answer: , This is 45cm. Kind regards Dreams

Please confirm the depth of the sofa in cm. only the width and height are provided and I can’t seem to download assembly instructions.

Answer: Hi , The depth is 91cm. Thank you.

haze sofabed , as a sofa ( not opened ) how far does it extend from wall to centre of floor

Answer: Hi , This is 91cm. Thank you.

Customer Reviews

Based on 129 review

Absolutely perfect

I bought this sofa bed & matching chair about a month ago and it’s perfect. Not a clunky mechanism and easy to make into a bed. Sturdy and comfortable to sit on and sleep on. Two adults slept comfortably for 3 nights - no complaints. Looked at many other sofa beds in different price ranges but this does not compare. Also purchased the matching chair. Only down side is that the arms are slightly hard so I put side cushions on to pad this out. Paid for assembly - only down side is that they wouldn’t put the chair together /take the chair packaging but it was easy enough for two of us to put together. Hard wearing, modern & stylish pattern. If a student get a 10% discount through student beans!


Great option

Bought the Haze sofa bed for its dual purpose, occasionally needing a bed for guests but mostly wanting to have floor space provided by it being a sofa. Sofa looks very attractive in style and fabric is pleasing too. Converts to a great size double bed which is perfectly adequate as a temporary sleeping solution for my two adult guests. It does border on being very firm ( hence the 4 stars) however this is much preferred to being too soft. Have added a topper to compromise on the softness. Previous reviews were very helpful in assisting us to make the choice and can’t rate Dreams highly enough in ease of ordering and arranging the delivery. Their delivery staff were great too.


Lovely looking sofa

We brought this to have in the spare room and wanted something that was nice to look and use when people came to stay. This is a lovely sofa bed easy to put down although told it was not the comfiest to sleep on. However does the job on these few occasions. When the sofa was first delivered after the men had put it together and left I noticed a mark on it and not sure if it was the pattern. I contacted dreams and sent photos and this is being swapped. I can not fault the service at dreams and no quibble regards swapping. I gave 4 stars due to the stain/ pattern. I would recommend this sofa bed.


Not far from Perfect!

I bought this Item around 3 weeks ago, and chose the later delivery slot to fit in with my decorating schedule. It arrived yesterday (13/9/2019) on time by their delivery driver, Darren. I received updates via email and text regarding my delivery time slot. Very good product, and super easy to assemble. Only downside I found is that in the Instructions, parts only go from A-F. Yet, in the step by step process, it mentions using parts G, H and J. Luckily, it's only 8 bolts to build, so anyone can manage this in half hour. The sofa is now taking pride of place in my spare bedroom for guests. 9/10


Versatile sofa-bed

I purchased this amazing piece of furniture to replace the previous sofa-bed for my spare room. The new sofa-bed is a breath of fresh air, offering comfort in all the states it can be set to. It can be a standard sofa, an exteded sofa so you can strectch your feet out, a reclining extended sofa and a bed by pish the backrest down. It's so easy to flip the sofa between the different positions and its take mere seconds. All in all this sofa bed is unbelievably comfortable and great value for money, and I would definitely recommend it as an addition to your guest room.


Easy to convert and very comfortable

Bought this in January and have been very happy with the purchase. It sits in my home office and doesn't look out of place. The couch is comfy and good to sit on and when I have a guest over this converts very easily into a bed. It's a little shorter than a normal bed but haven't had an issue so far. The mechanism is smooth and easy to operate. The resulting bed is firm and we do use a mattress topper for it, but we just put that with the duvet when it isn't in use. That said, as a guest bed it's perfectly fine for temporary use which is the reason I bought it for.


Very Comfortable

I bought this sofa bed a couple of months ago for a spare room. We use the room as an office/ games room and occasionally a guest bedroom when family are over. The Haze Sofa Bed has been ideal. It is very comfortable and firm as a sofa and has a great feature that you can pull out the bottom extension without having to collapse the back support so can stretch out to watch a movie. As a bed it is easy to fold out and big enough to accommodate two people. It is firm which we like and looks great. Overall we are delighted with our purchase.


most comfortable sofa bed

we bought this for a small bedroom two weeks ago. it looks very smart. it is very comfortable to sleep on and very easy to put up and take down. To gain a few inches of space we have actually not put the arms on as they add about 6 inches to the overall width and the room is very small. This is definitely the comfiest sofa bed we tested and is better than many beds. We particularly like the fact that when assembled there is not a big dip down the centre and that both sides are equally comfortable.


Quality Piece of furniture

I purchased this item for my spare room , turning an unused room into a functional area . As a sofa through the day the haze looks amazing and is extremely comfortable to sit on . The ease of the mechanism that turns it into a double bed is exactly what I wanted ( and got) As a bed it is excellent for visitors, it was soon put to use and even my rather 'particular ' visitor could not find anything negative to comment on ! It provided a good nights sleep and I would certainly recommend this product


Great settee, Bed needs work.

We bought this as an extra sleeping option. As a settee it's nice and comfortable and as we have 6 children it seems to be holding up well. As a bed though, it's a little short so if your over 6ft tall, you're not gonna get on well with this. Also it could do with a minor redesign when changed into a bed as the headboard seems to go to low and makes you feel like your head is too far down to make sleeping comfortable. Very good quality otherwise and delivery service was fantastic.



I bought this sofa bed as I needed something in our spare bedroom that was the best of both. There were no reviews mentioned on the product and I only reviewed it online, I didn't see it in a shop so I was chancing my luck a little, but..... I have to say I am very very happy with it, more so than I thought, the quality is superb, very easy to slide out into a bed, the bed/sofa sections are very comfy and the bed is a spacious double. Overall I am super happy with my purchase.


Just what we wanted!

We took some time researching for this sofa bed and hadn’t even considered Dreams. When we came across it we found it was the right everything, colour style and quality. The sofa bed itself is so much better than others we’d seen and much more sturdy. We are so happy with the end result and the delivery guys were amazing. Such a good purchase. If I had to find a negative it would be that it was a little fiddly to put together but that didn’t put me off.


Great sofa bed

It is hard or find a compact sofa bed these dimensions so we were thrilled to find this one. It is easy to assemble and fits three people seated and provides a decent size sofa bed for two. The arms are a little fragile though as we have noticed if you lean on them or if someone puts pressure there is a cracking sound which is a bit concerning so build quality could be better for this price but otherwise very satisfied with the purchase.


Amazing Sofabed!

I love this sofa bed. I bought it last month and we use it everyday as both a sofa and a bed. It’s quite firm (which we prefer) and the transition from sofa to double bed or to recliner was a bit tricky at first but then it became easy. A guest sleeps on the bed every night and it still feels great to sit on. I recommend booking their assembly service as you will need 2 people and it’s quite heavy although it did come in flat-packed


Well made and functional sofa bed

Bought this sofa bed in the same for what seemed a good price. Installation through Dreams was well worth the money. Sofa bed seems very well made and the mechanism to switch between sofa and bed is slick and easy to use. Shame it isn’t offered in more colours/fabric choices. Not the most stylish of sofa beds on the market but certainly one of the slimmest for tight spaces. Overall very happy with the purchase and cannot fault.


Very comfortable, easy to assemble

The Haze is very comfortable as both a sofa and bed. If you are a princess, I'd recommend using a memory foam mattress topper though as when the bed is folded out, you can notice the gaps between each bit of the bed - way more noticeable than a pea. It was very easy to assemble, did it on my own but I'd recommend two people to make it easier but it's definitely doable on your own provided you don't skip leg day.


Looks great and is comfortable

Bought this to replace another similar product. I like the nice sliding mechanism to convert it to a bed from a sofa. The cushions are a medium- firm ( pro ably a 6 or 7 out if 10) on a firmness scale. I like this because it gives good support to the whole body. The fabric has a cross hatch appearance which gives a nice, posh look. All in all, good purchase so far, and hopefully for many years to come.


Smart design. Recommended.

A nicely designed sofa bed perfectly fitting my needings. The only flaw has been encountered during the installation due to a couple of screw holes being completely covered (thus invisible) by the inner lining. I had to pierce the lining in oder to insert two of the four bolts and the instruction pdf in its website section is about another model. All in all, it's a great sofa bed well worth the money.


Decent balance between practicality and comfort

I got this for a spare room, for occassional use. It is very easy to adapt from sofa to bed, although it does need pulling away from the wall a bit. As a sofa and bed it is fairly comfortable, finding an ok balance between the two. I put on a soft mattress protector to make it a bit more comfortable. Without it I'd say it may be a touch on the firm side. Overall I'm happy with it. A decent purchase.


Haze 2 seater Sofa Bed

We've have this sofa bed for 1 month now it takes pride of place in our newly created guest/ games room. Modern in design and built to a very high standard. It's very comfortable as a sofa just everyday and a as bed on occasions by guest and my partner and I who are shiftworkers. Very easy to transform from sofa to bed and vice a versa. This sofa bed is a great buy and built to last.


Not bad for a temporary sofa/bed.

The box arrived a bit battered but no damage to the sofa. The sofa went together really easily and is reasonable for the price. The arms are rock hard, very little padding but you can make the sofa comfortable with some cushions. The best thing is pulling out the base, makes a great feature for sprawling out to watch a movie without having to make it a full bed.


Practical sofa bed

Bought this to use as a main sofa and occasional bed to be used in our Annexe. Its firm and practical. Instructions could be a bit clearer- in that it would be helpful to note that before fixing the side panels, you first must remove the pull out part under the bed. A bit obvious in hindsight, but the until you scrutinise the pictures its not really apparent.


Easy to put together

Bought this to use in a spare bedroom so it can be used as a bedroom or sitting room. Ideal for that purpose. Reasonably easy to put together as you only need to bolt the arms on. However, the instructions could be a little clearer regarding which holes were for the bolts and which for the screws. Nevertheless, we managed to sort it out reasonably quickly.


Requires self assembly

This requires self assembly which is not clear from the website. This is a heavy and awkward job. The sofabed is functional and firm but looks very ordinary. The sofabed arrived in an enormous box with as much foam packaging as there was sofa. The delivery guys were great and took it all away but it was very in-environmentally friendly. All that waste.


Good design

Very happy with design and overall look of sofa bed after spending months searching . Particularly like its size as a bed and the easy clic clac mechanism. However, only 4 stars given as we haven’t tried sleeping on it yet but have bought a good quality mattress topper as the bed is very firm , following the recommendations of other reviewers .


Easy to use.

Bought the sofabed online and got it delivered. Delivery was spot on, Kept well informed of dates and delivery time down to a two hour window. The sofa bed itself was easy to assemble and is easy to pull out into a bed. Only downside is the sofa has to sit about 1 foot from the wall to allow the back rest to fold down when in the bed position.


So easy to use.

We searched high and low for a sofa bed that was easy to make into a bed, didn't sink in the middle, had no ends to kick against for taller members of the family and looks good as a sofa too. We found it in the Haze sofa bed. It was extensively used over Christmas and found comfortable to sleep in. We are delighted with our purchase.


Cheap basic sofa bed. Good for occasional use

We wanted a simple to use sofa bed for occasional use. It was being located in our new summerhouse, so we didn't want anything too big and could be easily set up. We like the fact we can pull out the bottom half and use as footrest whilst watching TV. Haven't slept on it yet, but seems comfy enough for the odd use.


Haze Sofa Bed

An excellent product. Very robust and easy for the small assembly required. Has a high quality look. Once turned into a sofa bed is is so comfortable. You would not know the difference between this and a real bed. It is so easy to convert from the sofa into a sofa bed. This was also excellent value for money.


Great sofabed

Needed extra beds and looked round for a sofabed at most retailers - the one we purchased was modern, comfortable, easy to use and reasonably priced. The delivery went without any problems and we were informed beforehand of two hour slot. The driver also rang when he was 20 minutes away. Excellent service.


Great sofa bed for a small space

This was purchased for a small office / spare room. Sofa is sturdy and fabric is practical. When used as sofa bed most guests have slept well once I purchased a mattress topper - as the bed itself is very firm. Also it was relatively easy to get upstairs through a narrow and low stairwell.



I am glad I didn't go for a cheap sofa bed -The one I bought was £504 and worth every penny as my first guest was a gentle giant of a man and had a wonderful few nights sleep and commented that it was so comfortable - As a sofa it is comfortable and looks so smart-- I am so pleased Thank you


It’s a flat pack

Just had this delivered - how easy is this to build I thought it would arrive built I’ve just been given a very large box so clearly I need to build it was it easy to put together I’m a bit shocked it’s flat packed - I can’t fully review this as I’ve not opened this yet so I can’t use it



I bought this sofa bed 2 weeks ago. Have used it with a memory foam mattress topper. It's fairly comfortable although more firm than I expected. It is slightly lower level on the head side. I dont know if it's the assembly or it is like that by design. Not a bad purchase overall.


Small sofa bed with decent size sleeping area

Was looking for a small sofa bed to fit our spare room but with enough space to sleep two people for a comfortable night's sleep. Can't go wrong with this. Firm sleeping area, easy to put up and down, can pull out the base if you just want to out your feet up. Very pleased.


Amazing sofa

I have bought this to use in my spare bedroom as a guest bed and save a bit of space when not needed. I love that the sofa extends so you can use it to stretch if watching a movie. So it is very useful both as sofa and bed. My mum slept on it and said it is very good.


Excellent service

Bought this couch a few weeks ago - eat to build, and great quality. The delivery team were excellent - carrying the sofa upstairs for me, into the room we were placing it in. Brilliant job, and kept me informed the whole time, right up to arriving. Great service!


Bedroom enhancement

We needed a replacement bed for our daughter's room, but we're conscious of space. This sofa bed provided the perfect solution. It is stylish, comfortable and sturdy. And makes fantastic centrepiece for a bedroom. We thoroughly recommend Dreams and this product.


Good all rounder

Bought this just before Xmas, works well and comfortable as both a sofa and a bed. Only downside is it’s not quite long enough when you sleep on it for everyone and it’s quite firm so a mattress topper improves comfort. Overall very comfortable for a sofa bed.


Innovative design

Such a clever design! No wasting space or time with this sofa bed! An easy click into place with the back rest and a simple slide out base. It’s compact and still gives you the same size sleeping area as a full double bed would. I’m super impressed!


Great design

Easy to convert from sofa to bed. Not had chance to sleep on it yet as for occasional guests to use but the base/mattress seems sturdy and comfortable. Put this together myself and wasn’t the easiest but managed fine, took about an hour by myself.


Nice sofa

This sofa is exactly what I was looking for. Usually I just take out bottom drawer to make it half-sofa bed. It’s perfect size for two people chilling. And doesn’t take as much space as a regular sofa bed. Nice colour and is comfortable too.


Grat design

Neat looking sofa that has great mechanism and transforms easily into bed. Quite firm to lie on and have bought mattress topper for extra comfort when used as bed. This sofa bed is heavy to carry upstairs, best to separate into two parts.


Fabulous sofa bed!

So happy with this sofa bed! Lovely material, very comfortable, so easy to assemble and convert into a bed. Perfect guest room bed solution/second lounge. It's beautifully made and fits in the room like a glove! Certainly worth the money!


Excellant sofa bed

We have had this sofa bed for a month now and its been a great purchase. It's really well made and super comfortable both as a sofa and as a bed. The mechanics work well for switching from sofa to bed and it is super easy to transfer.


The Perfect Sofabed

I brought the Haze sofabed for our spare room and it’s perfect! Lovely comfortable and firm as a bed and as a sofa And plenty of room for two or three people to sit on and spacious as a double bed Very very Happy with my purchase


Comfortable sofa bed

Proper support for sleeping and looks great. We have it in the living room as we have a small space. You can easily sit 2 or 3 slender people on it. Arrived with a slight hole in the cover but Dreams were quick to sort a replacement


Easy to use and assemble.

Bought after Christmas for our new home. We were impressed with the ease of use and features. Perfect colour and build quality is impressive. Twinned with the great customer service and delivery we are very happy with the product.


Perfect fit for a double mattress

Looks good, bit on the firm side for a sofa, but comfortable enough. Lies flat for a perfect base for a double mattress to lie on. Matching single chair has a lower back, which is a bit weird! Overall, happy with purchase


Easy to make bed

Have had this for several weeks and it is so easy to make into a bed. It’s quite firm but I find it very comfortable to sit on. Wasn’t too difficult to put the arms on and was all sorted in less than half an hour.


Brilliant so easy to use!

We regularly have over night visitors and this sofa bed has proved to be a god send! So easy to change from sofa to bed abd back again, would highly recommend anyone thinking of buying a sofa bed to try this one .


Fantastic Sofa Bed

Bought this a few weeks ago and had a number of friends sleep on it and we have used it as a sofa. Really comfy and for both the sofa and bed it is perfect for 2 people and very roomy for 1 person. Love it


Looks good but

I brought this sofa bed for spare bedroom. Looks good,but when you sit on it for half an hour the material stretches and takes days to go back. Dred to think what it will be like when it's slept on.



I bought this for my spare room. It’s really comfy to sit down but haven’t used it as a bet yet. The wheel was broken/cracked but received few to replace after contacting and sending them a picture.


Great size cool sofa bed

I love the look of this sofa bed and compared to most click clack sofa beds it is a great, double size. Assembly instructions however are poor and the holes didnt line up well to bolt the arms on.


Excellent product

I bought this recently and I’m very happy - it’s a solid and comfortable sofa build which sits perfectly in my room. Absolutely delighted with service from order to delivery, highly recommended.


Love it

I assembled it alone. Only had a little issue with aligning the holes alone. It was easy to screw together and the instructions were straight forward. It’s sturdy but comfortable for a sofa bed.


Very Impressed

I have owned this sofa bed for a few months now and must say I'm very impressed. The overall modern design to the very easy to use slide out bed. Also only takes around 20mins to put together.


Looks great, very study and a good use of space

Bought around a month ago and really liking it. It's small enough that it fits well in my study but laid out, it totally big enough for two adults to sleep. It's very study and looks great



A high quality sofa bed which is simple to set up and is particularly user friendly for my elderly wife. It is comfortable both as a settee and a bed. We would highly recommend this item.


Amazing product and service

We bought sofabed a month ago, is is very comfortable and looks grate in our leavingroom . Service and delivery guys were amazing. They done their job very quick, clean and profecional.


Nice sofa small space

Bought this sofa bed for our garage conversion. It is well made and very trendy looking but very nice fit in our small space. Will need a mattress topper for when bed as very firm.


Very Comfy

Brought it a couple of weeks ago for guests staying at Christmas. They said it was so comfy and had a great nights sleep. It looks lovely as a sofa and is easy to set up into a bed.


Very comfy both as a sofa and bed.

Brought this a month ago and am very happy with purchase. Comes in two bits. Easy to put together and works really well as a sofa bed. Very happy with purchase and worth the money.


Extendable legs for a cinema snug

Bought this as a sofa bed but it turns out the legs come out independently to the fold down mechanism - this makes it perfect for stretching out watching a film via a projector!


Lovely little sofa bed

We bought this for our holiday let apartment. It's very smart and seems comfortable but haven't slept in it. Seemed to take a long time to get delivery of the sofa.


Perfect sofa bed

We bought this product as we wanted a comfortable sofa but with a thicket mattress than normal sofa beds. Perfect for what we wanted and great value for money.


Comfortable and looks good

Bought for a study/bedroom as it fitted the alcove perfectly. Comfortable as a sofa and good size bed although not used yet. Very pleased with our purchase.


Great value sofa bed

I brought this before Christmas for the dining room. My Guests that have used it say it’s comfortable and quick and easy to use. Good value for money as well


Great couch, great service

We bought this couch in store and we opted for delivery. It was a fast process. We were offered a warranty with a discount. Overall, happy with our purchase.


Great sofa bed

Bought for use in the study and to be available when the grandchildren visit. They used ot last week and said it was very comfortable and they slept well.


Haze sofa bed

Arrived on time and is a good quality sofa bed. They even built it in the room of our choice. Great if you want to watch a movie and have your feet up.


Fab sofa bed

Really pleased with the sofa bed. Fits in the spare room and is compact and easy to use. Quite firm to sleep on but with a topper is very comfortable


Not the best one

I bought it a three weeks ago. It would be good if the factory put wheels under the sofa bed. Very difficult to change the sofa to bed without wheels.


So pleased I bought this product

The haze sofa bed is a nice looking sofa which can easily and quickly be turned into a bed for guests. It is a good size and comfortable to sit on.


Lovely Sofabed!

I am so happy with this product! It is incredibly comfortable as both a sofa and a bed, and easy to convert between the two. It looks very smart too!


Highly recommend

This sofa bed has changed my life. It’s truly a ‘Dream’! Compact, solid, firm to the touch; a good night on it is guaranteed. Highly recommend.


Lovely looking and so easy to set up

Have had this 3 weeks looks lovely in my spare room haven’t slept on it yet but feels comfy enough and have bought a mattress topper as well.


Perfect in every way!

Bought this for the quality of its build and its design and it is so so comfortable, beyond every expectation. Very pleased with my purchase.


Fabulous settee

I bought this item from dreams.. the staff were so helpful and a straightforward sale... the delivery lads were top class. I love the item.


So comfy as a bed

A bit firm as a sofa but as a bed this is perfect. However the firmness is not is still fine for our family. Good size double bed. Sturdy.


Good quality sofa bed.

Brought this a month ago it looks good so comfortable and sturdy,converts to a double bed really easily very pleased with our purchase.


Excellent sofa bed

Bought this sofa bed for our study/ spare room. It looks great. Really comfy to sit on to watch tv and so easy to pull out into a bed.


Great sofa to lounge on

For me this is a better option than a pull out bed as it converts into a great lounge sofa. Easy to put together and we'll build.


Solid but comfortable

Brought as Xbox room sleepover bed, (to save on blowing up air beds) very solid but comfortable enough to both sit and sleep on


Perfect for our computer room

Haven't used it as yet as a bed but looks great in our room and very comfy as a sofa. Very easy to transform from sofa to bed


Sofa bed

This sofa bed is very comfortable and easy to fold back. It's in our sons room as spare bed for guests. Looks lovely as well.


Very comfortable

We bought this 3 weeks ago and have been very impressed. Also, the delivery driver kept us updated. Great service


Great quality

We bought this in time for Christmas so our family could stay over. Excellent delivery and set up from shipping team.


Looks great

Sofa looks great and is easy to turn into bed. The bed is a little hard I would say. Easy to put together too!


Comfier than it looks

We got our sofa bed just before Christmas and has been of great use already. Would defo recommend it to other.


Very useful

We bought this approximately a month ago and has been extremely useful. I consider it a really good decision.


Easy to use

Very versatile sofa bed even gives you sit with your feet up option. Comfortable and supportive sofa and bed.


A good product

We bought this item, now waiting for a replacement, as it was not assembled properly, by their own people


Great looking easy to use

We were looking for a smart looking sofa that could also be used for overnight guests - worked perfectly


Stylish and comfortable

Brilliant. Very easy mechanism to use. Light and easy to manage. Looks good. Comfortable. Good quality



Exactly what was needed. Extremely comfortable and exceeded expectations. Easy to transform into bed.


Great sofa

The sofa is amazing, very comfortable and the perfect size for a small apartment. Very happy with it.


Great style

I am so happy with my purchase not only is it stylish it is really comfortable as a bed and a sofa


Wonderful service

I bought a sofa bed a month ago, with delivery on time, nice delivery staff, good communication